The Bachelorette: Disney Wildlife Edition Ep.2 -Carve Your Heart Out

Hi Bachelorette nation welcome back to the real start to the season.  Touring the house and meeting the contestants is nice but we’re ready for the action to begin!  We can’t wait to join Marie on her journey for love.  Next stop meeting all her potential love interests.

Before unlocking the door to their penthouse in the sky some of the boys were already playing the game.  They made sure to introduce themselves to Marie and wanted to make sure she remembered them when it came to elimination day.

“I came here at a second chance at love.  There was no way I was going to sit around and wait for it to happen.  If I’ve learned anything from my marriage it’s that you can’t just settle and wait for things to happen.”

“I hadn’t even found out any of the boys names when the cute one with freckles came up and started chatting me up.  I’ve always dated such proper guys who were so formal and rehearsed during the introductions.  It was a nice change meeting someone so forceful and direct.”

Not all the guys though were focused on Marie.  Maximus was too busy scoping out the competition.

“Not one guy here looks to be any competition for me.  I mean one of them had blue hair for goodness sake.  Really!!  What self respecting woman wants a little boy who’s hair color is the same as a blueberry?”

I wouldn’t say Flounders hair looked like a blueberry more like blue cotton candy.

We finally unlocked the door and everyone scattered around the house to check out all it had to offer.  Many of the guys seemed to stop their tour at the pool.  I bet a few of them were hoping Marie would join them.

“It’s day one and you need to showcase your assets so that Marie can see what’s on the table to eat.  It just so happens my assets are covered up by this shirt I’m wearing.”

“I just thought it was such a beautiful day why would I waste it inside.”

Marie didn’t agree with LJ and was having a delightful time inside.  In fact such was having that great time with the blue haired boy Maximus thought was no threat.

“Flounder is so cute.  He was telling me the funniest story about this time he got chased by this thug named Shark and how the guy got stuck in the doorway because he was so big.  I must admit I love a guy who can make me laugh.”

“Shark isn’t scary at all.  I would face him again in a heartbeat….you can edit this part out right.  He’d be so mad if he saw this.”

The day continued on.  The men were enjoying the benefits of the house.  I guess they were all having a little fun before the drama began.

“Most important to me about this place,besides Marie, were the shape and size of the closets.  I meditate ever day and it’s important for me to have a save place for it.  I’m not sure most of the guys here would understand the importance of clearing ones mind.”

“This house is the nicest place I’ve ever even been in.  You should have seen my place before coming here.  Talk about a dump.  It did have a nice view though.”

The only guy here so far that remembered that they were there to play a game, not test out of the toys the house had to offer, was Flounder.   He was taking every opportunity he had to talk to Marie.  He knew he wasn’t the most attractive guy in the house so had needed every extra help he could take.

“I was instantly attracted to Marie the minute I saw her.  You’d have to be crazy not to be.  Some of the guys here look like they belong in GQ, did you see Bagheera without his shirt on!  I’m more likely to be on the cover of the tv guide.”

“I was a bit surprised that Flounder was the only one really getting to know me.  I barely have said two words to the rest of the guys in the house.  Though I don’t mind spending a lot of time with Flounder, like I said he’s pretty cute.”

As much as she enjoyed chatting with Flounder, Marie felt she should make an effort to get to know some of the other guys.  She was on her way to the backyard to join the boys in the pool when she heard the voice of an angel coming from the karaoke room.  She had to know which one of the guys had pipes like that.

“Is Maximus sure he signed up for the right show.  With a voice like that he should be on Sim Idol.  I guess I should be happy he choose me over singing stardom.  I could listen to that boy all day.”

Marie obviously was liking Maximus when he was singing but how would she feel about him after sitting down and having a conversation with him.

“When I first saw Maximus I thought he looked like a lot of guys I’ve dated before.  You know the straight and narrow, bit of a snob type.  But after talking to him maybe I was wrong.”

“Yes I like order and rules but that isn’t the only thing that defines me.  I have a huge Funko Pop collection and a read simlit.  I love all kinds of music but my favorite are the singers of the rat pack era.   But their’s nothing I love more then sitting next to a gorgeous girl, learning as much as I can about what defines her.”

