Disney Legacy: Tess Blanc (Part 22)

The family was spending a rare pool day together.  You see Ariel loves the water but as you Sebastian is not a fan of getting wet or more precise ruining his outfit.

That’s why it was no surprise that only after a few minutes of dipping his feet in, Sebastian had had enough.

Tess on the other hand was loving a little family bonding in the pool.  It brought out the silliness in her.

After everyone dried off they realized they were all starving.  Thomas took to the grill while the rest of the family patiently waited.  Tess told the kids a story about the time daddy took her to another world that was hidden in the tree outside Uncle Buzz and Aunt Evangelines house.

Thomas couldn’t help but listen to his beautiful wife telling his amazing kids about one of his favorite days ever.  He couldn’t believe this was actually his life. He didn’t know what he’d done to deserve it all.

After lunch Thomas suggested the kids go to the park.  Truth is hearing Tess’ story turned him on and he wanted to ravish her.  Luckily the kids had heard about a new park in the town over so it wasn’t hard to convince them.

While taking in the sights a young girl about Ariel’s age sat down beside her and introduced herself.

“Hi I’m Vanessa!  What’s your name?  I’ve never seen you around before.  I love your sweater!  Do you want to be best friends?”

Ariel was a little taken back by Vanessa’s forwardness, but she also was intrigued.  She didn’t have many friends, besides her brother, so she took her up on her offer.  Though she wouldn’t call them best friends just yet.

“Hey Vanessa let’s pretend we’re pretty mermaids!  We can explore the ocean looking for treasure.”

“Mermaids are dumb, I like octopus much better.  What about we pretend we are witches and steal people’s voices?”

They do say opposites attract.

Sebastian was also discussing what to do while in the park.  His cousin, Camilla, had decided to visit the park that day too.

“You know the movie Devil Wears Prada….of course you do it was fabulous!  I’ll be Meryl Streep and you can be Anne Hathaway.  I know that’s a bit of a stretch but desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Vanessa said the park was getting dull and suggested the girls go hang out at her house.  She left out the fact that her cute older brother would also be there.

“Hmmm hmm.”

“Oh yeah Ariel this is my older brother Flotsom.  Yeah I totally lucked out in the name department.  I also have an older sister, his twin, named Jetsom.”

To Ariel’s disappointment Flotsom didn’t hang around long.  Unfortunately Ariel made the mistake of asking Vanessa a few too many questions about her brother.”

“Seriously you’re crushing on my brother….you know he’s a teenager and your just a kid, never going to happen…ha!  It be like me dating your brother.”

Ariel was confused why couldn’t Vanessa date Sebastian?  He was cute and they were close in age.  While Ariel was thinking about how her brother would make some girl very lucky one day and older, kinda scary looking woman walked in.

“Looks like it’s a full house today and you get to meet every member of my family today.  Ariel this is my Ursula.  Mom this is my new friend Ariel.”

Ursula was nothing like Ariel’s mom. Tess was warm and sweet, she would never have screamed at Ariel in front of her friend.  But Ursula had no problem screaming at Vanessa.  Apparently Ursula isn’t a fan of unexpected company.

It didn’t help matters that she didn’t seem to like Ariel much.

Ursula couldn’t fake being nice any longer (that was her being nice??) and excused herself.

“Sorry about my mom.  She’s all on edge about some dating show she applied to.  It’s been a few weeks and she still hasn’t heard from the.  They probably won’t pick her.”

Vanessa also excused herself leaving Ariel alone in the kitchen.  At least she had some popcorn to keep her busy.

However she wasn’t alone for long.  Flotsom came back to the kitchen for a glass of water.

Ariel was frozen.  She didn’t want to move or speak, worrying she’d do something to embarrass herself in front of what was clearly her first crush.

Ariel wasn’t the only experiencing their first crush, back at the park Sebastian caught site of the most gorgeous sea captain he had ever laid eyes upon.

Sebastian couldn’t help but stare, even though the boy badly needed a makeover.  Sebastian was on cloud nine when the boy stared back in his direction, he had to meet him.

Sebastian waited until his mystery boy was all alone before he made his move.

“Hi I’m Sebastian and yes this is Armani.  Can I just say I would die for you hair, it’s sensational!  I’ve never seen you before, believe me I’d remember you.  Are you new in town?”

The boy said no and that was all he said.  Unfortunately it didn’t seem like this mystery boy was interested in what Sebastian had to say, or interested in Sebastian for that matter.

The kids returned home.  Ariel told Thomas all about her new friend Vanessa.  She told hear about how Vanessa wanted to play witches instead of mermaids and how her house huge.  She left out the part about a cute older brother.

She also told Thomas about Vanessa’s mom Ursula.

“I feel bad for Vanessa.  Her mom wasn’t the nicest person and I don’t think she ever is.  Thank you daddy for never being like that too me.  I’m really lucky to have you and mommy as my parents.”

