Aurora Blanc (Part 2)

Things with Mal hadn’t gotten better.  It seemed like everytime Aurora tried to make plans with her she had some new excuse as to why she couldn’t make it.

“You know what Mal forget I even asked to see you today, you know what maybe you should just forgot I even existed.”

After their last phone fight Mal knew she had to try and make things better with Aurora.  She decided to surprise Aurora at her house but Aurora wasn’t too thrilled with her surprise.

“It’s like you don’t even want to try in this relationship anymore Mal.  I thought I meant more to you then this.  How can you be so in love with someone but never make time to see them.”

“Aurora I do love you.  I’m crazy about you.  You’re the only one I want to be with all the time.  It’s just things have been so crazy with me lately.   I’m so close to being fired at my job and my mom has basically kicked me out so I’m jobless and homeless.   I don’t want to bother you with it all because you have such a perfect life.  I’m so embarrassed.  You deserve such a better girlfriend then me.”

Aurora had no idea Mal was going through all this.  How could she, Mal was so closed off when it came to these things, especially when it came to her mom.  She wanted to do whatever she could to be there for Mal.  And she had an idea that would also mean spending a lot more time with Mal.

What was Aurora’s great idea….asking Mal to move in with her.  After a lot of convincing from her parents Mal moved in.  She wasted no time making the Blanc resident feel more like home.

Mal made herself right home.  She figured the whole what’s your is mine extended to Aurora’s parents.

She got real comfortable real quick.  She even had no problem sharing the bathroom with whoever was in there.

Ariel and Eric we not thrilled with their new houseguest, especially Eric.

“She was in there when I was in the shower…THE SHOWER!  We need to talk to Aurora and find out how long Mal intends on staying.  Because I may need to go check into a hotel for a little bit if this continues much longer.”

Ariel was just as bothered by Mal’s presence but she had to admit her husband was awfully cute when he was all in a huff.

Ariel and Eric weren’t the only one getting a little tired of Mal’s ways.  Aurora thankfully had her yoga to destress her.

“Looking good babe!  Mind if I listen to a little music while you get your yoga on?”

Before Aurora could answer Mal started to blast what Aurora would call more screaming then singing.

Aurora loved Mal but she wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take.

Mal may be rude and inconsiderate but she wasn’t stupid.  She knew she was getting on her new roomies nerves.  So she thought she’d make everyone breakfast as a thank you for letting her crash here.

Auroa couldn’t believe her eyes.  Was that Mal?  She had never seen her up before noon and she certainly had never seen her cooking anything.

“Mal you know you don’t have to do this.  But thank you for doing it anyway.  Is there anything I can help with?”

All Mal wanted from Aurora was a kiss.  Aurora was able to help out with that quite easily.

Aurora thought it was incredibly sweet that Mal was making everyone breakfast.  She may be a little difficult to live with but there was no one else Aurora would rather wake up next to.

“Mr and Mrs Blanc I just want to thank you again for letting me stay while I sort stuff out.  Aurora is really lucky to have parents like you.  And might I say Mrs Blanc you are quite the lucky lady based off what I saw the other morning!”

Weeks passed by and things got better with Mal.  There were a few rough patches but Aurora was confident all her troubles with Mal were finally behind her.  At least that’s what she thought.

Mal was feeling even more comfortable, so much that she felt like she could invite friends over.  Aurora didn’t have a problem with that.  The problem she had was that that friend was a gorgeous blonde that laughed a little too hard at all of Mal’s not funny jokes.

“Oh hey babe, I didn’t think you were home.  I hope it’s ok I invited my friend Cara over.  I kept telling her about the sick pool you have and she was dying to come over to try it.  Go get that fine butt in a bikini and join us!”

Aurora wasted no time getting into her suit.  No way was she leaving Mal alone with this Cara girl.

But it made no difference Aurora felt like the girls didn’t even notice she was there.  They kept telling old stories about there days in boarding school.  They used to be roommates.

No matter what Aurora couldn’t shake this feeling of jealous and untrust she had towards Mal.  It didn’t help that everywhere they went it seemed like Mal was more interested in making new friends then she was spending time with Aurora.

And all these new friends just happened to be pretty girls.

But Aurora continued to try.  She loved Mal and deep down she knew Mal loved her too.

“Why hello there.  Aren’t you gorgeous.  Can I please buy you a drink.”

“Sorry buddy but I’m here with my girlfriend, this fine blonde right here.  She’s the only one I’m going home with tonight.”

Maybe Aurora had nothing to worry about.  Mal was making it extremely clear who she was with.  Aurora decided to chill out a bit and have a few drinks.  Unfortunately those drinks were going right through her and she needed to use the bathroom a lot.

Aurora would like to say she was surprised to not find Mal at the bar anymore.

She was even less surprised to find her with some random girl.

As Aurora watched her girlfriend belt out a romantic duet with a total stranger and not her she knew this was the last straw.

“You literally spent our date night with complete strangers.  I don’t know if I can do this anymore Mal.  I’m sick of being second place to you.  Do you even want to be in this relationship anymore?”

“Are you serious?  I sang a song with a stranger while you were in the bathroom for the 15th time and you think I want to break up.  You’ve said some dumb things before Aurora but that has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m sorry that I’m a friendly person and people seem to like me.  I guess having no friends you wouldn’t know what that’s like.”

Mal knew she had gone too far with the friend comment and Aurora wasn’t going to stick around for an apology.  It’s not like she would have believed it anyway, she didn’t believe anything that came out of Mal’s mouth anymore.

Mal was furious, but mostly at herself.  She had never really done the relationship thing.  She had never met anyone worth it, until Aurora of course.  Had she been in a real relationship before she would have known to go after Aurora.

Instead she went back to the bar to have a few more drinks.

“Looks like you’re having a really rough night.  I’m off in 10 minutes and my place isn’t that far.  Maybe I can make the rest of your night more enjoyable.”

“How far away is your place?”

In the end Mal didn’t go home with that bartender.  She paid for her last drink and snuck out the back.  There was only one person that could make her feel better but she was pretty sure she wanted nothing to do with her.

Mal slept on the couch and even though she was only a few feet away from Aurora she felt like they were miles apart.

What can Mal do to make things up to Aurora, a grand gesture perhaps?  Will that be enough for Aurora?  Find out next time.


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