It looked like the game was finally getting started. Maximus may have scored some alone time with Marie but Rafiki was going to make sure that time was cut short.

“I needed to connect my aura to the house before I could focus any energy on why I’m here, that being Marie. But I’m fully connected now and it’s time for my aura to shine like a diamond.  Marie has no idea but I can already feel that we are soulmates.”

“I was so pissed when that yoga mat came in and interrupted my time with Marie.  But not to worry there’s a lot of game left and I plan on being around to play.”

We decided to check in on the other guys in the house while Rafiki and Maximus were vying for Marie’s attention in the karaoke room.

“Just a little word of advice LJ try not striking up a conversation in the middle of a guys shot.  Some guys just don’t have any common sense.”

“I really enjoyed talking to Abu.  He’s a little on the quiet side though.  He’s going have to open up more and be more talkative if he hopes to make it far in this competition.”

Abu’s interaction with LJ stressed him out a bit.  When he’s stressed he eats.  The only thing is he doesn’t eat neatly.

“Yes I’m a stress eater, the only problem with that back home is a usually have nothing more then stale bread in my fridge.  But the fridge here is stocked with everything you could ever want.  I’m definitely making sure I wear a big coat with lots of pockets when I leave.”

We discovered another love of Maximus’ talking.  At one point during the day he had cornered just about every guy and had at least a 10 minute conversation with them.  Abu may want to steer clear of him for the first few days.

“I have kids so yeah I can listen to endless talking like a pro.”

“Maximus seems like a nice guy but he sure can talk.  There was one point when my eyes just glazed over and I had no clue what he was going on about.  I think it had to do with his horse or something.”

The day quickly turned into night.  Our first day in the house was almost over.  But before it was to end of course there needed to be a little drama  Marie went out to the backyard planning on joining the boys for a little swim.  She was very surprised to find that some one else had beat her too in it.  In fact it was two someones.

“You can only imagine how confused I was when I go outback and see some girls flirting it up with my guys.  Who were these bimbos and how did they get in the house.  Most importantly why did it seem like some of the guys were flirting back??”

These girls it turned out were what we like to call super fans.  They actually scaled the building and snuck into the house.  They knew there was no way they weren’t going to get caught but I guess having their fifteen minutes of fame was more important.  Not to mention it was a house full of gorgeous guys.  They figured maybe at least one of the guys wasn’t interested in Marie and they could be a good substitute.  Well Marie quickly squashed these girls dreams.  She demanded they leave at once or she’d be forced to call the police, or even worse the producer.

“Why do I have to be the first person on the show to have to deal with crazed fans.  I definitely didn’t sign up for that!”

“I don’t understand why the girl with white hair, really who has white hair when they are in their 20’s, made such a big deal about us being there.  Ok yes we broke in and yes we were hitting on her guys but didn’t she ever learn how to share?”

The uninvited guests finally left.  Now it was time to deal with the guys, mostly Flounder.  Out of all the guys in the pool he was the only to actually interact with the two mystery girls.

“I was really hurt to see Flounder talking to those girls.  I didn’t hear the conversation they were having but he sure did look like they were having a good time.  I thought we had an instant connection.  Maybe I was wrong about him.”

“Of course I wasn’t flirting.  I’m here for Marie 100 percent.  I mean can’t you already tell how much a like her.  I thought that maybe those girls were her friends.  I wanted Marie to see I could get along with her friends.”

Looks like Flounders lead over the other contestants was getting smaller and smaller.  Rethinking things with Flounder, Marie made sure to get to know all the guys.  She had yet to have any real interactions with Abu and LJ.  She was lucky to find them both on the basketball court.

“I knew if I laid low and wasn’t as forward with Marie as some of the other guys she would reach out to me.  I’ve done the whole coming on strong way to much in my life.”

“It was great to have a little one on one time with Marie.  I just wish it wasn’t one on one on one.”

The first day had come to an end.  Most of the guys had felt it was time to turn in.  They knew tomorrow would be the first date challenge and wanted to be good and rested for it.  Marie however was not ready to call it a night yet.  Her first day had not gone as expected.  She was starting to doubt if she was doing the right thing.

“Today definitely did no go as I thought it would.  I thought after meeting all the guys I’d be excited and looking forward to the weeks ahead.  But all I feel is doubt.  What if none of these guys are my soulmate.  What if this is all just a big waste of time.”

