Disney Legacy: Ariel Blanc (Part 9)

Ariel was still wondering if she had made the right decision telling Eric he could move in.  He hadn’t moved in yet.  She still had time to back out of it.

She thought a cup of coffee might help ease her mind.  Eric moving in would mean she’d see Vanessa again.  Little did she expect another blast from her past to come back in her life.

She hadn’t seen Joe since that day she went over to his for closure.  The two had left things in a good place.  When she ran into him at the cafe she was actually happy to see him.

“I’m doing great.  I’m fulfilling my life long dream of being on Survivor!  I leave for some mystery island tomorrow morning.  I’m really glad I got to see you before I leave.  Maybe when I get back we can see each other again?”

Ariel could tell Joe was interested in maybe starting things up with her again.  But she was not.  Joe would always be her first love but that’s all he would ever be.  She wished him good luck and told him she would check him out on the show before leaving.

Ariel left her first love to meet up with her current crush.  Joel had texted her while she was with Joe that he would love to see her again.  She told him she was free tonight and they met at the newest pop up bar.

Joel was sweet and a great guy.   Was he just someone to keep her company, to help her forget about Eric or was it possible he’d be someone she could spent the rest of her life with.

 Ariel wasn’t sure where things with Joel were going but she was going to enjoy finding out.

A whole lot of fun!

But the fun would stop at the bar.  Ariel wasn’t ready for Joel to spend the night.  She still needed to get used to sleeping in an empty house.

She was having trouble sleeping lately.  Ariel couldn’t remember the last time she had slept an entire night.  She found herself waking up a lot.

Tonight was no different.

Or maybe it would be.

Ariel finished her midnight snack.  Even though she hated the idea of going back to an empty bed she forced herself to try to go back to sleep.

The only thing was she wasn’t alone.  A very special visitor was waiting for her in her room.

She could hardly believe it.  She thought she would never see her brother again and here he was in front of her.  In fact he was real enough for her to hug him.

“Sebastian you don’t know how much I miss you.  How is this possible?  What happened to you?  Have you seen mom and dad?”

Sebastian wasn’t surprised with all of Ariel’s questions.  He did his best to answer them all.  However there was one that he didn’t quite understand.

“Why would you ask me if I’ve seen mom and dad?  Did something happen to them….are they….like me??”

It was Ariel’s turn to answer some questions.  She told him how their parents had some to see her after he had died.  How the Sixams had made a deal with them to ensure her safety.  Ariel didn’t know exactly what that deal was but she had one guess.

Ariel had spend the rest of the night talking with her brother.  They had both been through so much it was nice to have someone there to console each other.  Sebastian left early in the morning.  Ariel figured rather then sleep to start her day.  That day started with things around the house falling apart.

Ariel was not what you would define as handy.  She knew she should call someone to come fix the pipes but she wasn’t in the mood to deal with strangers.

So she decided to save it for later and found something more fun to do.

But maybe she didn’t need a stranger to help out.  She had someone who would be able to help with all the handy things around the house knocking on her door.

“Eric what a nice surprise.  I wasn’t expecting to see you here for another month?  Since you’re here would you mind helping me out with a few things?”

Eric being the good guy he was was happy to help.

As a thank you for fixing the pipes Ariel offered to make Eric dinner.  They would be living together soon, they should get used to having meals together.

“Ariel there was a reason I came here today.  There’s something very important I have to ask you.”

Ariel’s heart stopped for a minute.  Maybe Eric had broken up with Vanessa.  Maybe he realized he was actually in love with her and wanted to ask her to be his girlfriend.

Before asking her what he had come to ask her, dinner was ready.  Ariel sat in silence waiting for the moment Eric would bring up why he had really come here today.  Finally he brought it up again and asked her a very important question.

“I know this will be shocking to you but it’s something I can’t ignore anymore.  Ariel….would…you….let me move in earlier then we talked about?  Like tonight?  My landlord is being a real jerk….are you ok, you don’t look that great.”

Is Ariel ready for a roommate.  Especially a roommate she’s secretly in love with.  Find out next time.

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