The Bachlorette: Disney Wildlife Edition Ep.10 – And They Lived Happily Ever After

It’s the night you have all been waiting for. The finale of the Bachelorette: Disney Wildlife Edition is here! Tonight we will finally find out who Marie chooses to spend forever with and whether he wants to spend forever with her. We first met Marie, our bachelorette, a few weeks ago. Up until now she had been unlucky in love and was hoping this show would change all that. She was introduced to our 7 bachelors and that’s where our fairy tale began. Some guys were misses from the start, while others had instant connections. There was still a few that took a little while longer to click with Marie. Speaking of that guy, Maximus, he made it all the way to the end and is now one of the two finalist along with fan favorite and comeback king Bagheera. Marie has a difficult decision to make but before we get to that we still have one more home town visit to make. As you remember last week Marie traveled to the remaining bachelors home to learn more about her potential true love. This week we are going home with Marie. That’s right we get to see where Marie has grown into the woman she is today and we also get to meet a few people who helped shape who she is. Who said you can’t go home again.

“This has been the longest I have been away from home. I may have felt like I was a little trapped there but I must admit I missed it.”

One of the reasons Marie had felt trapped was mainly because of her mother. Marie’s mother or the Duchess as she likes to be called, is what Marie likes to call a perfectionist.  Everything in her life needed to be to perfection, this included her daughter.  No matter what Marie did or what she wore or who she dated nothing was ever good enough for the Duchess.  It was hard to grow up never feeling good enough for your own mother.  To know that no matter what you did you would never reach that perfection.   It made dating nearly impossible for Marie.  Every boy she had brought home never passed the Duchess’ test.  Marie tried to not let her mothers opinions ruin her relationships but it’s hard to ignore someone constantly telling you that the guy you’re dating was no good.  After awhile Marie stopped bringing her boyfriends home.  That is until today.  Needless to say she was very nervous neither of them would make it past the Duchess.

“I love my mother, of course I love her.  But she’s a little impossible to be around at times.  I know she thinks she just looking out for me and doing what she thinks is best but how can she not see how much she’s destroying my chance at happiness.  I’m terrified that she’ll send both Maximus and Bagheera running for the hills.”

“My children deserve nothing short of perfect and they should not settle for anything less.  I only want them to see that.  Is that so wrong?”

It had been a few weeks since Marie had seen her mom.  She wanted to catch her up on what her life had been like all this time away.  She wanted to tell how crazy it had been dating 7 different men.  How she never thought it was possible to have feelings for more then one guy at a time.  She wanted to have a conversation with her mother about what falling in love felt like because she was pretty sure she was.  Sadly the Duchess was more interested in whether Marie had kept up with her lessons then the state of her love life.

“One should not sacrifice their art for boys.  I was not happy to hear how much Marie’s music had suffered while on this silly show.”

If she’s referring to this as a silly show, Maximus and Bagheera are in trouble.

After Marie got a lecture about how important it was to not let distractions get in the way of her music she decided it was time to call it a night.  She retired to her old room.  She had been gone for weeks but not one thing had changed.  Not in her room or not with her mother.

“It was a mistake to agree to do a hometown date.  My mother is going to chase away Maximus and Bagheera.  She’s going to ruin my chance at true love.”

There was nothing Marie could do tonight about the boys meeting her mom.  So for now she tried her best to relax with a little pampering.  She would think of something in the morning to make sure her mother didn’t screw everything up.

“When I was younger and my mom would be driving me crazy I would come up to my room and forget everything.  It was my little sanctuary.  The one place I didn’t have to be perfect.  The place where I could be just me.”

It was a new day and Marie was hoping another chance to talk to her mother about what she’d been going through.  Unlike last night the Duchess actually listened to her daughter.  Unfortunately she didn’t have much advice for her.  Marie knew that her mother didn’t approve of her being on the show.  Her mother didn’t think it was a proper way to meet a good man.  Only wild, rude and unkempt men wanted to be on shows like this, her words not ours.  She did suggest someone else Marie could talk to, someone who would understand why she chose to find love this way, her father.

“She actually let me talk about what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks, that’s something.  Baby steps.”

“I want to understand my daughter, I really do.  But we come from different worlds.  She talks of being in love after only knowing these complete strangers for such a short period of time.  Love like that doesn’t last.  Trust me I know.”

