The Bachelorette: Disney Wildlife Edition Ep.3 – Sing For Your Supper

Another week has past and that can only mean one thing, it’s time for a new episode of The Bachelorette: Disney Wildlife Edition.  I’m your host Chris Harrison and I want to thank you for joining us once again.  We have a jam packed episode for you tonight.  New relationships are forming while others are becoming a bit stalled.  Marie is taking this process very seriously which means hearts will be broken.  Sadly last week we saw our first heart break when Marie sent LJ packing.  But as we mentioned last week that won’t be the last we see of him this season.  Unlike other seasons the eliminated houseguests will not be a floor away waiting for their chance to return to the game.  Frankly we didn’t have the room for that this season, so they will instead be shipped off to a nearby apartment building to wait in what we like to call the Bachelor Pad.  We won’t be checking in on them each episode like previous seasons.  Don’t worry we won’t leave you totally high and dry, right before someone comes back in the house we will have a whole episode dedicated to the eliminated guys.  As always we have a little surprise instore for how the lucky guy will come back in the game.  But we’re not quite ready to share that with you 😉

But back to the game that is still being played.  We rejoin the houseguests right after the first elimination of the season.  For some of the guys it really started to set in that the game had started.

“Of course I knew what I signed up for but I just never thought it would be this intense.  Being one of the last two sucked.  I hope I’m never in that position again.”

“Having immunity was great but this is a new week with no immunity.  I need to fight my ass off to win that solo date.  And this time I’ll be the only winner.”

Abu was relieved to still be here but he also knew that that meant he would have to share his past with Marie.  He wasn’t sure if he or she was totally ready for that.

“When girls find out about my past they never stick around for a future.  I know I said I would tell Marie if I was still here this week but I like her and want to see if this could be something.  I’m just afraid it will end like all my other relationships.”

“I really hope that Abu can open up more this week.  I see real potential with him but this is tough enough already,  keeping secrets will only make this harder.”

Marie wasn’t getting anywhere with Abu so she decided to unwind a little in the hot tub.  While she was enjoying a little time to herself she was hoping one of the boys would join her.

“Hello….guys…hot girl in an even hotter tub!  Is it just me or is this a no brainer or what!”

It seemed at least one of the guys was seeing the opportunity in front of him.

“I was shocked to see Marie just sitting in the hot tub all by herself.  At first I was going to stay away, I thought maybe she wanted to be alone since she had just sent LJ home.  But then I was like when am I going to get this chance again in this game.  Besides did you see how gorgeous she looked in that bathing suit.”

“Finally someone got the hint.  I was super happy it was Flounder.  He’s just too cute.”

The rest of the guys had better step up their game or Flounder is going to run away with it all.

Rafiki was still moping about not getting the rose of the week.  Just wait until he finds out he missed out on some alone time with Marie in the hot tub.

“I felt so out of sorts at the elimination ceremony.  My shockras were not built for this type of game.  It’s like that rose would have woken up my soul.  I don’t know if my body and mind can take this much longer.”

Well there are many more weeks left in this competition so Rafiki better drink some wheat grass smoothie and meditate if he hopes to make it.

Rafiki wasn’t the only one having a problem coping with the reality of this game.  At the rate Abu was going he would be 300 pounds when he leaves.

“You may want to restock the fridge.  I’m going to need it for the week I’m about to have.”

Not all the guys were self destructing.  Pongo was actually taking this down time in the house to be super helpful and cleaning up around the house.

“Compared to my house this one is spotless.  I’d give anything to only find dirty dishes lying around at home.”

One day we will find out just how many kids Pongo has.  I mean it can’t be anything crazy like 101 or something right?

Abu had finished eating us out of house and home.  All that food had given him a little courage.  He searched for Marie hoping that they could sit down and chat.  But would he chicken out before revealing anything interesting.

“I was all set to tell Marie everything.  But then I saw those beautiful blue eyes and smokin body and all I wanted was to touch her.  I’ll get around to telling her definitely soon, maybe I can wait until next week.”

“It seemed like Abu was finally ready to open up but then instead he held my hand.  It wasn’t exactly what I had wanted but it felt just as good.”

