The Bachelor: Disney Villains Edition Ep.2 – Clear Your Mind

We’re glad you decided to join us in this episode of The Bachelor: Disney Villains Edition.  I’m your host Chris Harrison and I’m excited for you guys to fall in love with a whole new season.  Last week we got to tour the house and were introduced to all of our houseguests.  Something tells me this will be one hell of a season.  In case this is your first time to the rodeo let me break down the rules for you.  As you already know we have one bachelor who is searching for love.  We’ve provided him with seven lovely, with a little bit of bad, ladies for him to choose from.  Over the next few weeks our bachelor will get to know the girls by dating, flirting, and maybe some woohooing, all of this is to help him find his one true love.  But the bachelor doesn’t get all the power, nope a lot of that is up to fate or to be more precise challenges.  Each week the girls will compete in two challenges, the solo date comp and an elimination challenge.  The winner of that weeks solo date will have immunity at the elimination challenge and live to see another day.  But don’t feel too bad for the girl who gets eliminated because she’s not going home.  She’ll be moving downstairs to wait for a chance to reenter the game.  In the end there will only be one girl left and maybe she’ll even have a ring on her finger.  Now that you know what’s in store for the next few weeks let’s dive in!

The girls were taking in there competition.  Many didn’t seem the least bit worried about the ladies standing next to them.  However their were a few who were surprised to find out they knew each other.  You see this season is a bit of a family affair.  Anastasia and Drizella are actually sisters.  They are used to fighting over everything so they should feel right at home in this competition.  But they aren’t the only ones who share the same blood, Lady Tremaine is the girls mother.  Sharing a man with her may be a little more awkward.

“When I saw sissy standing next to me I was actually a little relieved and excited to be doing this with her.  I mean we share everything, it felt kinda wrong not doing it with her.  But when I saw mother I felt like I was going to throw up.  What if she kisses Jafar and I kiss Jafar….that’s like totally incest or something right?”

“I can’t believe mother is here!  She pushed and pushed me to do this, all the while she was applying too.  I didn’t even want to be here.  I’m totally fine with keeping my rejection to myself, I didn’t need the whole world to see it too.”

“Of course I applied for the show.  You didn’t think I would trust either of my girls to be able to win.  I mean look at them they aren’t exactly what you would call beautiful.  Anastasia is dumb as rocks and the only thing Drizella is good at is expanding her waste line.  If you want something done right sometimes you have to do it yourself.”

They seem like a completely loving and functional family.

The other girls were less interested in the family drama and more interested in taking a look at the house they’d be sharing for the next few weeks.  It didn’t hurt that they each got to take a peek at the bachelor and show off their assets on the way to the house.

“He’s a little on the scrawny side.  I usually like a little meat on my boys, look at me I’m a big girl and the little ones can’t always handle all this.  Maybe he’ll surprise me, he is kinda cute.”

“Men are like dogs, they will follow the alpha.  I intend on being the alpha to these bitches.”

“I’m not here to make friends, I’m not opposed to making a few enemies though.  And of course to find a guy who will worship me.”

Once inside the woman quickly dispersed and went to explore the house on their own.

“I was pleased to find the chess set when I entered the living area.  I love games of strategy!  I always think I few moves ahead in my life, this game will be no different.  And by  game I’m not talking about chess.”

It seemed some of the girls were already bonding while they toured the house.

“I don’t know why the girl who was dressed like a clown was following me.  I hope she doesn’t make a habit of it.”

“By the way the chubby one was staring me down you would think she hadn’t eaten in weeks and I was her next meal, though from the looks of it I doubt she skips many meals.”

Maybe bonding isn’t exactly the right word here.  I’m guessing sharing rooms may be more difficult then we thought.

Our bachelor, Jafar, finally made it into the house and was stuck in his tracks when he saw Maleficent.  She was unlike any woman he had ever seen.  What intrigued him most was the fact that she didn’t even seem to notice or care that he had entered the room.  Jafar knew she would be a challenge and looked forward to ever minute of it.  Not being shy he joined her for a game of chess.

“I was instantly attracted to Maleficent or who I’ve decided to call Mal.  There’s so much power in that little frame.  Everything about her intrigues me.  She played it very cold but I can tell she can bring the heat.”

“I’ll admit Jafar is a devilishly handsome man.  That jawline is such a turn on I just want to bite it.  But if he insists on calling me Mal we are going to have a problem.”

