The Bachelorette: Disney Wildlife Edition Ep.6 – Short But Sweet

Welcome back.  As always I’m your host Chris Harrison.  Last week Marie and the boys headed out to become one with nature.  They explored the wild, enjoyed the views and once again said good bye to a house guest.  Marie connected with Maximus in more then one way.  She rekindled her romance with Rafiki and continued to assure Flounder he had a special place in her heart.  But vacation wasn’t all fun.  She said goodbye to Bagheera only to finally get the kiss she had been waiting for from him.   Did she make a huge mistake and how will she react when she finds out that Bagheera will have a chance to reenter the game.  Find out tonight in this short but sweet episode of The Bachelorette: Disney Wildlife Edition.

Marie was still in shock when the houseguests returned home after what for the most part was a great week away in Granite Falls.  She knew saying good bye to Bagheera was going to be painful.  She expected him to be upset with her decision.  But she never expected it to end like that.

“Why did he wait so long to kiss me?  If he had done that before the ceremony it may have changed my mind.  Now all I can wonder is if I made the hugest mistake of my life.”

The house settled back into their normal life at the house.  Marie was trying to get her mind off of Bagheera.   She hadn’t really taken advantage of the gym and thought that maybe it would help her forget about what had just happened.  Basketball wasn’t really doing the trick, luckily Maximus was around to help her forget.

“I know Marie had a rough ending to the trip.  I wanted to remind her that the whole trip hadn’t been too bad.   The time we spent together was the best moment of my life.”

“I may not be sure if letting Bagheera go was the right move but I know for sure about how I feel about Maximus.  I’m so happy to have him here.  Having him hold me in his arms is exactly what I needed.”

Marie was feeling better.  Yes she missed Bagheera but she knew her feelings for the remaining guys were strong.  And it seemed that Maximus wasn’t the only guy looking to remind Marie of the reason she had kept each of them.

“I can say with complete confidence that I’m in love with Marie.  I’ve never felt this way about anyone my entire life.  I want to spent the rest of my life with this girl.”

“This is the side of Flounder that I love.  I hope the insecure Flounder is gone and this sweet, caring, goofy side of him stays around for the rest of the competition.”

Of course Rafiki wasn’t going to let the other guys have all the fun.  He had a special surprise for Marie.  He told her to meet him in the backyard in an hour, he would be waiting for her there.

“I don’t know what trick Rafiki has up his sleeve.  He’s probably going to do a chant circle or something with Marie under the harvest moon.  I’m really not worried.  There’s no way his connection with Marie is stronger then mine.”

“We are getting down to the end here.  It’s time to bring everything you’ve got.  No one wants to make it this far and get sent home.”

Marie had no idea what Rafiki had planned.  Regardless she was going to look good for whatever it was.”

“You never know what you’re getting into with Rafiki.  For all I know he wants to do some sort of couple yoga and I’ll be totally over dressed.  But I have a feeling whatever he’s planning calls for something a little more dressed up”

When Marie stepped into the backyard an hour later it felt like she was walking into a dream.  The yard sparkled brighter then it ever had.  There was soft lovely music playing in the back ground.  And best of all there was Rafiki standing in the middle of it all looking more handsome then she had ever seen him look.

“I couldn’t believe that it was Rafiki who had done all this.  It was so romantic and perfect.”

“I know people think I’m strange and weird but deep down I’m just like everyone else.  I have a girl that I love and I want to show her exactly what she means to me.  Marie deserves the world, I will do my best to give it to her.”

Romance was in the air and Marie was breathing it in.    She kept inching closer and closer to Rafiki on the couch.  She wanted to be as close as possible to him.  Marie gave Rafiki all the signs that he should make a move.  Of course Rafiki was the type to never ignore a sign, so make a move he did.

“Marie and I have never connected this strongly before.  It felt as though we were mingling our souls together.”

“I’m glad Rafiki was on the same page as me.  It’s refreshing to be with a guy who’s not afraid to make a move.”

Something tells me she’s referring to our most recent bachelor who left.

