The Bachelorette: Disney Wildlife Edition Ep.5 – Hot Enough For You

Welcome back to another episode of The Bachelorette: Disney Wildlife Edition.  As always I’m your host Chris Harrison.  We are at the official mid way point of the competition.  This season’s romance has been more of a slow burn compared to other seasons.  In fact by this time last season Jafar had already slept with half the cast.  Marie hasn’t even kissed all the guys yet.  That’s not to say she isn’t forming real feelings for the guys.  It’s no secret that her strongest relationship is with Flounder.  After winning two solo dates the pair have had a lot of time to get to know each other.  Another guy high on Marie’s interest list is Maximus.  Despite not winning a solo date yet Marie can’t wait to move their relationship further.  As for the winners of the first dates of the season, Rafiki and Bagheera have fallen slightly.  That’s not to say they can’t make up for it.

Last week Marie said good bye to Pongo.  So far it has been the hardest elimination Marie has had to face.  She had high hopes for Pongo coming into this, even thinking he’d be at the end with her.  But sometimes life surprises us.  Speaking of surprises we mentioned briefly last week that the houseguests would be going on a little trip.  We let it slip to Marie that they would be spending the week in Granite Falls.  That’s right the solo date comp and both dates will be happening there as well as the elimination ceremony.  She was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to share the news with the guys.

“I’ve been to Granite Falls once for a friends bachelorette party.  I’m sorry to say I don’t remember much of it, there was lot of drinking that weekend.  I’m so excited to go there with the guys and hopefullys remember this time”

“A week connecting with nature and Marie of course.  This is exactly what I needed to get my head back in the game.”

“I’m not the biggest outdoors guy but I can have a good time with Marie regardless where I am.  I just hope there’s no fishing involved this week.  I feel so bad for those poor fish.”

When we said they would be going to Granite Falls we meant right away.  First thing the next morning the house was whisked away to their new digs for the next week.  Granite Falls is nature at it’s finest.  With it’s massive red woods, crystal clear lakes and picturesque views it’s the perfect backdrop for Marie to advance her relationships with the boys.

“Ahh smell that fresh air it’s like I’m being reborn.  I can feel my chi rejuvenating as we speak.”

“I don’t know what was going on with Rafiki.  He had this look on his face that I don’t even know how to describe.  If I had to say I’d assume that’s what his face looks like when he’s ready to release.  You know what I mean, his O face.”

Now that’s an image I’ll never get out of my head.

We found a spacious cabin tucked away in the Neywo mountain range.  Let’s take a quick little tour of the house while Marie and the guys get settled in.

Of course the girl and boys had to be separated so we have two bedrooms.  If Marie feels so inclined she can definitely share.

The house has a very open concept.  The living, dining and kitchen area all merge into one.  Much to the boys disappointment the house doesn’t provide many areas for them to sneak away with Marie for some one on one time.

Being in Granite Falls the houseguests needed a place where they could comfortably enjoy the outdoors.  What’s more comfortable then listening to the sounds of nature while tiny little jet streams massage all the right places in the hot tub.  What’s more peaceful then looking up at the stars while being warmed by a cozy fire and maybe a big strong man.

Everyone had unpacked.  Marie was not going to waste moment of her time here.  She had stated last week how excited she was to further her relationship with Maximus.  Since there was no guarantee he would win this weeks date she made sure to get a little alone time with him.

“I really want things to grow with Maximus.  Each week I’m liking him more and more.  I’m secretly wishing he’ll kiss me this week.  You can’t get a more gorgeous setting to have your first kiss.”

“I want that solo date with Marie this week so bad.  I’ve wanted to kiss her since day one but there is always another guy hanging around.  Who wants an audience for their first kiss.”

Ummm Maximus you do realize you’re on national television.  You have an audience for  everything that you do.

Bagheera was taking advantage of the other fire pit in the backyard.  Truth be told he much rather by enjoying the one in the front with Marie.  But since she was the one to pull Maximus aside he didn’t want to interrupt.  Luckily Flounder was around to keep Bagheera company.

“I know people are probably thinking this is a game Bagheera, you go stop what’s going on out front.  But I’m all about respecting women and their wishes.  I’m just a little hurt that Maire’s wish wasn’t to be alone with me.”