We hadn’t heard from Maximus in awhile so we decided to check in on him.  We found him letting out his feelings through song.  He knew that he had just skated by last week and knew he’d have to really bring out the big guns this week.

“I was so sure I was one of the top guys in the house.  I thought Marie and I had a pretty strong connection.  When I was almost last to be called I couldn’t believe it.  It was a real eye opener.  I’m going to do whatever it takes to be the first person asked to stay this week.  In order to do that I need to be pumped.  Nothing pumps me up more then a good song.”

After expressing his deepest feelings in the karaoke room Maximus headed to the kitchen for a bite.  He ran into Rafiki who seemed to have a lot on his mind.  Maximus thought he was sharing his thoughts with him, however Rafiki informed him that this was a private conversation between him and his aura.

“It’s like Max has never seen a guy talking to his inner self.  Where has he been living, under a rock??”

“Inner self, is that what he calls it.  I call it cuckoo.”

Yeah sorry Rafiki we kind of have to side with Maximus here.  But you keep doing you.

The house had finally called it a night, it had been a long exhausting day.  The next morning the guys were ready for a new week.  A new week meant more chances to impress Marie and it meant there was a solo date up for grabs.  Each of them realized just how important that solo date was.

“I’m a competitive person outside of this house, I’ve come to win.  That means I will do my best to win every competition no matter how much it bothers the other guys in the house.”

“I know I’m not a competition beast like the other guys in the house.  I mean Bagheera could probably snap me in half if he wanted to.  But that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up.  Watch I’m going to surprise everyone in this house.  Hopefully Marie most of all.”

It was a new day which meant a new chance for Marie to find out what Abu has been hiding.  But once again he avoided the conversation.  Marie was beginning to worry whether she really wanted to know his secret.

“Maybe I don’t want to know what Abu is hiding.  The way he’s acting it’s like he killed someone.  He didn’t kill someone did he?”

You do not need to worry about that Marie, we can assure Abu did not kill anyone.

Not getting anywhere with Abu, Marie decided to focus her attention on another guy.  She had been meaning to connect with Maximus.  She knew he was surprised that she didn’t call his name sooner yesterday.  She felt like she should explain to him why.

“Maximus is gorgeous, I would kill for a head of hair like that.  But like I said last week he so similar to a lot of the guys I dated.  I came here looking for something different.  I know it’s not fair for me to assume he’s just like them.  That’s why I didn’t send him home. I want to give him the chance to show me he’s the different I’m looking for.”

“I could tell that something is holding Marie back from really getting to know me.  I hope I can figure it out before the end of the week.  Otherwise I’m scared I’ll be following LJ out the door.”

It seems a little more communication is needed in that relationship before it can grow.  We’ll see if either of them get that conversation started.

It was time again for another solo date competition.  We mentioned last week that we wouldn’t be telling Marie the winner of the comp.  That she would find out who won on her date.  However for this weeks competition that wouldn’t be the case.  That’s because this week Marie will be picking the winner.  Yes we’ve given her even more power.  In this week the guys will be showing off their pipes and performing skills (no not that kind of performing) in a challenge we call Sing For Your Supper.  The guy Marie feels does the best job entertaining her will be the winner.  So get those ear plugs ready, trust me you’re going to need them.

“I was really excited when I learned I would be picking the winner of this challenge.  I promise I will be completely unbiased.  I will not let my feelings for some of the guys influence my decision.  It will be purely about the music.”

First up was Pongo.  He had anticipated this challenge from day one and had been practicing whenever he had a chance.  Let’s see if all that practice will win him a date.

“Pongo definitely gets an A for effort but the singing is more like D-.”

Up next was Rafiki.  Marie had noticed that he was still down about not getting the rose (get over it man) and it made her feel awful.  She had had such a great time on their date and was really starting to have feelings for him.  She told him again that she was sorry that she only had one rose to give out but if he wanted this relationship to move forward he would have to let this go and move on.

“When Marie told me to basically get over it or we’re through it was like something just clicked.  I definitely don’t want to give up on us.  I feels like our shockras are aligning again.”

It looked like Marie and Rafiki’s relationship was on course again.  As for Rafiki’s singing that was completely going downhill.

