Ariel Blanc (Part 22)

With everything out in the open all was well in the Blanc house.  In fact for Ariel and Eric everything was great.  They had decided they were ready to make their little family a bit bigger.  They wanted a new baby!

This meant a lot of alone time.  Luckily Ariel and Eric were willing to put in the time.

Even if it meant that’s all they would be doing.

“That was it.  I feel it.  We just made our baby.  But if we didn’t maybe we should try again later…or now, we could try again now.

Even though Ariel would have loved for another go.  She had sold her first fan fiction work to a popular blog and they had ordered 5 more.  Her and Eric had been so busy getting busy that she was afraid she wouldn’t make her deadline.

Her parents had told her they were trying to have another baby.  Surprisingly she loved the idea of having a sibling.

“I still can’t believe you’re so happy about the idea of having a baby sister or brother, sweetheart.  If this was a few years earlier I’m pretty sure you have tried to mail the new baby to Canada when it got her.”

Even though Aurora was thrilled about the thought of a baby sister or brother, the thought of what her parents had to do to get that baby grossed her out. She spent a lot of time out of the house.  Which meant she spent a lot of time with Mal.

“Do you realize right now my parents are probably woohooing.  Ugh the thought makes me want to throw up.  I girl shouldn’t know this much about her parents woohoo life.”

“I know something else you can think about….your woohoo life with me!”

Aurora would be lying if she said she didn’t think about what woohoo would be like with Mal.  She loved Mal and she knew that their relationship was going in that direction.  But was she ready for it to?

Ariel and Eric had been over exhausting themselves trying for this new baby.  They needed to relax.  Since their usual way of relaxation was what was tiring them out they decided a day at the spa would do the trick.

The spa worked.  They were both relaxed.  Though they could both think of another way they liked to relax and didn’t want to wait until they got home.


Aurora was still thinking about what Mal had said to her about them having woohoo.  This wasn’t Mal’s first relationship and though Aurora hated to think about it she doubted she would be Mal’s first.  How long would Mal wait for her and when she did decide she was ready what if Aurora wasn’t any good at it.

While Aurora wondered about her skill level, two people who never had trouble in that area were starting to wonder what they were doing wrong.

Ariel and Eric had been going at it like rabbits for what seemed like forever and yet still now baby.  They had made sure to keep the romance involved.  But still no baby.

Eric made sure Ariel knew how much he loved her each time they tried.  Ariel loved Eric more then anything.  She wanted so bad to give him everything he wanted.

The truth was Eric was the one who seemed to be desperate for a baby.  If Ariel was being completely honest she was happy with their little family.  If she never got pregnant it wouldn’t be the end of the world.  She worried that wouldn’t be the case for Eric.

Weeks passed and Ariel was still not pregnant.  She tried distracting herself with other things. Eric’s birthday was coming up.  If she couldn’t give him a baby, she would give him the best birthday cake ever.

With Eric’s looming birthday the thought of her getting pregnant started to stress her out.  Eric was going to be an elder which meant he wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things that he did with Aurora.  And then there was the thing that Ariel couldn’t even bear to think about.

“What did you get your old man for his birthday.  I hope it’s not the best daughter in the world, because I already have that.”

“Dad!  How is it possible for you to get even more corny?”

It was cake time.  Ariel really had outdone herself.  The cake was perfect.  Everything was perfect.

Eric blew out his candle and made a wish,  Was that wish still for a new baby?

Ariel couldn’t help but wonder that too.

The cake was served and the party was over.  Aurora and Eric decided to take a walk around the neighborhood to counteract all the cake they had had.  Ariel decided to skip the walk and opted for a nice steam instead.

The last few months had been exhausting.  Ariel needed a few moments to collect her thoughts.  She thought about Aurora and her new relationship, she thought about Eric and she thought about a possible new baby.

Then that one thought she refused to let herself think about crept into her mind.  Now i was the only thing she could think about.  If they had another baby….

….would Eric be around to see them grow up?

Did Eric wish for a new baby and if so will that wish come true.  Plus will Aurora be ready to take her relationship to the next level with Mal?  Find out next time.


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