“I don’t know why but Bagheera didn’t seem very happy when I joined him by the fire.  I guess the guy would rather be alone.”

After a while everybody joined Bagheera and Flounder at the fire pit, even Marie.  They were all laughing and chatting, overall they were having a good time as a group.  It was clear that some of the guys would have rathered the group be a little smaller.

“It was killing me being by the fire with Marie and not being able to hold her in my arms or kiss her.  I wondered if she felt the same way.”

When they had first arrived Marie couldn’t help but notice the beautiful baby grand piano in the sitting area.  There was no way she was going to leave this house without getting her hands on that instrument.

“There’s nothing like the feel of your fingers tickling the ivories.  It sends chills all over you body.  To be honest I thought I would have been feeling chills all over my body by now for a whole other reason but sadly that hasn’t happened yet.”

Wow two woohoo references since we got her and it’s still only the first day.  It seems this cast may not be so different from previous casts.

Bagheera got his wish.  Marie found him and asked if he’d like to have a little bite with her, just her.

“I apologize for being a little over dramatic before.  This competition is bringing out sides of me I never knew existed.”

“Yes I was excited about moving forward with Maximus but that didn’t mean I wasn’t excited about doing the same with Bagheera.”

Marie followed up her intimate dinner with a romantic stroll and star gazing session.  Only she decided to give Rafiki his turn for a little one on one time.

“I feel like I’ve really grown apart from Rafiki but then I have nights like this and it’s like we are right back where we were that first date.  I feel all giddy and flush and all I can think about it how much I want him to kiss me.”

“This is the life I want.  Marie and I being one with nature.  We wouldn’t need anything more then that.  Our love is enough to survive on.”

There’s also things called food and shelter that come in handy too.

It had been a long day.  Marie was not use to getting this much mother nature.  It was tiring.  So she decided to call it a night.  She knew this was an important week.  There were only four guys left and she needed this whole week to decide who she’d be saying goodbye to.

“The thought of having to say goodbye to one of these guys is unimaginable.  I try not to think about it.  But then I remember I’m not going to be able to avoid it much longer.”

Marie didn’t get much sleep.  She just couldn’t stop thinking about the end of this week.  Not being able to sleep meant she was up nice and early the next day.  She decided to cook a nice breakfast for her and the guys.  She wasn’t the best cook so she was hoping to not make any of them sick.  It was the thought that counts right.

“My mother is many things, but a cook she is not.  I definitely inherited that trait from her.”

The boys awoke to the smell of what they could only guess was breakfast.  None of them wanted to hurt Marie’s feelings so they all sat down and ate their breakfast like champions.  All the guys were able to keep their poker face, that is except Flounder.  It appeared something was bothering him this morning.  We weren’t sure if it was Marie’s cooking or something else.

“That meal was…interesting.  It doesn’t matter, when Marie is my wife I won’t ask her to lift a finger in the kitchen, unless she wants to of course.  I want to cater to my lover’s every need.  That includes matters of the stomach.”

“I couldn’t each much that morning.  It had nothing to do with Marie’s cooking, though those pancakes certainly didn’t smell like pancakes.  I was too upset to eat.  Marie had made time for each of the guys yesterday except me.  And at breakfast this morning it was like I wasn’t even there.”

Flounder not being one to keep his feelings inside unloaded them to Marie.  He shared how he was feeling ignored and left out.  He was worried that she was getting bored with him already.

“Of course I’m not bored with Flounder. The reason I didn’t pull him aside yesterday is because I’ve have a lot of alone time with Flounder.  I needed to explore my feelings with the other guys for a little bit.  If I’m being completely honest I’m not loving his new insecure Flounder.”

It seems the golden boy needs to be careful.  If he doesn’t play this smart he’s going to fall far and hard from the top.

It was another beautiful day.  The houseguests planned on taking advantage of their time away from the penthouse.

“It really is beautiful out here.  This would be a great place to come for a honeymoon or anniversary trip.  There’s no question who I want to be celebrating those things with.”

“Kum ba yah my lord kum ba yah.”

