Disney Legacy: Tess Blanc (Part 25)

With Foster and Yumi settling into married life and soon to be parenthood we return our attention back to our main Blancs.  Tess and Thomas were stronger then ever.  They spend many afternoons just staring into each others eyes.

Thomas also dusted off a few old moves on their mini dates.

“Sweetheart you know I love you but that move is pretty much older then dirt.  But hey if you ever try out new moves make sure it’s only on me.”

Thomas and Tess wasn’t the only relationship going steady.  Tess’ new friendship with Nakoma was really blossoming into something beautiful. The new friends often met while the girls were in school (Nakoma had a little girl Ariel’s age named Willow).

One afternoon while Tess was over Nakoma’s house, Nakoma’s husband came home early from work.  Tess had to admit he was beautiful, this was the first time she was meeting him, but if she’s being honest he seemed a little boring.

The girls continued their visit but Tess couldn’t help but feel like she was being watched.

That’s because Nakoma’s husband, Kocoum, hadn’t taken his eyes off of Tess since he had walked in.  Tess was all sorts of uncomfortable and made up some excuse for why she had to leave.  She told Nakoma that maybe they should meet at her house next time.

“Isn’t Tess amazing.  I can’t believe how lucky I was to have run into her at that coffee shop.  What did you think of her?”

“She is very beautiful but I sense she is wild like the bobcat.  I don’t know if I can allow this union.”

“What do you mean she’s beautiful??!!”

Sebastian was still working his way into Mark’s heart.  He learned that Mark’s favorite game was chess, so Sebastian learned everything he could about the game.  He had to admit it was terribly boring, why couldn’t Mark love something like Sex in the City!  Sebastian loved Sex in the City!

“Then there was this one time when Carrie had to decide between Aiden and Mr Big.  Of course she choose Mr. Big.  I mean Aiden was adorable but he was never long term.  He didn’t even know what Prada was.”

Mark kept reminding Sebastian that he had no idea what he was talking about.  He didn’t know anybody a school named Aiden.

While Sebastian was bonding with his new friend his sister was missing her old one.

She knew her mom wasn’t a fan of Vanessa and that she suggested they spend less time together.  But during lunch the next day she asked her if she would be mad if she called Vanessa to hang out.

“Baby of course you.  If was never telling you to stop being friends I just wanted to make sure you weren’t losing yourself.  If you want to hang out with Vanessa I totally support that.”

Remember that strange seed Tess had spliced together well it finally grew.  And Tess couldn’t believe what it had become.

She had only heard rumors of this type of plant.  It was called a cowplant but she named it Duke.  However cowplants…I’m sorry Duke, were dangerous and Tess knew Duke couldn’t stay in the backyard.

She found a covered area on the back of the property she thought would hide Duke perfectly.  She had every intention of sharing him with the rest of the family but she wanted to train him first so that he wouldn’t accidentally eat one of her children

“Did anyone hear mooing last night??  It sounded like it was in those trees behind the house.  Mom do you think a cow could have gotten lost back there?”

Thomas was starting to worry more and more about his home people finding out about his life on earth, especially about how they would react to him being with a sim.  He knew it was time to tell Tess what was going on.

“I should have told you this a long time ago but I always chickened out.  My people will not be happy when they learn I’ve married a sim and worse had children with her.  You and the kids are my whole world and I will do everything in my power to protect you.  I’m just worried I won’t be able to.

Thomas was a little shocked with Tess’s reaction.  She just laughed it off.  She told him that Buzz had warned her ages ago the dangers of marrying someone from Sixam.  But she also told Thomas he was worth the risk.

Days past and still no retaliation from the Sixam’s just like Tess thought.  She want on with life as usual.  That meant fixing up a very special meal.

No that meal was not for Thomas or her children.  Well not her biological children anyway.

Thomas’s talk with Tess hadn’t calmed his nerves.  He was more worried then ever.  Ariel couldn’t help but notice something was bothering her dad.

“Daddy are you ok?  Want to watch Walking Bunnies with me?  That always seems to cheer you up.”

And it did cheer him up.  Even though I think it was just spending time with his daughter that cheered him up.

The next day Thomas was done worrying and starting doing something about it.  He wasn’t going to sit around and wait for them to hurt his family.  He was going to make sure he was prepared.

That meant building a rocket.

Sebastian couldn’t seem to connect with Mark.  He didn’t want to get stuck in the friendzone so he went to his dad for some advice.

“Dad you and mom were in the friendzone for years, I’m talking decades here.  How did get out of it to be more?”

After talking with his dad Sebastian still had no clue what to do.  It didn’t help that his dad thought he was talking about a girl.  Sebastian wasn’t ready to tell his dad the truth. However he was ready to celebrate, because it was his birthday!

Maybe an older wiser Sebastian will know how to take things with Mark in a new direction.

Ariel was a little sad that her brother was now a teen.  The two were really close.  She was afraid they’d grow apart now that he was older.  So when she made a comment about his butt getting a whole lot bigger it was probably out of anger.

Thomas decided to get in on the teasing and agreed that Sebastian’s butt looked like it at least tripled in size.

Tess told them both to stop picking on her baby.  Sebastian’s butt was perfectly proportioned to his body.

“You know what I think your dad and sister are right I mean you can see it in this photo even though we took this picture in front of us.”

Of course Tess was only kidding but poor Sebastian was now convinced his butt was the size of Texas.  He thought a makeover would help him feel better.

He promised to hit the gym first thing in the morning.  He had the perfect outfit already picked out in his head.

We are close to the end of this generation which means there’s a birthday coming soon!

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