Marie never knew her biological father.  He had run out on them when she was a child.  She barely remembered him.  But that didn’t mean she didn’t have a loving and supporting father.  When Marie was about 12 her mother met Thomas O’Malley.  He was the complete opposite of her mother, very far from perfect.  The Duchess of course couldn’t stand him at first but after awhile it was clear that he was the love of her life.  That love was what Marie had always been looking for.  She wanted to find a man that would look at her the way Thomas looked at her mother.  Marie had always been taught she deserved perfect and that was what her mother and Thomas’ love was.  Sadly when Marie was 16 Thomas had gotten very sick.  It wasn’t long until he was gone.  One of the last things he told her was ‘When you find the one, and you’ll know when you do, to hold onto them as tightly as possible and never let go.  Cherish them for as long as you can and never let a day pass where you don’t tell them you love them.  Love isn’t perfect nothing in this life is but love is the only thing worth living for.’   The day Marie lost her father was the hardest day of her life.  It took her a long time to get over his death, and truthfully she knew she never would.  But she knew that he would want her to go on, to find that love that he had.  She swore to herself that she would not let her daddy down.

“I miss my father everyday.  There’s not a day that passes that he’s not in my thoughts.  He’s one of the reasons I did this show.  I know he would think I made the right choice.  I hope he’s up there watching with a big smile on his face.”

Marie returned from visiting her father only to see more family was waiting for her.  Her brothers Toulouse and Berlioz had stopped by.  Marie knew this wasn’t just a random visit.  Maximus and Bagheera would be here soon and she knew her brothers couldn’t miss an opportunity to embarrass her.   She made sure they both knew they would live to regret it if they told one embarrassing story to Maximus or Bagheera.

“I swear to every god out there if they tell Maximus or Bagheera about freshman year I will kill them.”

“Oh my god freshman year I almost forgot about that.  Of course I have tell her boyfriends that story.  It’s our job as Marie’s brothers to embarrass her.  It’s like law or something.”

“Hey we just want to make sure our potential brother in law knows exactly what he’s getting into.  The guy deserves to know everything.”

Speaking of potential brother in laws one of them was arriving.  Since we haven’t done this before let me explain how this will work.  Similar to the over night dates previously where Marie got to see the boys homes, the guys will be welcomed into Marie’s home.  While there they will meet Marie’s family.  Marie and each guy will also have one final date, giving Marie a last chance to see what life with Maximus or Bagheera would be like.  However unlike the overnight dates there will be no sleep over.  When the clock strikes midnight these boys will turn back into pumpkins and be sent on their merry way.  The next time they see Marie will be when she decides which one of them she wants to be with.  First up was Maximus.  Before letting him in Marie begged her family that they go  easy on him, especially her mother.

“I don’t know why my daughter thinks I won’t give these boys a fair chance.  It’s not like I already disapprove of them for signing up to be on this ridiculous show or think the idea of finding love on a reality show is ludicrous.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Marie sweat so much.  She thinks we’re going to scare of this guy, maybe she should put on a little more deodorant.  Otherwise him going will be all on her.”

“Please please please don’t let my family be my family for a few hours.  Let them be normal and not make Maximus run screaming out of this house.”

Before putting Maximus in front of the firing squad Marie wanted a moment alone with him.  It had only been a few days but she had missed Maximus terribly.   The way she felt in his arms was one of the best feelings in the world.   While she hugged him, tighter then she ever had before, she hoped that this wouldn’t be the last time she would be in his strong safe arms.  Before going inside she apologized in advance for whatever her family was about to put him through.

“You never realize how much you miss someone until you see them again after being away from them.  It had only been three days but it felt like a thousand.  If this is how I feel being away from Maximus after a few days how will it feel if I don’t pick him?”

“I couldn’t hide my joy at seeing Marie.  She lights up my world.  I could be in the worst mood and one smile from her and I’d say what bad mood.”

It was the moment Marie had been dreading since she stepped foot back home.  Maximus was about to meet her family.  Would he like them?  Would they like him?  Will her mom even say two words to him?  Marie had no idea what would happen.  She just hoped it would end in smiles and not tears.

“I was nervous.  Especially meeting Marie’s mom.  Marie had warned me that she could be tough and cold.  But that’s not the impression I got at all.  She seemed very warm and sweet.”

“It’s proper etiquette to be welcoming when there is a guest in your home.  But sweetness will go out the door when I get my chance to have a little alone time with him and learn his true intentions with my daughter.”