“I felt like all that was missing was telling some ghost stories.  I love ghost stories, just not ones about hooked hand men or groups alone in the woods or creepy hooded figures.  Ok maybe I’m not the biggest lover of scary stories.”

Unfortunately there would be no ghost stories right now because it was time for the solo date challenge.  As everyone knows at the Bachelor/Bachelorette family we love one particular object most of all.  Of course we are talking about the hot tub!  It just wouldn’t be a complete season if we didn’t have a hot tub challenge.  Once again we are bringing it back in a challenge we call “Hot Enough For You”.  I’m sure by now you know the rules, but just in case this is your first season with us we’ll go over them quickly.  The rules are simple be the last man standing or in this case sitting and you win a date with our bachelorette.  I’m guessing a few of you out there are hoping this competition will take a awhile, this is one of our most physically fit seasons.  The guys are already in the water so let’s join them, figuratively that is.

“Marie and I have slowly been building a great friendship but it’s time to become more. I need to win this date so I can show Marie I’m here to be more then just her friend.”

“I meditate for at least 3 hours a day and I’m a hot yoga instructor back home.  I got this.”

Just because they were on vacation still meant Marie would not know who was her date until the date.  She patiently waited in her room imagining the possibilities.

“I feel like this date is the most important of the season.  I really have no idea what I’m going to do at the end of this week.  The guy who wins today is definitely going to be here next week.  That doesn’t mean this week will be any easier.”

Back outside some of the guys were already giving up.  It was getting too hot for them.  I guess all that meditation Rafiki does didn’t translate into the water.

“I really wanted to shock these guys again and win a third date in a row but something about being in the boiling water was unsettling for me.”

“I think being in this house has messed up my psyche.  That’s the only explaination as to why I couldn’t stay in that water.  I need a realignment asap.”

There were only two guys left, Maximus and Bagheera.  Neither guy had had much alone time with Marie and they both needed this.

“I messed up on my first date with Marie.  I regret not kissing her every minute I’ve been here.  I don’t want anymore regrets in this game, I’m winning this date.”

“I was so close to that date with Marie.  But it seemed like Bagheera wasn’t breaking a sweat and I was dying in there.  I didn’t how much longer I could hold on.”

Luckily it wasn’t long.  Just as it looked like Bagheera had this competition in the bag, he decided he had had enough.  Maximus was going to finally get that date he’s been dreaming about for weeks.

“Holy s#@! I won!!  This is the best day of my life!”

We had told Marie that someone had won and that he’d meet her out front.  We told them both to dress in comfortable clothes and shoes. Something you don’t mind breaking a sweat in.

“I was really happy to see Maximus waiting for me when I walked outside.  I’ve been wanting some real alone time with him for a while now.  I feel like there could be something real here between me and him.  And now I finally get to explore that.”

“Marie looked adorable.  I wanted to take her in my arms that very minute and kiss her but I knew the other guys were probably watching out the window.  I wanted mine and Marie’s first kiss to be just the two of us.”

And don’t forget all of the nation will be watching too!

Since we were in Granite Falls for this date we felt this was the perfect time for our couple to connect to nature.  We told Marie and Maximus they would be going for a little hike this afternoon.  They would be exploring ever inch of Granite Falls.  See we told you they would need comfortable shoes.

“It’s really lovely here.  I’ve never been much of an outdoorsy kind of girl.  I’ve never even been camping.  Maybe I’ll have to try it when I get home.”

“I’ve been on a few camp outs in my lifetime.  It’s kind of a rite of passage with guys isn’t it.  I’ll tell you something I’m sure camping out with Marie in my arms would be a whole lot better then sharing a tent with a bunch of guys.”

The pair had been hiking for a while now and felt it was time to take a little break.  They found a clearing that offered a perfect view of the forest.  Though Maximus had another view he was more interested in.

“I barely noticed anything else when Marie is near me.  It’s hard to take my eyes off of her.”

After a quick break of cloudwatching or in Maximus’ case Marie watching, they decided to continue their journey.  We had given them a route to travel by.  We explained that it easy to get lost in the woods.  But sometimes it’s more fun to stray from the path.

“I know I know it wasn’t the smartest idea not following the map.  But sometimes the best things aren’t planned.  Besides I had Maximus to protect me from the scary things lurking in the woods.”

