Aurora Blanc: Part 4

“Hi I know you don’t know me. I’m Philip. We keep winding up in the same place and I thought it was about time I got the courage to actually say hello to you. So hello!”

Aurora wasn’t sure if she should run away screaming or find out more about this strange guy in front of her.

“You have no idea who I am. Ok wow that’s embarrassing, I promise I’m not a stalker. It’s just you’re kind of hard to forget. Um the first time I saw you we were just kids. I tried to talk to you then but you wanted nothing to do with me. It was at Mic and Min concert at the Clubhouse.”

Oh my god this was the annoying boy who kept trying to talk to her that night she snuck out to see Mic and Min. She couldn’t help but notice he sure did grow up.

“Wow that was a really long time ago and you kind of don’t look anything like that anymore. Plus you were trying to talk to me during my favorite song. It was really annoying.”

“Yeah that was definitely a bonehead move. You were also at my 16th birthday party. I’m not sure why you were there but I remember being so happy you were. I wanted to talk to you that night, but you were busy with your friend, the one with the pink hair.”

Aurora couldn’t help but remember what happened that night. That was the night her and Mal kissed for the first time. She had been healing this last month but all the pain rushed in like a tidal wave in that moment.

It was clear Philip had a crush on Aurora. But after this disaster of a first meeting he figured it would stay just that. He had no idea Aurora’s feelings had nothing to do with him.

A few weeks later Philip would get another chance. It seemed these two just always showed up in the same spot.

“I’m glad I ran into you again…Philip..right? I wanted to apologize for last time. I may have seemed pretty down. It’s just I just broke up with someone and you brought up some memories I wasn’t ready to remember just yet. I promise it had nothing to do with you, I promise.”

The two spent the rest of the day just enjoying each other’s company.

Aurora was trying a little bit harder then usual to impress Philip. She wasn’t exactly sure why.

Aurora and Philip started hanging out with each other more. When they weren’t together they were texting each other. It had been purely friendship, no romance.

Each time Aurora’s phone dinged with a new text from Philip she felt a tiny shiver go through her.

Maybe Aurora wanted this to be something romantic. But wasn’t she gay? Didn’t she like girls?

Aurora was more confused then she ever had been. Luckily she had a mom she knew she could talk things out with.

Growing up Aurora and Ariel’s relationship had never been close. It took them time to get to this point. But now Aurora truly would say her mom was her best friend.

“I loved Mal with all my heart and I figured that meant I liked girls. But there’s this guy and I think I may like him like I liked Mal. I don’t know what this all means. If I’m gay why would I be interested in a guy. If I’m not gay were my feelings real for Mal?”

“Sweetheart you can love anyone, boy, girl, alien. There’s no wrong way to love. You need to stop trying to put labels on it. Just listening to what your heart is telling you.”

In that moment Aurora regretted wasting so much time as a kid hating her mom. Her mom was amazing and always has been.

Aurora had discovered a love for writing.  Writing her feelings somehow made them make more sense.

Mom is right why do I need to label myself as one thing.  Just because I fell in love with Mal doesn’t mean I can’t love Philip too…

Did Aurora just say she loved Philip?  She barely knew him, they hadn’t even kissed or hold hands or even go on a date.

As she went back to reread what she had wrote she got an im from Philip.

dragonsl8yer16: just listening to some mic and min and made me think of you.  though to be fair i’m always thinking of you.  wow that sounded a lot less cheesy in my head 😉

Maybe it wasn’t quite love yet but Aurora definitely liked Philip, cheesiness and all.

While their daughter was figuring out growing up Ariel and Eric were trying to recapture their youth.

They may look older but they still felt like a couple of teenagers.

Horny teenagers that is.

Aurora and Philip continued to hang out.  But only as friends.

Aurora may have realized that she did like Philip but that didn’t mean she was going to make the first move.  Ever since that day by the river were she unintentionally shoot him down Philip kept things in the friendzone.  Yes he was flirty but he always played it off as a joke.

Aurora was more confused then ever.  Having never really dealt with boys before she decided to go to the one guy she never questioned loving for advice.

“Daddy how do I let a boy know that I’m interested in them after I kinda told him I wasn’t?”

“I don’t think I’m ready for questions about you and boys, maybe you could go back to dating girls?  Or better yet just not date anyone.”

Eric it looks like you better get ready.  Because there’s a boy at your doorstep and he’s got a question for your little girl.

“Hey…howdy…sorry….hi.  You look great, I mean you always look great, not that I’m always looking at you, because that would be creepy, because we’re just friends.  But friends have to look a each other sometimes, otherwise we’d have to look up all the time and then we bump into each other all the time and that be weird and painful and….”

“Philip would you go out on a date with me?”

Aurora actually made the first move, will it be worth it.  Find out next time.

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