The Duchess’ one on one time with Maximus would have to wait.  Maximus was getting some alone time with Marie’s brothers.  Toulouse and Berlioz regaled Maximus with stories of their sister.  Some were sweet and solidified the love Maximus had for Marie.  Others were not so flattering but did nothing to change Maximus’ feelings for her.

“Maximus is a good guy.  He’s like the big brother I never had.  Yes I know I have a brother, I still stand by what I say.”

“Marie is going to kill me for telling Maximus about the freshman story.  If Maximus might marry Marie one day he deserves to know everything.”

“Oh boy that story they told me about Marie in freshman year was epic.  No of course I won’t tell you.  I don’t think Marie wants anyone else to know about it ever.”

I guess just like Abu’s big secret we’ll never know Marie’s.

Maxmius’ meeting with Marie’s brother had gone really well.  He got along with them great and could see himself easily fitting into the role of big brother.  However Maximus still needed to have a one on one with the Duchess.  He had a feeling there would be a lot less laughing and a lot more stern looks during that conversation.

“I’m not going to lie I was a little terrified to be alone with Marie’s mom.  We literally sat in silence for about 10 minutes.  I was starting to think I wasn’t going to survive and I’d never be seen or heard from again.”

The conversation got off to a rocky start.  Maximus was so nervous that he would say the wrong thing he just started rambling.  At one point he was talking about the price of pork rinds in China.  He knew that if he didn’t do something quick there would be no saving this trainwreck.  That’s when he started to speak from the heart.  He told the Duchess how much Marie meant to him.  That he had been in love only once in his life and that his feelings for Marie had surpassed those 100 times over.  He wanted her to know that she did not have to worry about her daughter in his hands.  He would protect her and love her until the last breath passed his lips.  He asked her to give him a chance at giving Marie the happily ever after she deserved.

“After the first few minutes of our conversation I had written Maximus off as not worthy of my daughter.  But when he told me how much he loved her and wanted to give her the world it reminded me of how my Thomas fought for me.”

“I think in the end the Duchess liked me.  She didn’t kick me out so that has to be a good sign right.”

While Maximus was trying to win Marie’s mother’s approval, Marie sat in her room nervously waiting to see if Maximus was successful.

“How could my mother not like Maximus.  He was everything she wanted for me.  I remember that first day when I met Maximus I wrote him off for being too much of what my mother had been pushing on me.  It was only after getting to know him that I realized I could have it all, the proper gentleman and the sweet but incredibly sexy man.”

After what had seemed like forever but in reality had only been 40 minutes Maximus joined Marie upstairs.   Marie was dying to know how it went but almost too scared to hear the answer.  She was delighted to hear that Maximus thought it went well.  However she wouldn’t know for sure until she heard those words come from her mother.

“She hadn’t kicked him out that has to be a good sign right?”

The hard part may have been over but it wasn’t the only hard part Maximus’ was experiencing.  Maximus wanted nothing more then to throw Marie down on her bed and make all her wildest dreams come true.  But with Marie’s mother downstairs and Marie knowing she’d be unable to stay quiet all Maximus got was some tickling and a kiss.  This only made things harder if you get what I’m saying.

“I feel like a horny teenager when I’m around Marie.  Is it wrong that I just want to be constantly kissing her?”

With all the meet and greets out of the way and areas softening up again it was time for Marie to get ready for what could be her last date with Maximus.

“I can’t believe this is it.  Tonight may be the last time I’ll be with Maximus.  Why does that thought break my heart.  I’ve got to not think of it too much and enjoy all my time with Maximus.”

Marie would be taking Maximus to Club Paradiso.  Marie’s town was not known for it’s nightlife but luckily there was one cool place for people under the age of 50 to go and have a good night.  Truth was Marie didn’t care where she went, just as long as Maximus was with her.  The pair sipped fruity cocktails with umbrellas, danced to slightly outdated music and flirted the night away.

“I feel like each date I’ve had with Maximus has been so different.  I get to see a new side of him on each one.  The greatest part is I like everyone!”

“Dating Marie has been the best experience of my life.  I know that I never want to date anyone else again.  It kills me that I can’t say for certain that Marie feels the same.”