“I love this adventurous side of Marie.  It really surprised me.  When she went through that hidden passage without batting an eye, I’ll admit I was pretty turned on.”

What was on the other end of that hidden tunnel….one of Granite Falls hidden gems.  It was filled with flowers and plants that neither Marie or Maximus have ever seen.  Each flower seemed brighter then the next.  It was a place you would only see in your dreams.  There was almost a magical quality to it.

“I felt like Dorothy must have felt when she first landed in Oz.  I was so happy I got to share it with Maximus”

Maximus finally had his moment alone with Marie.  He knew that there would be no more perfect time to show her just how he felt about her.

“I would have been a fool to not kiss Marie in that moment.  Despite having cameras surrounding us I felt like we were the only people on the planet.  It was just me and Marie in this moment that I will never forget.”

“Everything about that kiss was perfect.  The kiss, the location, the guy, were just perfect!”

After a few more perfect kisses, Marie and Maximus  decided to explore their hidden sanctuary a little more.  They were delighted when they came across a waterfall.  It was a great spot for some pictures.  It was an even better spot for more kissing.

“I’ve never seen a waterfall in person.  It’s breathtaking.  The same can be said for Maximus’ kisses.”

It was getting late and Marie suggested they should start making their way back before it got too dark to find the trail back home.  Maximus had another idea.

“There’s nothing more dangerous then wandering the woods, especially woods you don’t know, in the dark.  I told Marie it would be a better idea if we camped out and made the treck in the morning.  I was a boy scout so I always come prepared.”

“I loved the idea of my first camping experience to be with Maximus.  But I was worried what the other guys would think.  I didn’t want them to think we were in danger.  I know poor Flounder would be worried sick.”

We checked in back home to see just how worried the guys were.  They appeared to be doing ok.

Marie was having an amazing date with Maximus.  It was turning out to be everything she had wanted and more.  It was no surprised when she decided to give Maximus the rose of the week.

“There was no doubt in my mind after Maximus kissed me that he would be getting the rose this week.  He already knew that he was safe this week since he had won the solo date but I wanted him to know just how much I wanted him here.”

Giving Maximus a rose wasn’t the only thing Marie was going to do to show Maximus just how much she wanted him here.  After all they were sharing one tent.  Something tells me this never happened on those other camping trips Maximus had with his friends back home.

“I hate to sound corny but this date was truly the best date of my life.  I’m falling super hard for Marie.  I can’t help but feel she’s falling for me too.”

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to get this close to any of the guys in the house.   It usually takes me a long time to be ready for this step.  But I knew in my heart that this was the right time for me and Maximus to move our relationship forward.  I have no regrets and I don’t think Maximus does either.”

Marie and Maximus tired themselves out and finally feel asleep under the stars wrapped in each others arms.  Morning came as it always does.  Neither Marie or Maximus had eaten much since leaving for their date yesterday.  Maximus thought he would surprise Marie by catching them breakfast.

“I thought how difficult can it be to catch a few trout.  Boy was I wrong.  I was up for hours waiting to get a bite.”

Luckily Maximus got one, even if it was the smallest trout he had ever seen.  But it was enough to put a little food in their bellies to tide them over until they got back to the house.

“It was really sweet that Maximus had breakfast waiting for me when I woke up.  I was starving, obviously because I actually ate fish before 7 am.  I guess this date couldn’t be all perfect.”

It was time to pack up their impromptu campsite.  Marie folded up the tent and Maximus made sure the fire was completely out.  Before heading back home they found a few extra minutes to sneak in a hug and a kiss.

“I don’t like showing so much pda in front of the other guys so I made sure to get in a couple of kisses before we left.  Who knows when my next chance will be.”

“I wanted more then anything to stay by that river forever.  Just me and Marie.  What more could I guy ask for.”

Their date, which had turned into an overnighter, had finally ended.  Marie and Maximus had had enough of nature (but not each other).  They were glad to return to air conditioning and a fridge full of food.  Life in the house seemed to have gone on normally.  All the guys didn’t look to be effected by Marie spending a night alone with Maximus.  However things aren’t as they seem.