“I’m glad to have patched things up with Rafiki because we wouldn’t being going on a solo date this week to talk things out.”

The guys only got worse and worse.  Marie was starting to wonder if excited was still the right word to describe for how she felt about the challenge.

“I didn’t think it was possible to have so many bad singers in one house.  I sure hope none of these guys are looking to join a career in music.”

Marie was praying that this competition would hurry up and end.  Her ears had never hurt so much.  Then in walked Flounder.  Marie was all set with her fake “you did great” that she had been telling all the guys so far.  But she wouldn’t need to fake it with Flounder.

“Flounder blew me away.  I never would have guessed he could sing and move like that.  He’s no Huey Lewis but he could definitely be part of the News!”

If Flounder was a great opening act, Maximus for sure would be the headliner.  Marie kind of expected this to be Maximus’ competition to lose.  She knew he could out sing any guy here, all he had to do was get through the song without a hitch and the solo date was his.

“I knew this was my competition.   I was doing great.  Marie was really into it, swaying along…tapping her feet.  But then it happened!”

The it that happened was what every pimple face teenage boy goes through everyday, his voice cracked.  We’re pretty sure Maximus has hit puberty so we’ll chalk this one up to nerves.

“I was already looking forward to my solo date with Maximus.  Finally I’d be able to see if I was wrong about him.  Then he messed up that part and then another.  It just sort of spiraled out of control at that point.”

It was pretty clear who the winner of this challenge was….FLOUNDER!

“I knew I should have sung a Beyonce song in there.  I kill Beyonce…songs, not actual Beyonce.”

Once again we assure you that Abu has not killed anyone.

Marie and Flounder got ready and were sent off on their date.  Since this weeks challenge was all about karaoke, we decided the date should be too.  We scoured Yelp for the best rated karaoke joints in town and we came up with a place named S!ING.  You’ve heard of Lady Gaga right, well she wasn’t discovered there.  But her brothers friends sisters inlaws hairdresser who came in 7th place on Sim Idol was.  Ok fine maybe it’s not the best place but there’s karaoke and half priced drinks on Wednesday so it will work for our couple.  Will Marie and Flounder make beautiful music together or will they both be singing a different tune at the end of the date.  Let’s find out.

“I was really excited to go on a solo date with Flounder.  I’ve had such a great time getting to know him so far.  I’m really wondering if this budding friendship can be more.  I know I hope it is.”

“Marie looked sensational tonight…like really just wow.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to focus on my singing or anything else for that matter when I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.”

The two headed inside and found the bar.  Before they made fools of themselves in the karaoke room they needed a little liquid courage.  Neither of them seemed to mind.  They were both really enjoying the others company, it didn’t matter what they were doing.

“Everything with Marie is so easy.  I’m usually not this comfortable around girls I like.  I get flustered and tongue tied but not with Marie.  I could talk to her for hours and never get tired of the conversation.”

Their karaoke room was ready so they downed the rest of their drinks and headed on in.  Marie was nervous at first.  She knew that Flounder had a decent voice and she was worried he wouldn’t be as impressed with hers.  However Marie did have the finest music teachers and practiced her scales everyday back home so we have a feeling she’s being a little hard on herself.

“Marie sounded great.  She could be a professional singer…no I really mean it.  I would pay to see her in concert.  I would pay just to watch her stand there.”

Marie and Flounder sang a few more songs and had a few more drinks.  They both seemed to be having a great time on their date.

“There’s just something about Flounder that makes me smile.  It’s impossible not to be happy when I’m with him.”

Their throats were getting a little hoarse from all the singing so they decided that was enough karaoke for one night.  Just because the singing was done didn’t mean the date was over.  Luckily it was a nice night so they decided to go for a walk.  Flounder certainly wasn’t ready for this date to be over.  But just in case he wanted to make sure he did something before it was time to go home.

“I had wanted to kiss Marie since the first day but I’m not the type of guy who just goes  up and kisses a girl.  I had to work up the courage, luckily this date was going so well I was pretty confident Marie wouldn’t slap me away.  Believe me it’s happened before.”

“Can I tell you a secret?  I was hoping Flounder was going to kiss me tonight.  Ever since the date started I wanted that.  And it was everything I hoped it would be!”

