Super Dating: Chapter Two – Sometimes You Never Learn

That same writer friend told me we are bound to repeat our mistakes.  The problem with that is we are unable to choose which ones.  Let me tell you I have a few doozies I’d like to avoid.  My emo punk phase would be one of them.  No one should ever have to relive that.  What ever happened to learning from our mistakes that by doing so we won’t repeat them and make an even bigger fool of ourselves.

It had been 6 months since my life changed.  And by changed I mean I found out the love of my life who was also my fiance was cheating on me and completely crushed my hope for ever finding love again.  I did mention that that same guy was a mega big celebrity named Chris Hemsworth.  Remember the guy who plays Thor in the Marvel universe, that’s him.  This was after I had vowed to never date a celebrity again after a previous boyfriend.  Mistake number 1 repeated.

It was too painful to stay in Windenburg after the break up besides I needed a new start, again.   New starts usually mean new places.  This time instead of quiet and secluded I was looking for loud and out there.  Nothing said loud and out there more then San Myshuno.  Hiding in the shadows didn’t work for me, maybe blending in the crowd will have a better effect.  I found a decent apartment for what I could afford.  Thankfully there hadn’t been any murders here(as far as I know) so that’s a plus.  And the neighbors seem nice enough.  That’s to say I haven’t met any of them yet which is nice.  Overall I was adjusting to my new life in San Myshuno.  I was like Superman trying to fit into a world that at times didn’t understand me and didn’t always want me.

I had spent most of the time in this new city in my tiny apartment.  It was about time I faced the world and see what it had to offer.  However what it seemed to be serving was a lot of what I’ve already tried just in different flavors.

I’ve said there were always two constants in my life comic books and boys.  I couldn’t relay on either and they’ve both made me cry more times than I care to admit.  But the other thing about them both is that they were always surprising me.  Like when they totally switched things up and turned Gwen Stacy into a superhero.  Here was a side character in the Spider-Man universe.  One who’s only purpose was to play Peter Parker’s love interest and eventually dying only to further his character along.  But now Gwen Stacy is front and certain and killing it.  In fact they killed off Peter Parker and she’s stronger for it.  As for the boys, what’s that saying, you can’t live with them or without them?  And in my case lately they all seem to share one thing in common.

It wasn’t uncommon to see a celebrity in San Myshuno.  Afterall it was a major metropolitan city that had been raising up in it’s trendiness status.  Celebrities love nothing more then saying they were there for the beginning.  Almost to say they had something to do with the popularity.  But I had had my run in with the rich and famous already.  I figured I met my quota, especially in the plays a super hero category.  It’s funny how wrong I can be about so many things all at the same time.  My life was forever intertwined with comics, which normally made me the happiest girl in the world.  But on one sunny day in San Myshuno I wished once again that I knew nothing about them.  I wished I had no idea who Aquaman was or that his greatest foe was the Black Manta.   If I hadn’t known all that then maybe I could have flirted back with the dark,dangerous and extremely sexy looking stranger who decided to share my table.  But of course he was no stranger to me or anybody who had seen Game of Thrones.  He was Jason Momoa or better known in the geek community as Aquaman.

For the first time in my life I truly believed I was granted super powers because somehow I was able to resist that hunk of a man.  And boy was he trying.  He told me I was beautiful, I said thank you and took another bite of my food.  He told me he was an actor, I said I know and turned away.  He asked me to get a drink with him, I said no and got up and left.  I knew that if I stayed he would have eventually worn me down.  I may have inherited super powers but that didn’t mean he wasn’t my kryponite.  Been there done that.  No rinse and repeat here.   If I returned home there was a chance I would never leave.   Jason had spooked me.  Maybe this town wasn’t so different from Windenburg.  It also had heroes disguised as everyday guys walking around it, ok not exactly everyday guys.  But I also didn’t want to become a shut in.  I had come here to move on.  Yes by a coincidence I had run into one of my biggest weaknesses, hot guys who’s day job is play superhero, but it’s not like the whole town would be full of them.

You know those people who say they are terrible at karaoke but always ask to go because secretly they can sing.  Sadly I am one of those people.  I have a staple song and everything, of course it’s How Am I Supposed To Live Without You by Michael Bolton.  It used to be Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, before Sopranos and Glee killed it.  Karaoke is always a suggestion I have when friends are looking for something to do.  Of course by now all my friends know I’m full of it.  I don’t do I lot of group karaoke anymore.  For some reason people don’t really like going with someone who can actually carry a tune.  But I didn’t let that stop me.  I needed somewhere to go that wasn’t my apartment but didn’t have someone was tempting me to break all my new relationship rules.   Rule number 1 being no fake superheroes.  Luckily the new thing is private karaoke rooms which is perfect for me.  Because even though I can sing and I love to sing, I don’t like singing for strangers.  I pretty much make no sense at all as a person.  If I had a super hero name it would be contradicting kid.   After successfully avoiding mistake number 2 I deserved a little treat.  One of the best things about San Myshuno is you can’t walk down any block without practically falling into a karaoke joint.

The great thing about karaoke places they usually come with a fully stocked bar.  I had my first drink when I was 16.  It was a can of Coors Light and it was awful.  It wouldn’t be until I was in my 20’s that I learned to appreciate a cheap beer.  Mainly what I appreciated was the price.  When Chris and I were dating my tastes for spirits were highly elevated. Not that Chris was a drink snob, he was just always offered the good stuff.  The stuff that’s served in a crystal glass and is always imported.  Now that I was cut of from the dom perignon and the cristal I was again learning to appreciate the Coors Lights of the world.  I should have had one drink and called it a night.  Not having anywhere to be in the morning and being walking distance from my apartment I didn’t see the harm in a second drink.  By now I’m guessing you get the sense that I’m wrong a lot.  I was wrong to not go home early,  I was wrong to have not decided to go into the first karaoke place I passed.  But mostly I was wrong about this town, more specifically about the people who were in it.  It had been one of the first day’s I’d have ventured out of my safe apartment.  An apartment that I knew for sure didn’t have any movie stars that could break my heart in it.  Yet I leave that sanctuary and I run into not one but two.  If I thought it was hard to resist Jason Momoa, it was near impossible to ignore Superman himself, Henry Cavill.  How do you ignore perfection wrapped in that body?