While Jafar and Mal…we mean Maleficent continued their game the other girls were settling in to their new home. Drizella was enjoying meeting the girls.  Back home she didn’t have many friends.  Her mother thought friends were a waste of time, I mean she had a sister wasn’t that enough.  It seemed like things would be no different in the house.  The moment Lady Tremaine saw Drizella talking to Cruella she made sure she was right there listening to every word, ready to interject when she heard something she didn’t like.

“I have to be on top of Drizella, she doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut.  Our family has it’s share of secrets and I don’t need the other women or the entire world for that matter to know them.”

“I wish my mother would just let me live my own life.  I’m 24 years old I don’t need my mother their for every conversation I have.  I mean what does she think I’m going to do tell everyone shes been grey as a mule since she was my age….oh wait can you edit that out?”

Jafar was busy checking out all the ladies, the next up was Ursula.  He however was less impressed with her then he was with Maleficent.  Being Jafar he did not keep his feelings to himself.

“I simply told Ursula she could stand to lose a little weight.  I mean she is a beautiful woman just imagine how much better she’d look about 20 pounds thinner…hmmm you know what make that 30 pounds.”

“The audacity of that man telling me I wasn’t thin enough, like I want to be a stick like some of the other girls in the house.  I could break Mal in half with my little finger.  I wanted to tell Jafar where he could shove that 20 pounds but no one wants to be escorted out on the first day.”

Up next Jafar got acquainted with Claudette.  He was hardly disappointed to find her half naked in the sauna.  He also thought she could stand to lose something like Ursula only instead of weight it was her towel.

“Claudette has a lot going for her, especially two very large somethings.  If nothing else she’ll be fun to play with.”

“My ex was such a brute, all muscle with very little brain.  It will be nice to date the complete opposite.  I just hope they are similar in one area…the bedroom!”

When it seemed unlikely that Claudette would be losing her towel anytime soon Jafar decided it was time to meet another lady.  Not finding it necessary to change out of his towel he struck up a conversation with Drizella upstairs.  He couldn’t help but notice the similarities between her, Anastasia and Lady Tremaine.

“Are Drizella, the older woman, and the redhead related?  They look very much alike.  If they are this would indeed be a first for me.  I can’t say I object to it.”

“I was so nervous talking to Jafar for the first time.  He’s so dark and mysterious and dangerous, not my type at all.  But every girl likes a bad boy.  He’s definitely out of my league.  I don’t stand a chance here.”

As the day went on the girls continued to take advantage of their new surroundings.  They certainly were enjoying all the house had to offer.  Some were even starting to warm up to each other.  Surprisingly, Cruella and Ursula seemed to be getting along better.

“I’ll admit I may have misjudged Cruella at first.  Though I wouldn’t go so far to say we are friends.”

“I was very catty with Ursula when we first arrived in the house and there’s nothing worse then acting like a feline.”

Jafar had meet just about each girl however there were a few that he still hadn’t the pleasure yet.  He found one of them, Cruella, alone at the dart board later in the day.  Not wanting to interrupt her concentration, and because he was enjoying watching her form, he hung back and watched her play a game.  When she finished up he was about to give her some hand on hand tips (any excuse to  get his hands all over her form).  However Cruella just walked on by with not so much as a hello. It seems like she may be playing hard to get and by Jafar’s reaction it’s working.

“Sex appeal is just oozing out of Cruella, making parts of me ooze as well if you know what I mean.”

“Here’s a little tip in training dogs,  if you want them to listen to you you’ve got to make them beg.  Men are the same way.”

For the most part all the introductions were done, so the houseguests decided to turn this housewarming into a pool party.  While some girls splashed around in the pool others chatted it up poolside.

“Since I was able to tolerate Ursula the most I wanted to talk to her about the idea of possibly making an alliance.  With this group of girls it’s going to be cutthroat.  Any advantage a girl can have in here will help her get to the end.”

“I tried to explain to Cruella that an alliance would never work in a game like this.  This game was too much of an individual game.  What good would being aligned with someone do?”

Ursula does have a point.  This is no Survivor, these girls won’t be voting each other off the island.  You want to stay in this game you need to win.

They may not be an alliance, but being sisters in this game definitely connects you.  Without it being asked you are automatically watching each others backs.  Of course Anastasia and Drizella wouldn’t want a man coming between their sisterly bond.

“Ana and me are the closest two sisters can be.  No way we’d let a guy come between us.”

“I’d drop Drizy in a heartbeat if it meant I would win.  Jafar is hot and you know what they say bros before hoes.”

