The Bachelorette: Disney Wildlife Edition Ep.8 – Going To The Chapel

Welcome back everyone and thanks again for joining us on another episode of The Bachelorette: Disney Wildlife Edition.  You aren’t the only ones we are welcoming back tonight.  Bagheera having won the votes last week will be returning to the game.   Once again he will be working to win Marie’s heart.  Will he be successful or is he doomed for failure all over again?  We will find out the answer tonight along with many other questions.   But first it’s time for us to reveal to Marie who her date is for this very special last solo date of the season.  As super fan mentioned last week Bagheera will be joining Marie on a formal date but she didn’t mention where.  We’re not ready to reveal that just yet.   We will give you a little clue though,  Marie and Bagheera may be taking a glimpse into their future on this date.

“I’m so nervous and excited to find out who is coming back.  Some of these guys I haven’t seen in weeks.  It feels like I’m hitting the reset button on these relationships.”

It was time for Marie to find out that she’d be starting over with Bagheera.  She was over the moon when she turned around and saw it was Bagheera waiting to greet her.

“I’ve regretted my decision about sending Bagheera home all week.  I know there’s something there and I can’t wait for us to have a second chance.”

“Marie looked as beautiful as I remembered.  I know we’ve only been apart a week but it felt more like an eternity.”

Of course by now you’ve noticed that Marie and Bagheera both look quite fancy.  They are both dressed to kill.  But where would we send them that required such an attire?  Why a wedding of course!  They were on a journey of love that would hopefully end much the same way.  So we decided they get a little taste of what could be their future.  But this is no ordinary wedding as you will see.

“When I was walking to our seats I saw a guy that looked like the first season’s bachelor Gaston.  And the girl next to him looked a lot like Claudette from Jafar’s season.  At first I thought I was just  seeing things but when I saw who the groom was I knew my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me.”

That’s right that really was Gaston and Claudette. Also Rapunzel was sitting in that same row and you’ll notice a few other familiar faces if you look close enough.  They were all gathered together to celebrate our season two bachelorette and here groom, Audrey and Grumpy!

A couple of seasons ago we were introduced to a gearhead, hot headed yet surprisingly sweet girl named Audrey.  She like Marie was in a search for love.  She meet seven handsome bachelors.  A few were not right for her, a few seemed to peak her interest but there was only one who captured her heart.  Today she was finally marrying him, Grumpy the love of her life.

“Oh my god this isn’t happening!  I can’t possibly actually get to watch Audrey and Grumpy get married!!  They were my all time  favorite couple on this show.  I screamed at the top of my lungs when Audrey choose Grumpy!”

“I’m not familiar with these guys.  I never watched the show before I came on.  But I love the fact that it’s bringing so much joy to Marie.”

“I can’t believe here I am again.  Ready to share my most private moments with the world.  But if it means I get to marry my best friend and live happily ever after you can tape me forever.”

“I wish Marie all the luck in the world with this.  If she can find someone half as special as my Audrey she’ll be the luckiest girl in the world.  The guy though won’t be the luckiest guy, I already own that title.”

The guests were all settled.  It was time to get on with the show.  This is the whole reason why we do this show!

“Seeing Audrey and Grumpy up there, a picture of true love, I couldn’t help but wonder if that would be me and Bagheera one day.”

“It was amazing watching them get married.  It proves that this process works.  I can see it definitely working for me and Marie.”

Audrey and Grumpy were married.   Their fairy tale hadn’t ended when the cameras went away.  Before the party could get under way Marie wanted to privately congratulate Audrey and possibly she would give her some advice about the decision Marie would be making in a few weeks.  If anyone could understand what Marie was going through it would be Audrey.

“Not that long ago I was in Marie’s position.  I was faced with the impossible choice of choosing between two guys that I thought I loved.  But when I really sat down and thought about it I always knew Grumpy was my one.  The decision I had been dreading all season turned out to be the greatest one I’ve ever made.  I told Marie to listen to her heart, it will tell her what to do.”

“It was great getting to talk to Audrey.  There aren’t many people who know what I’m going through right now.  To see someone so happy and successful like Audrey really confirms that I’m doing the right thing.  That I really will walk away with the love of my life when this is all said and done.”

