Super Dating: Chapter One – Prologue

A good writer once told me write what you know.  What I know are comic books and boys.  In my case those two usually go hand and hand.  They also told me to start at the beginning.  So here I go.

For as long as I know I was the girl who loved comic books.  My mom joked that I came out with a comic book in my hand.  Just imagine the paper cuts she would have had if that were true, ouch.  But my love of boys started a few years later, when I was 10 to be exact.  And it just so happened that the boy I loved also loved comic books.  Funny how the world works sometimes isn’t it.

His name was Harvey Trishkin, but he insisted on being called Barry Allen.  Harvey, I mean Barry, had an obsession with all things the Flash and I had an obsession with all things Harvey, I mean Barry.  Now I didn’t pick Barry because of his obsession, love doesn’t work like that.  In fact I wasn’t even into the Flash.  I was always a Green Arrow type of girl.  But liking a boy who shared your interests was definitely a plus.  It makes starting up a conversation a heck of a lot easier too.

I remember the day we became an official couple.  He had walked me home from the park.  He was going on and on about why Barry Allen was a much better Flash then Wally West.  Which come on isn’t even a question.  We got to my house and before heading inside to start whatever pointless homework I had (I was going to be a super hero when I grew who needed geometry for that) Barry asked me to be his girlfriend.  Of course I said yes and we made it official.  Which when your ten means a hug and a promise to sit next to each other on the bus the next day.  Man to be young again, what I wouldn’t give to be that age again.

I was in relationship bliss for a whole week until my whole world came crumbling down.  At least that’s what it feels like when your 10.  It was the classic story you’ve heard over and over.  Girl likes boy, boy likes girl, boy asks girl to be girlfriend, girl starts planning their wedding, boy meets new girl, boy now likes new girl, original girl is devastated and wants to die.  Her name was Allie Lankford.  I’ll never forget that name.  She always had her hair in a braid, she wore shoes with a heel and she had never read a comic book in her life.  For that brief moment in my life I wished I had never heard of the Flash or knew that he had gotten his powers from a lightening bolt while working in his lab.  Maybe if I didn’t know any of that I would have never fallen for Barry Allen, I mean Harvey Trishkin.

Time moved on as it does and so did I.  I realized Harvey Trishkin wasn’t the love of my life.  I actually heard that he’s not even into girls anymore.  There were other boys after him, even some that had no idea who Oliver Queen was.  Those boys didn’t last very long.  Then when I was 16 there was Oscar Ramono.  He didn’t care for superhero’s but he did play one on tv.  You see Oscar was what you’d call a local celebrity.  He was one of the stars of The Get Up Kids.  The Get Up Kids was a show that only played in like three towns, so chances are you’ve never heard of it.  The premise of it were there was this bunch of teens who solved crimes while driving around in this old beat up van.  Yeah they kind of ripped off Scooby Doo.  However unlike Scooby Doo’s gang The Get Up Kids were also superheros.  Oscar played Skeleton Boy.  His super power was he could remove any bone in his body.  It was a pretty stupid and gross power if you asked me but I told Oscar that he was the coolest superhero on the show.  Sometimes you have to compromise when you’re in love.  What can I say I was young and stupid.

Dating a celebrity, even a local one has it’s perks.  Like getting free nachos at the Stinky Pickle.  But it also has it’s downside, that being super intrusive fans.  Super intrusive fans that are also a size 0 and look like they could be on the cover of Teen Vogue.  But out of all the girls in our small town Oscar had chosen me.  Just like how the green lantern ring had chosen Hal Jordan.  We were meant to be.

  Only we really weren’t.  Oscar was a teenage boy.  And what do teenage boys love the most….teenage girls.  Girls were throwing themselves at him constantly, one was bond to stick.  But why did it have to be one of those size 0 cover models.  It may have stung less it if was a pale faced chubby girl who was the president of The Get Up Kids fan club.  Oh wait that was me.  My heart was broken and not only that I could never watch one of my favorite shows again.  After Oscar I vowed never to date another celebrity,  I couldn’t take ruining something I loved on top of a broken heart again.  It’s insane how completely wrong that statement was, oh you’ll understand why soon enough.