In fact it didn’t just stop at one kiss.  Marie and Flounder acted like a bunch of teenagers breaking curfew and making out in the middle of the sidewalk.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this so early but I could really see a future with Flounder.  He’s sweet and caring and adorable, he’s every girls dream.  I guess this is what it feels like to fall in love.”

“Marie is perfect.  It’s crazy to think she is interested in me too.  Guys like me don’t get girls like her.  We usually get stuck with the guppies.”

Unfortunately it was time for these horny teens to say goodnight or else we would have to get the hose out.  Flounder went straight to bed.  He was hoping to continue the date in his dreams only something tells me they might be doing a little more then just kissing in his dream.  Marie was also about to head up to bed when she was stopped by Rafiki.  She was on such a high from her date she barely remembered anything they talked about.

“By the looks of it Marie had a good date with Flounder.  I’m a heavy believer that our dreams convey our truest desires.  I wanted to make sure that I was fresh in her mind before she went to bed.  Hopefully that way she’d be dreaming of me and not Flounder.”

“What did I dream about last night…you know I don’t really remember.  I’m pretty sure it was about taco’s, oh and Rafiki was there.  How strange is that?”

Maybe Rafiki is on to something here.  Remind me to call up Heidi Klum around 11:00pm for a little chat before bed.

The next morning Rafiki was on a mission.  After losing out the rose of the week last week Rafiki was starting to get worried.  Actually the correct word would be paranoid.  He was convinced that Flounder had knocked him out of first place in Marie’s heart (which might be true).  He wanted to get a sense from Flounder if his suspicions were indeed true.

“I’m not stupid I know exactly what Rafiki is doing.  He thought I was a no one when we first started this game but now realizes I have a good shot of being the man Marie chooses. Well I’m going to play his game.  I’m going to make him believe Marie and I had a horrible date.  This way he will continue to see me as not a threat.”

“Wow I was so wrong.  It sounded like their date was awful.  I guess it’s not that shocking.  Marie and Flounder’s aura’s are so out of line with each other.”

Marie had had a great time with Flounder last night but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to explore her feelings for some of the other guys in the house.  She desperately wanted to give Maximus a fair chance.  She felt bad that she had automatically judged him when she first entered this house.

“It wasn’t fair of me to  assume Maximus was like all the guys I’ve date before and are trying to get away from.  After talking with him more I realize he’s not like them at all.  He’s funny, which the guys from my mother’s world are definitely not and he actually cares about something other then himself.  I really hope we get a chance at some alone time this week.”

“I guess I kind of thought after our amazing date last night Marie would be only focused on me.  I know that’s stupid, she has to talk with the other guys and see what’s there.  But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely jealous watching Marie and Max together.”

The day continued on.  For those guys who weren’t Flounder there was a group date coming up today.  Abu had decided he would talk to Marie about his past on that date.  While at breakfast Rafiki noticed that Abu didn’t look so hot.  It seemed he was getting himself so worked up about this conversation that he was making himself sick.

“Of course when I man up and decide I’m going to tell Marie everything I get sick.  I hope that medical clears me for this date.  They don’t realize this could be a breaking point in mine and Marie’s relationship.”

While Abu went to see our medical team to make sure he’d be able to go on the group date, the rest of the house had a little dance party.  It’s nice to see our guys relax and be able to have a little fun together.

“Oh you thought that singing was my only hidden talent.  Well you haven’t seen me do the sprinkler yet.  Get your gardens ready ladies, it’s time to make the grass grow!”

“When I signed up for this show I certainly didn’t think this would be what I’d be doing.  Sure I was hoping for some dancing, only the slow kind and with a gorgeous girl.”

Abu was given the thumbs up from the medics.  He wanted to thank Rafiki for pointing out that he looked like crap.  The way Abu was going he would have never realized he was sick until it was too late.

“That was really cool of Rafiki to be looking out for me like that.  Any other guy would have said nothing and then I wouldn’t have been able to go on the group date.  It was a real solid he did to me.”

“Hey if you look like crap I’m going to tell you.  I’m just that kind of guy.”