Marie wasn’t the only one getting a few words of wisdom from a vet of this game.  As the ladies chatted on, not too far away Grumpy was giving Bagheera a little advice on how to make it through these last few weeks.

“After talking to Bagheera for a little bit I can tell he’s in this for all the right reasons.  Marie’s really lucky to have a guy like him.  I told him he needed to fight as hard as ever these last few weeks.  You don’t want to get this far only to watch the woman you love choose someone else.”

“Grumpy told me how important it is to remember your not only Marie’s lover but you’re her friend.  She’ll be going through a lot these next few weeks.  He said I need to be there for her no matter what.  She will remember that.”

It was finally time to party.   The candles were lit.  The booze was flowing and all of the guests were mingling.   A few of those guests getting to know each other better may be faces you remember.

“Can I confess something….I had the hugest crush on Gaston.  I still do if I’m being honest.  When I saw he was at the wedding without Ariel I couldn’t help but wonder if this was my second chance at love.  We all know how horrible the first one went.”

“Ariel and I are on a little break at the moment.   A piece of advice about meeting your fiance’s family, DON’T!  No good can come of it.”

What could have possibly happened at that meeting that could cause Ariel and Gaston to cool things off for a while?  Don’t worry you will find out soon.  But that’s a story for another day.  Actually I think it deserves it own special episode!

Marie and Bagheera were having a wonderful time.  They acted like they were the ones who had just gotten married.  Everytime you looked over at the two they were either whispering sweet nothings to each other or staring deeply into one another eyes.  Love was certainly in the air and Marie and Bagheera were breathing it all in.

“I had forgotten the effect that Bagheera’s touch had on me.  I don’t know how that’s possible because now that I’m back in his arms I never want him to let me go.”

“I don’t believe in fate but I can’t help but wonder if me leaving when I did was what was meant to make mine and Marie’s relationship stronger.  Our connection is more electric then ever.”

Marie loved spending time with Bagheera but that didn’t mean she couldn’t also spend time with some of her favorite castmates from previous seasons.  Remember Marie was a huge fan coming into this show.  She certainly wouldn’t ignore Bagheera on their date but she wasn’t missing the chance to chat with someone like Rapunzel.

“Rapunzel was by far my favorite bachelorette ever!  I was heartbroken when she was eliminated first on her season and all because they didn’t properly explain the rules.  That was so unfair.”

“It’s so weird to be back in this world.  I guess what’s really the strangest part is being above ground for it.  I spent my whole season in the basement.”

While Marie chatted up Rapunzel and a few other of her favorites, Audrey and Grumpy shared an intimate moment on the dance floor.  It’s really great to see these two again, even if it’s only for a little bit.

“We just wanted to take this chance to thank you.  If it wasn’t for the Bachelorette who knows where we will be.  We certainly wouldn’t have been together.”

“Yeah I would still be in that tiny apartment with 6 other dudes.  I definitely upgraded my roommate status with this one.”

“You’re so dumb sometimes.”

“But that’s why you love me so much.”

Now there was one reason that Marie started watching the Bachelor and his name was Gaston.  When she saw that he was also at the wedding she nearly lost it.  She didn’t want to come off like the superfan from this season, she would play it cool.  However when she walked over to introduce herself she couldn’t help but feel she was interrupting something.  And when Claudette sneaked off only to be followed by Gaston minutes later, she knew she was definitely the third wheel.

“I sure hope I’m imaging all that with Gaston and Claudette.  Gaston is supposed to be with Ariel.  They were what made me believe true love exists.”

It seemed Marie hadn’t been making things up in her mind.  There was a clear attraction between Gaston and Claudette.  With no Ariel in sight it was only a matter of time until that attraction turned into something more.

“I kept thinking I have to be dreaming right now.  No way is Gaston flirting with me.  He’s a god.  Why would he have any interest in a girl like me.”

“Wow where was Claudette on my season.  There’s no way I would have passed up on that.  She’s the kind of girl no man can resist.”

Gaston said it, no man could resist her including himself.  Unfortunately Marie too would see that Gaston could not resist temptation.  Had she not chosen that exact moment to come out of the bathroom maybe her dream that true love exists would still be in tact.

