Disney Legacy: Ariel Blanc (Part 17)


Aurora having successfully tricking her parents had one more person to trick.  There was no way she wanted to be seen with her nanny. She convinced Merryweather to wait outside while she enjoyed the concert.

Min and Mic were the hottest pop rock band of the moment.  They were two best friends that met in college and fell in love with music.  They started doing open mic nights.  One night they were playing at their local bar called The Clubhouse when they were discovered by a local recording house and the rest was history.

Aurora really liked Min and Mic’s music but the real reason she wanted to go tonight was to see Mic.  She loved Mic and was planning on telling him tonight.

What she didn’t like was the annoying boy who kept trying to talk to her.  She hadn’t snuck out of her house while her parents were sleeping to meet annoying strangers.

The set was over and Min and Mic were great.  Aurora wanted to freshen up a bit before declaring her love to Mic.

As see walked out of the bathroom she was thrilled to see Min and Mic all by themselves.  No security guards were there to stop her.

As she got closer she realized why they were alone.  Aurora was crushed.

While Aurora was getting her heart broken her parents slept soundly with no idea that their child wasn’t safe in her bed.

The next morning Ariel was all set to surprise Aurora with a meet and greet with her favorite band.  But she had forgotten she had another model coming for her upcoming show.  She would get through this quick so they could still make it to the hotel before Min and Mic left.

Problem was this model was a bit of a diva and insisted on taking a thousand shots.

Ariel was finally able to take a little break.  They would still be able to get to the hotal but she needed Aurora to be ready to go as soon as her shoot was done.  She asked Merryweather if she could get Aurora ready.  Of course she told her why.

“I doubt she would be to happy to see them.  She was pretty upset when she saw Min and Mic kissing after the show.  I told her Mic was too old for her anyway but you know how it is when you have you first celeb crush.”

Ariel didn’t know what felt worse, the fact that her daughter had disobeyed her and tricked Merryweather into taking her to that concert.  Or that she had no idea that her daughter had her first crush.

Ariel knew she had to get back to her shoot but she was too upset with the fact that she didn’t know her daughter at all.

“Don’t beat yourself up.  She’s just being a kid.  I used to do stuff like this all the time.  One time I was so mad at my mom I hoped on a plane to Paris and didn’t call her for a week.  I was only 10.  She really freaked out.”

Merryweather still had no idea she wasn’t supposed to have taken Aurora to that concert.  But she was starting to get the feeling that Aurora bent the truth a bit by Ariel’s reaction in the kitchen.

“Eric I think I may have messed up.”

“Don’t worry everyone makes the mistake of moving their left pawn first.  It will all work out.”

But that wasn’t the mistake Merryweather was talking about.  Ariel filled Eric in about the concert.  He was shocked Aurora would lie to them like that.

Ariel and Eric felt it was time to have a talk with their spoiled little princess.

“You’re mother and I are very disappointed in you.  Not only did you lie to us but you put yourself and Merryweather in danger.  What if something would have happened to you last night?  Do you have any idea what that would have done to us!”

It was a long talk with some screaming and tears from both ends.

“Sweetheart you know that we love you but this behavior has to stop.  Things are going to change around here but it will be what’s for the best for all of us.”

Eric and Ariel told Aurora she would need to be punished but they needed to figure out what that punishment would be.  Instead of waiting around to find out her punishment Aurora went outside to play.  In her mind her parents would most likely forget anyways.

While Eric and Ariel wee discussing the best way to punish their little girl Merrywheather came in saying she needed to talk.

“I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart for taking Aurora to that concert.  I really thought she had gotten the ok from you but that is no excuse, I should have checked.  I have failed you and her and because of that I’m giving my resignation.”

Ariel was devastated.  This was the last thing she had wanted.  The family love Merryweahter, especially Aurora.  She tried to get Merryweather to change her mind but it was no use.  She was leaving.

Merryweahter was gone and the family tried to get on with their lives.

Even the enjoyable things like taking a bath made Ariel sad.

But the person who took it the hardest was Aurora.  Merryweather was her best friend.   How would she be survive without her?

She spent most nights sleeping in Merryweathers old bed.  It made her feel like she was still there.

Aurora was angry and took it out on her things. Eric knew he shouldn’t be fixing those things, he should be making Aurora do it or throw them out completely.  But he hated seeing his princess so upset.

Both Ariel and Eric hated seeing Auroa so upset and sad.  They thought maybe getting a new fun toy they could all enjoy would make her feel better.  Sadly the waterslide went untouched.

A few weeks had passed and life had gone on without Merryweather.  Aurora was still spending most of her time in her old room.  But that would be changing.

Ariel and Eric didn’t think it was good that Aurora spent all her time in there.  They thought if they redecorated maybe it would help Aurora get over Merryweather leaving.

This only made things worse.   Aurora thought that her parents had fired Merryweather to punish her for sneaking out.  She had no idea Merryweather left on her own.

“It’s your fault Merryweather is gone.  I wish I could go live with her.  I hate you and I hate mom and I hate this house!!”

“I know that your upset and don’t really mean all the things you are saying.  But just know that sometimes you can’t take back what has been said.  Now go to your room and think about that.”

Things in the Blanc house were getting worse and worse.  Would they ever go back to being a happy little family.

Amidst all the family drama it was time for Ariel’s show.  She had transformed her studio into a perfect gallery to showcase her spectacular work.

“I know the last few weeks have been rough on you my love but I want you to know how incredibly proud of you I am.  I love you so much.”

Old friends came by to celebrate Ariel’s achievement.

And even some creepy friends came by too.

Everyone loved Ariel’s work.  She sold most of her pieces.  The night was a success.

Ariel wanted to be happy about the night she was having. However she couldn’t stop thinking about Aurora and how everything was so messed up. What could she do to make everything back to the way it was?

Meanwhile as Ariel and Eric were entertaining the art world Aurora was up to her old tricks of sneaking out. Only this time she had no intention of coming back.

There was only one place she wanted go and only one person she wanted to be with.

“Merryweather I miss you so much.  I know my parents fired you but I can sell my toys and pay you with that.  Please please come home.”

“Is that what you think?  Your parents didn’t fire me in fact your mother begged me to stay.  I left on my own because I had failed your parents and you.  When you tricked me into taking you to that concert I knew you hadn’t gotten your parents permission but I wanted to make you happy.   At that moment I realized I was only contributing to your spoiledness and if I stayed you would never learn.  I left because I love you and want you to be the best person you can be.  Now let’s call your parents because I’m sure they have no idea that you’re here, right?”

Aurora begged Merryweather not to call her parents.  She wanted to stay here with her.

Merryweather agreed to let her stay the night.  In the morning she would take her home.  Of course once Aurora was asleep Merryweather called Ariel to let her know Aurora was here and safe.

When Aurora woke up the next morning it was as if she was a new person.  It seemed all of the things Merryweather had said to her were sinking in.  She knew who’s fault it really was that she was gone and she felt bad for how she had been treating her parents.

As promised Merryweather took Aurora home the next morning.  And the truth was Aurora knew this was the only place she wanted to be.

Are things finally going back to normal in Blanc house?  Will that all change when Aurora enters the teenage years?  Find out next time.

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