The Diary of Elise Robinson (Part 1)

This is collaboration project with fellow simmers on the Sim forums where we each play a legacy using the same founder, Elise Robinson.  If you’d like to check out the challenge or read the other Elise’s you can find them here

This diary is the property of Miss Elise Robinson. This diary is only meant for one set of eyes, mine! If you are not me please stop reading this right away and go about your business. Assuming you’re not a good listener and are still reading this then I guess sit back and enjoy the story of what is my life. Oh and if you are still reading this when I told you not to know that I’ve just put a curse on you. May you forever be struck with bad hair days!


Dear Diary,

I have been reborn! At least that’s what it feels like. I woke up this morning feeling like it was my first day in this world, more specifically my first day in the town of Willowbrook. What adventures are in store for me here? Will I find true love or make a mortal enemy? Only time will tell.

Until then dear diary,



Dear Diary,

I’ve discovered a way to get rich quick ….digging! Living on my own has grown to be expensive and me being so materialistic means I need things in my life. Let me make sure I clarify I don’t just want things I need them! Which is why living in a house that is completely void of furniture is killing me. And although it may be quick digging is quite dirty. I think I might need to get an actual job if I’m to live up to my high standards. I’m thinking I’d be good in politics. What do you think?

Your beloved mayor,

Mayor Robinson (Elise)

Dear Diary,

I met the most delightful girls today. I had gone for some digging (yes I know I have a real job but I’ve become a bit addicted to the sport) down by the lake and this girl started talking to me.  Then a few minutes later these other girls invited me to their picnic. I can’t remember any of there names but I just know we will be the closest of friends. Of course you will always be my best friend diary!

Your BFF forever,


Dear Diary,

I’m in love! His name is Akira and he’s perfect. He has this hair that’s always slicked just right and these eyes that I get lost in. I can’t imagine ever loving anyone as much as I love him. I hope he feels the same way. What do you think about a spring wedding?

Soon to be Mrs. Akira, I’ve yet to find out his last name. Small details.


Dear Diary,

I’m in love again! His name is Marcus and he’s perfect. I had decided to check out the festival happening in San Myshuno thinking maybe I’d taste a new dish or find a cute new shirt. Never had a imagined meeting a man like Marcus there. I still love Akira but I can not deny these feelings I have for Marcus. What’s a girl to do? Sometimes I wish there were two of me.

Yours always

Elise or is it her twin Alise

Dear Diary

There is yet another man in my life but I do not love him even a little. In fact I’m a bit terrified of him. I was sleeping peacefully a few nights ago in my new cot I was finally able to afford when I heard a noise outside. When I looked out the window there he was. An older man with hair as white as the moon. We caught eyes for a moment and then he was gone. Who would have thought little old me would have a stalker. I feel like such a celebrity. Of course its awful and I will call the police soon.

You’re biggest fan,


Dear Diary,

I’m a mama!!  I adopted a cowplant.  His name is Cupcake.  He’s beautiful and sweet and loves the taste of flesh.  I showed you to him the other day and he tried to eat you.  Silly thing.   I’m looking at preschool’s in the morning.  I know he’s still too young but nowadays you have to do these things in advance.

Fingers crossed,

Elise & Cupcake

Dear Diary,

Today I’m fuming.  I wasn’t going to write in you I was so mad but then again it’s not your fault I’m so angry.  It’s that awful Mortimer Goth.  He’s literally the worst.  Everyone in this town worships the Goths.  It’s as if they are some sort of royalty.  Prince Harry he is not.  Why the sudden hatred for him you ask.  Well today I went to visit the Von Haunt Estate.  I had been waiting on line for my ticket for over an hour and just as it was my turn to pay, Mortimer cuts in front of me.  If there’s one thing in life I don’t except it’s cutting.  That was all it took, he’s on my list forever!  I need to go lay down and calm my nerves.

Mortimer’s mortal enemy.



Dear Diary,

I’ve made my decision.  I’ve decided it’s Akira I love and only him.  We had the most magical date tonight.  We laughed, we danced and we ended it all with the most perfect first kiss there ever was.  How could I have ever thought I could love anyone other then Akira.  He’s my soulmate!

Crazily in love,


Dear Diary,

I’m in trouble because I once again love Marcus.  He came over tonight,  I was planning on breaking it off with him when he noticed how tense my shoulders were.  Oh diary when his hands touched my skin I felt shivers all over and when he kissed me I could hardly see straight.  How can someone love two men?  And how is a girl to make such an impossible choice?  How I wish you could write back and tell me what to do.

Wishing on every star in the sky,



7 thoughts on “The Diary of Elise Robinson (Part 1)

  1. Ah! So fun! You’re making me want to join in. But. No. I absolutely won’t! (But if I did, my Elise would choose Akira! Go, Akira! Of course, Marcus is pretty flex, too… )


      1. Yeah, I remember those days! lol Oh, I am so in love with so and so….and the next day, someone else…and then the following week…who was that again? Funny!


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