The night continued on.  The pair danced under the moonlight.  Unlike their slow dance session in Granite Falls the bugs weren’t constantly interrupting.

“I felt so comfortable in Rafiki arms.  I knew it was somewhere I wanted to stay for as long as possible.”

Unfortunately the music stopped and so did the dancing.  But that didn’t mean the evening was over.  Rafiki had one more romantic gesture up his sleeve.  He considered this a date and what kind of gentleman would he be if he didn’t walk his date home.  Who cares that that home was just a few feet away upstairs.

“It was incredibly sweet that Rafiki walked me up to my room.  For once it felt like it was real life and we weren’t surrounded by cameraman and boom mic operators.”

“This whole dating on tv thing has been a hard thing to adjust to.  I wanted to give Marie a little taste of what it’s like without the cameras.  When this is all said and done there won’t be any cameras.  It will be just me and Marie.  Or at least I hope it is.”

Marie had been so swept up in all the romance of that night that she still did not want it to end.  The other guys were all in bed.  So she decided to invite Rafiki to share hers.

“I know it was a bit careless on my part.  What if one of the other guys woke up and saw me bringing Rafiki into my room?  What would they think?  But I couldn’t fight the feelings I was having for Rafiki in that moment.  I needed to be with him.”

“Every moment in that bed with Marie was beautiful.  We were not only together physically but our minds and souls were intertwined.  It was like how the river at some point ravishes the land.  I was the river and I ravished Marie all night.”

After so much mind and body activity the couple fell asleep.  It was just before day break when Rafiki woke up.  He hated to leave Marie’s side but he knew she didn’t want any of the other guys seeing him leave her room.  Rafiki could care less who saw him but would do anything to make Marie happy.  He quietly slipped out of bed, not wanting to wake Marie up and returned to his bed.  None of the guys would have any idea he hadn’t spent the night in his bed.

“I almost woke Marie up for one more round before I went back to my room.  But after the night we had had, Marie needed all the rest she could get.”

Someone is quite sure of his abilities in the bedroom.

With everyone in their proper beds night once again turned into day.  The house was having a bit of a lazy day.  Just about everyone slept in.  Finally around noon we saw some movement.  Flounder enjoyed a late breakfast by himself.  It was nice to have a moment alone but there was one person he would have liked to have joined him.

“I was hoping Marie would have gotten up early today.  I had a plate waiting for her.  But she slept in.  That’s so not like her.  I guess she had a rough night of sleep.

In a way she did have a rough night, it just didn’t involve any sleeping.

Flounder was done waiting for Marie to join him downstairs.  If she wasn’t going to come to him, he would go to her.  Marie was a bit caught off guard when she opened her door only to find Flounder waiting for her.  She wondered how long he had been there.  Marie hoped it he hadn’t been there when Rafiki snuck out.

“When I saw Flounder right at my door my heart started to race a little and not in a good way.  He looked like he needed to talk to me about something.  I was certain he was going to tell me that he knew about my sleepover with Rafiki.”

But Flounder had no idea about what Marie had been up to last night.  And that thing that he wanted to talk to Marie about was whether or not she’d like to join him in the hot tub for a little dip.  Marie was relieved that Flounder didn’t want to talk about Rafiki.  Of course she would join him in the hot tub.  The hot tub held a special place in her heart.  It was in the hot tub, during the first few days in the house, that she started to really develop feelings for Flounder.  She thought it would be nice to recreate that moment.  However this memory of the hot tub with Flounder would not be so nice.  In fact it was a little gross.

“The water was just the right temperature.  All the butterflies I had that first day about Flounder were coming back in a good way.  Then I look over at Flounder expecting to fall for him all over again and that’s when I saw the rash!  It was red, and stripey and everywhere.  All I could imagine were his germs swimming in the water inching closer and closer to me.  I had to get out of there.”

“I don’t know what went wrong.  Last time in the hot tub with Marie had been so great.  She almost looked like I was making her sick.  What did I do wrong?”

