Build Spotlight – #1 Belle’s Cottage

I’ve recently gotten the building bug.  There’s just something fun about spending hours upon hours creating the perfect home for my sims to live in.  Like most things in my sim world I started by making iconic Disney houses.  Since I share all my Disney love with you I didn’t think I should leave this out.  So every week I will showcase a different build I’ve done and give you a little tour.  Maybe one day I’ll even do a speed build so you can see my crazy creative process 🙂

For the first build I’ve decided to spotlight Belle’s Cottage.

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies.  It’s got great songs, a beast who learns to love and talking objects, what’s not to love.  Oh and of course it has Gaston 😉  Everyone remembers Beast’s castle but Belle lived somewhere before moving in.  Belle had the cutest little cottage, it even had it’s on watermill.   If you’re looking for something cozy for your sim family to leave in this is the perfect place.  And if you have an inventor in the family they will love the basement.

If you’d like to download this build you can find it in the gallery.  My origin ID is swcheppes.  It is titled Belle’s Cottage.  You can also find it through this link.

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