“What is going on???  Gaston needs to be with Ariel!  How could things have not worked out.  I was so confident that this process works because of Audrey and Grumpy but after seeing that I’m not so sure.”

Marie had been shaken by what she’d just witnessed downstairs.  She was beginning to doubt whether she would find the love she was looking for at the end of this.  Of course she cared for all the guys still here, she’d even admit to being in love with some of them.  But Gaston said he was in love with Ariel and now he has his tongue and god knows what other body parts down Claudette.  Marie needed to be alone.  She needed some time to reevaluate if this was the right thing for her.  However Bagheera just couldn’t keep away.  He saw something was bothering Marie and wanted to do everything in his power to make her feel better.

“We were having such an amazing time but after she came back from the bathroom something changed.  I remembered what Grumpy had told me about being there for Marie when it’s tough.  So that’s what I did, I’ll always be there for her.”

“I was heartbroken when I saw Gaston with Claudette.  I was almost considering walking away.  But then Bagheera reminded me that Gaston’s story is not my story.  My story is going to end in true love.  How could it not with a guy like Bagheera.”

It seems that not only had Bagheera rejoined the game but he’s coming back on top.

Marie and Bagheera danced and drank and kissed some more.  Before they knew it it was morning and time to return back home.  For both of them that meant the penthouse.  The other guys still had no idea who would be returning to the game.  Not only were they concerned about that but they also didn’t like the fact that Marie had been gone all night with this mystery man.  It made a few of them nervous about their place in Marie’s heart.

“I went from thinking I was in the final three to not really knowing where I stand anymore.”

“Last time Marie came back from an overnight date it turned out she had slept with Maximus.  God know what she did last night and with who!  Hopefully she doesn’t come back married or something.”

Don’t worry Flounder Marie only went to a wedding she was not part of one last night.

Marie and Bagheera finally arrived home.  Maximus was the first one to see who was returning.  He didn’t seem pleased.

“I was hoping for anyone but Bagheera to come back.  Don’t get me wrong I think he’s great.  That’s the problem Marie thinks he’s great too.  If anyone has the chance to win this all after being evicted it’s Bagheera.”

The rest of the house welcomed Bagheera back and life went on like nothing had ever changed.  The boys all settled back into being the final four instead of the final three.

“It’s only one more guy but this house feels so crowded. Even more crowded then when we started.”

“There’s definitely a different vibe coming back into this house.  I can tell the guys are not thrilled that I’m back.  And they shouldn’t be because now that I am I don’t plan on going anywhere.”

Marie hadn’t had a night out like that in a long time.  She was a tad bit exhausted.  What better cure for that then a soak in the hot tub?  Correction what’s better is a hot tub with the guy who was the reason for that exhaustion.

“Having this time with Bagheera again is great.  It’s like we didn’t skip a beat since he’s been gone.  It really says something about our relationship that we were able to do that.”

It didn’t take long for things to heat up in the tub.

“After waiting so long to finally kiss Marie I’m taking any chance I get now to do it.”

“I love Bagheera’s lips.  I love them even more when they are pressing against mine.”

While Bagheera was making out with Marie in the backyard the rest of the guys were enjoying a friendly game of horse.  If only they knew they weren’t the only ones working up a sweat that afternoon.

“It’s so nice that us guys can still just chill out and play a little basketball together.  I would have thought by this point in the competition we would have hated each other and barely been able to be in the same room together.”

“Sometimes a guys got to let out some of his frustration with some physical activity.  It’s good for the soul to have that release.”

If Rafiki had only known how Bagheera was releasing at that moment he may not think it was so good.

Maybe Rafiki knew more then we thought because later in the day he was in a sour mood.  Luckily Marie was able to get him quickly out of it.

“This surprise of someone returning has thrown off my shockras.  I don’t feel like myself.  But then again Marie can try and cheer me up anytime.”

“I’ve been so focused on Bagheera since he returned that I didn’t want the other guys to think I’d forgotten about then.  Or that I wasn’t happy they were still here.  I wanted to make sure they knew how happy I was to have all of them still in the house.”

After she was done reminding Rafiki just how happy she was he was still in the house she made sure to show Maximus and Flounder the same love.  The house had never seen so much action.