After talking with Thomas Ariel went inside to play with her dollhouse.  Only this time the story was a little different then usually.

“Why yes Flotsom I will move into you house with you…what you love me and want to get married.  Of course I’ll marry you now let’s kiss…muahh.”

Thomas was up to date on Ariels life so he decided to check in with Sebastian.  He was curious if he had made any new friends today.

“Yeah I did meet this boy today.  He was dressed like he dived into a church donation bin but I can fix that.  We’re not friends yet but we will be.”

The day turned into night which meant the kids were off to bed.  Thomas and Tess enjoyed the quiet and watched a little tv together before heading up to bed themselves.

“You know Tess we have some pretty terrific kids.  I just wanted to thank you for that.”

Tess agreed and said she didn’t do it all alone.  She had her own way of thanking him in mind.

After getting fully thanked by Tess, Thomas decided he wasn’t quite sleepy yet.  He thought he would check out the stars, specifically his home Sixam.

Thinking of Sixam, Thomas couldn’t help but worry a little.  He still couldn’t believe that he’d been able to marry and have children with Tess without there being any consequences.  Maybe things have changed back home and he had worried for nothing.

Over the next few weeks Ariel and Vanessa spent every spare moment together.  Ariel always suggested they play at Vanessa’s house, even though her mom scared her she loved seeing Flotsom. But today the girls hung out at the Blanc house.

Once again the girls argued over what they should do.  Ariel being the good student she was suggested they get their homework out of the way.  Vanessa wanted to dance, what fun is homework.

Like most times Vanessa got her way and the girls danced the afternoon away.

Sebastian was true to has word and made friends with the boy from the park.  His name was Mark.  He also got his way when Mark agreed to being made over by Sebastian.

Sebastian took Mark to his favorite place in the whole entire world, Smacy’s!  If Sebastian could live here he would.

“Now let’s see you’re wearing Spring colors but you are must definitely a fall.  Oh look at that vest, it’s perfect for you….you know what it’s perfect for me too!”

It seemed like the only person getting made over so far today was Sebastian.

Later that night Thomas couldn’t help but notice the huge smile on Sebastian’s face.  Of course he wanted to know what was making him so happy.  Little did he know it wasn’t a what but more like a who.

“Dad what do you do when you like someone, you know like really like them, but you’re not sure they like you back?”

Thomas couldn’t believe this his son had his first crush!  He was thrilled but he wondered who it could be.  Thomas knew all of his friends and he didn’t really have many girl friends, well except his cousin.

Oh no was he talking about Camilla?  It wouldn’t be the first time cousins dated each other in this family.

The next morning Sebastian asked Tess the same question he asked Thomas last night.

Like Thomas she too wondered who it was, however she didn’t assume it was a girl that had caught Sebastian’s eye.  Sometimes a mother just knows.  Honestly Tess didn’t care who it was, the important thing was seeing her son happy and by the looks of it he certainly was.

The only person he told who his crush was was Ariel.  After all she had shared her crush with him and the two have always been close.  He could tell her anything and he knew she would never judge him.

“I think’s it love, Ari.  I mean it has to be if I’m able to look over the fact that he didn’t even know what season he was.  Maybe we can have a double wedding like mom and Aunt Nola did, you and Flotsom  and me and Mark.  Of course we would never do it outside in the mud, eww gross.”

As usual Vanessa was over at the Blanc house.  To Ariel’s disappointment they had been hanging out here more then Vanessa’s.  Which meant she didn’t get to see her future husband a lot.  Tess enjoyed watching the girls play but wasn’t always thrilled with the way Vanessa treated her daughter.

“You should think about cutting your hair like me Ariel.  I mean that length really doesn’t work on you.  Besides if you cut it we would look like sisters, twins even.

Ariel wasn’t thrilled about the color of her hair but she had always liked the length.  She had been noticing lately how Vanessa was trying to make them as similar as possible.  Today it was the hair, the other day it was they should wear matching outfits.  It was almost like Vanessa wanted to be her.

Part of Ariel couldn’t help but wonder if maybe Vanessa would make a better her.  Her family seemed to love Vanessa and sometimes didn’t even notice she was around.  Maybe they would rather Vanessa be a Blanc instead of her.

Tess noticed that Ariel seemed upset when she left the table.  She went inside to make sure she was ok.

She found her crying in the kitchen.

Ariel told Tess how she thought her and daddy and Sebastian all liked Vanessa better then her and probably wanted her to be her daughter instead of Ariel.  Tess told her that was the silliest thin she ever heard.  She would never love anyone more then Ariel.  She was her daughter and that would never change.

After reassuring Ariel, Tess decided to have a little chat with Vanessa.  She suggested that maybe her and Ariel spend a little less time together.  She was sure that Vanessa’s family probably missed her since she had been spending so much time over here.

How will Vanessa react to being banished from the Blanc house.   And will Thomas be ok with Sebastian’s real crush when he finds out it’s a he?  Find out next time!

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