Disney Legacy: Ariel Blanc (Part 1)

Ariel was ready to unveil here new look.  Of course Sebastian was the first person she thought to show.  He’d be the most honest.

“Umm the hair is nice if you were going for the whole clown look.  But high waisted shorts are so last summer.”

Ariel was pretty taken back.  She wasn’t as stylish as her brother but she didn’t think she was as bad as he was making her to be.  Maybe she should have never dyed her hair.

“You bought that!  I was just getting back at you for the whole butt thing at my birthday.  You look gorgeous sis, simply flawless.”

Ariel wasn’t the only thing getting a make over.  Her bedroom needed a little upgrade since she was now a teenager.

And since she loved to swim so much her parents built an exit that lead right to the pool.  She could practically fall out the doors into the pool.

Speaking of the pool Ariel couldn’t wait to jump in.  She had made a promise to herself that from this day on she would spend some time everyday swimming.

There was no time like the present to get started.

Tess joined her daughter for a little chat once she was done swimming.  She hadn’t had a chance to have a mother daughter moment since Ariel aged up.

“Sweetheart I just want you to know how incredibly proud I am of the amazing young woman you are becoming.  You and your brother are the greatest things I’ve ever done in my life.  Know that no matter what I’m always here for you, I love you.”

“I love you too mom.”

Mark and Sebastian were spending a lot of time together these days.  But they still hadn’t made it official, in fact they hadn’t even kissed yet.  Sebastian was starting to wonder if maybe he had read the situation at the gym all wrong.

He wanted to bring it up each time they hung out but he never knew what to say.

So instead of using words he tried something else to show Mark how he felt.

After the kiss Sebastian was worried he had made a mistake.  If Mark really wasn’t into guys like Sebastian thought what he just did would totally freak him out. Mark wasn’t just Sebastian’s crush he was also his best friend and Sebastian didn’t want to lose him.

Luckily Mark wasn’t freaked out at all.

Looks like Sebastian and Mark had just become officially a couple.

The boys spend some more time kissing but eventually came up for air.  Which was a good thing because moments after they had stopped kissing Thomas came home from work.  Tess was the only one in the family who knew Sebastian was gay.

“You know you’re going to have to tell your dad at somepoint.”

“I know, I know, it’s just I’m scared he won’t accept me for who I am.”

Vanessa and Ariel begun to repair there friendship but the road had been rocky.  So when Ariel went over to show Vanessa her new look she wasn’t surprised to learn that she wasn’t home yet.  But to Ariel’s delight Vanessa’s cute older brother was.

“Wow is that you Ariel?  You sure did grow up!”

Ariel explained that it was just her birthday.  Flotsom was sorry he missed it and suggested he make it up to her somehow.

He told her that he had something to show her upstairs that could be sort of like a late birthday present.  Ariel couldn’t believe this was actually happening.  She had always had a huge crush on Flotsom.

She was a little disappointed when his surprise was a hand massage and not making out in his room like she had hoped.

But then again the boy she liked was touching her so that was something.  Boy were his hands soft.

It was getting late and Ariel couldn’t wait for Vanessa any longer.  But she was very glad she had come over today.

Ariel returned home and immediately jumped in the pool.  After her swim she noticed she had a nasty text from Vanessa upset that she hadn’t waited for her.  Before she could call to explain Sebastian came into her room asking if they could talk.

Sebastian wasn’t ready to tell his dad about who he was but he was ready to tell Ariel.  He had always planned to tell Ariel first but Tess sort of found out by mistake.

“Ariel we’ve always been closed and shared everything with each other.  Well I haven’t been doing that lately.  I’ve been keeping a big part of me secret for a while.  What I’m trying to say is that I’m gay and I’m hoping that won’t change things between us.”

“Oh Sebastian of course that doesn’t change anything between us.  I’ve kind of always known that’s who you are.  And it doesn’t make me love you any less and it never will.  Let’s just make a promise to never go after the same guy, because I wouldn’t stand a chance against you.”

Sebastian knew that telling Ariel would be the easiest person to tell.

 They had a special bond that nothing could break.

Else where in the house Tess was getting dinner ready.  However she failed to notice that the refrigerator was broken and that the counter was disgusting.

She had better be careful that fridge was starting to smoke.  Refrigerator fires are the number one cause of household deaths.

Ariel noticed the smoking fridge and worried about her mom being so close.  If something were to happen to her mother Ariel didn’t know what she would do.

Thankfully there was no kitchen accidents.  After dinner the house went to bed, all but Thomas he had been working late.  He finally arrived home late in the night only to find that Tess was not in their bed.

After searching the entire house he still hadn’t found her.  He started to get a sinking feeling in his gut.  Something was telling him he’d find some answers if he looked to the sky.

He turned on the telescope and started searching the sky, not exactly knowing what he was looking for.

It was a beautiful night the sky was clear.  That is except for a green thing straight ahead.  It didn’t look like a star and it certainly wasn’t a planet.  What ever it was looked like to have writing on it.  Was it a late night sky writer?

Thomas zoomed the telescope in on the strange green thing in the sky.  He was surprised to see that it was writing.  He was even more surprised at what the writing said.

Since you did not heed our warning you will never see your sim partner again. We told you there would be consequences

What Thomas had feared all along had finally come true.  The Sixams had taken Tess.

Earlier that night after the dinner and after the kids had gone to bed Tess had went to check on her garden.  She was heading back inside when she heard a strange humming noise coming from above.

Suddenly she was surrounded by the mysterious

She tried to move but she was frozen in that spot.

All of the sudden her body began to raise off the floor.  She knew that this must be the work of the Sixams.  Thomas had warned her they were not happy about their marriage.

She tried to scream for help, hoping that Ariel or Sebastian would wake up to help her but no sound came out of her mouth.  She was raising higher and higher.  And just like that she was gone.

Thomas was enraged with that thought of what had happened to Tess.  He was not going to let the Sixam’s get away with this. He knew what he had to do.

The sun was breaking and Thomas got to work.  He was going to go after Tess, even if he had no idea where she was.

He would work day and night on that rocket ship.  Every minute he wasted was another minute Tess got further from him.

But Thomas knew that he would find her even if it took him the rest of his life to do so.

Is Tess gone forever and how will the kids react to their mother being taken by aliens?  We’ll find out next time.

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