The Diary Of Elise Robinson (Choosing an heir)

This is collaboration project with fellow simmers on the Sim forums where we each play a legacy using the same founder, Elise Robinson. If you’d like to check out the challenge or read the other Elise’s you can find them here


Help me choose the next heir.  Just a warning there are a lot of choices (yeah my founder couple got busy).  Below you will find a little information about each girl in case you don’t follow my story.



Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire

Traits: Neat – Vegatarian

Lore is a creative soul.  She loves to paint and write songs that help let express her feelings.  Even though she’s grown up in a big family she’s always felt left out.  She wants to break out of her shell and find someone to be her twin.  Hopefully she’ll find love too, as she’s been very unlucky on that front.



Aspiration: Nerd Brain

Trait: Clumsy – Geek

She is looking to cure the world of everything that ails it.  That means this pretty face is also super smart.  Being a super genius doesn’t leave much time for anything else.  One of the things she hopes for her future is to find a balance between work and play.




Aspiration: Bodybuilder

Traits: Self Assured – Outgoing

Unlike her win sister, Kimber, Jerrica works out her body rather then her mind.  She feels living a healthy life is very important.  If she’s not jogging you can find her working out or enthusing about exercise.  The one area she’s not very active is in love.  Even though she doesn’t look for it tends to find her.



Aspiration: Soulmate

Traits: Goofball – Hot Headed

Jamie, being the only blonde in the family, stands out and that’s just how she likes it.   She wants the world to know she’s here no matter if you like it or not.   Unlike her sisters she’s on the search for love.   She knows soulmates don’t come easy and you may have to kiss a few frogs to find them.



Aspiration: Successful Lineage

Traits: Perfectionist – Dance Machine

Kyle has always felt she comes in second.  She was born a few minutes later then her twin sister (Jamie).  And she’s a sub par artist compared to her older sister.  She’s not comfortable in the spotlight but she’s looking to break out of that comfort zone.  Being the only Robinson child to inherit her mothers blue eyes she’s bound to be noticed.

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