“Maximus caught a huge break.  I would have given anything to be on that date with Marie last night.  To have to be forced to sleep under the stars with her.  I’m sure I would have been able to protect her harder and longer then Max.”

“I hated every minute of Marie being away with Maximus.  My mind kept thinking the worse things, I barely got any sleep.  I’m sure nothing happened though.  I mean they did have to sleep outside on the ground.  That’s hardly romantic.”

We hope Flounder doesn’t find out how unromantic it was.  Something tells me he wouldn’t handle it well.

Unlike the other guys Rafiki wasn’t afraid to show his true feelings to Maximus.

“I’m not stupid.  Of course Marie and Maximus truly connected with nature and each other last night.  Their auras are screaming woohoo.  I thought Maximus would be man enough to own up to it but he showed that he’s just a coward.”

“Why the hell would I discuss my woohoo life with Rafiki.  What Marie and I shared was special and will stay between me and her.”

Even though Marie had a wonderful time on her date with Maximus she was really happy to be home.  More specifically she was happy to be able to take a shower.

“My goodness the amount of dirt on me from just one night in the woods was ridiculous.  I can’t imagine how the people on survivor stand it.”

Sadly our hope of Flounder not finding out about Marie’s sleepover with Maximus did not happen.  Rafiki felt the need to share the news with the rest of the house.  Flounder was hurt.  Not only did the girl he was falling in love with sleep with another guy, but that other guy was one of his best friends in the house.

“I feel so stupid for getting so upset about this.  I knew this was a possibility coming into this house.  But I also never thought I would still be here.  I never thought I’d have such a strong connection with Marie and she’d feel the same for me.  At least I thought she did.”

“Why did Rafiki have to run his big mouth.  Him and Bagheera could handle this but he knew this would destroy Flounder.  I really consider Flounder a friend.  I hate that I’m the one who hurt him so bad.”

Flounder knew he was being childish.  He knew that if he acted all hurt and upset in front Marie it could effect he she felt about him.  He decided to bury his feelings deep down and act like everything was hunky dory.  Lucky for him he was about to get a big distraction that would help get his mind off Marie and Maximus.  The curse of the Bachelor/Bachelorette fires strikes again.

“I’ve heard rumors about the fire curse.  I was really nervous about it the first few weeks.  But then nothing happened so I thought we were going to be the first season to be fire free.  I was so wrong.”

“I’ve never experienced anything so scary.  Those flames were really getting out of hand.  Thank goodness Rafiki was there.  He was amazing.”

That’s right spacey Rafiki was the only one to stay calm and do something to ensure this fire didn’t get out of hand.  For him the fire was a bit of a god send.  He and Marie’s relationship had been a bit stalled the last few weeks.  That fire really brought the heat back to their relationship.

“Fire is just another element like water or air.  You just need to know how to speak to it to tame it.  And now it’s time for me to tame the burning desire that sparked up in Marie.”

“I’ll admit watching Rafiki put out that fire got me all hot and bothered.  Every woman loves a fireman and that’s exactly what Rafiki was looking like in that moment.”

Even though Rafiki was making a come back in the game, Maximus didn’t plan on losing his spot in Marie’s heart.  He knew she would be going on the group date soon.  He wanted to remind her of the strong connection they had been exploring the last few days.

“It’s really easy to get forgotten in this house.  Look at Rafiki.  He was one of the strongest the first week and only because of the stunt with fire is he starting to climb back. I don’t want my relationship with Marie to ever stall.  It took it so long to get to where we are.  I intend to keep it that way.”

As we mentioned the group date would be today.  Normally Marie has a little time in between the solo date and the group date.  But since she and Maximus changed the plans a little she will be going right on her group date.  For this weeks group date we are once again taking advantage of all the beautiful nature that Granite Falls has to offer.  There are tons of little spots throughout Granite Falls that provide a ton of entertainment and ambiance for the perfect date.  We found one that offers our bachelorette the most opportunities to connect and really get to know the other bachelors in the house.  There are many places for her to sneak away with each of them if she would like to.  But before that she decided to have all the guys get together for a group dinner.

“It’s important that I have a little alone time with each guy tonight.  I have a big decision to make.  But this is a group date and it’s important for me to see how the guys get along with each other.  It’s very telling.”

