Disney Legacy: Ariel Blanc (Part 12)

Ariel still couldn’t believe her and Eric were married.  They became the next in a long history of happily ever after.

Ariel and Eric had been living marital bliss for two weeks now.  Ariel was loving every minute of it.  Like those who came before her she had the gift of cooking.  She loved that she was no longer cooking for one.

She knows this may sound outdated but she always looked forward to the day that she could make breakfast for the man she loved.

And she certainly loved that man.

It was a good thing because he loved her right back.

Most mornings however the toast burned and the eggs were overdone.  Ariel and Eric didn’t mind.  Kisses tasted better for breakfast anyway.

“Eric I was thinking it would be nice if we got away for a few days.  Sort of like a mini honeymoon.  What do you think?”

Eric thought it was a great idea.  He would book it right after he finished breakfast.  By that he meant continuing to make out with his wife.

Eric was true to his word.  He found a cozy little cabin that was available immediately.  The two packed their bags and were ready to start their impromptu honeymoon.

You would have thought they would have spend ever minute together.  But when they first got there they sort of did their own things.  Eric wanted to catch dinner.

Ariel was dying to start this new book she had heard of, Love and Ruin by Beryl Heffner.  It was one of those books you couldn’t put down.

Eric had little luck catching dinner.  Luckily he had planned for this and had some veggie burgers packed away.

Ariel’s book was so good she had finished it in one sitting.  She decided to take a nap while Eric made dinner.  I wonder if she was dreaming about her and Eric or her and Enzo.

Dinner was served.  It was crystal clear that Ariel could only ever dream about Eric.

After dinner the air decided to check out the stars.  You don’t get these kind of views back in Willow Creek with all the light pollution.

“See those stars up there, that’s Altair and Vega.  They were lovers that were separated by a river carved between them by their parents who didn’t approve of their love.  One night each year a bridge would form over that river allowing them to be together.”

Ariel knew exactly how Vega felt.  She had spent far too long separated from her love.  There would never be another day she would be without Eric.

“You will always be my Altair and I your Vega.”

They spent the rest of the night in each others arms with no plans of ever letting go.

Morning came and once again Eric had no luck fishing.  That meant he would have to grill up the fruit he had brought as a back up back up plan.

Ariel didn’t mind.  In fact she preferred the taste of melon and pineapple over fresh trout for breakfast.

Unortunately when you plan a last minute trip like this you don’t get a chance to check the weather.  The rest of the day it poured which force Eric and Ariel to be cooped up in side.

They didn’t mind.  They found plenty to do inside like watch a marathon of scary movies which forced Ariel in Eric’s arms multiple times.

And of course their was always kissing that needed to be done.

One day of being cooped up inside was fine but when they saw rain for the rest of the week they decided to cut their trip short.  Ariel had missed her pool and was happy to be back in the water.  After hearing the story of Altair and Vega swimming was that much sweeter.

While Ariel was swimming like a little fish Eric was busy making lunch.  He had gotten bit by a bug on vacation, a cooking bug.

“Hun you may be taking over the cooking duties from now on.  But don’t forget my kisses at breakfast and lunch and of course dinner.”

Ariel and Eric had been back for a few days.  They were getting into the swing of being not only a couple but a married couple.  That didn’t mean Ariel didn’t have time for her friends.  So Willow called saying she needed a friend to talk to she didn’t hesitate to invite her over.”

“My life is just a mess right now.  Mom and dad passed away so I just feel so alone.  I sort of dating this guy but I can’t really talk about it because he’s not exactly divorced yet.  And to top it all off my landlord is raising my rent and I can’t afford to stay.  I may have to move to another city.  Willow Creek is just too expensive for me.”

Ariel understood everything Willow was feeling.  She knew how it felt to be left alone.  And of course she understood loving a guy who wasn’t really available.  But luckily she’s never had to worry about being homeless.  There had to be a way she could help Willow.  She didn’t want her best friend moving away.

Willow wasn’t the only one who needed to talk.  Foster also was looking for an ear to listen to what was going on in his life.

Little did he realize one of the things he wanted to talk to Ariel about was standing right in front of him.

Ariel was trying to make Willow feel better for hours but had no luck.  But it seemed all it took was Foster showing up to perk up her mood.

Ariel thought to herself for a second, could Foster be the mystery guy Willow was talking about?  No Foster and Yumi had their problems but they were trying to work things out, weren’t they.  Besides Foster was so much older then Willow.

While she sat there wondering something hit her.  She thought she had a way to help out Willow.  But she needed to talk to Eric about it first.

“It’s really great to see you again.  I’ve haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since that night.  Please say you’ll have dinner with me tonight?”

While Willow and Foster discussed their dinner plans, Ariel was letting Eric know her plan that would ensure Willow wouldn’t have to move half way across the world.

“You want Willow to move to my old apartment here?  Don’t you think we should spend a little time alone as a couple?  We are newlyweds after all, we need out privacy.”

Ariel wanted to show Eric that even with her best friend living with them they would still have plenty of couple time.

It was a big and sound proof house.  They wouldn’t have any trouble living the newlywed life they’ve become accustomed to.

After successfully convincing Eric, though it took a few rounds, Ariel couldn’t wait to tell Willow the great news.  Though she thought it would sound better if Eric told her.

“Willow it doesn’t make sense for you to move so far away when we have an empty apartment right here.  Ariel’s had to lose to much family already, she shouldn’t lose you too.”

Willow said yes.  The Blanc house was looking like the old days, full of life.  She told Eric and Ariel she needed to start packing.  Coincidentally Foster also had to make a quick exit.  Ariel decided to get in a quick swim before she continued to show Eric he had made the right choice.

Eric was in for a long night so he needed to build up his energy.

Willow’s figured packing could wait and decided to take Foster up on his invitation.  The two celebrated into the wee hours of the night.

It was a few weeks later.  Willow was all moved in and settling into her new place.  Everything was perfect.

Well almost perfect.  She still wasn’t sure how she was going to tell her best friend that she was dating her married Uncle.

Will Ariel find out about Willow and Foster?  How will she react?  Also the household isn’t done growing yet.  Find out all this and more next time!

3 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: Ariel Blanc (Part 12)

      1. I was having one of those moments where you kinda know where things are going because of the story influence, but then you don’t trust the writer, so you get scared it could go another way. Any chance I’ll see that you’ve let them live their lives in blissful peace when I get to the next chapter?


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