Super Dating: Chapter Four – Kryptonite

As you get older you learn a few things.  You learn that life doesn’t always go how you plan.  You learn that not every guy is a gentleman.  And you learn that the unexpected can sometimes be a good thing.  All these could be true about my time with Jason.  Sure I was disappointed that it had only been one night with him.  Based on that night it would have been nice to repeat it a few times.  But I went into my experience with Jason hoping to just have some fun.  I wasn’t expecting Jason to be my forever.  I figure if I opened myself up to super heroes again I was just going to use them as my stepping stones to the love of my life.  I knew super heroes were my kryptonite and we all know what happens to Superman when he’s exposed to kryptonite too long.

I had closed the chapter that was Jason Momoa and began to write the next one both figuratively and literally.  Living in the city is expensive and since I was not born into a world of money, like most people I need to work to pay the rent.  Much like Superman is really mild mannered journalist Clark Kent, when I hang up my tights for the night I’m a writer.  I’m currently working on an autobiography but sadly it isn’t bringing in the big bucks just yet.  If you’re reading this that means I’ve been published and you now know all my deep dark secrets!  While I wait for that I write other things to put food on the table.  I’d like to say I write for something as prestigious as the Daily Planet but that wouldn’t be farther from the truth.  Have you ever been to a doctors office?  You know those magazines sitting in the waiting room, the ones who look like they’ve been there for ages.  They are filled with what appears to be human interest stories but secretly are just ads for the newest drug your doctor is pushing.  I write those stories.  It’s boring tedious work but someone has to do it.  The morning after my night with Jason seemed like the best time to dive back into work.  However not much work would get done.

Let’s go back in time a little bit.  In a comic book it would be considered a flashback.  Remember the day I met Jason.  It was a day that I’ll always remember.  That date set so many things in motion.  I had thought it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life and it was.  That chapter was named Jason Momoa and I had finished it.  What I didn’t realize was it was also the beginning of a second chapter.  Funny enough that chapter was also named after a new guy in my life.  Shockingly it was another celebrity who’s day job it was to play a super hero.  In case you’re forgetting who I’m talking about let me give you a few clues.  Just like Jason he’s a gorgeous hunk of a man but gives off a more guy next door, perfect gentleman vibe rather then the break your heart while rocking your world in bed vibe Jason gave off.  He plays one of the most honest and sometimes boring superhero there is.  In real life he has what I think is every girls weakness, a British accent.  That accent got me into more trouble then I ever thought it could, but more on that later.  By now I’m guessing you’ve figured out that the next chapter in my life was titled Henry Cavill.  I had stopped in for a few drinks on that fateful night that I decided to join the world.  That was were I saw Henry for the first time.  But unlike Jason I never spoke a word to him.  In fact I barely acknowledged him.  That may have been because I was too busy living out my fantasy of meeting him in my head.  By the time I had come back to reality he was gone.  I went on with my night thinking that was it I’d never see him again.  Once again how can one girl be so wrong all the time.

There I was working on another mind numbing testimonial trying to figure out some new way to say the same thing I’ve said in the last three I had been working on when I got a pleasant interruption.   This will date me but I still use instant messenger.  I’m sure there are some people out there who have no idea what I’m talking about.  Instant messenger is like texting but on your computer.  It’s what us dinosaurs used before the age of cellphones.  Now I know there are new messaging platforms out there like skype and facebook, and I do use those as well, but sometimes the familiar is the most comforting.  Only a handful of people know my aim screename.  This was meant to weed out the creeps that used to message me asl (only a few of you will get that).  Henry Cavill was not a creep but he was also not someone in my inner circle who knew that name.  So why was I getting a message from Superman himself on that morning asking me to join him for dinner?  Surprisingly I had those mind numbing testimonials to thank.  Not the ones I was currently working on but ones I had done a few months before.  Even actors need to see the doctor.  Who knew they were like us regular folk.  While at those doctor offices they even flip through those magazines that are usually ignored.  It turns out that on that same day that we had crossed paths at the bar that we would cross paths again at Dr. Shen’s office.  Henry was waiting in Dr. Shen’s office when he decided to pick up one of those magazines.   Imagine his surprise when on the credits page the picture of the cute girl he had saw in the bar earlier was staring back at him.  Fate is funny like that.