With so much dancing and so many fruit cocktails Marie needed some air.  So she was thrilled when Maximus suggested they check out the roof top.  Club Paradiso was nothing special when it came to night clubs.  They watered down their liquor like so many other places.   The decor was the standard cookie cutter club look you found everywhere else.  However it did have one thing that made it truly stand out, a view.   However Marie and Maximus were too busy with other things to really enjoy it.

“I didn’t even notice the view.  Why would I when I had the most beautiful one standing right in front of.”

Lines don’t get cheesier then that one Max!  But we still love you.

It was nearing midnight which meant if Maximus didn’t leave soon he’d be turning into a pumpkin.  Marie tried to convince him to come in so they could take care of the little problem he had before.  Her mother would be asleep by now and she was a very deep sleeper which meant they could make all the noise they wanted.   To Marie’s surprise, and ours too, Maximus declined the invitation.  Instead he told her had had a lovely night, wished her pleasant dreams and walked away.

“I can’t believe Maximus just left.  I thought we had had a great night, I knew I didn’t want it to end.  I would have thought if this was our last night he would have wanted to be together one more time.”

“Of course I wanted to spend the night with Marie.  I want to spend every night for the rest of my life with Marie.  But there’s a chance that might not happen.  I need to start preparing for the possibility that Marie is not in love with me the way I desperately want her to be.”

Marie couldn’t help but think that maybe Maximus didn’t feel the way she had thought he felt.  Maybe all of this was getting to him and he realized that he didn’t love her.  She was all set to cry herself to sleep when she was surprised for the second time that night to find her mother waiting for her on the couch.  She couldn’t remember the last time that had happened.   At the start of the night all Marie wanted to know was what her mother had thought of Maximus but now she was praying she wouldn’t tell her.  What if her mother loved him and thought he was perfect.  How would she be able to handle finally finding a man her mother liked only to have him decide he no longer wanted to be that man.  However the Duchess did tell Marie what she thought of Maximus and she also told her what Maximus thought of Marie.

“I told Marie that Maximus was a fine man.  He would make an excellent husband, be a good provider, and make me handsome grandbabies.  But I told her what impressed me most about him was how madly in love he was with my daughter.”

“How is it that mothers always know just what to say to make everything all better.”

Rather then crying herself to sleep that night Marie had sweet dreams, probably of Maximus.  It was a good thing she had a good night sleep because the next day she would be seeing the other man in her life, Bagheera.  We decided to switch things up a little and have their date happen before he would meet Marie’s family.  Marie and Bagheera would spend a lovely day lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun and maybe splashing around a bit.   Since dreaming of Maximus last night Marie was worried that she wouldn’t be able to focus on Bagheera properly.  But from the moment she saw him walking over to her, muscle glistening in the sun, that smile that lit up a room.  You would have thought Maximus who.

“I remember thinking day one how it couldn’t be possible for this man to make me so weak in the knees and wild with longing just by looking at him.  Weeks later and he still has the same effect on me.”

“I love that Maximus had his time before me.  Save the best for last I always say.”

Bagheera my have brought out all of Marie sexual cravings to the surface but it was time for her to turn the tables on him.   She wanted Bagheera to want her with just with one look as badly as she wanted him.  She thought a new teeny tiny bikini might help her out with that.

“Damn girl what are you doing to me!  It’s not fair for Marie to do that to me in a public place like this.  How’s a guy suppose to control himself.”

“I guess I’ll be keeping this swimsuit around.  It works wonders.”

Both Marie and Bagheera were in need of a cold shower but a cold pool would have to do.   They spent the day splashing around in the water.  Acting like a couple of kids, kids who secretly wanted to do much more then just splashing.

“Things with Bagheera are always so charged.   There’s this electricity I have with him that I’ve never felt with anyone else.  It’s exhilarating.”

“The chemistry between Marie and I can’t be denied.  I can’t imagine her having this sort of connection with Max.”

It was getting close to the end of the date.  They would have to leave soon so that Bagheera could meet Marie’s family.  They decided it would be best to get out and dry off a little first.  Truth was Marie didn’t want this date to end.

“Today with Bagheera was perfect.  I don’t want to ruin it be introducing him to my family.  I love my family to pieces but I’m not sure they will be as accepting to Bagheera as they were Maximus.  I hate to say it but the color of his skin has a lot to do with it.”

