Super Dating: Chapter 5 – A New Focus

Have you ever had a favorite sweater?  You know the kind I’m talking about.  That one that every time you wear it no matter how you feel it always looks perfect on you.  You could wear it with jeans, or a skirt, or yoga pants and yet it still works with all of them.  You’ve worn it so many times that the color has faded, there’s a hole or two in the sleeve and there may be a coffee stain on the front.  You know it’s time to throw it out.  The only person who thinks this sweater looks perfect anymore is you.  But no matter how hard you try you just can’t let go.   I’ve come to realize guys that I date are my favorite sweater.  No matter how hard I try I never seem to be done with them.  I know that they don’t quite fit right, but in my eyes they still look good on me.  Even the ones who I thought were just a one night stand and out of my life forever.

It had been a week since my date with Henry and I hadn’t heard from him.  My suspicion was right he was a great actor.  He acted liked he had had a great time and wanted something more.  But at some point during our date he realized I wasn’t worth a second date.  It hurt but I was used to being let down by the perfect guy.  I knew I would get over it.  It may take a pint of cookie dough ice cream and a few Tom Hanks movies, but I would eventually move on to my next mistake.  I never thought that mistake would be one that I had already made a few weeks ago.  You might remember that mistake.  He was dark, mysterious and as sexy as they come and of course he had a comic book connection.  I’m talking about Jason Momoa.  Our gym date had turned into a full blown workout at my place.  Only to end with him leaving in the middle of the night and never calling me again.  At least that’s how I thought we would end.  So when I got a call from him inviting me to a secret rave at Winsor Mansion I had to make sure that he called the right number.  He had.

Those nervous excited butterflies I had before our first date were gone.  That was because this was not a date.  Dating for Jason and I was off the table.  I may make mistakes and even repeat them once in awhile but I do sometimes learn from them.  What I had learned from my one and only date with Jason was that he was not my forever guy.  He would not be the guy I would introduce to my parents.  I wouldn’t be moving in with and decorating a place with him.  He wasn’t even the guy I would take with me to that friends wedding that you don’t want to go to alone because you don’t want to be the sad single friend.  The only thing Jason was for me now was a good time.  I’ve known girls who have had that one guy who you call when you’re feeling lonely.  You know the type of guy who doesn’t come with any strings.  For a lack of a better word an always ready booty call.  I had never been that girl.  I never understood how you could be intimate with someone without all the feelings that go along with it.  But this was a new beginning for me.  That meant a time to reinvent myself.  To try something new.   I was ready to be the girl who could have sex with a god and not care that it would never be more.   To be fair it was really great sex.

Have you ever woken up feeling like a new person?  You feel like your life before you went to bed had just been erased and you get a new start to do everything right?  In comic books this happens a lot.  In DC’s current run of books they’ve done just that.  They’ve wiped clean all of the characters past and started over.  In fact they even called the event Rebirth.  That day after seeing Jason again was my rebirth.  If DC could do it then why couldn’t I.  My string of comic book boyfriends no longer ever happened. There was no Harvey and Oscar.  Chris was just a dream that I had finally woken up from.  Henry was just a regular guy that a had tried dating but didn’t work out.  And Jason was going to be my good time when I needed some fun.  I felt in order for me to find my happiness I needed to erase my past or at least not dwell on it as much as I had been doing.  To be fair there was one part of my life I needed to stop focusing on so much.  I don’t think it takes a genius to realize what part that was.  My love life was becoming everything.  I was placing to much importance on who was in my heart.  Of course love is an important part of life but it shouldn’t be how I measure my happiness.  I had other things in my life that made me happy.  My writing, my tiny apartment and my friends.  I’ve spent these last few chapters going on and on about the men in my life who shared my bed that I’ve yet to mention those who were just friends.  That was going to stop right now.   As if almost reading my mind I got a call from one of those friends that same morning I was reshuffling my priorities.

