The Bachelorette: Disney Wildlife Edition Ep.1 – Penthouse Please

The wait is over.  A new season of The Bachelorette is here! We can hardly believe we are on the fourth season.  We have all of you to thank for that.  You guys are the reason we are able to bring you season after season of love and a little drama 😉

 Last season was a bit on the dark side but don’t worry we are bringing you back into the light.  As evil as Jafar was last season this season’s bachelorette is twice as good hearted.  She’s sugar and spice and everything nice.  And the boys, are sweet sensitive and oh so nice to look at.  This season we’ve changed things up a little.  For starters there will be no elimination challenge.  You’re probably thinking doe that mean no more eliminations?  No there will still be eliminations, only this season we’ve decided to let the bachelorette decide who goes home each week.  After the surprise of no one winning last season, ok maybe it wasn’t such a surprise, we wanted to bring the series back to what it’s supposed to be…finding your one true love.  Unfortunately sometimes with the elimination challenges that true love gets sent home too early.  So this time we wanted to make sure the person chosen at the end is who the bachelorette really wants to be with.  But we will get more into how that will work next week when the game really begins.  The second thing we’ve changed is the eliminated houseguests will actually leave the house.  There is no secret upstairs or dungeon like basement where our guys will be kept hoping to return to the game.  Instead that will be offsite in a completely different apartment building.  Don’t worry the eliminated guys will still have a chance to come back to the game but that’s also changed but we’ll explain that more later on in the season.  We can’t reveal all our secrets the first episode.

Now as you know the first episode is always a tour of the new house and an introduction to our bachelorette and the bachelors.  Don’t worry that hasn’t changed.  First things first let’s take a look at where love will be formed, tears will be shed and hopefully bloodshed won’t be spilled.  We needed a fresh new feeling after last season so we’ve once again moved to a new city.  This season will be set in the city of San Myshuno.  Ever wonder where the hipster movement started, well most likely it was here.  The residents are young, unique and usually strangely dressed.  This is the perfect setting for what will be our youngest season yet.  It’s the perfect place to find yourself and love all at once.  Large mansions are hard to come buy in San Myshuno so we had to look up,  all the way.  That’s right this season is taking place in the penthouse suite.  How could you not fall in love with these views of the city around you.

If you think the outside is breath taking wait until you take a look on the inside.  Once inside the houseguests will be greeted by fresh cut flowers and a lovely smell of cinnamon (scented candles are wonders people).  The entire apartment has floor to ceilings windows which allows for so much natural light you’d think the sun was inside. Our bachelorette has a love of all things pink so we tried to incorporate it into as much of the apartment as we could.  These guys will really be getting in touch with their feminine sides this season.


We’ve scraped the painting challenge this year.  Sometimes you need to give some things a break.  That doesn’t mean our houseguests can’t express themselves artistically.  If anyone wants to show off their creative side they can do so on the graffiti wall.  Of course we don’t encourage anyone to go out and tag private property, however go nuts if it’s your own wall.

We mentioned before how this house has a very feminine touch to it so we wanted to give the guys something to man it up a little.  That is why for the first time ever we’ve given the houseguests their very own, indoor basketball court!  So the guys can space jam like Jordon or dunk like Shaq. Or for those a little less physically inclined warm the bench like Greg Oden.  But this court isn’t just for the boys, our bachelorette will get to show of her talents too.  Our guys are hoping she’ll show off those talents in a tight pair of basketball shorts.

All that basketball playing will leave our guests hungry and when they get something to eat, they’ll need somewhere to sit.  Luckily they have a gorgeous dining room big enough for everyone to share a meal.  Like the other rooms the dining room has floor to ceiling windows.  Who doesn’t love dinner with a view.

For those wanting a more causal atmosphere with their meal could eat in the kitchen.  This state of the art kitchen will never leave our bachelorette and her boys hungry.  The only question is who’s going to be the one to start the traditional fire that we’ve had every season.  It’s not an honor you really want.

Continuing with the girly motif the living room is drenched in soft pastels sure to calm anyone down.  Which believe us the boys will need as this will be where someone will be eliminated each week.  But like we said more on that next episode.

Hmmm so if the living room is serving as the elimination room what could be hiding behind those doors….

A karaoke room of course! Don’t worry you’re still watching the bachelorette not American Idol.  We just wanted to give our contestants a place to have a little fun and maybe blow off some steam.  Who knows maybe the next Kelly Clarkson will be discovered this season, but probably more like William Hung.

Just because we are way up high in the penthouse doesn’t mean we’ve skimped out on the outdoor space for the house guests.  They are already living together in tight corners, so there’s no need to be cooped up all the time.  The bachelorette will get to enjoy the views, both of the city and the boys hot bods poolside.  If the pool gets to crowded she can always move over to the hot tub.  She’s more then welcome to bring some guys with her to keep her company.