Henry acted more like Batman.  Playing detective by contacting the editor of the magazine and tracking down my contact info.  He made sure to get everything, including my aim screenname.  That is how I wound up in my best dress, at one of the fanciest restaurants in Willow Creek waiting to be seated for yet another date with a superhero.  I couldn’t help but wonder if I should turn around right then and run away.  There was still some time to call this off.  I knew things with Jason would never be serious but Henry had the potential to be another Chris.  I hadn’t even said a word to him and I could already feel myself falling for him.  Yes Henry was beautiful and from his instagram feed he seemed like a pretty down to earth guy.   But he was an actor.  It was his job to play a part.  I was afraid my fantasy would be just that, a fantasy.  The knight in shining armor I was imagining Henry to be would be nothing more then a jerk riding a donkey in a horse costume.  As I struggled with staying or leaving the host wasn’t making my decision any easier.  He found my story of having dinner with the famous Henry Cavill less then believable.  Maybe I should have taken that as a sign.  Fate was screaming in my face….RUN!  She was practically making the decision for me.  But then again hadn’t fate been responsible for me being there in the first place.   After what seemed like a lifetime, the host finally believed my story and lead me to a table.  I still wasn’t sure I was ready for what was waiting for me there but it was too late to run away now.

I had forgotten how attractive Henry was.  He looked like he had just stepped out of a GQ cover.  His skin was perfect, his hair was perfect and as for that body it was beyond perfect.   To quote Mary Poppins he’s practically perfect in every way.  Physically he matched the look of Superman to a T.  But for as perect as Superman may seem he’s an extremely boring superhero.   Unfortunately that doesn’t work in his favor.  A super hero needs be flawed a little.  Batman is damaged beyond repair which is a big reason he’s one of the most popular heroes around.  Actors beg for the chance to play him.  I’m pretty sure Ben Afleck sent muffin baskets to Zack Synder everyday for a year to ensure he’d play the caped crusader.  The role of Superman is not as sought out, in fact many believe it’s cursed.  Actors who portray him are often plagued with tragedy.  George Reeves was one of the first to play Superman.  Some say playing the role of Superman lead to his mysterious death.  Christopher Reeves who is considered the most iconic version sadly was paralyzed at the prime of his life.  As for Brandon Roth, the most recent Superman before Henry, well his career was pretty much over after his stint as the man of steel.  But Henry Cavill was going to break the curse.  He did the impossible, he made me interested in a character I cared very little about.  I was also starting to fall for the man underneath the cape.

Part of me hoped he would actually be a bit of an asshole.  That way I’d have some reason to not fall head over heels for him.  I’ve gone down this road before, I knew where it lead to.  A smart traveler knows how to navigate the path, knowing where the bumps are and how to avoid them.  I was never considered a good driver.  As for my hopes of Henry’s true self to be revealed I wasn’t let down.  Only thing was he really was a great guy.  He said all the right things, never took his eyes off you even when you excused yourself to use the bathroom and made sure the wine glasses were always full.  The date was everything I could have hoped it would be.  Henry was the guy you dreamed of.  I know I had dreamed about him plenty.  The guy all your girlfriends secretly wished there boyfriends were, the guy all your guys friends actually liked hanging out with and the kind of the guy your mother loved.   Had he been any regular guy I would have been thrilled with how well the date was going.  I’d already have been planning my outfits for our second and third date.  Wondering where we would go on our first vacation together.  And if I was being totally honest trying to figure out what baby names work best with Cavill.  But Henry wasn’t just some ordinary guy.  Instead of vacations and baby names I was wondering how long his next movie would keep us apart and whether he would have chemistry both on and off the screen with whatever beautiful actress played his love interest.   It may seem like I’m not being fair.  That I’m putting these guys on some sort of pedestals.  Just because I’d been burned so badly before didn’t mean it would happen again.  But that’s the thing about getting burned, you tend to be a little more cautious around the fire the next time.