With all the guys healthy and hugging it was time for this weeks group date.  Marie and the boys were in for a special treat this week as they were going to RomanceCon.  You read that right!  Anyone who’s anyone will be there.  Wait you don’t know what RomanceCon is???  Well, RomanceCon is only the biggest and most lavish convention of love in the whole simverse.  If you are a fan of love then RomanceCon is where you want to be.  So many of today’s biggest couples found love here and hopefully so will Marie!

“Oh my gosh I can’t believe I’m at RomanceCon!  I try every year to get tickets but it’s always sold out.  I’ve heard so many stories of people falling in love here.  It’s just something in the air.  I’m hoping RomanceCon’s magic will work on me.”

“The amount of love I feel in this space is orgasmic.  My shockras are so elated right now.  I don’t know if I’m going to be able to handle all this raw sensual energy.”

Let’s try to keep it in your pants Rafiki.  This may be a show about love but we’d like to keep in the R rating at least.

The first stop at RomanceCon was grabbing a cup of Cupid’s Delight.  This punch was made with 5 different aphrodisiacs.  It was said to put anyone in the mood for love with just one sip.  Maybe Rafiki should hold off drinking some.

“I don’t know what was in that punch but I’m liking it.  I felt this warm sensation course through my body.  It was like I was being touched by a goddess.  And she knew all the right places.”

“All of this guys are good looking.  I knew that from the start but after one sip of Cupid’s Delight they were unbearably hot.  I had to stop myself from ripping all Bagheera’s clothes off and taking him right on the table.”

Ok we are really starting to think that maybe RomanceCon was a little to much for a group date.  Let’s see if we can get through this date without anyone getting arrested for indecent behavior.

The one bad side effect of Cupid’s Delight, besides making it’s drinker extremely horny, it went straight through you.  For the first time in the history of the world there was a line for the men’s room instead of the ladies room.  Abu however seemed immune to that side effect and it gave him exactly what he had wanted, alone time with Marie.  The big question was would he take advantage of it?

“There I was sitting right across from Marie it was the perfect opportunity to come clean, tell her everything.  I was about to unload my past on her when I looked deep into those beautiful blue eyes.  I knew right then I couldn’t ever tell Marie about my past.  She’s too sweet and innocent to have to know the things I’ve done.  It’s my burden to bear not hers.  I knew I had to tell her something since I’ve been building this up so I did what any guy in my position would do I lied.”

“I prepared myself for this conversation with Abu.  I was ready for the worst.  And then he told me that his big dark secret was that he shoplifted once when he was 18.  Oh and it was a few apples.  Did he really think that would change my feelings for him?”

The big conversation we’ve been waiting for happened, sort of, so it was time to enjoy some other fun parts of RomanceCon.  For instance the shopping!

“I needed proof that I was here.  None of my friends are going to believe it.  Plus the shirt was a limited edition design. You don’t pass something like that up.”

“Marie looked great in that tee shirt.  I’m hoping one day I’ll see her wearing nothing but that tee shirt.”

Remember how Marie had wanted to spend some alone time with Maximus this date.  Well she didn’t really get that chance.  But some random stranger got her chance.  Wait a minute why does that random stranger look familiar?

“I tried to be as nice as possible letting that girl down.  But I only have eyes for one girl and her name is Marie.”

“Yes it was me in disguise!  What I’m a huge fan of the show!  In fact I was thinking how great would it be if next season the bachelorette was a super fan!  Just think of how many people would love that.  It just so happens I’m available.”

That sounds like an awful idea.  Besides we have something special planned for next season and it definitely doesn’t involve any crazed fans.

Let’s get back to the actual date.  After getting his big reveal to Marie over with, Abu felt it would progress their relationship quicker.  He was upset to see that it seemed to do the opposite.  Marie was interacting and flirting with all the guys except for him.

“Maybe she knows I didn’t tell her the whole truth.  Was I wrong to protect her from this?  I’m going to need to do some to stand out in her mind or I’m definitely going home this week.”

Abu wasn’t the only one looking to score some extra points with Marie.  Rafiki thought the couple that dresses together stays together.

“I thought it was so cute that Rafiki bought a matching tee shirt.  I definitely want a copy of that picture he took.”