While Marie sat contemplating the decision she had made coming on the show, one other houseguest was not ready to go to sleep.

“I don’t sleep much.  Ever since that night that I….you know what I’d rather not talk about that.”

Marie noticed that she was not the only one still up.  She decided to stop feeling sorry for herself and do what she came here to do, fall in love.  Not that she expected to fall in love with Abu right then and there but she had to admit he had potential.

“There’s some air of mystery surrounding Abu.  I feel like he has this big secret to reveal.  I’m hoping whatever is is not a big turn off.”

Marie tried to get Abu’s attention.  But Abu was only interested in one thing…swimming.  He barely noticed that the girl he hoped would be his true love was sitting there hoping to talk to him.   Feeling even worse then she did an hour prior, Marie decided it was finally time to call it a night.  She prayed that tomorrow would be better.  If it wasn’t she didn’t know how long she would be able to do this.

“I gave up a lot and hurt some people that I love to be here.  It would break my heart if this turns out to be all for nothing.”

The one person we believe Marie is referring to is her mother, the Dutchess.  The Dutchess was not happy when she learned her only daughter was going on a reality show about finding love.  She had already lined up a ton of potential suitors for Marie.  All from the right kind of families.  The Dutchess told Marie the day she left that she was making a huge mistake and that she would never give her blessing to whatever relationship came from all this.  So needless to say Marie had a lot riding on this to work so she could prove her mother wrong.

Morning came and the house once again was alive.  The men all knew how important today was.  They would be competing in a challenge for the first solo date with Marie.  That first date is crucial.  Forming those tight bonds early in the competition has never been as important since this season Marie would be deciding who goes home each week.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Everyone says so.  I want to be ready for whatever today’s challenge is.  Having that meal will give me the focus and drive to win it.”

“I spoke to may spiritual advisers over breakfast this morning.  They told me that victory was written in the stars. Stars never lie.”

Some of the guys choose to enjoy a breakfast of music instead this morning.  Perhaps they thought the competition may have something to do with the art of song.

“The karaoke room is great but no season has ever had it before.  That has got to mean there will be some sort of challenge here.  Don’t you think?”

“I wasn’t even thinking about what the challenge would be today.  I normally listen to a little classical music in the morning.  My body isn’t the only muscle I work out, I like to keep my mind sharp too.”

Flounder had wished to get in a hearty breakfast and practice on a few things he thought could be the challenge today but he got stuck chatting with LJ.  Next time he will make sure to use the bathroom when he knows LJ is out of there.

“Whoever said that Maximus was the talker of the season obviously hasn’t chatted with LJ.  That guy can go on and on and on and…well you get the idea.”

“These guys are all so easy to talk to in this house.  Not like my friends back home.  Most of the time they just run away when they see me coming.”

It was time for the challenge.  This challenge would determine who will be the first guy to win a solo date with Marie.  As you know this is extremely important.  Every guy in this house is trying to score alone time with Marie to help ensure they stay in the competition.  So the chance to be whisked away from the house with Marie is exactly what the guys want.  Not only that but winning the solo date gives the guy immunity, which means he can not be eliminated that week.  We told Marie to wait upstairs.  This season she wouldn’t be knowing who was going to be on the date until the actual date.  Needless to say the suspense was killing her.

“Last night I went to bed a little down.  I really was considering giving up.  But when I woke up this morning I was filled with hope and excitement again.  I just know that this is going to work.  My forever love is only a floor below me!  I can’t wait to see who my first date will be.”

Neither can we, but in order for us to find out we need to get this challenge started.  For our first challenge of the season the boys will be doing a little carving in a challenge we like to call “Carve Your Heart Out”.  This is the first time we are doing this challenge, yes I know we are a little late and have missed Halloween, but luckily pumpkins are always in season.  The guys will use their skills of precision and quickness in hopes to be the first man to give that jack o lantern the perfect smile.  The guys are already working on their pumpkins let’s take a look at how they are doing.

“Yes the first challenge!  I’m finally given a task that needs to be completed in a certain way.  It’s what I’ve been waiting for since I walked through those doors.”

“The trick to precise cuts is a slow and steady motion.  The same applies to pleasing a woman.”

