Disney Legacy: Ariel Blanc (Part 10)

Eric was enjoying the fun features of his new place.  Unlike his old place his one had a pool.

It also had a gorgeous redhead who looked amazing in a bikini that was off limits.

Maybe this whole living together wasn’t going to be as easy as they thought.

Swimming wasn’t the only thing that Ariel and Eric did together.  Eric had a kitchen in his apartment but he couldn’t pass up the company.

Living with Eric felt right to Ariel.  What wasn’t right was the fact that he was engaged to someone else.  Not just someone else, Ariel’s arch enemy.

“I’m Ariel I have to cut this meal short.  Vanessa just texted that she’s on her way over.  I need to go shower quick.”

Ariel was reminded far too much just how wrong everything really was.

Vanessa arrived a little bit later.  It looked like this was the last place in the world she wanted to be.

“This is only temporary until after were married.  I promise I’ll make you love this place.”

Eric got right to work showing Vanessa how fun his new place could be.

After their fun was over Eric suggested Vanessa go talk with Ariel.  Eric would be here for a few months they’d have to learn to at least be civil.  Vanessa hated the idea of being in the same room as Ariel let alone having a conversation with.  But when she saw how miserable she was because of her she couldn’t help but think how much worse she cold make Ariel feel.

Ariel tried to keep her cool when Vanessa walked in but she knew that Vanessa could see right through her.  She could feel Vanessa was enjoying every minute of her pain and she sensed that it was going to make it a whole lot worse.

“Eric was telling me after we, you know christened his new place, that you still do photography.  The guy I got to do our engagement photos back out at the last minute and I need to get them out soon.  Would do them for us?  I know Eric would be thrilled if you said yes.”

Every ounce of Ariel wanted to say no but she didn’t want to let down Eric.  Reluctantly she said yes. Vanessa couldn’t wait to give Eric the good news.

However unlike Vanessa said, Eric didn’t seem thrilled at all.

Of course Vanessa didn’t want to waste any time.  She insisted they get them done right away.

Ariel hated to admit it but they looked good together.  They also looked like a couple in love.  She realized that maybe they did belong together.

But maybe Ariel was wrong.  Things quickly went south.  The Vanessa that Ariel had knew finally showed up.  She became bossy and nothing Eric did was right.

Needless to say that happy couple Ariel had captured a few shots ok vanished and was replaced by a couple that was clearly trying to fool everyone they were happy.

Vanessa had had enough and blamed the whole fiassco on Ariel lack of professionalism.  She refused to hang around a minute longer and told Eric from now on they would be hanging out her place.

Ariel felt awful.  She could careless that she upset Vanessa but Eric looked so defeated, so broken.  She wanted to do whatever she could to fix him even if that meant talking up Vanessa.

“I’m sorry about Vanessa.  She’s probably just stresses with planning the wedding.  It can be a lot.  I’m sure if you give her some time she’ll cool off.  I did get a few good shots before everything.”

It was working.  Eric seemed to be feeling better.  He knew moving in here was the right choice.

Being in Eric’s arms were bittersweet for Ariel.  She never wanted to let him go and by how long the hug was lasting neither did Eric.

“Ariel you’re really the greatest.  I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t here, you make everything ok.  Some lucky guy is going to win the jackpot with you.”

Ariel wanted that lucky guy to be Eric.  By the looks of it maybe Eric wanted to be that guy.  The two inched closer to each other.  There lips were close enough to feel each other breath.  It seemed like Ariel dream was going to come true.

But then Ariel woke up.  She couldn’t do this, not even to that witch Vanessa.  She wanted nothing more then for her to be the one marrying Eric but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

As Ariel walked away from the man she loved so wondered if she had just made a huge mistake.

Needing to get out the house for a little while Ariel called Joel to see if he was around.

Of course Joel was happy to be her distraction.  He told her to meet he at this hipster bar that he frequently visited.

The minute Ariel sold Joel she start to think Eric who.  Well that’s not completely true.  She’d never fully be over Eric but Joel was a good enough replacement at the moment.

Ariel went on and on about how awful her day and for that matter her life had been lately.  She told Joel she just wanted some fun in her life again.  Joel had the perfection suggestion, but it required them getting out of here.

Joel’s share a tiny apartment with 2 other guys so he didn’t think his place would work for the fun he had in mind.  Ariel was apprehensive about going back to the house.  She didn’t want to hurt Eric.

Then she thought about.  Eric and her were never a couple and they never would be.  Why should he care if she brought home a guy.  He had no right to get upset.

Ariel was finally having that fun she had been looking for.

In fact she was having so much fun everyone in the house knew.  Eric was less then happy to hear the noises that were coming from her room.  He almost looked heart broken.

“Vanessa we need to talk.”

It was the next day and Ariel was in a much better mood.  That’s what a night of fun will do to you.  She was still on this high when Eric came into the kitchen.  He told her he had something very important to tell her.

“Vanessa and I have decided….to move up the wedding.  What’s the point of waiting?  We are getting married later today.  This also means I’ll be moving out right after.”

Ariel not knowing what to say said the one thing she didn’t mean.  That she was happy for them and wished them well.  Eric left disappointed almost as if he was hoping for a different response.

After Eric left Ariel showed how she really felt about the news she had just heard.

She was heartbroken.

The love of her life is getting married to another woman and there was no more time left to stop it.  Or is there?  Find out next time.

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