The Bachelorette: Disney Wildlife Edition Ep.7 – Welcome Back

Welcome back to another episode of the Bachelorette: Disney Wildlife Edition.  We are changing things up a little today.  We are saying good bye to Marie and the remaining bachelors for a little while and checking in on those guys that we’ve already said good bye to.  As we mentioned earlier on in the season the eliminated guys have been cooped up in their own apartment waiting for their chance to reenter the game and win Marie’s heart.  What we may not have mentioned was how close the guys really were.  In fact all this time Marie could have easily spied on them, all she needed to do was look down.  The eliminated bachelors apartment is right next door.

Before we check in with the guys let’s take a look at where the guys have been all this time.  You know we love a good tour.

The boys may have had their hearts broken by Marie but they are far from suffering in this house.  The first difference in this place from the penthouse is it has a less girly vibe and a more bachelor in the city style.  The living room is the perfect place for the guys to sit and relax and wonder what went wrong in their quest for love.  If they are having a hard time figuring out what went wrong with Marie they could watch some rom coms on their big screen tv for inspiration.  There’s also a half bathroom on the first floor.

Our eliminated bachelors weren’t couped up inside like previous seasons.  For the first time they had outdoor access.  What they don’t realize is that the building across the way was the same building they were all living in not so long ago.

Our guys had to eat at some point.  Luckily they have a kitchen that would be any chef’s dream  The kitchen is equipped with a four range stove, sub zero fridge and the best rated coffee maker money could buy.  The kitchen offers panoramic views of the city and a table large enough for the guys to have a group meal.

Since there was only a handful of guys using this apartment only two bedrooms were needed.  There’s was no need to fight over who gets what bed.  Each bedroom is stylish and comfortable.  The perfect place for each guy to sit and contemplate what went wrong with his relationship with Marie.   And when it’s bedtime they can have sweet dreams of how they would have played the game differently.  Each bedroom has a private bathroom.

The last room on the tour is a small office.  I’m sure none of the guys have much business to attain to but they do enjoy the computer games we had installed on the computer.  There wasn’t a time that you couldn’t find someone playing something on that thing.  That is exactly why we don’t allow computers or tv into the main house during the season.

Now that we’ve shown you where the guys have been staying since being eliminated let’s see what they’ve been up to.  It’s been a few weeks since our first elimination where we said good bye to LJ.  Since then we’ve said goodbye to Abu, Pongo, and last week Baghera.  The guys have adjusted to life in the bachelor pad.  They’ve all fallen into little routines.  Pongo was often found in the office checking up on how his kids were doing.  We allowed him access to chat with them once a day.

“I miss my kids more then anything.  It’s been hard ever since I split up with their mom.  We normally split custody so I don’t get to see them as much as I would like to anyway.  But I’ve never gone this long without seeing them.”

Abu spent his days in the bachelor pad stewing.  He was in a bad mood from the moment he walked through that door.

“I’m so stupid.  How could I not have been honest with Marie.  I should have told her everything.  I probably would still be in the game if I had.”

Bagheera spent his days enjoying the balcony.  He spent hours staring out into the city.  If you followed his gaze you would notice he was looking up most of the time.

“I don’t know what it is about the building next door.  Something about it is drawing me in.  Like I’m connected with it somehow.”

LJ was a little more productive with his time.  He had never been much of a cook before joining our cast.  Since he had all this time waiting, hoping to get another shot with Marie he decide he would learn a thing or two about cooking.

“I’m learning so much.  Cooking is so much fun and creative.  I made this dish last night that I know the guys all just loved.  It was a steak covered in a caramel sauce with a touch of rainbow sprinkles.  You wouldn’t think that would work but it did!”

We checked in with guys about last nights dinner.  They didn’t seem to share LJ’s opinion of the meal.

“Who in there right mind would put sprinkles on steak…..STEAK!!”

“I have young kids and even they wouldn’t think that was a good meal.  I’m getting sick just thinking about it.”

Despite him trying to poison them the guys still enjoyed sitting down to a meal with LJ.  In fact all the guys enjoyed spending time with each other.  If you didn’t know any better you would have forgotten that just a few weeks ago they were battling it out for the love of the same girl.

“It’s funny how once you’re out of the penthouse you can really take the time to get to know the other guys.  While we were playing the game you’re so focused on Marie you don’t take the time to get to know the other 6 guys you’re living with.”

“I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that I’ll probably be good friends with most of these guys after this is all over.”

Not all the guys were getting super chummy with each other.  Abu was still in his mood and even though he was enjoying group meals most of the time he kept to himself.

“I don’t get why these guys are acting like this game is over.  Don’t they realize someone is most likely going back into the game.  I mean why else would we be put in this place together instead of going home.”

Like Bagheera LJ was also taking advantage of the outdoor space.  More specifically he was enjoying the view.

“The other day I was hanging out on the balcony when I look up and I swear I saw a figure up on the top floor of the building across the way.  It looked like it was a girl and she had white hair.  Is that the penthouse over there?”