Why do I feel like we have a whole bunch of women in the audience wishing they were that pumpkin.

The challenge continued.  All the guys were keeping it close.  This one was going to be won by a nano second or result in a tie.

“I saw that beautiful pumpkin smiling back at me and I knew I had won this!”

“What do they say slow and steady wins the race.  Looks like that applies here.”

Both Rafiki and Bagheera were right, we had a tie!  This was not the first time that a challenge resulted in a tie but it will be the first time we will allow both winners to go on a solo date with our bachelorette.  That’s right folks there will be two solo dates and it’s only the first week!  Not only that but both Rafiki and Bagheera are safe this week.  So all you Bagheera fans (and I know there are a lot of you) can breathe a sigh of relief.

Since there are two dates today we decided not to waste any time and sent Marie off to meet her first bachelor.  We also decided not to tell Marie there were two winners until it was time for her second date.  By random draw Bagheera will be going on the first of the dates.  Since this was a day date we picked a place that looked best in the sunshine.  So for this date Marie and Bagheera will be enjoying Sunset Park.  Sunset Park is most known for where they shot the iconic movie Simblanca.  Perhaps the most well known and romantic scene of the movie was shot right in front of the gorgeous fountain that Marie sits in front of now.  It said those who share their first date in this park usually get their happily ever after.  We will have to wait to find out if that’s the case for Marie and Bagheera.

“I knew instantly where I was.  I’ve literally seen Simblanca a thousand times.  It’s my favorite movie.  And yes I know about the legend of first dates here.  This very well may be the story we tell our grandkids years from now.”

“When I saw Marie sitting on the bench waiting for me I had to catch my breath.  Marie is everything I could ever want in a wife.  It feels like that family I’ve always dreamed of is getting closer and closer.”

Marie seemed genuinely happy when she saw that Bagheera was her date.  The two quickly struck up a conversation.  To a strangers eye it would appear the two had known each other forever and not on there first date on a reality tv show.

“I was surprised how at ease I felt with Bagheera.  He kind of intimidated me at first.  He just oozes sex appeal, I’m not used to that.  The guys I date are usually stuffy not sexy.”

“I know on paper it looks like Marie and I aren’t a good match, but who listens to that stuff anyway.  Matters of the heart can’t be calculated with a computer.”

The date continued to go well.  Having enough of the fountain view they moved on to another famous set location from Simblanca.  The tree they are standing under is the same tree where Bogart and Bergman first meet each other.  Since first appearing in the movie couples have come here and carved their initials into the tree.  Bagheera suggested they add their names to the list.

“It was so romantic that Bagheera wanted to add our names to the same tree that Rick and Ilsa met under.  If he keeps this up there’s no way I can resist falling for him.”

After solidifying there love in a piece of bark the couple took a stroll through the park.  Bagheera had never seen Simblanca, what I know, so Marie described it to him scene by scene.  That girl wasn’t kidding about loving the movie, she knew ever part by heart.

“I’ve always wanted to see Simblanca but just never had the time.  My job doesn’t leave me a lot of down time.  I would love for my first time to be with Marie.”

“I was flabbergasted when Bagheera said he never saw Simblanca.  How is that even possible!  I quickly got over my shock though when his hand grasped mine during our walk.”

Their date was coming to a close. Marie did have another date to get to, even though she had no idea about it.  They had finished their walk at one of the most beautiful spots in the whole park.  It was the perfect spot for a first kiss.  It seemed like the date was headed in that direction but would either Marie or Bagheera make the first move?

“The whole time standing there I was just hoping Bagheera would kiss me.  I was giving out all the signals that I was open for it.  I may be trying to get away from the whole acting like a proper lady thing but I still think the guy should initiate the first kiss.”

“I wanted to kiss Marie more then anything but I know she’s used to gentleman.  Something told me that proper gentleman don’t kiss on the first date.  I hope I didn’t just blow my chances.”

So there was no first kiss but we do have another date to give it a try.

The two arrived back to the house and we immediately let Marie know her night was not over.  She quickly changed and was on her way to find out who her second date of the day would be with.