“All through out dinner I just imagined that it was me and Marie alone.  Enjoying a quiet, romantic meal together.  Rafiki was making that hard though.  He wouldn’t shut up about how he put out the fire earlier.  Man we get it you know how to use a fire extinguisher, now shut the hell up.”

“I just wanted dinner to be over.  I needed some time alone with Marie.  I could feel everything I’ve been holding in all day starting to boil over.  I didn’t want to explode in front of everyone.”

Dinner finished, not as quickly as some would have liked.  Marie certainly intended to spend a little alone time with each guy.  Rafiki noticed a huge dance floor constructed right in the middle of the forest.  With the twinkly lights hanging above it, it looked as if it were lifted from a dream.  He knew that this would be the most romantic place for him and Marie to spend their time together.

“I felt so safe in Rafiki’s arms.  I don’t know if that had anything to do with how heroic he was early.  However those bugs kept creeping in on our date.”

“I love every living creature but I wanted to smush each and every one of those little insects for ruining my moment with Marie.”

Flounder got his turn next.  Would he be able to keep his composure or would all of his feelings about Marie’s night with Maximus come rushing out.  Before he even got a chance to say a word Marie was all over him.

“I’ve really missed Flounder this week.  This is the first time in a while that we haven’t spent a lot of time together.  I didn’t want to waste it talking.”

“I guess Marie still feels the way I thought she did about me.  What a relief.”

After her makeout session with Flounder Marie found Bagheera had kept a seat warm for her.  Bagheera was nothing but smooth and Marie seemed to be eating it up.

“I’d finally gotten my alone time with Marie.  I just wanted to enjoy every minute next to that gorgeous woman.”

“I still get weak in knees anytime I’m around Bagheera.  His touch on my skin fills me wild with pleasure.  I can only imagine how it would feel once he was touching me in other ways.”

It was a great group date.  Marie had accomplished what she had set out to do.  Each of her private times with the guys were perfect, minus the bugs.  She knew that tomorrows decision was going to be impossible.  But she didn’t want to think about tomorrow.  She wanted to go to bed thinking about all the amazing men still here and how each of them made her feel so special.

“I’m truly the luckiest girl in the world.  To have the love of any of these guys is a treasure.  They all are incredible and I still can’t believe I have to say good bye to one of them tomorrow.”

Everyone else decided to call it a night too.  That is everyone except for Maximus.

“We had one close call earlier today there was no need for another one.”

Maximus had finished playing park ranger and extinguished all the flames from the fire pits.  Unfortunately there was one fire he was unable to put out.  He was longing to be close with Marie like he had the night before.  He figured since the whole house was sleeping he’d see if Marie was missing him.

“I know I didn’t want to flaunt my relationship with Marie in front of the other guys.  But they were all sleeping.  I was worried Marie would be mad at me for waking her up, she didn’t seem to mind.”

“Best way to be woken up ever.”

Who would have thought Marie would be so down for a midnight booty call.  I guess not many woman would throw out Maximus if he crawled into their bed.

Finally everyone was in their right beds and sleep fell over the house.  In no time it was morning.   While the rest of the house slept in Rafiki awoke with the sun.  He knew today was a big day.  He needed a little time to himself to really come to grips with what today meant.

“After today there will be three of us left.  It doesn’t look like anyone’s coming back so that means overnight dates are next.  I want so badly to be here for them.  I feel it’s time Marie and I connected the way a man and woman were intended to connect.”

The rest of the house started to wake up.  Unlike back at the penthouse the houseguests had been getting used to having meals together here.  They slowly all gathered at the table for another group meal.  Marie and Maximus were the last to arrive at the table and the most visibly exhausted.  This little observation did not go unnoticed.

“I can’t even look any of the guys in the eye right now.  I feel like they all know about what Maximus and I did last night.  You don’t think they heard through the walls.  We tried to be as quiet as possible but these old beds are rather squeaky.”

“Marie and Maximus were both acting strange this morning.  They both look like they didn’t get much sleep… don’t think they???  No…they wouldn’t, would they?”

