Disney Legacy: Ariel Blanc (Part 16)

Merryweather was the perfect nanny.

She loved Aurora as is she were her own.

Merryweather wasn’t just a nanny.  She helped around the house in other ways.

“Merryweather I don’t know how we ever survived without you.   You’re truly a godsend!”

It was true this household may not have survived without Merryweather.  Eric was busy working a very important case and Ariel was consumed with getting her art show together.  I model she had lined up had just canceled on her and she had no idea who she was going to get to fill that spot in her show.

“I’ve never done any modeling but I’m very good at standing still if you are desperate.”

Ariel was desperate.  Her show was only a few days away and she had no time to get a new model.

But it turns out Merryweather was a natural.  I guess she could add model to her already impressive resume.

Ariel may have been extremely busy but she always made time for her little girl.  She hated that work took her away from Aurora but she was doing all of this for her.  She wanted to give her baby girl the world and the world is expensive.

“I want you to grow up with everything you desire.  Mommy will make sure of that.”

Speaking of growing up it was time for Aurora to do just that.  She was a beautiful child.

Ariel of course thought so too.  In fact she decided to add her into her show.  Aurora would be the centerpiece of the whole thing.

With Aurora aging up it was time to give her a properly decorated room.

They were still unable to pick between pink and blue so they decided to use both.

Aurora may have been beautiful but she was also a lazy child.  She spent a lot of time watching tv.

When she wasn’t watching tv you could find her napping.

She napped a lot.  In fact she napped so much that Ariel and Eric began to worry and wondered whether they should take her to see someone.

“Dad I’m just a growing girl.  It’s normal for someone my age to sleep a lot.  Please don’t make me go to the scary doctor, please.”

Eric couldn’t stand to see his precious girl upset so he promised not to take her anywhere she didn’t want to go.  It seems our little Aurora know how to work her parents to get what she wants.

The one person her tricks didn’t work on was Merryweather.

“I’m sorry you’re upset you lost but that’s how the world works little bird.  You can’t always get your way.  The sooner you learn that the better off you will be.”

A few days later Ariel was sitting down to a lovely breakfast that Merryweather had just prepared when she got a text message from Foster.

“Oh my goodness Willow had the baby!  It’s a little girl how lucky is she.  I must go see the little one right away.”

Unfortunately Willow wasn’t back from the hospital yet.   In a weird coincidence right after she gave birth her appendix burst and had to be removed.  She needed to spend a few more days in the hospital to recover.

Ariel felt terrible for Willow.  She couldn’t imagine not being able to be with Aurora those first few days after birth.

“Don’t worry little one your mommy will be home soon.  In the meantime Auntie Ariel will cuddle you up.”

Aurora was continuing to manipulate her parents to get her way.  She had grown tired of her giant, very expensive dollhouse.  She figured if it were broken then her parents would have to buy her a new one.

But Eric had learned a few things from Merryweather.  He was done spoiling Aurora.

So instead of buying her a new dollhouse they both worked together to fix the one she had broke.  Surprisingly Aurora barely complained.   I think she liked spending so much time with her usually too busy dad.

Aurora may have made a little progress with her dad but she was up to her old tricks with her mom.  Her most favoritest band in the whole world, Min and Mic, were putting on a secret show tonight at Luna’s Lounge.  She begged Ariel if she could  go.

“Sweetheart Luna’s Lounge is no place for a young girl like you.  Besides it is way too late for you to be going anywhere.  We can try to see them next time they are in town.  When they are playing somewhere more appropriate.”

Aurora explained that the never come to Willow Creek this was the only time she’d ever get to see them.  That didn’t sway Ariel her answer was still no.

“You’re the worst mom ever!!!  I hate you!!”

Aurora’s words stung Ariel but she couldn’t think about that now.  She had her last model coming in for her show.

Ariel did her best to mask the hurt in her heart but the model could tell something was Ariel.  Ariel wanted to be professional but she couldn’t keep in the emotions she was feeling about her only daughter saying she hated her.

“Min and Mic you say, they are like my closest friend.  Tell you what bring your daughter over to the Fairmont hotel tomorrow and I’ll introduce her.  I’m sure she won’t hate you after that.”

Ariel was estatic and couldn’t wait to tell Aurora but she really needed to finish the shoot.  She would surprise her in the morning.  But little did she know that Aurora was determined to see that show and she knew just how she was going to get to go.

“Luna Lounge at this hour?  If you’re mom said it was ok then I guess it’s ok.  I wish I could check with her but I know how busy she is with the show and you said she didn’t want to be disturbed.  Just let me get dressed.”

How will Ariel and Eric react when they find out Aurora snuck out when she was told she couldn’t go.  Who will be in more trouble her or Merryweather for taking her?

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