The second date of the day was also outside but this time it was at the roof top bar known as Bolts.  Bolts was the epitomy of cool.  It had the trendiest drinks, freshest music and a sleek pool that was only for looking, anyone who’s anyone knows you never go swimming there.  Marie having never been to such a place felt as if she was not cool enough to be here.  She was worried someone would notice and ask her to leave.  Hopefully whoever her date was would raise her cool status.

“I’m sure glad you encouraged me to change before coming here.  My other outfit certainly wouldn’t have fit into a place like this.”

After Marie started to feel a little less nervous she started to scan the place for her date.  After a few minutes she thought she spotted a familiar face hiding out in the corner.  On closer inspection she definitely knew the attractive guy who looked like he was waiting for the love of his life to arrive.

“Seeing Rafiki sitting there really shocked me.  Mostly because I didn’t think he would ever want to cut into a pumpkin. I thought he wouldn’t be able to handle hurting another living creature.  Though are pumpkins ever living?”

“Marie looked like a vision from the heavens.  And her aura….wow…it was lighting up that entire place.  I was so turned on.”

The conversation wasn’t as easy and smooth as it had been with Bagheera but Marie did admit that there was something about Rafiki that completely drew her in.

“Rafiki is nothing like any guy I’ve met.  My mother would hate him.  But I find him fascinating.   I have so many things I want to know about him.  He’s also very attractive.  That helps.”

Rafiki was getting parched and suggested the two head over to the bar to quench his thirst.  Marie love that idea.  Truth be told Marie was so enamored by Rafiki she probably would have followed him anywhere, even into the forbidden pool.

“I was having such a good time with Marie.  I could feel our shockras connecting on so many levels.  I can’t wait to write about these feelings in my journal later.”

The drinks at the bar were very tasty but going through Marie quickly.  She excused herself to the ladies room.  When she finished relieving herself she headed back to the bar expecting to continue the great date she was having.  Only thing was Rafiki was no longer at the bar.  She knew he wasn’t in the bathroom, it was a unisex bathroom and she would have seen him when she was in there.  Once again she found herself scanning the room looking for her date.  Of course she found him in the one place he wasn’t supposed to be.

“How can you have a pool and expect people to not go in it.  That’s like having a fruit stand and telling people not to eat the fruit off of it.  Sorry it’s the only analogy I could come up with, Abu was talking about fruit stands in sleep last night.”

Marie couldn’t believe Rafiki was actually in the pool.  Didn’t he realize how uncool people would think he was.  So when he invited her to join him she was shocked at herself for actually agreeing.

“Of course I knew what people would think about us being in the pool.  But honestly I didn’t care. I was having so much fun with Rafiki.  He brings out this side of me that I never knew existed.”

“Once you quit caring what people think you’re life is so much richer.  I haven’t cared in years what people thought of me.”

The couple splashed around for a little while longer and then dried off.  They weren’t ready to end their date so they found a cozy little spot where they could talk some more.  Marie was hoping they would do a little more then talk.

“I was so happy that Rafiki kissed me.  I was afraid he was going to be like Bagheera and not go for it.  What did I think of the kiss??  Well it was like no kiss I ever had before, I’ll tell you that much.”

“Ever part of me tingled when I kissed Marie.  I knew I was destined to find my true partner on this show.”

The first kiss of the season has happened and by the looks of it it was a success.  After a little more chatting and a little more kissing, Marie and Rafiki knew it was time to go home.  Marie had had a long day and went straight to bed.  No doubt she would be dreaming of that first kiss or the lack there of from her first date.

“This really was a perfect day, well not completely perfect.  A kiss from Bagheera too would have made it perfect.   But compared to yesterday this day was 100 times better.  This is what I thought I was signing up for!”

Marie was sleeping soundly but that didn’t mean everyone was tucked into their beds.  A few of the guys were still up.  Some of them had hoped to get a chance to talk with Marie .  Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

“This season it’s more important then ever to get time with Marie.  She’s the one sending us home you know.  Those guys on the dates today have a huge advantage on the rest of us.  I was hoping to close that gap and get to see Marie when she got home tonight.  It seems the guys wore her out, that’s not good at all.”

“Of course I was eating.  I eat when I’m stressed remember.  There’s nothing more stressful then knowing you may be going home this week.”

It was morning again in the house.  News of the dates were spreading around the house, especially the fact that Rafiki had gotten the first kiss of the season.

