Disney Legacy: Tess Blanc (Part 24)

The girls had come over to visit Foster and were surprised Yumi wasn’t there.  They worried that maybe the two broke up.  Foster said he had something to tell them and that maybe they should sit down for it.

Of course he had to start at the beginning and that meant how he living on his own was going.  Foster loved his new life, especially the part that involved djing.

He was learning a lot from the Mad Hatter.  The Mad Hatter even said Foster reminded him of himself back in the day.  There was no bigger compliment.

But the Mad Hatter wasn’t only spending his time mentoring Foster.  He spent a lot of time hitting on Foster’s Aunt Joelle.

Aunt Joelle’s husband RJ had recently passed away.  After losing him she vowed to stay in better touch with her family.  However that mean having to suffer through the Mad Hatters poor excuse for flirting.

Anyway back to Foster.  Foster’s career wasn’t the only thing going well for him.  Things with Yumi were great.

In fact living together had really done wonders for their relationship, Yumi rarely ever got scared and threatened to bail anymore. (I guess the news wasn’t them breaking up).

Actually it was the opposite.  Foster’s big news was that he had proposed to Yumi!

And she said yes!  (Flash back over time to get back to current time.)

“You big goof you had us scared there for a minute.  You’re getting married!!!  I can’t believe our baby brother’s going to be a husband.”

A husband wasn’t the only new title Foster would be getting.  Apparently the reason Yumi was missing early today was because she was at the doctor confirming that she was pregnant.

“Foster you’re going to be a daddy…and that means I’m going to be a mom.  Oh god I don’t know if I can handle that…you know maybe I’ll just go out for some air…”

Before Yumi could get out the door Foster reassured her that they can do this.  They were going to be great parents as long as they were in this together.

After making sure Yumi was asleep and very tucked into bed (he was still afraid she’d skip out on him) he snuck away to make a little snack.  He couldn’t wait to be a father, he’d always wanted a family.  But first there was something he had to do.

That something was marry Yumi.

It may have happened quicker then they planned and they certainly didn’t expect to be pregnant during the ceremony but Foster didn’t care.  He loved Yumi and couldn’t wait to become a family.

They had a small ceremony in their front yard surrounded by all the people they loved.  It was perfect.

“Who would have thought that little Larry Motter fanatic would turn into one of the hottest new djs who got married to a super hot girl and is going to be an amazing dad. I’m so proud of you bro.”

Tess was also proud of her brother.  She however didn’t feel the need to dress up for the occasion.

“I’ve been really getting in touch with my native roots and us natives don’t believe in overly decorating ourselves….ok fine this wedding was such short notice that I didn’t have time to get my dress from the dry cleaners.”

The I do’s had been said and the bride was kissed.  That meant it was time to party.

Foster had asked his friend Robodog to spin for the night.  She had the place jumping in no time.

Foster may be a hot dj but that doesn’t mean he can’t throw it down on the dance floor.

Yumi may be pregnant but her moves were still on point.

The couple took a break from dancing for a little cake.

Foster couldn’t resist the tradition of smushing cake in your new brides face.  Yumi didn’t mind, she said she’d he’d be paying for it in dirty diapers.

Foster was always super close to his family.  He was so happy to be able to share this night with all of them, especially his nieces and nephew.

Nola couldn’t help but notice that Thomas wasn’t his usually happy self.  He seemed like he was worried about something.  She tried to get him talking but he kept insisting that he was fine.

Of course Sebastian was dolling out fashion advice even if it wasn’t requested.  He made sure to tell Yumi’s sister that if she was trying to look like a cheap motel hooker, she succeeded.

Cruz however didn’t seem to have any problems with the way she looked.

The Mad Hatter had known Joelle was going to be there.  He had planned on this being the night that he finally hooked up with her.  However that was before he drink about 3 bottles of wine and was wearing a bath towel.

Either way he still made a play for Joelle.

“Listen, Mad Hatter is it, I’m flattered but I have no plans of dating anytime soon.  Now would you mind putting some clothes on?”

In the Mad Hatter’s eyes that wasn’t a no.

The party finally died down around 2 am.  The guests all left and there was only one thing that both Foster and Yumi wanted to do….sleep.  They knew in a few months they wouldn’t be able to do that.

We welcome a new member of the family and another one has a birthday next time!

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