Marie hated to even think that the color of Bagheera’s skin could change how her family, especially her mother felt about him.  But the truth was it was something she had thought about since she and Bagheera had gotten closer.  Marie’s town was not as diverse as many towns were.  Most of the people had a certain look to them and that look was white.  That being the case Marie had never dated a black man before.  She didn’t care what the color of Bagheera’s skin was.  It could have been purple for all she cared.  What mattered to her was the person.  And she really liked the person that Bagheera was.  As she and Bagheera stepped into the dining room she held her breath for a minute wondering how this night would go.

“I was praying that my worry was for nothing.  I don’t know what I would do if my gut was right.”

Luckily Marie had nothing to worry about.  Her family welcomed Bagheera with open arms, well her brothers did.  Her mother gave him the same stoic silent treatment she had given Maximus.  It had nothing to do with the color of his skin and all about the fact that he was dating her daughter.   Marie could tell Bagheera was nervous when he tried to eat his salad with his spoon.

“Bagheera had always been so cool and calm, smooth.  I’ve never seen this vulnerable side of him.  I’ll admit it’s quite endearing.”

“Hell yes I was nervouse.  The Duchess is sort of terrifying.  Luckily I have Marie here by my side for support.”

However Marie would not be there for long.  The meal was just over and the Duchess excused herself.  She suggested that Bagheera join her in the living room so they could have a little chat.

“I now know what the gladiators felt like right before they opened the lion cages.”

Just like she had with Maximus, the Duchess didn’t say anything for the first few minutes.  She just sat there in silence eyeing Bagheera, trying to figure out if he was good enough for her baby.  After about 10 minutes she finally spoke asking one question.   Did he love Marie?  It was an easy question for Bagheera to answer.

“I didn’t have to ask Bagheera many questions.  It was by the way my daughter looked at him through out dinner that I knew how she felt about him.  My only concern was that he felt the same.”

“At first I thought it was a trick question, that no matter how I answered it would be wrong.  But it was the easiest question I’ve ever been asked.  Of course I love Marie.  I love her now and forever no matter what happens.”

Marie once again found herself waiting to see if the man she was falling for would be scared away forever.   She thought dinner had gone nicely but the way her mother looked at Bagheera when she asked him to chat had her nervous.

“They’ve been in there a long time haven’t they?  Can someone go check to make sure Bagheera is still here?”

Marie was relieved when she saw Bagheera making his way towards her.  At least he hadn’t been scared off she thought.  However when she saw his serious expression she was worried that things hadn’t gone well.  Luckily Bagheera set her mind at ease when he told her that it had gone well.

“I have to say I never thought my mom would have liked one of the guys I brought home, let alone both of them.”

“After talking with the Duchess I realized there was no reason to be scared.  She puts on a tough exterior but she’s just a pussy cat when you really get to know her.  She only wants what’s best for Marie and I get that because that exactly what I want.”

Marie could let out a sigh of relief.  All her worrying was for nothing.  Of course her mother would love Bagheera.  He was pretty irresistible.  Marie was happy that all of this was over but that also meant that it was time for her to say goodbye to Bagheera (don’t  worry just for the night not forever).

“This day has gone better then I ever could have imagined.  I’m sad to see it over.  It’s even worse that I won’t be ending it in Bagheera’s arms.”

“This could be my last perfect day with Marie or just the beginning.”

Bagheera had left.  The next time Marie would see him would be back at the penthouse when she would decided if she wanted to spend forever with him.   Speaking of that decision she would be making it soon and she was no closer to the answer as she was when she started this whole thing. She needed to talk to someone. She needed someone to help her decide what she should do.  She knew exactly who that person was.

“If there was ever a time I needed some motherly advice it would be now.”

“I told Marie I couldn’t make this decision for her, no one could except her.  I did tell her that whatever she chose would be the right choice and that I supported her no matter what.”

Marie had come into this weekend dreading it with ever fiber in her body but now that it was over she didn’t want leave.

“All I want is for my daughter to be happy.  It’s what any mother wants for their child.  I know that both of these men can make her happy.  She deserves it.”

“This trip home has been incredible.  I never thought that this experience would bring me and my mother closer.  Thank you for that.”

A few days passed and Marie arrived back to an empty penthouse.  It was hard to believe that a few weeks ago she had entered those same doors wondering if she would find the love of her life.  Now not only had she found it, she may have found it with two men.   As she walked through the house one last time she remembered all the memories that had happened here.  Some were happy, some were sad but all of them helped her to get to this moment.  The moment when she was going to tell the man that she loved how she really felt.