Lady Tremaine certainly liked to keep tabs on Drizella more then she did Anastasia.  Any time Drizella had a moment to herself, in would come Lady Tremaine to ruin it.

“Let’s face it my daughters also aren’t the brightest when it comes to these types of games but if by some impossible chance I don’t win this Drizella is our next best shot.  I need to make sure she won’t screw it up.”

“Ever heard of helicopter parenting?  My mother invented it!”

The day had turned to night and Jafar decided to heat things up…on the grill we mean.  But after he got one look at Claudette in her skivvy’s the grill wasn’t the only thing turned on.

“I’m usually not into blondes…I like my women darker, more mysterious.  But Claudette is quickly making me rethink my position on them.  She has so many amazing qualities, two that particularly stand out.”

“I knew coming into this competition I needed something to make me stand out so yes I may have made a few enhancements here and there.”

It was finally time for the house to turn in for the night.  All the houseguests did not complain.  It had been a long day and it was only day one!  If only they knew how much more was left in store for them.

However we were mistaken not everyone was in bed, Ursula decided she was not yet done with the day.

“I was tired and I thought about heading up to bed but then it was like the pool was calling to me.  I love the water and sometimes I feel more at home in it then I do on dry land.”

After a few laps though Ursula decided to call it a night.  And finally the house was all asleep.

The next day came and the ladies began to wake.  They each knew today would be a big day as the first solo date competition was approaching.  The girls found ways to ease their nerves before such an important event.

“I feel like I’m getting really good at this chess game.  I’ve almost gotten all the pieces on the right color spots.  What that’s not how you play?”

“If I want to remain the alpha dog in this house I need to win the first solo date.  In order to do that I need to treat myself and completely relax every inch of myself.”

In the kitchen Ursula was sitting down with what she thought was a nice quiet, breakfast alone.  However Drizella had a different plan.  Drizella felt like she didn’t really get the chance to talk with Ursula yesterday.  She wanted to get to know her better.  I mean sure the girls were meant to compete against each other, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t also be friends.

“I may be here to find my true love but let’s face it Jafar won’t pick me over all these other better looking, smarter girls.  At least maybe I can come away from this experience with a few new life long friends.”

“Drizella sure can go on and on and on.  I was praying for someone, anyone to come in and save me for her incessant chatter.”

Elsewhere around the house some of the girls true colors were starting to show.  We caught Maleficent having a hardy, yet maniacal laugh to herself.  We didn’t dare ask what was so funny.  Anastasia was letting her temper flare up.  It seems someone used her favorite red lipstick this morning without putting the cap back on and it rolled off the sink and was completely ruined.

“Who uses another girls lipstick without asking.  It’s wrong, it’s disgusting, it’s not fair!”

Jafar knew the solo date competition would be starting soon so he decided to get in a little time with each lady before.  He wasn’t sure if the date would start immediately.  He didn’t want to deny the girls the pleasure of his company for so long.

“I just wanted to remind the girls what it was they were fighting for in this house. I’m sure most of these ladies have never had a man like me.  I’m what people would call a diamond in the rough.”

At last it was time for the solo date competition to begin.  As we’ve stated before each week the girls will compete for the chance to get some one on one time with Jafar away from the house.  The winner will truly have a leg up on the competition as the winner will also have immunity at that weeks elimination challenge.  Of course so that no one has an unfair advantage the girls will not know what the comp is until that day.  For the very competition we’ve brought back a favorite from season 2.  It’s comp we like to call, Clear Your Mind.  All the girls need to do is sit, that’s it just sit.  The girl who can keep still the longest and outsit the competition will be the winner.  It looks like the girls are already in position so let’s get this started.

“These girls better be ready for a long night because I can heel like no other.”

“I do nothing but run around all day, keeping a house, ordering servants, raising two bratty children, I could use a good rest.  This will be nothing.”

Jafar didn’t find it necessary to sit around and wait for a winner.  He found other ways to pass the time while the girls battled it out.

“Why would I waste my time sitting around watching others sitting around.  I have far better things to do with my time.”

While Jafar was inside making good use of his time outside our first girl was about to give up.  It appears Cruella was willing to give up the title of alpha in order to have lunch.

“I don’t need to win a silly little competition to be the alpha.  In fact by letting these girls think they are in charge in this house I’m really the one running things.  Besides I was starving and you don’t want to see me when I’m hungry.”

Meanwhile Jafar continued to find ways to better serve his time.

