The Bachelor in Paradise: Disney Edition – House Tour

Hello Bachelor nation.  I’m Chris Harrison.  We are almost ready for the start of a new season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette but as you know things will be a little different this season.  More on that later.  Before we can do anything though we need to find out where our bachelors and bachelorettes will be staying.  I’d like to welcome all of you to the house tour or more correctly the tour of paradise.  That’s right this season we’ve gone bigger and more luscious.   With so many of your favorite bachelors and bachelorettes returning this season we had to make sure they had plenty of space to play and fall in love.  The contestants will want for nothing in this true paradise

Before meeting the rest of the contestants looking for love everyone will have the best view of paradise.  If they don’t find love with someone here they are at least guaranteed to fall in love with paradise itself.

 This paradise is filled with beautifully decorated living quarters, separated into boys and girls of course.  A perfectly temperatured pool sure to heat up when the contestants arrive.  A fully stocked bar with staff who’s only job is to provide our bachelors and bachelorettes with that additional liquid courage to go after who they want.  And so much more hidden away, don’t worry we’ll show you all the secrets of paradise.

First let’s take a look at where the ladies will be staying.  Even though all the girls are looking to spend as much time getting to know the guys in paradise they need a space where they can get away for a little.  A place to talk over who’s falling for who with the other girls.  And a place to warn the other girls what guys are off limits.

The first floor hosts a lovely open layout with a living and dining area perfect for all those important discussions to happen.  Tucked away in the back is a gourmet kitchen.  These girls may be looking for love but that doesn’t mean they still don’t need to eat.  Of course what house wouldn’t be complete without a spa like bathroom.  Don’t worry the girls won’t be sharing only one bathroom (we’ve learned our lesson from previous seasons).  There is another bathroom upstairs.

Since the girls are surrounded by such amazing views, and we aren’t just talking about the guys, they have a little balcony that overlooks paradise.  Or maybe it will be used to spy on the guys they like and the other girls that may be trying to steal their man.

The girls need somewhere to lay their heads after a long day of falling in love.  You’ll notice it’s all single beds in here.  There will be no hanky panky in paradise, at least not in the living spaces.  That will be saved for other spots in paradise.

We’ve seen where the girls will call home for their stay in paradise let’s take a look at where the boys will be.   The boys need a space where they can be guys without grossing out the girls.  You know a place where they can fart and burp and discuss who had the gnarliest boogers.  Basically a place where they can just be guys.

Much like the girls, the guys have an open living space that also has a dining area.  They also have a gourmet kitchen that I’m sure they will not utilize because most guys like to live off cereal and mac and cheese.  Finally they have a similar spa like bathroom asthe girls have just theirs is decorated in more boy colors.  They also have another bathroom upstairs because even though the guys could get by sharing one bathroom, the smells coming out of it would be too much for our production crew to handle.

The views from the boys house are just as stunning as the girls so they also have a balcony that overlooks paradise.  Luckily for them they get a nice view of the beach, especially when the beach is filled with the girls in their tiny bikinis.

Just like the girls it’s only single beds for the guys.  I’m sure they are capable of enjoying themselves on those beds just fine.

Speaking of enjoying themselves what bachelor/bachelorette season would be complete without a hot tub.  If they can find it hidden away, tucked in a secluded little corner of paradise the bachelors and bachelorettes can take full advantage of the privacy that the hot tub provides.

Combine alcohol with a bunch of horny love lorn people and what do you get, a great season we hope!   The contestants don’t have to worry about staying dry in the house.  We are providing this season with an overflow of spirits sure to cure whatever ails them.  Not only that they don’t have to worry about serving themselves because we’ve hired a staff of bar tenders to see to all our contestants needs.  I’m guessing they may serve as referees as well.

Now that we’ve seen where the contestants will live let’s take a look at where they will play.  Behind their pool side bar are a set of stairs that lead down to a beautiful secluded beach.  But before we take a look down there let’s check out another hidden surprise we’ve given our bachelors and bachelorettes.

So before you head down to the beach you come across a lush landing covered in exotic flowers and full bushes.  But this isn’t just another pretty spot for the contestants to take in.  Hidden away behind all the greenery is a door.  Whatever could be behind that door you ask, well let’s find out.

If you remember we wanted to discourage any hanky panky to happen in the houses but sexual chemistry is an important part of any relationship.  That is way we’ve created a secret love den.  This love den is for those relationships that are ready to take things to the next level.  Let us be clear this is not merely a wham bam thank you mam station.  This little hideaway is for those couples who really feel they are falling in love.  Those who want to see if they connect to their potential soulmate on all levels.  This room will be locked and only offered to the couples we feel are ready for it.

That area may be locked away but the rest of paradise is at the contestants disposal.  This includes an expansive private beach.  So if it’s working on a tan or trying their hat on a little rock climbing this beach will be a great place for our contestants to play and get to know each other.

What private beach doesn’t have it’s own private cabanna!  This is a not so secret place for our couples to get to know each other better.  It’s not exactly the privacy most people would be comfortable with when getting intimate with that special someone.  But something tells me some of these contestants won’t care too much about that.

So there you have it.  Who wouldn’t fall in love in a setting like this.  If anything you’re guaranteed to have one hell of a vacation!

We’ve showed you paradise.  There’s only one thing left to do….find out who will be joining us here.  Sadly you won’t be finding that out until next time.  But don’t worry we’re sure you won’t be disappointed in these guests!  From paradise I’m Chris Harrison and I look forward to sharing this new season of love with you.

If you’d like to download Paradise it is on the gallery under Almost Paradise by swcheppes

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