“I’m really not a material things type person but that shirt will forever hold a special place in my heart.  It may be a reminder of when Marie and I started to fall in love.”

Let’s just hope that treasuring that shirt doesn’t mean Rafiki won’t ever wash it.

Remember how Abu said he needed to do something big to win Marie’s heart.  Well he was about to do just that and it kinda looks like it’s going to be huge.

“Oh my gosh why is Abu getting on one knee….I’m so not ready for that with any of the guys.”

“I want Marie to know exactly how I feel about her and where I want this relationship to go.  Go big or go home right.”

Thankfully a proposal wasn’t what Abu had in mind.  It was way too early in the season for that.  His surprise was more light hearted and smelled like roses.

“I feel like mine and Marie’s relationship has been so heavy it needed a little whimsy.  I wanted her to know that a life with me wasn’t all serious.  I can have fun too.”

“I’ll admit I was freaking out when I thought Abu was proposing to me.  I was relieved that the only question he was asking was if I wanted a rose shower.  It was really sweet.  I feel like this could be a turning point for us.”

While the boys and Marie were falling in love with RomanceCon, Flounder was not loving all the one on one time he was getting with himself.

“I needed to do something to get my mind of the fact that Marie was on a date with all the other guys in the house.  You go into this knowing it’s going to be hard, that you’re dating a girl who’s dating six other guys.  But then you get here and it’s so much harder.”

RomanceCon was over, it would be a whole year until we would see it again.  Marie and the boys returned home.  It had been a long night and the Cupid’s Delight was starting to wear off.  The only thing left to do was to retire to bed and wait for a new day to begin.  The problem with that was the new day was also an elimination day.  Despite there being an elimination the boys woke up happy.  Some even woke up wearing the same thing they were yesterday.

“I know I was a little down last night.   I’ve decided I have to play this game one week at a time and this week I’m not going anywhere.”

Maximus had felt this week had gone much better then last week.  That didn’t mean he wasn’t going to try to get in one last private chat with Marie before elimination.

“I can feel my bond with Marie is growing.  We haven’t gone on a solo date yet but that hasn’t stopped me from starting to fall for this girl.  I hope these feelings are mutual and I’ll be here next week to try and get that solo date.”

With elimination looming the guys tried their best to go about there day like it was any other day.

“I’m pretty sure Marie knows how I feel and that I want nothing more then to be here.  There’s nothing more I can do.  So why would I spend the day stressing myself out.  What will be will be.”

“I see all the guys in the house are so calm today, just going on like their whole future isn’t on the line here.  This week has been such a world wind for me.  I would be stuffing my face if it wasn’t already bursting from the late night snack I had last night when I woke up in a sweat.”

Elimination would be starting soon so the guys began to get ready.  All except one.  Rafiki seemed like he was never going to take off the shirt he had gotten at RomanceCon.  The other guys started to take notice.

“Is Raf seriously not taking that shirt off?  He spilled some punch and half a burrito on that last night.  It’s already starting to smell.”

“You know if Rafiki wants to wear a smelly tee shirt while he’s there I’m fine with that.  I’m sure Marie won’t be.  It will get him sent home eventually for sure.”

Bagheera was right, Marie was less then thrilled when she learned Rafiki had no intetion of taking off the shirt.  She decided it would be best if she nicely mentioned how much personal hygiene mattered to her.

“I just told Rafiki that I really love a guy who takes care of himself and his things, like his clothes.  I hope he gets the hint.  It’s very sweet that the shirt meant so much to him but I can’t be with a guy who smells.  I’m guessing that most people would feel that way.”

Rafiki did get the hint and made sure to change before the elimination ceremony.  With everyone dressed (well almost everyone, Bagheera decided to not change out of his swim suit) Marie called the guys together to get this weeks elimination over with that.  As you know each week Marie will evaluate each of her relationships in the house.  The guy she doesn’t have the strongest connection with or who she doesn’t see a future with will be asked to leave.  Last week LJ was the first one eliminated and sent to the Bacholer Pad.  Who will join him this week?  We are about to find out.

“Last week it was clear that LJ was the right choice to go home.  I hadn’t connected with him at all.  But this week I can see potential with all these guys.  This is going to be much harder.”