It was getting close to us revealing to the guys that someone would be returning the game when something happened that changed things for one guy.  It all started with a conversation Abu and Pongo were having out on the balcony.

“I don’t understand why Pongo is here.  He was telling me about his ex and based off how he was talking about her it seems like he’s not really over her.  Not to mention they have all those kids together.  It seems like they just got overwhelmed and started taking it out on each other.”

“Yeah I guess the kids were part of the reason I broke up with my ex.  Of course I wanted to be a dad but that many at once it was more then either of us could handle.”

Abu was getting fed up with Pongo and wasn’t going to keep it all inside.  He told Pongo he was being stupid.  He shouldn’t be here because he was clearly still in love with his ex.  He told him how he never knew his father and that sort of stuff messes up a kid.  It didn’t seem like him and his ex ever gave it a real try.  They at least owed it to the kids to try.  He told Pongo to stop being a child and man up for once.

“Pongo seemed to have it all already and got scared.  I understand about life giving you more then you can handle.  Thinking running away is the best answer.  But sometimes that’s the worst thing you can do.  Pongo needs to give his family another chance, if he doesn’t he’ll regret it for the rest of his life.”

“Where does Abu get off.  He knows nothing about my life and my relationship with my ex.  There were many reasons we didn’t work.  She was so…..and there was that time she….I couldn’t stand how she would….maybe there weren’t as many as I thought”

Pongo was having a revelation.  Sure he had feelings for Marie but if he was being completely honest with himself he’s never gotten over his ex.  He still loved her and he loved his kids.  If that was the case what was he doing here?

“I guess I always knew things wouldn’t work out with Marie.  I found my soulmate a long time ago.  I just needed a little reminding of that.  I was nervous when I heard her voice on the line.  I thought there was no way she would take me back.  But then she said the two words I’ll never forget, come home.”

Pongo had found true love on the show it just wasn’t how he had planned it.  That left us with only three guys hoping to return to the penthouse it was time to let them know who would be getting a second chance.  But first they would have find out how that winner would be decided.  We asked a special guest to help deliver the news.

“I told you I’d be back!  When I got the call from you guys I nearly died right there.  Of course I thought you were calling me to ask me to be the next bachelorette but this is cool too.  I’m part of the bachelor/bachelorette family now!”

We were a little bit desperate and superfan was the only one available at the time.

After the guys shock of seeing her again wore off it was time to get down to business.  Our superfan explained that it was fitting that she be the one telling which guy would be returning to the house since it was the fans who chose.  She told them how this was the season of doing things different.  That meant changing how the returning guy came back.  She explained that the world had been voting for the guy that they thought deseved one more shot with Marie.

“I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I think I had a better chance fighting my way back in then being chosen.  I’m not sure if the world got to know the real me.”

“It’s crazy how everytime you thing you know how this game is played a curve ball is thrown at you.  I hope they made the right decision.”

Not everyone was understanding how this would work though.

“So if the audience votes for you that person also gets to go back in the house, along with the guy who wins the challenge?  Wow two guys are going back in the house!”

“Marie dodged a bullet with LJ he’s a bit of an idiot.”

After explaining it a few more times LJ finally understood that there would be no challenge.  That only one guy would be going back in the game, the guy who the audience picked.  It was time for superfan to crush one guys dreams at finding love again.  Sadly she was less then sympathetic when she told Abu that he would not be returning to the penthouse.

“I knew people didn’t get to see the real me.  I never had a chance of going back.  But did you really have to have that psychopath be the one to tell me.”

“Marie was way out of Abu’s league.  He’d be better with monkey.”

With Abu gone that left only two men remaining, aloaf LJ and super smooth Bagheera.  Super fan wanted to tell the guys that it was a close vote but she said she would be lying. LJ would have to look for love somewhere else.  He did not get the votes.

“It’s been so long since I had even seen Marie I doubted knew my chances were pretty slim getting back in the house.  It’s clear that Bagheera wanted this more then I did.  I wish them nothing but the best.”

“LJ was barely in this game.  That’s what happens when you’re the first voted out.  Even though he’s not the brightest light bulb he’s still pretty cute.  I may have to slip him my number.”

This meant the guy getting a second chance at love was the guy who got pretty much everyone’s vote, Bagheera.

“Let’s face it Bagheera and Marie have something special.  I can see him going all the way and winning.”

“I can’t believe I’m going back.  I didn’t blow my shot with Marie.  I’m going back a new man into that house.  I’m no longer holding back.  I’m giving in to all my impulses.”

We hope Marie is ready for that!

Our super fan congratulated the returning bachelor.  But Bagheera wouldn’t be going back to the house right away.  She told him he better go clean up.  He had a date to get to and the attire called for black tie.

“A mystery date sounds like a perfect way for me to get back into Marie’s heart.  I assure you this one will end in a kiss, maybe a little something more.”

Bagheera rejoins our cast next week but first him and Marie are going on a very special date.  Trust me you don’t want to miss this one!  Thank you for joining us again, as always I’m your host Chris Harrison.

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