Dinner had been perfect but there was still a chance to stop this before it went any further.  All I had to do was get up from the table, thank Henry for the lovely time and pretend it had all be a wonderful dream.  Why is it that even when we know what’s best for us we do the complete opposite.  Instead of saying no to Henry’s suggestion we go for a walk along the water, I told him I loved the idea.  I don’t why but there’s something so romantic about water at night.  Maybe it’s the way the stars reflect off of it making it appear like your walking in a field of stars.  Or the fact that the gentle breeze that rolls off the bay creates the perfect excuse for someone to take you in their arms.  It may have nothing to do with the water at all.  Perhaps what made it seem so romantic was all because of the guy you were with.  I forced myself to think of anything that would break me free of the romance that was surrounding.  I thought about the most recent woman I had interviewed for yet another testimonial.  She suffered from irritable bowl syndrome and had recently started taking the latest quick fix drug.  Needless to say she was a little more graphic about her symptoms then I would have liked.  I also thought about that mysterious rag I had just found under the kitchen sink in my apartment the other day.  It was grey and a tad bit fuzzy, perhaps it wasn’t a rag (I made a mental note to call my landlord as soon as I got home).  No matter how many disgusting thoughts I filled my mind with one thought kept creeping in, what it would be like to kiss Henry.

It was no surprise that Henry offered to walk me home.  He had been nothing short of the perfect gentleman all night.  I assumed him walking me home meant that he would want to come up for some coffee or I hoped for something a little sweeter.  So I was shocked when instead of following me upstairs he gave me a kiss (on the cheek), said his goodnights and told me he had a lovely time.  One thought crossed my mind immediately, was this his way of running away before things went any further?  Had he beaten me to the punch?  Surely he felt what I was feeling.  I may have tried to convince myself what I was feeling wasn’t real but I’m not a very good actress.  He is a good actor.  He had made it pretty clear he was interested in seeing where this was going.  Was he still just being the perfect gentleman or is he that good of an actor?  This whole date I was trying to protect myself, not let my guard down and truly feel would I wanted.  I felt this was the only way to stop myself from getting hurt.  I was finally giving in, letting myself get excited about the possibility of a future with Henry.  Now it seems he may be the one who wants to end this before it’s begun.

I thought I had learned my lesson with Chris.  I told myself to take things slow, to not fall so hard so quick.  My heart had been shattered after Chris it needed a little extra protection.  There was nothing wrong with going slow.  What was that saying, slow and steady win the race.  The thing about rushing things though is you can sometimes miss out on something amazing.  I wish just one time that I would listen my own advice.


If you’d like to download any of the characters or builds you see in this story I will post the links to them below, along with a great big thank you to the creators!

Erin created by swcheppes

Henry Cavill created by andreamigriane

Chris Evans created by yddam98


12 thoughts on “Super Dating: Chapter Four – Kryptonite

    1. You always have the greatest comments, thanks!! I wanted the story to read as if you were reading her journal. I didn’t just want it to be me recounting her life basically just describing her day. I’m happy to see it’s coming across that way 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I really loved this chapter and I thought her date with Henry was very sweet. I understand why she is holding herself back as she was burnt before. I think Henry sensed that she was keeping a distance which is why that date ended in just a kiss. After Chris she is not ready to become that vulnerable again.

    I did have to laugh about the IM part. I’m one of those dinosaurs that remember those too.

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  2. I love Superman, though I’ll admit to knowing next to nothing about most of the super hero actors.
    Looking forward to more Super dating when I get time (sorry it’s been so slow).


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