We wanted to reduce the risk of fires being started, I know I know wishful thinking on our part, so we didn’t give this season an outdoor grill.  We did however give them a bar area with something cozy seating.  This could still generate a lot of heat if you get what I’m saying.

Let’s move up the the second floor. Up here is where the bachelorette and bachelors will rest their heads, separately of course.  There’s also a few other rooms upstairs, but let’s take a look at the bedrooms first.

You guessed right our bachelorette’s room is drenched in pink like most of the house.  She really is a girly girl.  Let’s be honest aren’t we all just a little.  Besides who wouldn’t want a room like this all to themselves.  Something tells me this room will be no boys allowed all season.

We decided to give our bachelorette a private outdoor space.  Somewhere she can escape from all the testosterone downstairs.  However if she needs a little taste she does have nice view of the pool!

Down the hall are the boys rooms.  Once again we’ve split them up.  Too many boys in one room is never a good idea, plus it would be super smelly.  Each boys room has it’s own bathroom with multiple toilets.   I did mention that guys can be smelly right.

As I said before upstairs isn’t just bedrooms.  We’ve also included a music room.  This season is all about letting our contestants creative sides show.

We are doing a good job of working out the creative muscles this season.  We couldn’t leave out all the other muscles.  That’s why a gym was added upstairs.  Man that’s a lot of treadmills.  Looks like maybe a challenge may take place here.

We didn’t want to leave the boys out so they also have an outdoor space to relax and unwind in.  However our bachelorette can join them and I’m thinking that’s exactly what each guy is hoping.

That ends the tour of the new house for season 4.  I think you’ll all agree it’s a pretty nice place to be stuck in for a few weeks.  I know I wouldn’t mind being trapped there.

We all know you guys love checking out the new digs but the real thing you’re waiting for is finding out who our cast is.  You already know that our bachelorette is Marie O’Malley.  Let’s find out a little more about her and then we’ll introduce you to the men vying for her heart.

Marie was raised to be a proper young lady.  Cross your legs when seated, always have a little blush on and never pay for a date.  With an attitude like this dating was hard.  The guys she went out with were usually stuck up and boring.  Marie has decided she’s had enough of being a lady and is ready to be a wild woman.  She’s done with boring.  It’s time for a little excitement in her life. What’s more exciting then having seven guys fighting for your heart.  Having grown up with two brothers shes not stranger to living with men.  Only this time she’ll be dating them too.

Now on to the boys!  Let me be the first to introduce you to our bachelors.


Adventurous is not the word you would use to describe Flounder.  But he tends to fall for the girls who live life to the fullest.  Unfortunately he’s not the guy who gets the girl.  He’s more the best friend or the kid who tags along.  He’s hoping to change that in this house and find the girl to go on the biggest adventure of his life.  He’s just praying it won’t be too scary.


If youre looking for a big teddy bear with a heart of gold then you must be talking about Little John or LJ as he likes to be called.  He’s the truest friend you’ll ever have.  If you needed a kidney he’d rip it right out for you.  His past girlfriends took advantage of his kind nature and has left LJ jaded.  He’s looking for the right girl to open his heart to love again.


Pure breed to the core, Maximus often comes off as uptight and stern.  It’s not his fault he likes to do things by the rules.  He feels they are there for good reason.  Maybe Marie can help him loosen up and let that gorgeous mane he’s got on his head fly free.


Pongo is all too familiar with a crowded house.  Him and his ex wife have so many kids they’ve lost count.  He was married very young and started a family right away.  Thats what he thought you were supposed to do.  However he realized too late that wasn’t the life he wanted.  He’s now looking for that life he always wanted.  He’s hoping to find it in this house.


If anyone’s going to steal Maries heart it will be Abu, literally.  His sticky fingers have gotten him in trouble with the law a few times.  He’s looking for a new start with a new love.  He just hopes she’ll be ok with his less then perfect past.


Every season needs tht one person who’s just not like the others.  This season that’s Rafiki.  Rafiki marchs to his own beat but has monents of pure wisdom.  He claims to have been the right hand man for a very powerful king, but he also said that king was a lion, so yeah.  If Marie is looking for a little crazy in her life, Rafiki will be the perfect match.


Growing up on his own he has made it his lifes mission to make sure no kid has to grow up alone like him.  Working so hard however has taken a toll on his love life.  Also working so closely with kids has made him realize how much he wants a family of his own.  He’s ready to focus more on himself and finding the love that will give him the family he has always wanted.

And there you have it, our season 4.  This is looking like a great cast.  Surely one of these guys will be what Marie is looking for.  If not I’m sure a few ladies out there wouldn’t kick any of our guys out of their bed.

Join us next week as Marie begins the adventure of a lifetime with seven strangers.  Good luck Marie!  We’ll be watching 😉

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