Disney Legacy: Ariel Blanc (Part 5)

It had been a week since Joe stood up Ariel and unfortunately that wasn’t the only time.  Ariel was starting to get nervous he was hiding something from her.

Since Joe had seemed so busy lately Ariel invited herself over.  She wanted to spend time with her boyfriend.  She also wanted to find out what had been taking up all his time.

Ariel didn’t find a what more like a who.  What was Vanessa’s Math text book doing here.   Joe didn’t mention anything about studying with her.

Before jumping to conclusions Ariel wanted to find out from Joe what was going on.  Maybe he was just tutoring Vanessa.  That was probably all it was.  However Ariel couldn’t help but feel a bit of dread as she sat down to talk to Joe.

“Joe have you been tutoring Vanessa?  Is that the reason you haven’t been spending any time with me, your girlfriend?”

Despite what he had done Joe cared about Ariel and couldn’t lie to her.  He told her how yes it had started out as just studying but turned into something more.

Ariel was crushed.  Especially when Joe told her that Vanessa had told him how Ariel had wanted to break up with him.  Not only was she learning her boyfriend cheated on her but that her supposed best friend made it happen.

Joe was confused he had thought this is what Ariel wanted.  He thought she wanted to break up with him.  He would have never started things with Vanessa if that wasn’t true.

He was finally realizing that Vanessa had lied to him about everything.  Surely Ariel would understand that he’d been tricked and realize this was all a big mistake.  They could go back to how things were.  They didn’t have to break up.

But there was no going back. Joe may have been lied to but that didn’t change the fact that he cheated.  As much as it broke Ariel’s heart, her and Joe were over.

Ariel’s heart wasn’t the only one broken.

Ariel was having the worst day of her life (yes this includes here mom being kidnapped and her dad leaving to find her).  Sadly by the looks of it when she got home this day was only going to get worse.

Ariel couldn’t believe that Vanessa would show up at her door.  Not after what she had done.

To make matters worse it didn’t seem like Vanessa had any intention of apologizing.

“It doesn’t feel good when your best friends hurts you does it?  You always thought you were so perfect Ariel.  You had the perfect house, the perfect family and the perfect boyfriend.  Well at least some of your life isn’t perfect anymore.”

Ariel had had enough.   Vanessa thought her life was perfect.  Was not knowing whether your parents were dead or alive perfect?  Was finding out a life long friendship was nothing but a big con perfect?

“I’m sorry that you’re life is so awful Vanessa but stop trying to steal mine!  I should have never let you back in my life.  Trust me I don’t plan on making that mistake again.  Now get off my porch and stay out of my life forever!”

Vanessa was enraged with how Ariel was speaking to her.  Ariel thought that it was possible that Vanessa might start throwing punches.

But she didn’t, instead she turned away mumbling what a waste of time this all had been.

As Ariel watched Vanessa walk away she hoped that Vanessa was finally out of her life for good.

After the day she had had she needed to talk to someone she knew she could trust.  Their was only one person in her life that fell into that category, Sebastian.

Sebastian did what a big brother should.  He hugged his sister and told her she deserved better.

“Joe wasn’t your prince charming he was your school crush.  There is someone out there 100 times better and you’ll find him.”

“As for Vanessa she was a witch. Somebody would drop a house on her sooner or later.  I just wish I could be there to watch.”

Talking to Sebastian definitely helped.  She also decided to go for a swim.  Swimming always made Ariel feel better.

But not even swimming could stop Ariel from wondering if she could eve have the perfect life Vanessa thought she already had.

Days passed and Sebastian was doing whatever he could to make Ariel feel better.

Her birthday was coming up.  He knew she probably didn’t want a big party or anything like that.  But everybody wanted a cake for their birthday

And ever since his birthday Sebastian and cake had a special kind of relationship.  He loved it but knew how bad it was for him, especially on his hips.  Yet he always gave in to his desires.

So it would be a quiet birthday for Ariel this year.  She’d age into adult with only her brother there to celebrate.

And she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“God this cake is on fleek.  I’m going to have to start exercising, god forbid.  Thank goodness I look so cute in gym shorts.

Sebastian was getting ready to start that exercising with a jog when Mark stopped by.  He may have regretted that decision.

Sebastian had been questioning his relationship with Mark for awhile now.  Ariel’s recent breakup gave him the push he needed to make a decision.  That decision was to end things with Mark.

Unlike Ariel and Joe’s break up this one was filled with anger, on Mark’s side.  He stormed off with no intention of ever stepping foot in this house.

Of course Sebastian was upset, he truly did care for Mark.  But he also felt excitement. He was young and hadn’t really explored what was out there.  Mark was the kind of guy you settled down with.  That was not what Sebastian wanted right now.

And now that he was back on the dating scene it was time to work off all that cake and get his body ready for banging.

It was the first night of Sebastian newly single life so he decided to celebrate with some drinks.  Hopefully with a cute guy.  He had asked Ariel to come with him but she was’t ready to get back out the as quickly as her brother.

It didn’t take long or Sebastian to get that drink and cute guy to go with it.

Sebastian as loving his freedom.  He loved flirting with a random stranger.  In fact he couldn’t even remember the name of the good looking guy sitting across from him.

It was last call which meant time to go home.  Sebastian was ok with going home he just wasn’t planning on going to his home.

Lucky for him Mr. No Name was ok with that plan.  Maybe Sebastian will will learn mystery mans name during their sleepover.

Sebastian wasn’t the only one starting their new life.  Ariel had enough of sitting at home feeling sorry for herself.  She decided to get a job.  She remembered watching those old detective movies with her dad when she was little.  She used to think how fun it would be a cop, fighting crime and putting away the bad guys.  It just so happened the Willow Creek PD was looking for new recruits.

Besides focusing on work would help her get her mind off of being alone.  She didn’t need a man to be happy.

That receptionist was pretty cute though.  Maybe forgetting about guys would be harder then she thought.

Ariel threw herself into the work.  She wasn’t going to let a cute guy distract her so quickly.

When she got called to go to her first crime scene she was so excited.  They said it involved a real live ghost!

However when it turned out to be just some prank some science geeks were pulling with holograms and lasers she was completely let down.

Her first outing as a cop was a big disappointment.  To make matters worse when she got back to the precinct she found out the cute receptionist wasn’t just a receptionist he was a new recruit too.  She’d be seeing lot of him which would make it hard to not think about him.

“Psst newbie….check out detective mcdreamy up there.  Hey they don’t just have mcdreamy’s in hospitals.”

Ariel knew she needed to get away from her desk for a while.  Luckily there is a lot of things to do in a police station.

They have photoshoots.  Maybe Ariel will be able to sharpen her photography skills.

She got to read people’s palms like fortune tellers.  Ok it was nothing like that.

Ariel even got to play masseuse.  Though she rather not touch most of her new clients.

No matter how much she tired being a cop wasn’t as fun as she imagined.  And this was only day one. How was ever going to get through this?

While Ariel was contemplating if this was the right place for her, mcdreamy passed by and gave her a big smile.

“I guess it’s not all bad here.”

Could an office romance be brewing?  Find out next time.

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