“I was a little surprised that Bagheera didn’t go in for the first kiss.  Maybe that means they didn’t have any chemistry and he’s not the huge threat everyone thinks he is”

“I’m so stupid!  How could I not kiss her on our date.  It was so romantic and now that I think about it she was giving me all the signs. I may have made the biggest mistake of my life.”

Bagheera was really regretting not kissing Marie.  But more importantly he couldn’t believe that she had kissed Rafiki.  He and Rafiki were so different.  How could she be attracted to both of them.

“Rafiki is well…..he’s strange, let’s just put it like that.  I don’t understand how Marie could have been so into me but also end the night kissing him.  It just doesn’t make sense.”

I hate to break it to you Bagheera but all you guys are different and Marie is most likely going to like all of you.  You’d be smart to get over this quick before it effects you negatively in this game.

There was going to be a group date today but before that the guys had some down time.  Rafiki had noticed that we had moved the pumpkins from yesterday’s competition.  We were getting ready to recycle them.  Rafiki saw them just sitting there and he just couldn’t resist.

“You got to make your own fun in this house.  And what’s more fun then smashing pumpkins!”

“I was so hurt when I saw Rafiki just stomping all over our pumpkins.  I worked really hard on that, we all did and he just destroyed them.  That’s not right in my book.”

Marie was woken up by some commotion coming from the backyard.  She didn’t want to start the day off with such negavtivity so she did a little yoga to calm herself and get in the right state of mind.

“It sounded like some of the guys were arguing over pumpkins….but that couldn’t be right.  Who in the world would fight about pumpkins?”

Marie headed downstairs after her yoga session.  She found out that she had heard it right, LJ and Rafiki had been arguing over the pumpkins from yesterday’s competition.  LJ went on and on to her about how it wasn’t right that Rafiki wrecked his pumpkin.  He said he had wanted to save that pumpkin as a reminder of his time here.

“I guess it’s kinda sweet that LJ wanted to save the pumpkin to remember me.  But he does know that pumpkins rot, right.  Like they rot pretty quickly after you carve them.  Saving one would be gross.”

I’m not sure what all the guys ate this morning but it looked like someone laced it with sleeping pills.  It was nap time in the house.  Each guy found whatever comfortable spot they could to catch a few winks.

“Napping in the middle of the day like this never happens back home.  When you have as many kids as I do you don’t get much time to sleep.  I guess it was finally catching up to me.”

After missing his opportunity to have Marie all alone last night, Abu was not going to make that mistake again.  While all the guys were dreaming about Marie, Abu was actually talking to her.  For some reason he thought the best place to do this was the bathroom.

“How stupid are these guys!  Why the hell are you sleeping.  You can sleep when this is over.”

“It was nice to see Abu was actually interested in getting to know me.  After the other night I thought he may have been a lost cause.  I will admit though I’d prefer our next conversation not be in a bathroom stall.”

The guys would be leaving soon for their group date.  Rafiki had a few words of advice for anyone who would listen.  Unfortunately Abu and Flounder were in the wrong place at the wrong time and had no choice but to listen to him.

“Rafiki said he had advice for us about our date but all he kept talking about how the past can hurt, but you can either run from it, or learn from it.  I’m not really sure how that’s supposed to help me on my date.”

“Did you guys tell Rafiki my backstory.  The stuff he was saying was really hitting me hard.  I think I need a taco or something right now.”

The taco would have to wait Abu because it was time for the group date.  For our first group date of the season Marie and the boys were going to pump it up at Pump Pump Gym.  Nothing says a good group date like tight shorts and sweaty bodies.  If Marie can handle all the smells she’s about to experience from these boys then you know she can have a future with one of them.  They wasted no time hitting the machines.  Just because Marie was running on an incline didn’t mean she couldn’t do some flirting with Pongo.

“Physically I’m super attracted to Pongo.  He’s definitely has the look I’m most drawn to.  I still don’t know much about him but I can’t wait to learn more.”

“I’m really nervous to tell Marie that I was married before and that I have kids, lots of kids.  I’m hoping none of that will matter but I understand that’s a lot of baggage to take into a new relationship.”