“I’m truly the luckiest girl ever.  I have four amazing guys that I’m crazy about.  It’s hard to believe at the end of all this three of them will most likely be out of my life forever.”

Marie was making the effort to show all the guys attention but she couldn’t help but be drawn back to Bagheera.  He may have only been gone a week but to Marie it felt like eternity (where have we hard that before). I guess what they say about distance makes the heart grow fonder is true.  Bagheera certainly wasn’t complaining about being the center of Marie’s world for the moment.

“I feel like Bagheera and I are making up for lost time even though its only been a week.  It’s crazy how things can change in this game.”

“I never imagined my return would go this well.  Of course I had hoped but in this game hope is a rare thing to find.”

It had been a long day.  The house guests decided to call it a night.  After the surprises we had recently thrown at them they all wanted to make sure they had a good nights sleep so they could handle what tomorrow would bring.  Night quickly turned to day and the house began to rise.  Sleep seemed to bring back Rafikis bad mood.  Unfortunately for Maximus he was taking it out on him.

“I never know what to expect from Rafiki on any given day here.  I’m done trying to figure out how that mind of his works.”

“I’m normally not such a confrontational guy.  Like I said this house is really starting to mess with me.”

While Rafiki was losing his battle with the house Marie was upstairs getting ready for the day ahead.  We told her she would be going on one last group date.  This would be her final chance to connect with the guys before the final three.  However Marie had other plans for how this day would play out.

“When you said there would be another group date I thought about it and there really is no point.  I know who has to go home this week.  Extra time wouldn’t make any difference.”

Marie had made her decision, there was no reason to prolong it.  Once again we were throwing the guys a curve ball when we told them to gather in the living room for an elimination ceremony.  They all knew this week was full of surprises but none of them expected an elimination so soon.

“I’m pretty confident I’m staying this week but I was also confident last week.”

“How can we be having an elimination already.  You guys barely gave Marie any time to think about it.”

Flounder had no idea this was all Marie’s doing.

I’m sure you know the deal by now but for anyone new to this show each week our bachelorette must say goodbye to one of the guys, ending his shot at love.  It’s a decison that has gotten more and more difficult for Marie with each passing week.  This week would be no different.  In fact based off the relationships still in the house this will be her hardest week.

“This elimination is going to break my heart.  I really thought he could have been my forever at one point.  But sadly things have changed.  I see him more as a friend now.”

So what guy has gone from lover to friend so quickly….the unlucky guy is Flounder.

“I was so happy when Marie called my name first.  Usually that means you’re the guy who’s on top.  But when I saw Maries face I knew I wasn’t on top.”

“The last think I wanted to do was hurt Flounder.  He’s amazing.  Some girl is going to be so lucky when they catch him.  Unfortunately I had to let him go.”

To say Flounder was upset would be an understatement.  He was devastated.  If you look closely you can actually see the moment when his heart breaks.

“If you had asked me week three who I would choose to win it all it would have been Flounder.  I was 100% falling in love with him.  But as my feelings for the other guys were growing, my feelings for Founder seemed to be at a stand still. On top of that he became very insecure and consistently needed reassurance.  I thought maybe those feelings of love would rekindle if I gave our relationship more time.  That’s why I sent home Bagheera last week and not Flounder.  But it’s clear to me now that Flounder and I will never be more then friends.  I just hope we can be at least that.”

Remember what Bagheera said about hope in this house, it doesn’t exist.  I doubt friendship is in Marie and Flounders future.

“I know that Flounder will understand in the end that this was the right choice.  He has to know that I never wanted to hurt him.  Please make sure he knows that.”

“I’ve never met a girl like Marie and I’m scared I never will again.  This may have been my only chance at true love.  I guess I’m just not worth being loved.”

Flounder there are plenty of fish in the sea.  Just keep swimming and you’ll find the one meant for you.

As we say goodbye to Flounder we are reminder that we are getting closer and closer to the end of this season.  Now we can say we are truly down to the final three guys.  You all know what’s coming next then….the over night dates!  Join us next week to see if Marie will have a sleepover with each of the remaining guys.  Once again I’m Chris Harrison wishing you a good night.


If you would like to download Audrey and Grumpy’s wedding venue you can download it here

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