Super Dating S2: Chapter 5 – Hey Jealousy

What’s the one thing we wish we had more of, complain when there’s too much of and don’t appreciate it when we have it.  Time.   Time is a major player in many comic book stories.  Had Spider-Man had more time he would have been able to save that bus load of kids and Gwen Stacey.  If Thanos hadn’t had all that time to collect the infinity stones maybe the world could have been saved.  I’m sure Superman and Lois would have cherished those simple moments had they known that Doomsday would have had such an impact on their lives.  No matter how you swing it we all have a limited amount of time in this life.  Sadly for some it’s a lot shorter then it should be.  There’s no rhyme or reason to how much we get.  Yes we can live healthy lives to try and prolong it but that still doesn’t stop the bad things from happening.  Someone can spend an entire life not smoking a single cigarette yet they are the one who is diagnosed with lung cancer and given 6 months to live.  Yet another person can be given the same amount of time and surprise everyone by living into their 90’s.  No matter how much you try you can’t figure out time.  You just have to learn how to enjoy whatever amount of it you get.

I wanted to spend my time enjoying life.  That meant spending it with the people I loved.  One of those people was my old friend Dara.  She had recently moved to San Myshuno.  As cliche as it sounded I found out that reason was for a guy.   I’m the last person to judge someone for doing something for a guy.  I few months ago I was the poster child for that.  If Wonder Woman was known as the girl who ruled the Amazons , I was known as the girl who let men rule her.  But things change, people change.  Even though I was in a relationship with an amazing man, if I’m being honest I sometimes let him rule me in bed (yeah I might be into some kinky stuff).  I didn’t let that man or my relationship rule me.  Dara may have dropped everything to be with the guy she loved, I wasn’t going to be that person anymore.  Lucky for me my guy was just a short subway ride away.

Here’s a fun fact about me, I love a bargain.  I haven’t met a girl who didn’t.  So I research, and clip coupons, anything to save a buck.  The funny thing is it isn’t even about saving money.  Yes that’s an added perk but for me it the sense of accomplishment that I outsmarted the system.  I hate that feeling of buying something only to find out later that it was on sale at another store.  Anytime I pay more for something then I should I feel tricked or duped.  I feel how Thor most have felt each time he thought Loki was on his side only to find out that once again he had been double crossed by his brother.  I put my foot down.  No longer would I be tricked to pay full price for anything again.  I would spend way too much time trying to save dollar on brand name toilet paper.  I would go out of my way and drive two towns over to get a pair of shoes for 20% less then the store down the block.  I would wake up at 3am to wait on a line in the freezing cold just for the chance to get last years phone for half off.  The system could be cracked and I a no nothing little girl figured it out.  So you can imagine the delight I felt when I heard their was a flea market right outside my window.  I’ve talked a lot about my kryptonite but I’ve never mentioned my true super power…being able to find the best deal.

There was a time in my life I thought I was going to be a famous basketball player.  Ok I was 10 and I also thought I was going to have a pet unicorn one day.  Despite it being a far fetched dream I actually had some skills in the game.  I grew up in a time when boys played sports and girls “sports” were cheerleading and dance.  However I had parents who believed a kid should be able to do what they loved, regardless of their gender.  That’s why growing up I played basketball and baseball instead of just cheering for them.  I only played baseball for one season.  Frankly I enjoyed watching it a lot more then I did playing it.  But basketball was different.  There’s a thing called a runners high, well at the time I experienced a basketball high.  I lived for free throws.   I didn’t walk I did layups.  I had dreams of being able to dunk without having my dad holding me up to the hoop.  For a brief moment in time I felt that feeling that the Flash must have each time he moves his feet and runs.   Sadly I grew up.  I gained different interests and I spent less and less time on the court.  But there are still days I wonder what if.  What if I had continued to play.  What if I really focused on basketball instead of wasting my time with new things, like boys.  What if really I had devoted my life to fulfilling a dream.  Maybe I would have been a world famous basketball player.  And who knows maybe I would have also gotten that unicorn too.

In the olden days, I’m talking about times like the 60’s and 70’s, people got there food from two places.  Either you prepared your own meal in the comfort of your home or you went out to the closest fast food chain or if you were looking for a little more substance the closest restaurant.  Whichever was your preference one thing was the same you sat down and enjoyed a nice leisurely meal.  These times were reserved for families to discuss their days.  To find out whether Bobby aced that math test or if Peggy got asked to homecoming.  Families weren’t in a rush back then.  Time moved slower.  Fast forward to now.  There’s still family dinners.  McDonalds is still going strong along with 10 times as many competitors.  Most restaurants have a 20 minute wait for a table, unless it’s the weekend then hope you called earlier.  However time moves a lot faster now.  People don’t have time for a long meal, sometimes not even for a short one.  Grab and go is the new normal.  Introduce food trucks and stalls.  These quick service, yet no lack of taste, places can keep up with the new norm.  Imagine my surprise when I learned my new friend Lilith was joining the trend.   She had quit her job as a mortgage broker, yeah that was a surprise too, invested all her savings into a stand on Brakland Street, and started cooking all of Mama Leone’s top secret recipes.  Lilith had no problem adapting to the new norm.  She was able to keep up with the pace this new world set.  Yet I had always felt one step behind.  I say that while I’m waiting, 30 minutes now, for my table.

We as humans experience a plethora of emotions. When it’s late and all the lights are out and we hear a strange noise we’ve never heard before we experience fear.  After we’ve scored the winning goal securing our teams place in the playoffs we experience pride.  It’s typical to feel a little anxious when you’re waiting to get results back from a mole your doctor didn’t like the look of.   And when your best friend from forever tells you she’s getting married you feel nothing but happiness.   But if you’re being honest with yourself happiness isn’t the only thing you feel.   Hidden all the way in the back, where the cobwebs have collected a massive amount of dust, lives an emotion you feared would surface when you were told the happy news.  That feeling is jealousy.  As many know jealousy is one of the ugliest emotions.  It ruins relationships, destroys friendships and doesn’t look good on anyone.  But for some reason on that beautiful day when my best friend and the man who loved her enough to put a ring on it announced their engagement I couldn’t help but feel jealousy creeping in.  It wasn’t that I was interested in her guy.  Toby was a nice guy but he never played a super hero on the big screen so he wasn’t my type.  What I was jealous of was that she was starting her forever with the love of her life.  It was something I had wanted all my life. Something I thought I had had with Chris and then again with Henry, but I was wrong.  I wanted that certainty that Dara had with Toby.  And even though things with Joseph were good and I knew that I loved him yet we hadn’t said the words, I wasn’t ready to call him my forever.  What if I never was?

As I mentioned we as humans experience a range of emotions.  Envy is another one of those emotions you try hard not to feel.  I was living the best life I had been in years.  I had a man, who even though we hadn’t said it, I loved.  Friends that felt more like family.  I was healthy and happy.  I had no reason to be envious of anything, let alone anyone.  I may have been jealous of Dara’s upcoming nuptials but the surprising thing was I was envious of Lilith.  The beginning of a new relationship is the best part.  It’s like that runners high I mentioned earlier.  Joseph and I were starting to settle into our relationship, that high was fading.  Granted it was entering a new, wonderful phase but it would never be like the beginning.   Once again it’s not like I wish I had whoever her mystery man was.  The chances he was even my type were 1,000 to 1.


If you’d like to download any of the characters or builds you see in this story I will post the links to them below, along with a great big thank you to the creators!

Erin created by swcheppes

Chris Evans created by yddam98


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