Their as however one easy decision.  Marie knew Flounder wasn’t going anywhere since he had won the solo date.  But something tells me he didn’t need immunity this week, he has one of the strongest bonds with Marie so far.

“I’ve never been this excited about a girl before.  Marie is everything I ever wanted.  It feels great knowing that the feelings are mutual.  I’m so not used to that.”

Feelings were also mutual between Marie and Maximus.  Marie was happy she had misjudged Maximus.  He was really someone she was excited to get to know more.

“I think Maximus and I could be great together we just need some more time to see where this will go.  I know for sure I have a friend for life in him, regardless of how this turns out.”

Abu was getting nervous.  He knew the chances of him being called early were slim.  Marie definitely had stronger relationships in the house.  He was just hoping he wouldn’t be called last.

“This week was a bit of disaster.  I have a lot of catching up to do.  I just pray I get that chance.”

The next guy who was safe was Rafiki.  But he wasn’t just safe Marie decided to give him the rose of the week as well.  She had felt bad about how upset he was last week and hoped this would show him how much he meant to her.

“All that matters is I get to continue this journey with my Marie.  Roses don’t matter to me.”

Wait this is coming from the guy who was in a funk most of this week because he didn’t get a rose.

The couches were getting emptier.  Sitting on one of those couches was a guy who was number one last week.  He may haven’t fallen down a few spots in Marie’s mind but he wasn’t going anywhere this week.  Bagheera was safe.

“I guess I was a little to confident this week because of last week.  I won’t make that mistake again.  I want to be Marie’s number one from now on.”

“I still have strong feelings for Bagheera.  It’s just this week a few other guys stepped up.  I felt they made a little more effort.  But I must say Bahgeera looks great without much clothes on!”

We were down to the final two, Pongo and Abu.   Pongo was no stranger to the bottom.  He felt like this was a bit of deja vu.  He was hoping for the same outcome as last week.

“I still think Marie and I have this connection unlike anyone else in the house.  I thought she felt it too.  But always being on the bottom like this is making me start to wonder.”

Marie once again told each guy they were great.  That if the situation were different she could see futures with both of them.  She told them how hard this was and that she cared for each of them but she had to say good bye to someone.

“Pongo and Abu are both super cute guys.   They are both sweet and funny in their own ways.  But I have to admit I have stronger feelings for one of them.  I just hope the other guy will understand.”

And who was the other guy that Marie was talking about….it was ABU!  Marie really wanted things to work with Abu.  But this week had put a strain on their relationship.  She wasn’t able to get past it.  And for that reason Abu had to go.

“I feel like Abu wasn’t completely honest with me this week.  His big secret he revealed, I think there’s more he’s not telling me.  And I can’t be with someone who I can’t trust won’t tell me everything.  I’m really sorry because I think Abu could have gone to the end had he been able to open up.”

“I always knew my past would come back to bite me.  I didn’t realize it would screw up my chance at true love.  I guess I need to work out my issues if I ever want a shot at a happily ever after.  You guys know the number of a good therapist?”

We exactly do, his name’s Jiminy.  Maybe we’ll see if he can stop by the Bachelor Pad.

Pongo had made it through another week.  If he wanted to make it a third he would really need to make more of an effort with Marie.  Remember luck runs out after a while.

“I’m happy I’m still here but I don’t want to be bottom two again next week.  I’m going to do everything in my power to win that solo date and show Marie I’m the man she’s been looking for.”

“Ugh week two was much harder.  It’s only going to get worse isn’t it?”

Unfortunately Marie it will.  But just remember in the end it will all be worth it when you’re standing next to the love of your life!  That’s it for tonight.  Make sure you join us next week to see if Pongo can climb his way out from the bottom and if Bagheera will make good on his promise of being number one again.  Once again I’m Chris Harrison, have a good night.

3 thoughts on “The Bachelorette: Disney Wildlife Edition Ep.3 – Sing For Your Supper

  1. *waves* I hope you’ll work through those issues, Abu! Preferably before you eat the producers out of house and home. The romancecon was adorable, and I love all the guys 🙂 Flounder is a little… I dunno, he sort of puts me on edge with the mega-jealousness, but honestly in that situation who wouldn’t be at least a little.

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