Finally my teenage years were over.  Which meant no more stupid teenage boys.  Oh yes there were other boys after Oscar.  However I steered clear of anyone who shared my same interests.  That meant all the geeky comic book nerds who all secretly were in love with me never got their chance.  I guess I sound a little full of myself but when you’re the only girl in your grade, hell the school who can name all the founding members of the Justice League and the X-Men you kind of are setting yourself up for nerdy admirers.  Truth be told I liked a lot of those guys but I loved comics more and I couldn’t risk a boy ruining that again.

After graduating college I knew I needed to get out of my town.  I was looking for something more and I was never going to find it there.  Besides I needed a place with more then one bookstore.  I wanted a place a little more diverse yet still secluded.  Somewhere I could pick up the new issue of Betty and Veronica and find a private space to read it.  People tend to judge anyone who admits to reading Archie comics.  I was still young enough to care what people thought.  I decided on a cute little German inspired town called Windenburg.  It was perfect.  It had everything I was looking for.  Including one thing I was never expecting.

Remember when I said my celebrity days were over.  Yeah well now you’ll understand how wrong I was about that.  I wasn’t the only one who had come to Windenburg looking to hide away.  You may have heard of a little movie called the Avengers, ok no how about Thor?  You know the one I’m talking about.  The movie about that gorgeous god who gets stranded on Earth by his evil brother.  Who drinks a cup of coffee and orders another by smashing his cup on the floor in the most adorable way ever.  The movie that had every woman on Earth wishing Chris Hemsworth would show up in their house wearing nothing but a towel.  Well I guess wishes do come true, only this one was missing the half naked part.  Because on my first day in Windenburg Chris Hemsworth walked up to my table, with his cup of coffee in hand, and had a seat.  It was like a scene from a movie, almost literally.  I was half expecting that cup to be on the floor after he took his last sip.

I know comic books aren’t real but I swear Chris used some Thorlike magic that day.  Or maybe it was just the fact that he had the most gorgeous blue eyes I’d ever seen.  It was only a few hours but it felt like we had spent a lifetime in that small cafe talking about everything and anything.  He told me about how working with Robert Downey Jr. is like working with a toddler who’s eaten a whole bag of sugar.  I told him that even though I liked Marvel I would always be DC girl at heart.  It was hard to believe I was having such a normal conversation with such a extraordinary specimen of a man.  This had to be a dream.  I was going to wake up to find that I fell asleep watching Snow White and the Hunstman again (I mean how does anyone make it through any of Kristen Stewarts movies without nodding off).  That was the only logical explanation for what was going on here.  I hoped that the dream would at least last long enough for the good stuff.  To my disbelief I never woke up.  This was 100% real.

I told myself repeatedly that day to walk away.  This had bad idea written all over it.  A kid from a silly local kids show had left me broken.  This would shatter me completely. But when he insisted on walking me home I knew there was no turning back.  And when he kissed me for the first time I knew I was in trouble.

After that day we were inseparable.  I may have been dating an A list celebrity but I swear we did the stuff ever normal couple does.  Ok normal for most.  Chris was a runner (how else do you think he looked like that all the time).  So when he suggested we go for a run together I literally laughed in his face, loud.  If I remember correctly I actually fell off my chair I was laughing so hard.  I was not runner, like I would only run if something big was chasing me and it would have to be something really big and I’d probably give up pretty quickly and just be eaten.  Somehow Chris convinced me that running was a good idea.  I wanted to kill him on that first run but after awhile I started to love it.  Truth be told running wasn’t the only thing I was falling in love with.

It wasn’t all sports bras and sweatbands.  We went out.  Dancing was one of our favorite activities.  Chris had many talents, but dancing was not one of them.  I didn’t care, that man could look good doing the funky chicken in a Wonder Woman costume.  When we were out, no matter how crowded it was it felt like we were the only two in the room.

There was no denying it I was head over heels in love with this man.  It’s exactly how you dream falling in love will feel.  Harvey, Oscar and every other boy before Chris seemed so insignificant.  How could I ever have imagined I was in love with any of them.  I had no idea what love was before meeting Chris.  I remember ever single detail of the night I showed Chris just how in love with him I was.  His lips tasted like chocolate from the brownies he had been sneaking while cheating on his diet.  His skin was smooth as glass except for that one little scar on his shoulder blade.  While filming on Thor Tom Hiddleston caught him with Loki’s blade during a fight scene.  Being the true actor he is he refused to have it looked at until they had finished the scene.  It was one of the coldest nights we had had in Windenburg because I remember him insisting we get under the covers so he could warm me up.  Everything about that night was perfect.

