Disney Legacy: Ariel Blanc (Part 15)

Ariel could hardly believe it she and Eric were going to finally be parents.  I felt like it took forever to get to this moment.

But there was still a little bit of waiting to be had.  The hospital was full up and they would have to wait for a bed to become available.

Finally there was room at the inn, I mean hospital.  During the time they had been waiting Eric had become a nervous wreck.    He was trying his best not to let on that he was freaking out.

He wasn’t going a very good job.

“The baby is coming and we’re not ready!  We don’t have diapers or a crib or butt paste!  Do we need butt paste already or will the baby be to young for it? What happens if we get the butt paste on other then the baby’s butt?”

“How long have you been a doctor?  You look sort of young.  Have you ever used this machine before….”

“Is it supposed to be making that alarm type noise?  Why is that light blinking?…”


The questions continued throughout the whole delivery.  Eric was so busy being nervous that he missed the fact that Ariel had just delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

The family was asked to leave the hospital rather quickly due to the doctors and nurses getting tired of all of Eric’s questions.  Eric was right they were not prepare for the baby.  All they had done was paint the room.  Ariel had said to make it pink while Eric insisted on making it blue.  Luckily Willow dropped by before they returned home to drop off the crib she had gotten them as a gift.

Ariel and Eric were instantly in love with their little princess.  But every good princess needs a name.

“She looks like an Aurora to me.  Look at that she smiled, I think she likes the name too.”

Welcome to the Blanc family Aurora!

Ariel couldn’t help but thing what a beauty her daughter was, even while she was sleeping.

Eric felt completely blessed.  Aurora had only been in their lives for not even a day and he was already thinking about more children.

He suggested to Ariel that they start trying for another baby right away.

“Sweetheart you’re not going anywhere near that area for a while.  Trust me no one should have to see what I’ve seen.”

The truth was Ariel wasn’t sure she wanted any more children.  She loved Aurora more then life itself.  She couldn’t imagine being capable of loving another child as much as she loved her princess.

Ariel loved Aurora but she wasn’t in love with what a hard bay she was.  Her and Eric had been for what seemed like weeks trying to soothe Aurora.  Any chance they got to get some sleep they took it.

And anywhere for that matter too.

On the rare occasions that Aurora took longer then usual naps Ariel also snuck in a few photo sessions.

Word was getting around about what a great photographer she was.

“You’re a true talent.  You should really think about showcasing your work.  I know many people who would love to own an Ariel Blanc original.”

After thinking it over and discussing it with Eric, Ariel decided she wanted a show of her own.  But that meant a lot of work and time.  Unfortunately with a difficult baby like Aurora that would be impossible.  Fortunately her last client also knew a wonderful nanny who had just moved to town.

Her name was Merryweather.  Her and her two sisters ran Nanny Fairies.  They were a top notch child care service that guaranteed to love and care for your child as if they were there own.

“Merryweather you seem lovely and all of your references gave you glowing reviews but we can’t say yes until we know that Aurora will like you.  She’s a bit fussy and a handful.”

Ariel had nothing to worry about.  Aurora took to Merryweahter instantly.

“Hello my beautiful rose.  It’s a silly tradition may sisters and I have.  We like to place a blessing on each new child that comes into our life.  For you I bless you with true love.  When you’re much much older your true love’s kiss will make you feel like you’ve been awaken from a lifelong slumber.  That is how you will know you’ve found the one.”

One of the things Ariel and Eric loved about Nanny Faires was that they were live in nannies.  That meant they needed a little addition to the house.  They decided to expand out the kitchen.

They wanted Merryweather to be as comfortable as possible but also very close for when Aurora needed her.

They also decided to give her her own private bathroom.  After all Aurora was going to be a handful.  Merryweather needed some place to wind down a little.

Here’s a view of the addition from the outside.  And did you ever notice the view this family has!

Merryweather was all settled in so Ariel and Eric decided to take advantage of that.  Eric suggested they go celebrate Ariel’s birthday since the first celebration was interrupted.

“I didn’t think it was possible to love you any more then I do but each day my love for you grows stronger and deeper.  Happy Birthday my love.”

Eric was sparing no expense on this dinner tonight.  Lobster for everyone!

Ariel wasn’t that big on seafood so she opted for a salad instead.  But she had no reservations about drinking the wine Eric had chosen.

While they were enjoying their meal Ariel spotted out of the corner of her eye a familiar face.  At the table right next to them sat her former Aunt Yumi.

“We need to go right now before she sees me.  What if she comes over?  What do I say ‘sorry Aun….Yumi that my uncle left you for my best friend’?”

Eric said they couldn’t leave yet, they hadn’t had cake.  He suggested Ariel go to the ladies room to try and calm down.  He was sure the last person Yumi wanted to talk to was anyone related to Foster.

Ariel returned to the table.  Delighted to see the cake decorated in her favorite colors.

As she blew out the candles she made a wish.

However it wasn’t necessary she had everything she had ever wished for already.

It was a lovely night and Ariel and Eric had every intention of ending it with trying for baby number two but once their heads hit the pillow they were out.

Aurora ages up next time.  Will she finally be an easy child or will she continue to be a handful.  Find out soon!

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