Disney Legacy: Ariel Blanc (Part 18)

With everything behind them, life in the Blanc house was getting back to normal.

Ariel, Eric, and Aurora were enjoying being a family. They were making sure they focused on the important things like family.

The slip and slide Ariel and Eric had originally bought to cheer up Aurora was finally getting some use.

Eric couldn’t contain how happy he was with his family being a family again. He let it show in his slides.

“I want it to be like this for always. Promise me we will never drift apart from Aurora again.”

Yes the family as focusing on spending time together but Eric and Ariel both felt it was important they each make special time to be with Aurora one on one.

Aurora would always be Eric’s little princess. No matter what happened in their lives that would never change.

Even though things are good now Ariel knows they have to continue to make mommy daughter time a priority.

Even if it meant playing that awful llama game.

Everything was perfect!

But would all that change now that it was Aurora’s birthday and she would now becoming a teenager? Teenagers aren’t known for being easy.

Ariel and Eric didn’t know what kind of teenager Aurora would be but they did know she was beautiful.

She took after her mother.

Aurora wanted to start fresh in her teenage years. She knew she could get hot headed so she looked for outlets to help.

She took up yoga.

And started writing all her feelings, good or bad, down. She was determined to be the perfect daughter.

“Sweetheart you must teach me your ways. You’ve become so Zen.”

Part of being the perfect daughter meant getting up her grades. She started spending a lot of times at the library.

While checking out the section on herbal healings Aurora couldn’t help but feel like she was being watched

At the library today there was this girl who wouldn’t stop staring at me. I don’t think we’ve ever met. At first I thought what was her problem. But after awhile I have to admit I kind of liked her looking.’

With things finally good with their daughter Ariel and Eric made some private time for the two of them. Ariel had watched a YouTube video about how to give the best hand massage. She couldn’t wait to show Eric.

Eric wished she had watched a video on how to fix a broken hand.

Ariel wanted to take a break from photography for a bit. She focused her energy on other hobbies like boxing. She really didn’t like the whole getting sweaty thing.

She also tried yoga. But she only learned she’s not as flexible as she thought she was.

Finally she found a extra circular activity she loved….relaxing in the sauna.

Aurora couldn’t get that mystery girl off her mind. Even while doing everyday things she would sneak into her mind.

With her extra time, Ariel caught up with old friends.

It had been ages since she and Willow had a day just the two of them. They could have done anything. Gotten pedicures. Eaten a fancy lunch. But instead they decided on some childlike fun.

Aurora needed to think about anything but the mystery girl. She decided checking out the new jazz exhibit at the museum would do the trick.

Only it seemed her mystery girl had a think for Jazz too. Or more likely she had a thing for Aurora.

I saw her again and just like before she just stared at me. I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time. I should have gone and said something to her but I was too much of a coward. What if she was disappointed with what she sees when she meets me.’

It was clear Aurora was liking the attention she was getting from this stranger. But did that mean she wanted more. Shouldn’t she be having these feelings for a boy not a girl. She wished she could talk tonher parents about it but she didn’t think they would understand. How could they when she didn’t understand it herself.

Ariel didn’t give up photography completely. After all it was in her blood and she was so good at it.

She just focused on subjects that she really loved.

All the things she really loved.

It had been a few days and Aurora found herself going places hoping to see her mystery girl. After many failed attempts she thought that she may never see her again.

But it seemed like she was wrong. Would she finally make the firstmove and say hello?

“Hi sweetie. Did you have a nice time in the park? Were you running? You look a little flushed.”

There’s something wrong with me. I had another chance to talk to that girl I can’t stop thinking about and again I chickened out. What am I so scared of? Am I scared of rejection or more scared of letting myself feel what I’m feeling’

Will Aurora get another chance with the mystery girl? Will she be able to handle what happens if she does? Find out next time.

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