Let me start off by saying I promise I have other interests other then comic books.  I love to read.  I’m even part of a book club.  In case you don’t know what a book club is it’s a group of people who get together and share in there love of books.  You all agree on a book to read and then get together to discuss it.  Ask your mom about it I’m sure she was part of one at some point.  I’m also a crafter.  I can spend hours at Michaels getting lost in the glitter and pipe cleaners.  I think it’s important that you know that comic books don’t consume my life because I’m afraid you’re going to think I’m a bit obsessed.  Especially once I tell you who I was meeting that day.  I dated other men before I met Chris.  What I may have left out was that some of them also had a superhero connection.  I have a type remember.  One of those guys didn’t work out as a boyfriend but he turned out to be an amazing best friend.  It wasn’t like we dated very long.  We both knew pretty quickly that a romantic relationship wasn’t meant for us.  But we thought why not try a platonic one.  Before him I was definitely the type who thought it was impossible to be friends with your exes.  To be honest I still believe that is true.  You’ll never see me and Chris catching a football game or grabbing a slice of pizza together.  However I’ve never considered this guy to be an ex so being friends wasn’t an issue.  Who is this mystery man, well I’ll give you a few hints.  He’s an actor, I know big surprise.  His first attempt at superhero was a big flop but the second go around was quite the opposite.  He played a superhero who had a love of all things green and wasn’t afraid to sport a little bling.  That’s right I’m talking about the Green Lantern which means that I’m also talking about Ryan Reynolds.

It’s funny what you remember about the first time you meet some people.  When I met Ryan it was a Tuesday.  I remember that because Tuesday was the day Smallville was on.  Smallville was the CW’s, the WB at the time, first superhero show.  It followed a young Clark Kent aka Superman, navigating his life as a high schooler who also happened to be the most powerful super being ever.  Needless to say it was a show that I watched religiously.  The day I met Ryan there was a particular special episode airing.  They were going to introduce the Green Arrow onto the show.  He was played by Justin Hartley, another one of my fantasy guys.  Don’t worry I never dated him or did I?   I was all set to celebrate the debut of my favorite comic book superhero on the little screen when I realized I was out of chocolate.  How can one possibly have a celebration without chocolate.  The show wasn’t starting for another hour giving me just enough time to make a candy run.   It just so happens I wasn’t the only one who had a sweet tooth that night.  I’ll never forget my reaction when I walked into the small candy store down the block from my place and saw Ryan Reynolds trying to decide on either a Butterginer or a Crunch bar.  Keep in mind this was before Ryan was the megastar he is today.  At that time he had only been in a few movies none of which raised him to higher then a C lister.  The most recognizable thing he had done was playing the jerk from the Sabrina the Teenage Witch made for tv movie or at least that’s what I knew him from.  At the time the only celebrity I had ever made was my ex boyfriend Oscar.  It’s amazing how much changes over time.  I did something that day that I’ve never done before.  I made the first move.  What can I say I was young and hadn’t had the world crush my spirit yet.  I walked over to where Ryan was, grabbed two Milky Ways, placed one in his hands and walk away to pay for mine.  I never looked back.  I paid for my candy walked outside and waited to see if my bold move worked.  It had.  No more the five seconds late Ryan darted outside frantically looking for something or someone.  He asked me out and we went out on a total of  two dates, both were a disaster but that’s a story for another day.  We’ve been friends ever since.

For the first time in while my life didn’t revolve around who I was dating or who I wasn’t dating for that matter.  The amazing part was I didn’t care.  I was enjoying the other aspects of my life that I’ve been neglecting for too long.  Who needed a man in your life when right outside your door was everything thing you ever needed.  You just needed to make sure you were looking in every direction.


If you’d like to download any of the characters or builds you see in this story I will post the links to them below, along with a great big thank you to the creators!

Erin created by swcheppes

Jason Momoa created by viltor87 (I’ve given him a bit of a makeover compared to the downloaded version)

Ryan Reynolds created by Milkman2585

Chris Evans created by yddam98

11 thoughts on “Super Dating: Chapter 5 – A New Focus

  1. Cute chapter, and it’s nice to see her focus on more than just repeated never-learned lessons with these hot guys.

    As a love of super heroes brought to life on the screens big and small, I really love this story series. Chris Evans is amazing! Are these Sims bring made for your story or are their creators just wonderful people you’re crediting?

    Also, I refuse to think of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern. He’s Deadpool!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww… the way she met Ryan was cute. It was nice to see her confidence growing, and this new side of her. I could get lost in Michael’s too though I steer clear of glitter. Lol. I forgot about Ryan being Green Lantern since he’s become Deadpool now, though not my favorite comic book character at all. He was decent as the Lantern.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. omg you killed off Candy Behr and the partihouse? 😀

    Also I love your writing style! It’s easy to read, and funny.
    And I like that Erin finally losens up a little.
    The best relationships anyhow come unexpected and unforced.
    Yes, I’m looking at Chris Evans here xD

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You would hardly credit that I was reminiscing about the Ryan Renyolds look alike I once had in one of my Sims saves JUST before I read this chapter! It may have been the one from Milkman, I can’t remember because it was too long ago. Was too funny when I saw Ryan in your story not to share.

    Liked by 1 person

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