Disney Legacy: Ariel Blanc (Part 3)

Ariel had been spending a lot of time with Joe.  Since she had started taking up photography it was great to have a friend to show her pictures to.  She just wished he was more then just her friend.

Another plus side about becoming a budding photographer was she could ask Joe to be her model.

The boy did look good in photos.

Their photoshoot was over and Joe suggested they sit down somewhere to talk.  They found a pretty spot overlooking the lake.

Ariel couldn’t help but notice that Joe kept inching closer to her while they chatted.

She didn’t mind one bit.

“Ariel I have a confession.  I have a crush on someone…..that someone is you.”

Clearly the feeling was mutual.

It was a perfect first kiss.  Well almost perfect.  They could have done without the creepy guy who was also sitting to close.  Only Ariel certainly minded with him.

Ariel wasn’t the only one who was cozy with the boy she liked.  Back home Sebastian and Mark were enjoying a movie date at home.

Though neither of them were all that interested in the movie.

“I know somewhere we’d be a lot more comfortable if you’re interested?”

Sebastain figured his parents wouldn’t mind if he borrowed their room for a little bit.  It’s not like they’d be using it anytime soon.

Especially not the bed.

Ariel had been in such bliss with Joe that she hadn’t seen Vanessa in awhile.  She didn’t want to start a new fight with her so she made sure she kept in touch.  She mentioned Joe a little bit but she didn’t want to seem like she was bragging.

Speaking of Joe he had become a permanent fixture at the Blancs house.  It was clear he was quite smitten with Ariel.

Ariel didn’t mind all the visit at all because she was just as smitten with him.

Sebastian being the protective big brother he was wanted to sit down with Joe to make sure his intentions with his sister were good.

“You seem like a nice guy Joe, but my sister deserves the very best.  I’ll be making sure that’s just what she gets.  Are you guys even official yet?”

After being grilled by Sebastian Joe needed a little relaxing swim with is favorite redhead.

“Is your brother always so intense.  I feel like I;m the prime suspect in a murder charge and your brother is the detective out to get me.”

Ariel was scared Sebastian was going to push Joe away.  She asked him to cool it with the whole dad act and just be happy for her.

With both their parents gone Foster took it upon himself to look out for the kids.  He knew that would be what Tess wanted.

The kids were always happy to see their Uncle Foster.  They missed their parents terribly so it was nice to have some family still in their life.

Sebastian filled Foster in with what’s been going on in the house.  So of course he told him about Ariel’s new friend.  He did leave out the using his parents bed with his boyfriend though.  Foster didn’t need to know everything.

“Give your sister a break, let her have some fun.  She’s a teenager she’s going to get her heart broken trust me.  You can’t protect her from that.”

Ariel decided maybe it be best if they hang out at Joe’s house for a little while.  At least until Sebastian chilled out.

After what she thought was a fun makeout session Joe told Ariel they needed to talk.  Ariel was convinced Joe was going to say he didn’t want to hang out anymore.  She was going to kill her brother when she got home.

“After talking to your brother it really got me thinking you do deserve something more.  Ariel, will you be my girlfriend?”

While Ariel and Joe were becoming an official couple, Sebastian and Mark were doing couple things too.  Like going on a date.

They had been spending so much time home, they rarely went out in the real world.  Sebastian had never been shy about his sexuality and who he was, but he was afraid Mark wasn’t quite ready for their relationship to be so public knowledge.

Sebastian loved Mark or at least he thought he could love Mark.

But then again Mark was the only boy he had ever dated.  He sometimes wondered what else might be out there.

A little update on the house.  Since Ariel was showing such an interest in photography and their parents had left them quite a lot of money, Ariel built her very own photo studio.

Of course she knew exactly who she wanted to be her first model.

The boy just doesn’t take a bad photo.

Ariel had never been happier.  She had everything she wanted, a spot to work on her craft and the most perfect boyfriend.

But wasn’t she forgetting something or more specific someone.  Well she was about to remember just who she was leaving out of that equation.

Vanessa invited herself over she said she wanted to see Ariel,s new studio.  But what she really wanted to look at was Joe.

Be careful Joe she looks like a girl on a mission.

While Joe had gone into the kitchen to grab a snack Ariel wanted to find out what her friend thought of him.

“I guess he’s what some people would consider cute.  Not really my taste though.  He’s pretty average, perfect for you.”

Ariel should have known Vanessa would act like this.  She had always been jealous of Ariel.  She was just upset that Ariel had love in her life and she didn’t.

We do remember Vanessa had always wanted what Ariel had.  It’s the reason they stopped being friends for a while.

It looks like some people never change.

Will Vanessa revert back to her old ways and will Joe be strong enough to resist?  Find out next time.

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