Breakfast finished up, the dishes were cleared and cleaned.  There wasn’t anything else to do but wait.  It was there last day in Granite Falls and for one guy their last day in this game.  They all wondered whether the elimination ceremony would wait until they got back to the penthouse.  They thought how could we possibly ruin what had been a great vacation.   Marie and the houseguests tried to enjoy the little time they had left in Granite Falls.  But it all got to be too much for Marie and she had to excuse herself.

“I don’t know if I can do this today.  I know who has to go home but I don’t know if I’m going to be able to say good bye to him.  This is so much harder then I ever thought it would be.”

While Marie was struggling with her feelings we had the guys gather in the living space.  No more wondering, the elimination would be happening here.  One guy was not going to be returning to the penthouse.  As they all sat there worrying about their fate, the wondered what was keeping Marie.

“I’ve never been more relieved to be safe this week. I wish that Marie didn’t have to go through this.  You can tell how much this is killing her to have to send someone home.   It’s hard to see someone you care so much about in so much pain.”

“I just want this day to be over.  I’m hoping with everything in me that I will be going back to the penthouse with Marie.  Please god let me not be going home.”

Marie had finally composed herself.  She summoned all the strength she had and walked toward the four guys that meant so much to her.  Regardless of whether she was ready to do this she knew it had to be done.

“The first thing I did when I walked out there and saw them all was tell them how this elimination ceremony was breaking my heart.  They all meant the world to me and I didn’t want to hurt anyone of them.  They needed to know that.”

Maximus of course was the first guy to be safe.  Not only had he won the solo date but he also got Marie’s flower, in more then one way.  Their relationship was one of the strongest in the house and was still growing.

“I’m so excited to be this close to excepting Marie’s final rose and hopefully getting down on one knee and asking for her to be my wife!”

Marie was ready with her next choice.  The second guy safe today was Rafiki.  Their relationship has been a bit of a rollercoaster but it was at it’s very high point.  Marie was excited again about Rafiki.  And we all know Rafiki is always excited about Marie.

“I had really strong feelings for Rafiki right off the bat.  They may have fizzled a bit these past weeks but the time we shared this week ignited them again.”

“I’m like a slow burn on Marie’s heart.”

I hope this is the last week of all the fire puns.

There were only two men left.  This meant Flounder or Bagheera were going home.  Flounder head been super strong in this competition.  But was beginning to lose some ground because of his own insecurities.  Things with Bagheera have never truly developed but there’s a super strong attraction that Marie is having a hard time ignoring.  Who will be the one to continue fighting for Marie’s heart and which one will walk away the loser?

“I feel sick right now!  So sick.  Why couldn’t I have gone home in week one?  It would have been a lot less painful.”

“I don’t like being in this position but I’ve been here before and I made it through.  I have to believe that this time will be no different.”

Sadly Bagheera it will be.  Marie has made her choice and her choice is Flounder.

“Oh my god!  Oh my god.  I 100 percent thought I was going home.  I could barely even walk away to give Marie her chance to say good bye to Bagheera.  My legs were like jello.”

“I couldn’t say goodbye to Flounder.  I have no doubts about my feelings for him.  Unfortunately I haven’t gotten the chance to really explore those feelings for Bagheera.  I could be making the hugest mistake of my life but I have to follow my heart.”

It was time to say good bye to Bagheera.  Marie knew it was going to be difficult.  She couldn’t deny there was an attraction there, a very strong one.  Due to the nature of this game she wasn’t able to find out if there was more.  She hadn’t even kissed Bagheera so maybe this attraction was just building up to be a let down anyway.  But then Bagheera did something that Marie wish he would have done earlier, something that could have possibly saved him.

“I should have done that on day one.  I’m sorry I waited until it was too late.”

“Damn you Bagheera.  Why did you wait so long?”

As Bagheera walked away, Marie was fighting back the tears.  She couldn’t help but think she was going to live to regret her decision.

“I can’t do this right now….please I just want to be alone.”

I know there are a lot of unhappy people out their right now screaming at the screen.  But unlike Marie and the other guys you know this may not be the end for Bagheera.  Maybe they will get their second chance.  Find out next week when we reveal how the eliminated guy will be returning and how you the audience will play a big part on who that guy is!  As always I’m Chris Harrison, thank you for watching and have a good night.

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