“To think I started this not knowing if it would even work.  Now I’m in love with the man of my dreams and I can’t wait to tell him so.”

Marie would be telling one man that she love him more then anything else in this world but she was also going to break the heart of someone who thought she was their world.  It was a heavy burden to have to carry.  So to try and calm her nerves she did a few things to help her relax and prepare herself for what would be the hardest thing she would ever have to do.

“Tonight is bittersweet.  On the one hand I’m so ready to tell the guy I choose that I love him I’ve been waiting a lifetime to say those words to someone.  But by saying them it means I have to tell someone else I care about that I don’t love them the way they want me to.  I knew this was part of what I signed up for but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t break my heart.”

It was getting closer and closer to the big reveal.  All that was left to do was for Marie to get ready.   She looked stunning in her designer dress.   She looked like a woman who was ready for her fairy tale to start.  As she stepped into the backyard she couldn’t believe her eyes.  It had been transformed into a picture of romance.  It was the perfect spot for telling someone you loved them for the very first time.

“It was like stepping into a dream.  All the flowers and candles, I’ve never seen something so breathtaking before.”

The stage was set.  Marie was ready for her leading man to show up.  The only question was who would that be.  Bagheera was about to find out if it was him.

“I could feel my heart beating at ten times it’s normal speed.  I was sure it was going to beat right out of my body.   Then I saw Marie and a calm just rushed over me.  She looked stunning, like the goddess I always knew she was.”

Marie seemed happy to see Bagheera so it was hard to tell if she was about to break his heart or not.

“Bagheera looked so handsome.  He always does.  There is not a piece of clothing that that guy wouldn’t look good in.”

Marie told Bagheera how she had never expected to meet a man like him here.  A man who was confident and sexy and respectful.  A man who knew how to treat a woman.  She thought that men like him didn’t exist.  She reminded him how on their first date he hadn’t even tried to kiss her.  She was about to go on when Bagheera stopped her.  He had writing something for her and he wanted to get it out before he lost his nerve.

Marie, all my life I have longed to belong to something more then just myself.  I’ve craved that sense of safety, of comfort, of love.  As I got older I worried that my life wasn’t meant for that.  I threw myself into my work and resigned to the fact that I was to have a life without love.  That all changed the day I met you.  You have restored my faith.  You have given me hope that love does exist and that I’m worthy of finding it.   And I have found it with you.   You make me want to be better.  To be someone who deserves your love.   Marie, you are the love of my life.

“Marie needed to know exactly how I felt.  I know it was a risk putting it all at there.  But if I didn’t now when would I have my chance.”

“Why did there have to be a letter?”

Marie had made her choice and she was ready to tell Bagheera what it was.  However it’s very likely he would not want to hear it.

“The connection I have with Bagheera is incredible.  I’ve never been so physically attracted to someone.  But a relationship can’t just really on just looks.  I just didn’t feel that strongly in other areas with Bagheera.  I wish I had.”

Bagheera was heart broken.  He had spent his life looking for that person who would give him the family he had always wanted.  He longed for someone to share his life with.  He had thought with all his heart that Marie was that person.  When he walked through the doors that night he thought his dream was finally coming true.  But sadly his dream was just that and he would have to continue searching for the girl who would make it come true.

“I knew this was a possibility but I never really thought it would be my reality.  I thought Marie would pick me.  You can’t fake what we have…I guess had.   She was the love I was searching for.  How do you just walk away from that?”

Despite it being the hardest thing he had to do, Bagheera did walk away.  He wasn’t the type to hang around where he wasn’t wanted.  He walked away with the same cool and dignity that he had walked into this house with.  Marie couldn’t help but feel her heart break as she watched this incredible man walk away and out of her life.

“I remember the first time I had said goodbye to Bagheera I regretted it instantly.  As I stood there watching him leave that feeling was starting to resurface.  What if I had made the same mistake twice.  This time I wouldn’t be able to fix it.”

“I had never wanted to turn my back on Marie.  I wanted us to walk side by side for the rest of our lives.  Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to.”

For the second time in this competition we were saying good bye to Bagheera.  Could his heart handle being broken twice?  Something tells us he will have plenty of women lined up to help mend it.

“Do I regret coming on this show, of course not.  Do I wish the outcome had been different, definitely.  It’s going to be hard and right now it feels like my world is collapsing but I know I will find what I’m looking for and what I deserve.  Don’t worry about me world.  I’m going to be ok.”

