Disney Legacy: Ariel Blanc (Part 2)


Ariel and Sebastian were watching their favorite show Hot Dog Files.  Yes it was a little kid show and neither of them were little anymore but for some reason they still loved it.  But they would never admit it to anyone.

Thomas couldn’t help but pause before he approached his children.  He wanted to make those smiles last forever but he knew the news he was about to deliver would wipe them off their faces.

He couldn’t come right out and say it.  He needed to explain a few things.  Tess and Thomas had always shielded their children from their alien heritage.  The kids really had no idea just how dangerous their kind were.

“I’ve never really told you about our people, the Sixams.  Your mother and I wanted to protect you from that part of your life for as long as we could.  But unfortunately that will be harder then ever.”

He continued telling his children how the Sixams did not like humans and they especially didn’t want any of their kind in any sort of relationship with them.  He also told them that Tess knew this but that their love with worth the risk.

Finally he broke the news to them that their mother was gone.  But he swore to them that he would do everything in his power to get her back.

That of course meant finishing his spaceship.

He would work without rest until it was done.  Every minute meant Tess was getting farther and farther away.  He knew that would make finding her harder.

Days passed on.  Thomas worked on his spaceship and the kids tried to distract themselves by getting back to life as normal.  Ariel had reconnected with Vanessa.  .

They weren’t as close as before but they were working on it.  In order for that to happen they had to be honest about everything that happened between them.

“Vanessa I felt like you were trying to steal my life. It wasn’t just like you wanted to be like me you wanted to be me.  Then when I tried to talk to you about it you just disappeared.  Do you get how much that hurt me?  You were my best friend and you just left!”

Surprisingly Vanessa was sorry for how she acted.  She said she had never meant to hurt Ariel.  It was just her home life was so awful and she was jealous with how perfect Ariel’s life seemed.  She really wanted to start over with Ariel.

Ariel may have been buying Vanessa’s act but Sebastian wasn’t.  He knew that a leopard never really changes her spots.

“I came across this blog that I think you may be interested in Vanessa.  It’s some sad pathetic girls plans to destroy her goody goody ex best friend.  Only thing is the writer is anonymous.  You have any idea who the blogger could be?

Vanessa acted like she had no idea what Sebastian was talking about.  The only people who blog about their lives are the ones that don’t have lives.  She then asked how his fashion blog was going.

Sebastian warned Vanessa that if she did anything to hurt his sister he would personally make sure she paid the price.

“I assure you I’m not someone you want to threaten you little crab.  You do not want to see me when I’m mad.”

After Vanessa left suddenly Ariel decided to go for a jog.  She spent so much time swimming that she thought she would try out the land for a change.

Jogging was fine but Ariel knew swimming would always be her favorite form of exercise.  However jogging certainly had better scenery, for example she would never have seen that cute boy hanging out on that porch if she had just stayed in the pool

She was even more happy about her jogging decision when that cute boy called her over.

“Hi I’m Joe.  My family just moved to Willow Creek and I start school tomorrow.  I’m going to Willow Creek High.  Please tell me you go there too?  It be great to know a familiar face tomorrow, especially such a pretty face.”

Ariel wasn’t sure if it was her run or the fact that Joe was flirting with her but she was getting all hot and bothered.  She told him that she did go to Willow Creek High and would gladly give him a tour.

It was getting late and Ariel knew that her father would start to worry if she didn’t head home.  She couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

Ariel made home safely and went straight to bed to dream of the boy she just met.  While the rest of the house slept, Thomas continued to work on his space ship.  At around 3 am it was finally finished.  Thomas wanted to hop in right then and there but decided to wait until the morning.  He wanted to make sure his ids got to say good bye to at least one parent.

The next morning at breakfast Thomas told Ariel and Sebastian about the ship being done.  They all knew what that meant though no one wanted to say it aloud.

Thomas hated leaving his kids.  He knew they had been through so much already but if they were ever going to see Tess again he had to go.  His kids were strong and would be ok on there own for a little while.

Ariel made sure to tell her father how much she loved him and would miss him but that she knew what he was doing was right.  She wanted to make sure there was nothing left unsaid between them. She hoped that Sebastian would do the same.

“Sebastian isn’t there something you wanted to tell dad before he left.  This may be your only chance.”

Of course Sebastian knew what Ariel was talking about.  He had always wanted to tell Thomas who he really was but he was always afraid how he would react.

But everytime he tried to get those two words out he couldn’t.

“Son I know what you’re going to say and I have just one thing to say….I love you! You’re one of the most special things in my life nothings going to change that. It doesn’t matter who you love, girl, boy, alien all that matters is they treat you  how you deserve to be treated.”

Sebastian felt silly for ever worrying about how his father would react to him being gay.  He wished he hadn’t waited so long to tell him.

Thomas was all ready to go but Ariel suggested a family photo before he left.  It was something to remind him what was waiting for him and Tess when they got back.

They said one more goodbye and it was time for Thomas to be off.

Saying good bye to their father was one of the hardest things they had to do but Ariel and Sebastian knew him leaving was their best chance of ever seeing their mother again.

The kids were now on their own. The only question was for how long?

3 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: Ariel Blanc (Part 2)

  1. Joe is it!!?? So adorable – Of course I am smitten for long haired beauties 🙂 – I love how their father reacted to Sebastian nonverbal statement. I cannot wait to see how they fair on their own…PS Vanessa is someone to watch out for!!! Thank you for the lovely update 🙂

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