Disney Legacy: Tess Blanc (Part 26)

With Sebastian now a teenager Ariel really wanted to reconnect with Vanessa.  She decided to go over to visit her but when she got to her house Vanessa wasn’t home yet, so she waited.

It was over an hour and Vanessa was still not home so Ariel decided to explore and find something to entertain her while she waited.  Vanessa may have not been home but her mother was.

She wasn’t thrilled to find Ariel making herself at home.

“I’m sorry I was just getting so bored waiting for Vanessa.  Are you sure she’ll be home soon?”

Ursula suggested she continue to wait in the living room if she knew what was good for her.  Ariel quickly went back to quietly wait for Vanessa.

Another hour passed and Ariel got bored again.  She thought she had hear Ursula leave a little while ago and figured she was safe to snoop around upstairs.

She came across a huge room that smelled like boy.  This must have been Flotsom’s room.  Ariel may or may not have taken a little token to remember him by.

She continued her little self given tour.  She came to what she thought must have been Vanessa’s moms room.  Would she dare to snoop in there?

She dared.  She was surprised to come across a mannequin similar to the one Sebastian had in his room.  She didn’t think Ursula was big into fashion but what other purpose could a male mannequin with ALL his parts be to a middle aged woman.

“Maybe she dances with her’s like Sebastian.  Sebastian takes much better care of his.  This one’s bottom half is all worn out.”

While Ariel wondered what had happened to this poor mannequin, Vanessa finally came home.

“Look who came crawling back…just kidding.  Let’s go play.  My mom will kill you if she finds you in here.  Oh and you may want to wish your hands if you’ve been touching her toy.”

Tess was less then thrilled when she heard how long Vanessa made Ariel waited.  She wasn’t going to tell Ariel who she couldn’t be friends with but she would introduce her to new ones that may replace old ones.

This is Willow.  She is Nakoma and Kocoum’s daughter.

The girls hit it off right away.  Maybe Tess’ plan will work.

“I’m so glad the girls are clicking already.  Ariel doesn’t have many friends, well many good friends that is.  I think Willow will be a great influence on her.”

The girls continued to bonded and decided to move it inside.  They were thrilled to find Kocoum sitting quietly trying to enjoy his dinner.

Willow had told Ariel that she had never seen her dad laugh in her entire life.  Ariel was determined to get a giggle out of him or at least a smile.

“What do you call a cold dog sitting on a bunny?
A chili dog on a bun.”

Ariel was not successful.

Sebastian was still thinking about what his whole family said about his backside on his birthday.  He was not going to let it get any bigger.  He did all of his own cooking now, cutting out any fat or flavor for that matter.

“It looks smaller today right….right!  I only had a celery stick and two raisins.  There is no way it grew….why aren’t you guys answering me!!”

Thomas and Ariel wondered if they should keep up the joke before Sebastian took it too far.

It was hard for Tess to visit Duke during the day.  If she did the family certainly would ask her too many questions.  So she would sneak out when everyone was sleeping to give Duke some love.

She’d spend hours playing games with him.  Their favorite game was one were Tess would copy everything Duke did.

But one night Thomas noticed Tess missing from bed.  Immediately he thought his people had took her so he searched frantically for her.  He was equally terrified when he found her in the woods playing with what appeared to be a monster.

He knew Tess would never get rid of whatever that was.  But it was too dangerous keeping it, especially with the kids around.  He consulted a friend at work about what he should do.

“If it’s what I think it is you need to get rid of it right away.  I’ve heard once they taste human flesh they can’t get enough of it.  And they almost always eat someone.”

Thomas knew he had to get rid of it.  He just knew he couldn’t tell Tess.

It was a rare occasion at home where no one but Tess was home.  She was able to visit her Duke in the daylight.  When she got there she was shock to see he was holding out a piece of cake.

“Where did you get cake from?”

“You know it does look delicious.  Can I have a bite?”

I guess Thomas’ coworker was right they always eat someone.

Luckily for Tess Duke didn’t swallow.  She was able to fight her way out before he completely digested her.

Tess didn’t blame Duke.  He didn’t know any better.  But she also knew there was no way Duke could stay here.  The next person may not be as lucky.

Sebastian wasn’t the only one to age up, Mark also was a teenager.  A cute teenager according to Sebastian.

Sebastian had spent the night taken picture of his butt hoping to prove his family wrong about it’s size.  He asked Mark to meet him at the gym to get his opinion.

“It doesn’t look that big to me.  In fact it looks pretty much perfect to me.  I’d definitely stare at it as much as possible.”

Sebastian couldn’t believe what Mark had said.  Could he finally be exiting the friendzone? Sebastian was no longer worried about his butt but since he was at the game he figured he might as well try this whole working out thing.

It seems Mark wasn’t the only one who liked looking at the back of Sebastian.

“You’ve got a great form, maybe you could show me a thing or too.  We could discuss it over coffee or something?”

We all know that Sebastian didn’t play for that team but any attention was good in his mind.

Though if Sebastian ever did want to experiment it looked like he’d have his pick of girls to try with.

Sebastian may have been loving the attention he was getting but Mark was not.

“Hands off ladies I’ve got dibs on this one.”

Sebastian was freaking out inside, Mark called dibs on him.  That had to mean he liked him more then a friend. Just to make sure he checked Mark’s Simbook status when he got home.  He was single!

Sebastian was going to burst he had to tell someone but he hadn’t told his parents yet that he liked boys not girls.  Luckily Camilla was able to come over.

However Camilla didn’t realize Tess wasn’t aware of her son’s dating preference, honestly she didn’t know how someone couldn’t know Sebastian was gay.  She started talking about Mark while Tess was in the room.

“Sweetheart I guessed this a long time ago.  But I need you to know that no matter who you love will never change the fact that I love you.  Now tell me all about this boy Mark!”

Sebastian’s coming out went so well that they decided to celebrate.  Ok it was really Ariel’s birthday.  Besides Sebastian hadn’t come out to his father.  He was afraid his reaction wouldn’t be as great as his mothers.

Finally our youngest Blanc was turning into a teenager.

“Hey mom doesn’t Ariel’s arms look like pipecleaners….haha.  Kidding your arms are gorgeous. I’d kill for them!”

Thomas couldn’t believe his baby wasn’t a baby anymore.  She was a beautiful young woman now.

And that meant boys.  Thomas wasn’t ready for boys yet.  Little did he know the boys weren’t just going to be calling for Ariel.

Now that she was a teen she had the chance to change her hair.  Even though Ariel had finally come to love her black hair she had always wanted to see life through the eyes of a red head.

She definitely made the right decision, she is quite the looker.

And with that generation 4 ends and next time generation 5 will begin!  Can I just say that it’s my favorite one!!

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