Bagheera was gone and Marie couldn’t help but wonder if she had made a huge mistake.  She was so sure of her decision at the beginning of the night but now that she had made it it felt wrong.  What if Bagheera was the love of her life and she had just let him walk away again.  She stood their trying to make sense of what she was feeling when in walked Maximus.  It was at that moment that Marie knew she had made the right choice.

“I was convinced that I had made the wrong choice after Bagheera walked away.  But then I looked up and their was Maximus, my Maximus.  One look into those eyes and I knew for certain I had made the right choice.  Maximus is my best friend, the love of my life.  I couldn’t wait to finally tell him how I felt.”

“Marie looked like an angel standing there.  I could hardly believe that this vision in front of me loved me back.  Then it hit me that maybe she didn’t.  I was seconds away from the happiest day of my life or a day I would dread forever.”

Marie didn’t want to waste anytime.  She quickly took the final rose from the table and told Maximus that she chose him.  If he would except the last rose of the season it would make her the happiest girl on the planet.

“I was so nervous giving that rose to Maximus what if he said no.  What if he realized that he was way too good for me.  I couldn’t breathe until I had his answer.”

Of course Maximus accepted the rose.  Marie was what he had always wanted.  The two celebrated the occasion with their first kiss as an official couple.   But there was one more thing that Marie had to tell Maximus before they could really celebrate.

“I knew that I loved Maximus that first night together in Granite Falls.  It’s been so hard to not tell him how I really felt this whole time.  I was so happy to finally say those three words.”

“I had wanted to hear I love you from Marie from day one.  I had fallen in love with her from the moment I laid eyes on her.  It felt like I had waited an eternity to find out how she really felt.  But it was definitely worth the wait.”

This night had been everything Marie had ever wanted.  There was no way it could get any better.  Or was there?

“There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that if Marie chose me that I wouldn’t ask Marie to spend forever with me.  I love this girl more then life itself.  Of course I want her to be my wife.”

“I knew a proposal was possible at the end of this but that doesn’t mean I still wasn’t shocked when it happened.  This night had been such a rollercoaster of ups and downs.  I love Maximus but I wasn’t sure I could handle all of these emotions.”

After a brief moment of feeling overwhelmed Marie came to her senses and gave Maximus the answer he was hoping for….yes!

“Come on did you really think I wouldn’t say yes!”

Marie had started this journey hoping to find love, knowing there was a possibility she would be disappointed.  Luckily that wasn’t the case.  She had truly found what she was looking for.  She found the one person that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.  A person that not only was her lover but was her best friend.  She couldn’t wait for this chapter of her life to begin and we are so happy to have played a part in her story!

With that our season has come to an end.  It’s been a hell of a time.  We had love, drama, and a whole lot of fun.  Thank you for taking this ride with us and we hope you’ll join us next season for the craziness that will be Bachelors in Paradise: Disney Edition.  For the final time this season, I’m your host Chris Harrison.  Have a great night!


Did you think we would leave before updating you on what’s been going on with all our other bachelors?  We wouldn’t leave you hanging like that.


After his time on the Bachelorette LJ decided it was time for him to become more assertive.  He signed up for some classes on how stand out in a crowd.  He’s current;y working on his Tinder profile and hopes to find a girl that will see him as more then just a nice guy.


After the reunion Abu dated super fan for a little while.  But realized just how crazy she was after a few weeks.  He’s currently studying to become a therapist.  He wants to help people talk out their issues and their secrets.  He hopes to start on his own first.


Pongo and Perdita got remarried.  They are living happily with their six children and awaiting the birth of their twins.  They are on their way to having their very own football team with the amount of kids they have.


Heartbreak is hard to get over and Flounder is realizing how true that is.  He’s taking a break from looking for love and is working on loving himself.  Ironically while picking up a few self help books at the library he met a sweet girl who he’s been hanging out with quite a lot.


Rafiki decided to go on a year long yoga journey around the world.  He hopes to perform downward dog in as many countries he can.  Don’t worry he also plans on performing a few other moves that require a partner in those countries as well.


One of our most loved bachelors has not given up on his dream.  Since we love him so much as well we decided to help him out a bit.  You’ll all be happy to hear this is not the last you will see of Bagheera.  He’s coming back for next season, giving it another shot on Bachelors in Paradise: Disney Edition.  Here’s hoping he has better luck next time.

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