Simply put it was the happiest time in my life.  I was in love with a man who I thought was impossible to obtain and best of all he was in love with me.  There was no way it could get better then this.

But then one night early in the spring it did!  Chris did the unthinkable and asked me to marry him.  And I did something even crazier, I said yes.  How could I not.  He was the Superman to my Lois Lane, the Spider-Man to my Mary Jane, the Archie to my Betty (yup I’m team Betty).  I should have known right then and there that we were doomed.  If you look up the histories of all those couples, they never get their happy ending.

People say when you get engaged your life changes.  I’m pretty sure they mean for the better, but for me things got worse.  The previous few months with Chris were perfect.  It was like living in a fairy tale.  But it was time to come back to reality.  Chris’ reality meant a new movie to film, miles and miles away, for at least 4 months.  This would be our first test, sort of like a heroes quest that all of the great ones go on.  If we could get through this we could get through anything.  It wasn’t like we lived in the stone age.  We had cell phones and computers.  We even had Skype for those times when we needed things to get a little R rated.  So Chris left and I went back to my old life.  Only I didn’t have much of an old life in Windenburg.  I had met Chris right after I had moved here.  My entire life in Windenburg included Chris.  And that’s the life I continued living only this time I was living it by myself.

My love of running slowly faded.  I realized part of what I loved most about running was watching Chris’ cute behind in front of me.  I always imagined myself squeezing it as my reward for catching up to him.  What can I say we all have our things that motivate us.  But with no behind to reach for I remember that running just plain sucked.

I was ecstatic when I got a text from Chris saying he was coming home.  The production on the new movie was crazy, one night was all he could swing.  After a dozen of nights without him, one night felt like all the time in the world.  I got myself all dolled up and went to one of our favorite spots.  We were going to play that whole strangers meeting for the first time that leads to wild sex in the coat check room role play.  Every inch of me went wild with anticipation for him to walk through that door.  After an hour of waiting that anticipation turned to worry.  I started to get nervous, surely something must have happened to him.  There’s no way he would be late or god forbid stand me up on our one night.  Then came the phone call.  Apparently the weather in whatever city he was in had been crap for days.  Today was finally clear and they had a lot of scenes to make up.  He originally thought maybe they would have ended early and he could still make it on a late fligh.  But there was no chance that was happening now.  He wasn’t coming.  The club was as crowded as ever that night but I had never felt more alone.

Weeks continued to pass.  Texts got shorter and phonecalls were far and in between.  I knew I needed to do something if I wanted to save this relationship.  A grand gesture like when Black Canary fought all the Amazons on Themyscira to save Green Arrow.  Only problem Chris wasn’t being held captive be thick thighed women (or at least not that I knew of) and I looked horrible in fishnets.  I thought about flying out and surprising him but my bank account quickly shot that idea down.  I had to settle for a sexy Skype session.  I put on that same lingerie I had worn the first time we had made love, hoping it would bring back memories of better times.  I tried calling his account but it kept ringing.  He was probably still shooting no big deal I would keep trying.  And that’s what I did.  I tried and tried and tried, always getting the same result, nothing.  Of course my mind went right to the worst possible reasons as to why he wasn’t answering.  He was lying in a ditch somewhere, the Russian mafia was holding him captive, or the worst one he was with another woman.   What ever the reason he wasn’t answering didn’t matter anymore.  I was cold and tired and I just wanted to go to bed.

I did feel better learning that the reason Chris hadn’t been answering because he was performing his own grand gesture and surprising me.  He woke me up and we were finally together again.  But it was different.  Still nice but definitely different.  Nothing like it was before.  He was only able to stay til morning.  Just like that he was gone again.

More weeks passed and back I was to my lonely life.  Living the single life yet I was supposed to be happily engaged to the love of my life who I never saw.  What did I expect dating a celebrity would be like?  I’d dated one in the past.  I was warned.  I’m the stupid one who didn’t listen to my own advice not to get involved in the first place.  Maybe if I had listened I could have avoided what happened next.