When I saw the new Superman when it came out I was instantly in love with this new guy they had chosen to play the most famous alien of all time.  I wasn’t familiar with the actor who played him.  I had never seen him in anything before it.  Of course I cyber stalked him like any sane rational girl who has a crush on a celebrity.  Granted he wasn’t my hardest or longest crush.  I followed his Instagram, ordered every movie that credited him on imdb, and planned my con schedule based on ones I thought he may do a signing at.  I guess obsessed would be the correct word to use.   Months passed, reality set in.  My crush simmered down to admiration.  Half those dvds went unopened and I planned my schedule based on artists I wanted to get commissions from instead.  I would never meet Henry Cavill.  And by the off chance that I did, what shot did I have with him.  I was no Scarlett Johansson.   Fast forward years later and one ex superhero boyfriend.   I had dreamed of this moment.  I would say something quirky and weird, he would find me adorable.  He’d ask me out to dinner.  They would kick us out of the restaurant because we couldn’t bare leave each other.   We’d start dating, dating would turn into marriage, which would of course turn into babies.  Or there was the version where I ignored his advances.  It drove him mad only making him want me more.  Eventually I couldn’t fight it anymore and we would kiss in a torrential downpour (kissing in the rain is every girls fantasy).  Kissing would lead to dating, dating to marriage, and so on and so forth.   Never did I imagine a version where I did nothing like I did that night.  I walked away from a dream because I’d already lived the nightmare.

Back to seclusion I went.  The outside world was scary and had too many dangers.  Lot’s of heavy objects that could easily break someone.   Being a hermit wasn’t so bad.  I saved a lot on water.  Since there was no one I was looking to impress who needed to shower.  And I learned new hobbies.   Even though my new hygiene routine was suspect that didn’t mean I was going to let myself go.  I had a little self respect left as difficult as that is to believe.  Running was ruined for me forever and it required going outside.    I wasn’t going to dare go all the way across town to the gym.  With my luck I’d run into the whole Justice League, thrown in with the Avengers and a handful of X-Men.   My will power may have seem super human lately but no woman could resist all that.  So keeping in shape would have to be done at home.  Running in place was out.  I didn’t have a tv, only my computer in my room so watching an exercise tape was out of the question.  That left me with yoga.   Which until then seem like such a ridiculous concept.  How am I supposed to get a six pack from just lying there and breathing.  To me that as like saying just hold a guitar and think of a song and just like that you’re a superstar musician.  But I had friends who swore by yoga.  Friends who lost all their baby weight and then some from doing a little stretching.  I was going to have a new two constants in my life comics and yoga.   Even I don’t believe that’s going to last.

Desperately trying to follow my own advice weren’t my only issues I was dealing with.   I was coming to realize there was a reason I got my apartment for such a good price.  Like it’s tenant it was broken.  I couldn’t quite figure out how to fix myself but I was certain I could repair a fuse.  Wrong!  So so wrong.  They say quit while you’re ahead.  I quit way too late in so many ways.

The problem with living a life like I was living was it was boring.  I found more hobbies to pass the time.  I continued to improve my skills but I was living a life with no quality.  The saddest part I was living a life with no love.  Even writing that down to the page is hard to swallow.  Was I being stupid?  Flawing any relationship before I even give it a chance.  Heck before I even said more then two words to the guy.  Yes I’d been hurt.  I’d been hurt in the worst possible way.  That doesn’t mean the next guy would do the same.  Even if they did there would always be someone else to help pick up the pieces.  Everyone has a type, mine just so happens to be actors who tend to play superheroes.  I could be into guys who stick swords down there throats while wearing a python as a belt.  If you think about it mine doesn’t sound so bad.

I was ready to finally get back out there.  No guy was off limits, well maybe that sword snake guy.  If the fates wanted to send me another gorgeous actor with superhero on his resume I wasn’t going to shy away.  Or maybe I’d go out with the one who had tracked down my number to ask me out.

I never said who my biggest crush of all time was and truth be told still is.  Almost every girl likes a man in uniform, me I like more of a costume.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s part of the comic world, remember hand and hand.  My forever crush, dream guy is Captain America.  More specifically the actor who plays him,  Chris Evans.  I’ve been in love with him almost all my life.  In comes reality again though, really what are the chances of me ever meeting him.


If you’d like to download any of the characters or builds you see in this story I will post the links to them below, along with a great big thank you to the creators!

Erin created by swcheppes

Jason Momoa created by viltor87 (I’ve given him a bit of a makeover compared to the downloaded version)

Henry Cavill created by andreamigriane

Chris Evans created by yddam98

12 thoughts on “Super Dating: Chapter Two – Sometimes You Never Learn

  1. This chapter was really great. Thinking of a girl who does not learn her lesson, fantasizing about kisses in the rain will only get you into trouble! I have had several, they were always great, and they always led the heartbreak.

    Chris Evans looks amazing! It looks so much like him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! How can you not love Captain America! All the guys I downloaded were amazing! I can not thank the creators enough, and if you love them the link to download them is at the end of each chapter 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know if it was purposeful or not, but the painting on the wall of the lone house on the hill in the rain is such an awesome touch to this chapter! Feels like a metaphor for her life so far framed.

    Liked by 1 person

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