Ariel Blanc (Part 20)

Aurora’s life was just about perfect.  And she wrote just that in her journal.

‘I have my first date with Mal tomorrow.  I’m so nervous but I’ve never been so excited in my life.  I can’t believe a girl as sexy and cool as Mal likes me.  I have so much I need to do to get ready.  I’m going to have to start today to make sure I look perfect.’

As Aurora was going over her extensive preparation list for her big date Ariel stopped in for a chat.

Ariel had noticed the glint in Aurora’s eyes and that permanent smile that had been on her face since the party.  She knew that the most recent change in Aurora’s behavior was probably from a crush because it was exactly how she acted after meeting Eric.

“Baby you know you can talk to me about anything right?  I’m here for you.  If you had any questions or worried about anything I can help.”

“Aurora?  Are you listening to me?”

Aurora had heard everything her other had said.  The truth was she wanted to tell Ariel all about Mal.  But she still wasn’t sure how her parents would react to her liking a girl.  She wasn’t ready to have this bubble burst yet so she just told Ariel that was getting tired and needed some sleep.

“Did you find out anything about this mystery boy?  Like where he lives so I can kill him!”

Aurora was just about to get some sleep so she was rested for her big day when she got a text from Mal.  At first Aurora was convinced that Mal had changed her mind and didn’t really want to go out with her.  But her heart lifted when the message read

Can’t wait for tomorrow 😉

Ariel was bummed that Aurora wouldn’t open up to her.  She knew not to push, that Aurora would come to her when she was ready.  But that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt. She decided a nice night swim would help her to feel better.

It was the big day.  Even though every ounce of Aurora was bursting with excitement she didn’t want to alert her parents.  She told them she needed to do some studying in the library.  She wouldn’t be home too late.

“You know I was meaning to check out this book on birds.  Maybe I should head on down to the library too before someone else checks it out.”

“Sit that cute butt down Eric!  I want to see this boy just as much as you but we will not spy on our daughter.  Besides you do realize we have the house to ourselves and there’s this thing I’ve been meaning for us to try.”

Aurora was telling the truth about the library.  She just left out the part that she was meeting the girl of her dreams there for their first date.

Aurora had been looking forward to this for days.  But that excitement was nothing compared to how she felt when Mal was standing in front of her, touching her.

“Should we get to studying?”

It turns out that the girls did go to the same school and that they both had the same history teacher who assigned all his classes a major project.  So even though they were on a date they thought why not help each other with their projects.

Aurora was pretty much done with hers but Mal hadn’t even started it.  She wasn’t what you would call a great student.

As Aurora gave Mal suggestions on how to go about starting her project it was becoming clear that Mal was looking for more then a little help with it.

“Maybe I can take a look at your project and take a few notes.  I wouldn’t copy it word for word but it’s not like we’re in the same class.  He probably doesn’t even read them all.  I mean he has like 7 classes.”

Aurora was heartbroken.  It was clear Mal wasn’t really interested in her.  She just wanted her project.  Aurora knew better then to get her hopes up.

Mal noticed Aurora looking down and suggested they take a break from working.  Which is pretty funny since they hadn’t done any work since arriving.

She knew of a secluded area upstairs that she thought would be perfect for a little break.

Aurora figured out Mal’s plan.  She would give Aurora kisses and sweet talk as long as she gave her the homework she didn’t want to do.  Even though all Aurora wanted to do was kiss those lips she didn’t want it this way.  She told Mal she was giving her project even if that meant this would be their only date.

“No sweat I’ll do my project later.  Aurora I’m not dating you to get better grades.  I really like you and I certainly don’t want this to be our one and only date.  I would like to be your one and only though.”

Needless to say Mal’s one and only is what Aurora always wanted to be.

They made good use of that secluded area in the library.

Weeks went by and Aurora and Mal were inseparable.  Especially there lips.

Since Aurora hadn’t told her parents about Mal still they spend a lot of time a Mal’s.  Mal lived with her mother who was away a lot for business.  It made the most sense to spend their time there.

“It’s getting late and you live so far away.  I always worry about you walking home by yourself.  What if you meet someone else and forget all about me.  You know my mom is away again.  Maybe we can have a sleepover?”

Aurora didn’t even hesitate.  A sleepover sounded like a great idea.

Though it didn’t seem like much sleep would be had.

Working late on a project going to sleepover my friend Mal’s house.  Her mom said it was ok.  You can call and check if you want but it would completely mortify me if you did.  Love you!

Of course Ariel wanted to call and check but she needed to show Aurora that she trusted her.  She went to go tell Eric that once again they had the house to themselves.

She decided she would need a few less clothes to do so.

Eric was excited to hear about Aurora’s sleepover.  Or was it the lack of clothes that Ariel was wearing that got him excited.

“I was reading you latest GOT fan fiction and I think we need to try that move on page 45.  The one with the dragon egg, Jon Snow and Daenerys.”

While Ariel and Eric’s night was getting more exciting, across town their daughters night was just getting started.

“Ready for bed?”

Aurora knew Mal didn’t mean anything about sleeping.  Aurora knew she loved Mal but she knew she wasn’t ready to show her just how much yet.  She worried that Mal would be upset and possibly end things with her.

But once again Aurora underestimated Mal.  Sleeping was just fine with her.  She was willing to wait as long as Aurora needed.

Waiting was something Ariel and Eric didn’t need to worry about.  After a dip in the pool they moved things to somewhere more cozy and hot.

Though where ever these two were things were pretty hot.

“Jon Snow have you ever made love to a queen, because tonight you will.  I hope you aren’t afraid of dragons.”

They spend the rest of the night acting out most of Ariel’s fan fiction or more accurately her deepest fantasies.

Will Aurora ever introduce her parents to her girlfriend or will she wait until their wedding day.  Find out next time.


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