Disney Legacy: Ariel Blanc (Part 7)

After finding out about Eric and Vanessa, Ariel kept her distance from Eric.  Eric not knowing Ariel and Vanessa’s past didn’t know what he had done wrong.

“I don’t know what I’ve done but I miss hanging out with you.  I know we’ve only just meet but I feel like I’ve known you forever and I can’t imagine you not in my life.”

Ariel would have loved to hear Eric say these words if it had been only a few weeks ago, before she knew that the guy she was falling in love with was already in love with her mortal enemy.

Sebastian was facing his own struggle with love.  Only this love didn’t involve a guy, it was with food.

Ever since he’d broken up with Mark, Sebastian couldn’t stop eating.  It would have been fine if the stuff he was eating wasn’t full of sugar and empty calories.  Or if the stuff he was eating wasn’t also expanding his waistline.

But no matter what he did he couldn’t resist his new temptress.

Sebastian knew if he wasn’t going to be able to stop eating that meant he’d have to start working out a whole lot more.  He hated to sweat.

His ever growing belly had made him too embarrassed to go to a gym.  What if a hot guy saw this gut.  He decided to try out that thing in his yard that Ariel loved so much…..what’s that word again…oh pool.

Ariel looked amazing and it as all because she swam for hours.  Sebastian figured if it worked for his sister it would work for him.

Sebastian had been swimming now for a whole 10 minutes when he realized this just wasn’t for him.  It was so boring and wet.

He decided maybe the gym wasn’t such a bad idea and was ready to get out.  There was only one problem….he couldn’t.  The ladder had mysteriously disappeared and there seemed to be an invisible wall around the pool that prevented him from getting out.

Sebastian started to panic.  He search every inch for a way out.  But he couldn’t find it.  It made no sense.

No had this been Ariel she would have been able to swim for hours, hopefully long enough for someone to come help.  However this was pretty much Sebastian’s first time in the water so he was not a great swimmer.

He was finding it extremely difficult to stay above the water.  He was treading water, praying that his sister would come home soon and save him.

Sadly his prayers feel of deaf ears and Sebastian just couldn’t swim anymore.

The ironic thing is that his sister was home.  Only she was in the front yard having her own unpleasant experience.

Vanessa had found out that Ariel was spending time with her soon to be husband.  She automatically assume that Ariel was trying to get back at her.

“So I steal you stupid boyfriend in high school, who by the way never really loved you, and you think you can steal my fiance??  You’re delusional little girl.  I’m the greatest thing that ever happened to Eric.  He would never give all this up for your pathetic ass.”

She went on to threaten Ariel.  If she ever hung around with Eric again she would make sure Ariel would regret it ever single day of her life.

Vanessa finally left and Ariel was still in a bit of shock.  She needed to talk to someone sane.  Luckily Sebastian should be home.  She was in for an even bigger shock when she walked through the front door.

At first she was confused a the urn on the kitchen counter.  Who’s ashes were these?  Then she saw the note laying next to it and her heart broke.

We told your father there would consequences for defying us.  Tell him the death of his son is on him.  If he wants this to end we want Thomas and what he took from us returned.  Otherwise you’re next.

How could her ancestors be so cruel?  How was she supposed to deliver the message to her father, he was searching for her mother.  Were either of them even still alive?  How can she do all this alone?  Ariel’s head was swimming with so many questions.  She did the one thing that always helped clear her mind.

Sadly she had no idea that a few hours ago this was the very spot that her brother had been killed.

The questions finally stopped and there was only one thought left in Ariel’s mind.  Sebastian was gone.  He was really really gone.

Ariel tried to get some sleep but everytime she closed her eyes all she saw was Sebastian.  She figured sleep was not going to happen anytime soon.

But then she heard a loud sound coming from the side yard.  When she went to see what it was she was shocked to find a spaceship out her window.  Instantly she thought it was the Sixams here to make good on their promise.

Voices were now coming from the living room.  Ariel was ready to except her fate but inside she saw what appeared to be an elderly couple sitting on the couch.


They were much older but indeed it was Thomas and Tess waiting for Ariel.

“My baby!  I thought I would never hold you in my arms again.”

Ariel couldn’t believe this was happening.  She had resigned that she would never see her parents again.  And now they were right here.  She was actually able to hug them.

There was so much she wanted to tell them, so much she wanted to ask.  But there was one thing she needed to tell them.  She had to tell them about Sebastian.

Tess was heartbroken.  Thomas was riddled with guilt.  This was all his fault.

There was one more thing Ariel had to tell her parents.  She had to tell them about the ultimatum the Sixams gave her.

“They said if you and dad didn’t surrender they would kill me next.  But if you surrender they’ll kill you.  I don’t know what to do.”

Both Tess and Thomas knew what they had to do.  They had lost one child because of their actions they wouldn’t lose another.  They would sacrifice themselves to save Ariel.

Last time she had said goodbye to her parent going to space there was at least a chance he would come back.  She knew this time that this would be the last time she would see either of her parents.

“Ariel the thing about Blanc women is that we are strong and we never give up.  Promise me you will never give up.  Be the strong woman I knew you are.  I love you more then you will ever know and I’m so happy I got to see you one more time.”

Thomas and Tess suited up and were ready for one last trip to space.  They may be given the Sixams what they want but I’m sure these two have a few tricks up their sleeves.

And just like that Ariel was alone.  No family, no love, nothing to live for.

But she was a Blanc and she had promised her mother that she would be strong.  And that’s what she planned to do.  Because even though they were all gone she knew they would always be with her in her heart.

Will things finally be looking up for Ariel.  Find out next week.

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