Ariel Blanc (Par 21)


Eric hated the fact that his precious little girl was seeing some boy.  But he hated it even more that he had never even met him.  Maybe if he met him he could instill some fear into him.

“You know sweetie you’ve been spending a lot of time out of the house lately.  Why don’t you stay in tonight?  You can even invite a friend over if you want.”

Aurora wanted to introduce Mal to her parents but she still wasn’t sure how they would react to her being a her.  Everything was going so well with Mal she didn’t want to complicate things.

Eric was discouraged striking out with Aurora.  He though it was time to call the big leaguer to bat.

Ariel had wanted so bad to grill Aurora for information but she was worried Eric wouldn’t want her pushing too hard.  With his blessing now she could go in guns a blazing.

“Don’t you worry honey I will find everything about this boy.  When I’m done with her I’ll know the name of his first grade crush and how he likes his eggs.”

There was once a time that Ariel and Aurora weren’t close and the thought of talking about her love life would have seemed a daunting task.

Over the years the two had gotten closer.  Those times of not understanding each other were over.  Ariel knew that her daughter trusted her.  And when she was ready she would open up.

Aurora wanted to tell Ariel everything.  She wanted to tell her how she gets butterflies everytime she’s in the same room as Mal.  And how she got a rush from just holding her hand.  She wanted to tell her mother how she was falling in love for the first time.  But she still wasn’t sure how she would react.

“Yes mom I’m seeing someone. This person is amazing and makes me feel things I never knew possible.  But the thing is they’re not who you would expect me to date.  I’m not sure you and daddy will approve.  You see…that is…oh I’m just going to say it.  Mom I’m dating another girl.  Do you hate me? Are you ashamed to call me your daughter?”

“Is that it?  I was so worried with the way you were talking that you were dating a serial killer or something.  Sweetheart I don’t care whether you date a boy or a girl or even an alien.  What matters is if you’re happy and if they treat you right.   You’re Uncle, my dear brother, Sebastian was gay.  Have I ever told you about him?  You would have loved him.”

The two sat for a while as Ariel told Aurora all about one of her favorite people.  Aurora felt a little silly for being worried that her mother wouldn’t understand.

After they were done talking Aurora asked her mom if she wouldn’t tell her dad.  She wanted to be the one to tell him.

Ariel stayed in her room a little while longer.  She hadn’t talked about her brother in a long time.  Memories of her life before came flooding back.

Aurora was on cloud nine after talking to her mom.  She had to tell Mal all about her conversation.

“I told my mom about us and she was great!  You know what I had an Uncle who was gay.  I wish I had gotten the chance to know him.  He sounded amazing. “

Ariel had promised Aurora she wouldn’t tell Eric about Mal being a girl.  But she also had told Eric she would tell him everything she had found out.  She decided it would be best to keep her word to Aurora and not tell Eric much.

“I’m sorry honey she wouldn’t give up much information.  She’s a good girl she will choose someone good.  Besides I’m sure we will meet this mystery person soon enough.”

This gave Eric an idea.

There was a new addition to the house.  No Ariel and Eric didn’t have another baby, which is surprising based on how much alone time they have.  The new addition was a formal dining room.  It was part of Eric’s idea.

The family was enjoying their first meal in their new dining room.  Eric had shared his idea with Ariel and she was about to mention it to Aurora.

“Daddy and I wear thinking how this dining room would be great to host a dinner party.  We were thinking that we have a really small one with just us and anyone you may want to invite, maybe someone you’ve been wanting us to meet.”


Aurora figured it was about time that her parents met Mal.  After all she was an important part of her life and she was tired of keeping her a secret.

A few days later the family prepared for their very first dinner party with one super special guest.

Aurora still hadn’t told her dad about Mal being a girl.  She figured it be best if he just saw with his own eyes.  She hoped she hadn’t made the wrong decision.

Mal showed up ready to impress.  Aurora had to sneak in a kiss in case she didn’t get a chance later.

“Don’t worry, parents love me.  I mean not my own but all my other girlfriends parents thought I was fantastic.”

They went inside and Aurora introduced Mal to her mother.  As Mal was chatting up her mom, Aurora couldn’t help but thing about how Mal mention other girlfriends before.  Just how many girls had she dated before her?

Eric had to take an emergency call from work when the introductions took place.  He was confused when he walked into the new dining room and saw one of Aurora’s girl friends and not the boy she was dating.

“I thought for sure Aurora would get the hint and invite the boy she had been seeing to dinner.  I guess we’ll have to come up with another plan to meet him.”

“Sweetheart, Mal is the boy Aurora’s been seeing.  Well she’s not a boy, obviously, but you understand what I meant right?  Aurora doesn’t have a boyfriend, she has a girlfriend.”

Eric was quiet during dinner.  He’s be lying if he said he wasn’t shocked at finding out his daughter was gay.

Mal tried to charm Eric.  She tried making small talk.  She did everything she could to show him that regardless of her sex she was someone who cared deeply about his daughter.

“This is a disaster.  I should have told dad before.  Mal is so going to break up with me.  My life is over.”

“Calm down honey.  You’re father just needs some time to get used to this.  And if Mal breaks up with you for something as silly as this then maybe she’s not the right person for you.”

Ariel suggested they play a game of charades after dinner to help ease the mood of the evening.

“You’re singing…and wet.  Singing in the shower?  No it’s a movie…SINGING IN THE RAIN!!”

It was Eric’s turn next but inside of acting something out he just gave Aurora a big hug and whispered something in her ear.

“You know what my dad said to me out there.  That he loves me and he thinks I picked a good one.”

“Oh and that next time he wants to be on your team for charades.”

Aurora didn’t have to worry about not getting another kiss that night.  In fact she got a few more then she expected.

Everything had gone perfect.  She and Mal survived meeting her parents.  Not only that her parents seemed to really like her.  She remembered what Mal had said about parents loving her.  But then that made her think about all those other girls Mal had dated before her.

Dinner was done, the dishes were soaking in the the sink and Mal had left.  Aurora was so happy with the way the night had gone but she couldn’t stop thinking about all of Mal’s other girlfriends.  She was glad her mother now knew about Mal because now she could talk to her about this.

“Baby we all have a past.  Your father wasn’t the only guy I’ve ever dated.  Yes our past helps shape who we are but what’s important is what and who is in our present.  If you’re lucky those same people will be your future.”

Talking to her mother mad her feel a lot better.  She also wondered if her mother would ever tell her about those other boys before her father.

Aurora invited Mal over the next day to hang out.  Mal was now always welcome over at the Blanc’s household.

She decided to not think about those other girlfriends.  Like her mom said that was the past.  All that mattered was that she was Mal’s girlfriend now and hopefully much more in the future.

Speaking of the present Aurora realized she didn’t have any pictures with her now girlfriend.  Bikini selfies!

“It’s a little blurry and I see a bit of your thumb in it. Let’s try that again.”

7 tries later and the girls still hadn’t been able to get a good picture.  Luckily Ariel just got home to save the day.

“You do realize you have a mom who’s a award winning photographer right.”

Ariel treated the girls to a private photoshoot.

She got some really great shots.  It was hard not to with this two.

As Aurora stared at the pictures later on she couldn’t help but think about her future and how much she wanted Mal to be a part of it.

We’ll have to wait and see how that future pans out.  But next in the future of this story someone’s aging up.  Find out who next time.

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