Once we started dating I should have deleted Facebook and Instagram on my phone.  I just couldn’t live without my daily dose of cute puppies doing adorable things.  I figured I could just ignore all the Hollywood gossip and scandals that flooded my feed.  But the last few weeks instead of ignoring it I did just the opposite, I went in search of it.  I typed Chris’ name into every search engine I could scared of what or who would come up.  Nothing ever did.  In fact it wasn’t anything I did that made me discover the real reason Chris had become more distant, it was his assistant.  You see mine and Chris’ number are super close, they are only different by one number.  So there were many times I would get text messages from Troy (Chris’ assistant) that was meant for him.  Usually it was about wardrobe fittings and whether Chris wanted to be the new face of Jordache jeans.  But that mistaken text I got that summer morning changed everything.

The ending of something usually is never fun.  Nobody is happy when they get to that last bite of chocolate ice cream.  And what person truly is happy when your favorite show airs it’s last episode ever.  Endings flat out suck.  But the ending of a relationship, especially with someone you thought was your forever is devastating.  Chris was in town again for his mandatory spend one day with his clueless fiance.  Only difference was he actually showed up this time.  He knew that I’d gotten that text from Troy by mistake.  The text that told me that he had been cheating on me for the past 3 months with his costar.  The text that made me realize how much time I had wasted being in love with a man I thought I knew but in the end didn’t know a thing about.  The text that proved you should always listen to your own advice no matter how gorgeous those eyes were.  Chris did try to repair this, I’ll give him that.  But you can’t fix something when it’s as shattered as we were, as I was.  I said it before not everyone gets a happy ending, especially not in the comic book world.

That’s the funny thing about endings though sometimes they lead to beginnings.  And that’s where my story really begins.  My name is Erin.  I still love comic books and by no choice of my own boys.  And for some reason those two still seem to go hand and hand.


If you’d like to download any of the characters or builds you see in this story I will post the links to them below, along with a great big thank you to the creators!

Young Erin created by swcheppes

Chris Hemsworth created by JRockCa (I’ve given him a bit of a makeover compared to the downloaded version)

Red Robin’s Nest created by swcheppes

14 thoughts on “Super Dating: Chapter One – Prologue

  1. I loved this, and I was thinking so many things as I was reading it!

    1) Superheroes, ESPECIALLY the Flash, definitely need geometry, learn your geometry chica.

    2) My first boyfriend was around that age, and it was all about the sitting together on the bus and at lunch, lol. Ah, innocence.

    3) I love how her hair changes color throughout the story, it looks so cool, but what’s that about?

    4) ooh, girl, you’re smart to avoid the comic books lovers! Music is usually a big way I connect with people, but I had to stop that. I swear my ex got Corinne Bailey Rae and Mariah Carey in our breakup. I couldn’t listen to their music properly for like 8 years after we broke up.

    5) JRockCa did a great job with Chris Hemsworth!

    6) I’m wondering what her three traits are… I’m thinking Geek, Romantic, Loner?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’m so happy you enjoyed it. I’m actually working on episode 2 right now which is why I’m able to respond to your comment so quickly. I promise I’m not stalking my post 😛
      The character is me. I’ve tried to incorporate as much accuracy to her. Like her love of comic book and the fact the Green Arrow is her favs (all true about me). When I was young I had blonde hair, as I got older it got darker and by the time I was a teenager I was dying it. Red was one of the colors I used to dye it to a lot. Something new I’m doing for this story that I haven’t done before is changing her outfits, as you saw in this episode. I like that element and felt it brought a bit of realism to the story.
      That Chris Hemsworth is amazing looking!!
      She’s romantic, clumsy and creative. These are me in a nutshell. If I could have put another trait it definitely would have been geek.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nice. I always struggle to define my Simself as well. I have about 6 traits I’d like to give myself, and I change what 3 I settle on depending on the day.

        If you love the comics, you must love the CW (assuming you live in America). I’m hooked on Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends. I never miss an episode!

        Incidentally, I’m reading someone’s take on the news that Joss Whedon will direct the Batgirl DC movie. I love comic books brought to life on the big and small screen, so this fan fiction is everything.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This was such an intriguing start. I got hooked in pretty quickly. I like how the hair color and outfits change throughout the story progression. I love her quirky and rich inner thought life. The repetition helped define who she was and what she liked and made it easy to look like her. I had a feeling the relationship with Chris would sour, poor dear, but man, he looked pretty accurate. I wonder if other celebrities and/or comic book heros will make an appearance. Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

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