After her run Marie met LJ and Maximus for a little game of horse.  Maximus suggested they make things interesting and that the winner should get a kiss.  Marie agreed to these terms but reminded him that if LJ won he would have to kiss him.

“I thought I was being so smart trying to get a kiss from Marie but she totally turned things around on me.  It was sort of adorable, I love a girl with a sense of humor.”

“I so wanted LJ to win.  I wanted to see if Maximus would really go through with the beat.”

The rest of the date was a lot of the same thing.  Marie worked out with the guys, they enjoyed watching her sweat.  However something interesting did happen towards the end.  We definitely picked a good looking cast and because of that a lot of the guys were getting hit on when Marie wasn’t looking.  When Marie found out that more girls were trying to move in on her guys she was seeing stars (or more like light bulbs)

“May I suggest we have these dates in more secluded places.  I’m getting sick of all these tramps moving in on my guys.  How I’m I supposed to get to know them better when I have other girls trying to get to know them too?”

The houseguests returned from their date.  I little impromptu dance party started.  Marie was enjoying watching Bagheera and Maximus shake their money makers when something distracted her.  That something was a naked Rafiki.

“I’m not ashamed of my body.  In fact I do most things at home in the nude.  I guess I just forgot that I wasn’t home for a minute there.”

“Oh my I was not ready to see that just yet.”

Marie needed a little fresh air.  It was getting much to hot inside, I’m guessing that was from seeing Rafiki in all his glory.  Pongo and Maximus were glad to keep Marie company outside.

“I mostly wanted to make sure Rafiki didn’t show up again at attention if you know what I mean.  I need to be ready to shield Marie’s eyes.”

It had once again been a long day and this time the whole house all turned in at the same time.  They all knew tomorrow was elimination day and that would be their last chance to make an impression on Marie.  The next morning Bagheera was the first one up.  He enjoyed having the house to himself for a little while.

“I enjoy me time.  Any guy who tells you otherwise is lying.  Though I wouldn’t have minded sharing this time with Marie.”

Bagheera’s me time was interrupted by the rest of the house waking up.  Despite it being elimination day the mood in the house was still pretty happy and upbeat.  You would never guess that someone would be leaving today.

“I don’t want to seem cocky but I really don’t think I’m going home this week.  I’ve had a lot of time with Marie this week.  Yes we had that incident with the super fan and yeah I really didn’t get to spend time with her on the group date.  You know what maybe I should be worried.”

“Marie and I definitely have an attraction to each other.  I see her always stealing these glances a me and I’m guilty of the same.  I don’t remember ever feeling like this with my ex.”

The elimination ceremony was going to begin soon.  Before it did Marie wanted to pull Bagheera aside.  This season we have asked Marie to award one guy each week with the rose of the week.  This rose symbolizes the guy Marie is the most excited to get to know better.  The guy she feels made the biggest impression on her that week.  Also the guy who recieves this rose will obvisously be safe that week.  This week she wanted to give it to Bagheera.

“I couldn’t believe Marie gave me the rose of the week.  I thought for sure I screwed things up not kissing her on our date.  This means more to me then she will ever know.”

“It may have seemed I was going to give this rose to Rafiki and I had an amazing time on our date. But there’s something about Bagheera that has me interested.  I want to know so much more about him, I just hope he feels the same about me.”

It was that time of the week.  Time for us to say goodbye to one of the houseguests we have come to love..ok maybe we aren’t in love quite yet, but definitely like.  As you all know we are doing things different this season.  There will be no challenge that will randomly choose who goes home.  This season the bond the fellas have with our bachelorette will be what keeps them in the game.  For the first time Marie has all the power, she can truly follow her heart.  She gathers all the guys in the living room and starts explaining how things will work.  She will call each guy she wishes to continue on this journey with up one by one, hoping that they too will want to stay.  At the end there will be two men standing, one of which will be asked to leave, ending his chance at true love. Looks like everyone is ready so we will get started.

“If I’m here next week I’m going to have to open up about my past.  I don’t know what’s more scary that or being sent home.”

“I want to stay here so bad.  Please please please let me stay.”

Since Bagheera and Rafiki won the solo date this week we know they are both safe.  Rafiki found out that Bagheera received the rose of the week and was a little hurt that it wasn’t him.  He was unable to hide his disappointment when Marie called him up telling him he was not going anywhere.

