Disney Legacy: Ariel Blanc (Part 4)

Vanessa told Ariel she couldn’t stay and rushed out.  She was in a hurry alright.  She wanted to make sure she ran into Joe before she left.

“Ariel mentioned you were great in math.  I’m on the verge of failing and if I do my mother will kill me.  Do you think you might be able to tutor me?  Pretty please.  I know it would mean a lot to Ariel you helping her best friend.”

Joe didn’t know if it was such a good idea but he didn’t want to upset Ariel so he agreed.

The Blanc’s were getting ready for a major event.  Sebastian was aging into an adult.  Ariel had given her big brother an early birthday gift, a self portrait.

Of course that wasn’t her only gift.  She was throwing Sebastian a big party.  And every party needs a delicious cake.

It was party time.  Of course Sebastian’s bea was invited.  Sebastian may have been having doubts about their relationship but he wasn’t showing it.

Aunt Nola had come to.  She felt bad for not being around as much since Ariel’s parents had left.  But she was currently on world tour, djing for Coldplay.

Ariel knew Sebastian wasn’t Vanessa’s biggest fan but she had to invite her friend.  If she hadn’t she knew she would never hear the end of it.

Whenever Ariel needed a break from Vanessa she had Joe there to save her.

Vanessa did manage to get Ariel all to herself.

“This party is so quaint.  It’s nice to have a brother who loves simple things.  My brother would never be caught dead at a party like this.  You remember the brother you had that major crush on.  He always laughs about that.  Luckily you have Joe because that was never happening with my brother.”

Ariel desperately wanted Joe to come in and save her right now.

Ariel and Sebastian weren’t the only ones who hadn’t seen Nola in awhile.  Foster was happy to able to spend some time with his sister.

“I still can’t believe Tess is gone.  Foster, do ever think we’ll see her again?”

Joe finally came to Ariel’s rescue.

But who was going to save him from Vanessa?

Ariel had never been happier.  She had a boyfriend she loved and that loved her.  She finally felt ready to share that love with Joe in a more intimate way.

The two snuck away from the party without anyone noticing.  Don’t worry they wouldn’t have time to be missed since Joe didn’t last very long if you know what I mean.

Ariel rejoined the party just in time for Sebastian to blow out his candles.  Happy Birthday Sebastian!

While Ariel was busy celebrating with her brother Vanessa was keeping Joe company.

“So I was thinking you could come by my place for our study date.  My mom is away for the week and my brother and sister are never home.  We’ll have the place all to ourselves, you know so it’s nice and quiet to study.”

It was the next morning.  Ariel had noticed Vanessa and Joe having a chat by themselves last night.  She didn’t realize they were friends.  She wondered if she should be worried, so she talked to her brother about it.

“I wouldn’t let Vanessa within 3 feet of my boyfriend but Joe loves you.  He would never let anything happen.:::especially if he doesn’t want to deal with me:::”

Willow wasn’t able to make the party last night so Ariel wanted to catch her up.  She also wanted to get her take on the whole Vanessa Joe thing.

“I’m so bummed you weren’t able to make it last night.  I wanted to you to meet my Uncle Foster he’s so cool.  You would love him.”

Willow had to do some actual studying so Ariel decided to check simbook while she waited for her to finish.  She was spying on Vanessa’s page when she noticed a new post.


Ariel told Willow about the post.  It looks like Vanessa had a boyfriend of her own.  She didn’t need to worry about her and Joe.  But she was a little mad that she never told her about her new boy.

Ariel was so relieved that she texted Joe to come over tonight for a movie date.  He said could they watch a scary movie so he could hold her when she got scared.

Sebastian had put of eating his cake the other night.  Ever since him and Mark started dating he felt as if he’s been letting himself go.

But the cake was too tempting to resist.  He would need to make a decision soon, either Mark or his waistline.

Ariel couldn’t wait for night to come.  Night came and she was still waiting.  Joe was late, but that’s ok she knew he would never miss a date.

It was now much later.  Ariel was already on her second movie and there was still no Joe.  She beginning to worry that something had happened to him.  She hoped he was ok.

Finally at around midnight Ariel got a text from Joe apologizing profusely for missing their date.  He said something came up that he couldn’t get out of.  He was done now and could come over. Ariel was tired and told him she’d talk to him tomorrow.

Joe was telling the truth something did come up that he couldn’t get out of.  Joe had forgotten he had already made plans to study with Vanessa for that night.  He figured he’d study a little with Vanessa and still be able to make it to Ariel’s for movie night.

They finished going over quadratic equations.  Joe was getting ready to leave when Vanessa said she had to thank him for all his help.

She knew exactly how to thank him.  She promised not to keep him to long.

“One of the reasons I’ve been doing so bad in math is because I’ve been all my time studying to be a masseuse. I’m getting pretty good.  Besides I’m sure Ariel will love you to be relaxed when she sees you later.”

Joe has a hard time saying no and Vanessa did have a point about showing up relaxed for Ariel.  He knew this would mean he’d be late but only by an hour or so.

“Wow you’re a so tight.  I’m going to really have to get in deep there.  Usually when people are this bad it’s because of troubles at home or in their relationships.  Ariel has mentioned to me you’ve been having some problems.

Joe couldn’t believe that Ariel was unhappy.  He had no idea.  He needed to find out exactly what she had told Vanessa. Vanessa suggest they go sit near the pool.  Joe was covered in oil.  It would be a good way for him to get clean.

“I shouldn’t be telling you this, promise you won’t tell her I told you.  But Ariel isn’t sure she loves you anymore.  She said she wants to experience other boys.  I told her she was crazy.  You’re amazing.  If you were my boyfriend I’d never let you go.”

Sadly Joe was believing everything Vanessa was saying.  He was severely doubting his relationship and it didn’t help that Vanessa was extremely hot.

The two keep inching closer and closer until there lips were so close they could feel the other breath.

Joe had ever intention of making it to movie night.  Instead of his arms wrapped around Ariel they were wrapped around Vanessa, so were his lips.

Will Ariel find out about the real reason Joe skipped the movie?  Find out next time.

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