Disney Legacy: Ariel Blanc (Part 11)

It was the day of Eric’s wedding.  Of course he had still invited Ariel but neither of them expected her to go.  That’s why it was surprising when she found herself exactly there.

But Ariel didn’t stay long enough to see the ceremony or Eric for that matter.  She couldn’t bear watch the love of her life marry someone else.  However she didn’t want to go home to an empty house.  Luckily she wasn’t far from a special spot that she knew would help it hurt less.

The ceremony had begun.  The end of Ariel’s happily ever after was just getting started.

Vanessa couldn’t believe she had actually won.  Yes she was happy to marry Eric but she took the most pleasure in knowing how much this was killing Ariel.

As she said her vows she wished that Ariel was there.  She wanted to actually see her heart break.

Vanessa had done her part it was all up to Eric.  All he had to do was say I do and him and Vanessa would begin their life together.

But the words just wouldn’t come.

“Vanessa I care about you but I’d be lying if I said I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.  I’m sorry I can’t do this.”

Vanessa was livid.  Though he didn’t say it Vanessa knew the real reason Eric wasn’t marrying her, or should she say who.

Off in the distance Ariel heard the wedding march begin to play.  Her chance with Eric was gone.

Deep down Ariel thought that Eric would never go through with it.  She had felt something between them but now she realized she had made it all up in her mind.

Or did she?

Ariel heard the footsteps behind her.  She figured it would be some security guard telling her to move on.  When she saw that it was Eric she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Maybe he didn’t go through with it.  Maybe he realized I’m the one he wants.  Stop it Ariel don’t jump to conclusions yet, he could be here to drag me to the ceremony to watch.

But what Ariel didn’t know was there was no more ceremony.  Eric wasn’t going to be marrying Vanessa anymore.

“Shouldn’t you be saying I do right about now?”

“How can I say I do when I know it’s to the wrong person.”

“Vanessa and I were so wrong together.  You always knew that didn’t you?  I guess it took me a little longer to realize that who I really loved….”

“….was you.”

It was the moment Ariel had been dreaming of since she had met Eric and it was perfect.

That’s not to say it couldn’t get more perfect.

It looked like there would be a wedding today.  Only thing changing was the bride.

This time Eric had no trouble saying the words I do.

Ariel was getting her happily ever after.

And so was Eric.

Eric knew Ariel had very little family around but that didn’t mean she didn’t have people she cared about that she wanted to celebrate with.  He gave Willow a call and told her to meet them at the local pub.  Ariel couldn’t wait to tell her the news.

Willow wasn’t even shocked to find out that Ariel was now married.  She always knew in her heart that Ariel and Eric were meant together.

“Ladies what do you say we go celebrate me finally coming to my senses.”

Ariel was so happy to be able to share this day with her best friend.  With her parents and Sebastian gone, Willow was the only family she had left.

“Seriously Ariel I can’t tell you how happy I am for you guys.  Anyone could have seen you guys belong together.  I just hope I find my prince someday too.”

Ariel was wrong about Willow being her only family.  She still had her Uncle Foster.  They had been out of touch for a while which made the fact that he came by to celebrate her and Eric even more special.

Ariel couldn’t help but notice Foster seemed a little sad.  She also noticed that he was no longer wearing his wedding ring.

But the biggest thing she noticed was how many times he turned around to stare at Willow while he was talking to her.  Then again Ariel was probably reading way too into things.

The celebration continued.  The happy new couple danced the night away while surrounded by the few people they loved most.

As the night grew longer it was clear Ariel was ready to continue this celebration alone with her husband back home.

The night was ending, but not really 😉 for Ariel, that didn’t mean Foster and Willow were ready to call it.  Foster suggested they take a break from dancing and sit for a little bit.

“How crazy is it that Ariel and Eric are married.  Just like that!  Life’s amazing like that.   You never know what will happen next.”

While Willow and Foster continued discussing the craziness of life, Ariel and Eric were about to get a little wild and crazy themselves.

When Ariel woke up this morning she thought this would be the worst day of her life.  Never had she imagined it would actually become the best day!

Their happily ever after has begun but how long with the happy last.  Find out next time.

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