“I thought our connection was the strongest in the house.  It’s impossible not to feel it.  But she gave Bagheera the rose.  That should have been my rose.”

“It hurt seeing Rafiki so upset.  He has to know that I like him.  Clearly I like him, I don’t go around kissing boys I don’t like.”

Next one safe was Flounder.  It seems all those little chats earlier in the week really stood out in Marie’s mind.

“I’m so glad to see that the superfan incident didn’t effect Marie’s feelings for me.  I promise from this point on she will be the only girl to get my attention for as long as I’m in this house and hopefully forever.”

Next staying in this house was Abu.  That trip to the john him and Marie took seemed to have paid off.  Will we finally hear about this past he wants so badly to keep hidden?

“I haven’t learned as much as I would like from Abu.  That is one of the reasons I’m keeping him in the house.  I feel like he is going to surprise me, in a good way a hope.”

Three nervous men were left.  Who would be the next one safe to follow his heart?

“I really thought I would have been called by now.  I didn’t get as much time with Marie that I would have liked but I felt the time we did have was strong.  I’m really liking this girl and I can already see a future with her.  I really hope it’s not over before it got a chance to start.”

“I’m pretty sure I know the kind of guy Marie is looking for and I’m it.  She’s done with jerks and just wants a nice guy.  I’m told I’m the nicest guy there is.”

She may be looking for nice but LJ was not the next guy safe in this house, that would be Maximus.

“Maximus reminds me so much of the guys I’ve dated in the past.  I decided to give him another shot to prove me wrong.”

Two guys were left, one would be joining the other guys and one would have the honor of being the first guy eliminated from the house.  It was not an honor any guys hopes to have when entering this house.  Even though this was only the first week Marie knew this was going to be difficult.  She may not have same feelings for one these guys that she did for the other men in the house but that didn’t mean she wanted to cause him pain.  She knew being here was just as important to him as it was her.  She sat down between the two guys and told them how she wish she didn’t have to do this.  That both of these guys were great and if given more time she could easily fall for either of them.

“I knew coming into this how hard this part was going to be.  No one wants to be responsible for crushing someone’s dream.  I’m by no means saying I’m the guys dream but they all came into this looking for love.  I hate that I’m the one telling them they won’t find it here.”

It was finally time for Marie to make her decision.  She turned to Pongo and asked if he would like to continue on this journey with her.

“I was so relived when Marie chose me.  I’ve giving up a lot to be here and I wasn’t ready for it to be over.  I plan on going to the end with her.”

That meant that LJ would be the first bachelor to be heading home this season.  He was genuinely shocked to be leaving.

“I don’t get it.  I thought I was exactly what Marie was looking for.  I guess I should have been more up front and pushy like the other guys.  But I truly believed that wasn’t the guy she wanted.  Once again I come out of this looking like a fool, story of my life.  I guess I’m not meant to find love.”

“LJ was super sweet and kind.  But he seemed more interested in getting to know the other guys in the house instead of me.  I’m going to have to make hard decisions throughout this process but I’m sorry to say goodbye to LJ wasn’t one of them.”

So LJ is leaving the house but we will see him again.  But more on that next time.  For now it’s time to look to the future, Marie’s future.  There are still 6 guys who have started to fall for our bachelorette and she has fallen for a few of them.  Join us next week to see if any of that changes.  Until next time, I’m Chris Harrison thank you and goodnight.

8 thoughts on “The Bachelorette: Disney Wildlife Edition Ep.2 -Carve Your Heart Out

  1. Oh this was so much fun! I really think Nagheera is my fav so far such a gentleman hehe! Rafiki is a lunatic LOLOL but I love that he makes me laugh! Great start I really enjoyed all of this. I do have to go to google now and look some of these characters up rofl!

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  2. So many bits of this made me laugh out loud! This is so much fun (poor LJ, though).
    I loved the bit about being on the front of GQ vs the TV Guide – I understand that feeling so much, I just couldn’t stop giggling. And I take it Rafiki is insane? That’s one of my favourite traits in game – it adds so many unpredictable things!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can’t even remember how I discovered this but I am so glad I did. I’m hooked! I can tell you put a lot of work into this, between staging the photos, going on the dates, and writing the story. Well done!

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