Ariel Blanc (Part 19)

Aurora had been spending too much time at home pining for her mystery girl.  So when I friend of hers told her about a party this guy from Hubert Academy, she thought it would be a good idea to get out and meet some new people.  People she would hopefully actually talk to.

“Aurora!  You made it!  Isn’t this house sick? I heard the guy’s who’s throwing this party is loaded.  I think his dad is like royalty our something.  Everyone is here.  Even that new girl Mal.”

Aurora came here to not think about the mystery girl.  Not only was she here but she also now knew her name…Mal.

The night continued on.  Aurora ignored Mal like she had been the last few days.  But it seemed like ignoring her was no longer an option.

Aurora couldn’t help but be nervous with Mal sitting next to her.  Her palms were sweaty, her stomach was filled with butterflies and she still couldn’t muster up the confidence to say hello.

“Hi I’m Mal.  I feel like everywhere I go I see you.  Not that I’m complaining about that, you are pretty nice to look at.”

Was Aurora dreaming or was the girl she couldn’t get out of her mind for the past week actually flirting with her?   Was it right for her to like it?  Would her parents understand if her first relationship was with a girl?

All the questions were getting too much for her.  Aurora excused herself.  She needed to breath and clear her mind.

She also needed to check her lipstick.  She may be unsure where this was all going but that didn’t mean she didn’t want to look her best for Mal.

In the middle of her catching her breathe she was interrupted by the person who was taking it away.`

“You have to tell me where you got that shade of lipstick it looks amazing on you.  Would you mind if I borrowed it sometime?”

Aurora was confused.  She thought for sure Mal was flirting with her earlier but maybe she was just talking to her to get makeup tips.  Regardless she told Mal she could borrow it anytime.

“Great I was thinking now.  No need to to waste any, I’ll just use what’s on your lips.”

Aurora felt everything in her shiver when she kissed Mal.

She was no longer confused.  She definitely liked Mal in more then a friends way.  She was hoping this would be more then a one time thing.

Aurora couldn’t believe the way the night had turned out.  She had started this night hoping to take her mind off of her mystery girl and had ended it making out with her in a strangers bedroom.  She didn’t know how she would get any sleep from all the excitement.

But then again this is Aurora and sleeping is one of her favorite things to do.  I’m sure her dreams were filled with Mal.

While her daughter was entering new territory with Mal, Ariel too was doing something she was not familiar with.

Ariel had never been a whiz in the kitchen.  Growing up her parents took care of that.  After they were gone she lived on take out.  And after she married Eric he took care of most of the cooking.

“I think I may have put in a little too much salt.  If I put some extra sugar that should fix it…probably.”

Her cookies came kinda of lumpy and hard as rocks.  I guess she needs a bit more practice.

After failing in the kitchen, Ariel went back to something she was an expert in.

Ariel and Eric had been noticing that Aurora had been spending a lot of time by herself at home.  When Aurora had told then she was going o a party the other night they were excited.  They hoped she would make a few friends.  Little did they know what really happened the other night.

“Aurora you never said how the party was the other night.  Did you have?  Did you met anyone interesting, maybe a nice boy?”

“No boys!  You’re way too young for boys.  Do you hear me no boys until you’re at least 40.  Promise me!”

Ariel was still trying to find some more hobbies to add to her life.  They had a state of the art computer upstairs but rarely used it.  She would change that.

Ariel’s a huge fan of the show Game of Thrones.  She was going to write some fanfiction based on Brienne and Tourmund.

As she was writing a rather raunchy scene involving a bear skin rug it gave her some ideas of things she would love to try with Eric later.

Aurora may have made out with Mal but that didn’t mean they were together together.  They hadn’t done much talking the other night.  If she was going to get Mal as her girlfriend she wanted to make sure she was as enticing as possible.

That meant doing a little exercise to tone her body.

Luckily there was a Gossip Girl marathon on.  This made running a whole lot more bearable.

After watching 3 hours of Blair reign as bee Aurora couldn’t help but notice that her butt looked a little firmer.  She wondered if Mal would notice too.

It was almost like Mal knew Aurora was thinking about her because while she was admiring her new physique Mal texted her.

Can’t stop thinking about the other night.  When can I see you again?  Maybe we can go on a real date.  PS thanks for the lipstick, it looked way better on you 😉

Aurora’s fingers couldn’t type fast enough.  She was going to go on her first first date ever.  It’s something she’s dreamed of often, however she never imagined it would be with a girl.

Ariel was still thinking about what she had planned for her and Eric later.  It took her a while to realize that Eric was still talking about how he thought Aurora was too young to be dating boys.

“So you agree with me about Aurora not dating until she’s a little older.  I know what boys her age think about and it’s not anything thoughts I want my baby girl part of.”

“Oh sweetheart that ship has sailed already.  She definitely met someone at that party.  I hate to break it to your but our girl has her first crush.”

Crushed was exactly how Eric was feeling at that moment.

Will Aurora and Mal’s first date result in Aurora’s first girlfriend?  How will Ariel and Eric react when they find out her crush is not on a boy?  Find out next time.

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