It wasn’t until Flounder got out of the water and saw his reflection that he understood what had sent Marie running for the hills.

“You couldn’t have given a guy a heads up??”

Flounder got fixed up with medical.  All it took was some ointment and reassurance that Marie wasn’t disgusted by the sight of him.   Last week had been the last solo date of the season and the guys thought it had also been the last group date.  However when we told them that they would all be spending a day getting cultured at World Art Museum they were all shocked.

“Another group date….I thought this week were the overnight dates.  I have a bad feeling about all this.”

“There is nothing better then art.  The showing of a persons inner most passion and feelings.  There’s nothing more pure.  But I am a little nervous that we’re going on another group date.”

The World Art Museum is a massive collection of some of the most creative minds this world has ever seen.  It’s where Andy Warhol unveiled his stunning and thought provocative soup can painting.  Georgia O Keefe had originally just painted large flowers on a bunch of canvas’.  It wasn’t until a local critic wrote about her show at the World Art Museum that her career sky rocketed.  He praised her for her unique portrayal of the female reproductive system.  This was something she didn’t even realize she was doing but decided to keep doing it.  If you were an artist you wanted to have a piece in that museum.  And if you were a cute young girl looking for love it was the perfect backdrop to really see how the guys you’ve been seeing see the world.

While Maximus took this chance to get in a little time alone with Marie, Flounder and Rafiki got in touch with their artistic side.

“I wasn’t thrilled with another group date but I was going to make this work for me.  I was an art history major.  It never did me any good until that very moment.”

“Wow another side of Maximus I’m discovering!  What else is he hiding?  Is he a secret agent or an expert knot tier or something?”

“I love museums that have hands on exhibits!”

The World Art Museum does not have a hands on exhibit.  Flounder just ruined a $20,000 sculpture.

The rest of the date was pretty uneventful.  Marie and the boys looked at art, then they looked at art some more.  Followed by looking at even more art.  Their eyes and minds needed a break.  Lucky for them the museum had something that would do the trick.  Here at the Bachelorette we do not condone the use of recreational drugs.  However it had been a long season and truth be told Marie could use a little break from reality.

“My mom is going to kill me but I don’t even care!”

“I don’t think it’s a surprise that this is not my first time enjoying the bubbles.  I’ll admit these were some pretty good bubbles.”

Everyone was having a good time but that probably wasn’t going to last very long.  Before they had left for the group date we pulled Marie aside to share some news that would change the game.  She now had to share that news with the guys.  She wasn’t sure how they would react.

“The producers told me that this week wasn’t going to be the overnight dates.  In fact they told me weren’t even done with the solo dates.  There would be one more solo date and none of the guys still in the house would be going on it.  Someone was coming back.”

That’s right one of the eliminated bachelors will be reentering the game and will have a chance to make up for lost time.  The guys weren’t that shocked that someone was coming back, they all kind of suspected that.  What shocked them was the advantage the returning player got could completely change this game.

“Rafiki, Flounder and myself all have pretty solid relationships with Marie.  Someone coming in at this stage didn’t seem like it would matter.  But the fact that they now get guaranteed alone time has me worried.”

“I couldn’t believe that no one had come back in the game yet.  I was really thinking that we were the final three.  Sometimes I’m so naive.”

What Marie and the guys don’t know is how the eliminated bachelor will make it back into the game.  I’m sure they are assuming that there will be a competition like we have done in past seasons.  We won’t be telling them they are wrong today.  They will have to wait until the next episode.  Luckily we will tell you!   Remember how we told you earlier in the season how you the audience would play a key role in who would be returning into the game?  Well that’s because you will be picking the guy who returns!  There will be no challenge, our eliminated bachelors fate is entirely in your hands.  The guy with the most votes will be announced at the end of next weeks episode.  You can vote as many times as you’d like to ensure you’re guy gets a second chance with Marie.  But don’t worry even if your guy is not the winner you’ll still get a chance to see them one last time when we check in on the eliminated guys next week.   Until next week I’m Chris Harrison and don’t forget to vote!


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