The day continued on and so did the competition.  The girls were really giving it their all.  But as the sun began to grow stronger it became more difficult to just sit there.  And in no time the girls began to drop like flies.

“It was getting so hot out there and these girls like to sweat if you get my drift.”

“As I said I wasn’t made for the dry land, certainly not to bake in it like a fish frying in a pan.”

After Claudette, Ursula and Lady Tremaine bowed out of the competition that left only three remaining.  But that wouldn’t be for long.  It seemed Lady Tremaine my have backed the right daughter.  Anastasia unfortunately followed her mother and was out next.

“Ugh I thought I had this one in the bag.  I mean there’s nothing I love more then sitting around doing nothing but even I have my limits.”

There was now only Drizella and Maleficent left, one of them would walk away a winner and the other would have wasted their whole day for nothing.  To make matters worse they could do nothing but look on as the rest of the girls chatted up Jafar.  They watched as each girl flirted right in front of them.

“You would have thought Jafar was the funniest man on the planet the way each girl laughed at his jokes.  Each girl tried to out laugh the other.  It took all the strength I had not to rip off my own ears.”

Dinner wrapped up and the ladies went their separate ways.  Everyone that is except Drizella and Maleficent, they stayed exactly where they were.  Lady Tremaine made sure that her and Jafar both ended up in the same place.

“Knowing my daughter she will muck it up at the final second, probably roll off that stool the second she smells the closest cream puff.  Mommy always is the one to get things done.”

Almost as if sensing her mothers disappointment Drizella could no longer stand it, or for this matter sit.  After hours of competing, Drizzela finally had nothing left and was forced to give in.

“I know the first thing out of my mothers mouth when she sees I didn’t win will be ‘look there’s my daughter the failure’.”

This meant our winner of the first solo date of the season was Maleficent.  It was a good thing she was the last one standing because no one would certainly want to be anywhere near her with how bad she smelled.

“Of course I won that didn’t surprise me at all.  What did surprise me was how foul I smelled.  There was no way I was going on this date without getting a shower first.”

Maleficent got her wish, due to how late the comp had run and how awful she smelt, we decided to postpone the date until the next day.  Jafar was up nice and early the next morning.  He quite enjoyed having the house to himself for a little bit.

“Whoever thinks that living in a house full of woman is a dream clearly needs to wake up.  It’s only been a few days and the overflow of estrogen is already driving me mad.”

Jafar’s solitude was soon interrupted when Anastasia joined him for breakfast.

“I can’t believe my luck to get alone time with Jafar this morning.  I mean I got alone time before Mal even got to go on her date.  It went great!  I’m pretty sure he’s head over heels with me already.”

“I’m only able to normally take Anastasia in smalls doses.  Add early morning to that and she’s almost impossible to bear.”

Lucky for Jafar breakfast would be cut short because it was time for his date with Maleficent.

Just like Winderburg and Willow Creek did before Oasis Springs was filled with amazing date spots.  Since this would be an early morning date we thought what goes better with early morning then a cup of coffee.  Jafar and Maleficent will be enjoying what has been called the best cup of coffee in all of Oasis Springs at Shakes and Jolts.  Will there be more then coffee perkilating by the end of this date, let’s find out.

“I was a bit taken aback when Jafar just walked in without waiting for me to follow.  I was even more surprised when he proceeded to order his coffee and scone and didn’t bother to ask me what I wanted.  I never was a prince charming type kind of girl, but decent manners doesn’t hurt.”

“A woman is perfectly capable of holding a door and ordering a cup of coffee all by herself.”

The two finally each ordered and grabbed a seat together.  They quickly started up a conversation as if they had known each other for years.  Jafar felt so comfortable with Maleficent he even told her the story of the dirty street rat who foiled his rise to power.

“That Ali Booboo or whatever he was called sounds awful.  I would have sicked my ravens on him the second I laid eyes on him.  He reminds me of a certain little princess who’s the thorn in my side.”

“I hate that street rat with every inch of my soul.  I love that Maleficent shared my hatred.  It’s a great quality in a girl.”

Jafar went to get a refill but got a lot more then some coffee.  He got cornered by a trampy redhead who said she was a sucker for a man with a mustache.  She told him that her place was right around the corner and how would he like to taste her biscuits.  Jafar had absolutely no interest,  as I’m sure you are aware by now his standards are a bit high and trampy girl certainly didn’t make the grade.  However Maleficent, not being able to hear the conversation thought the flirting was working both ways.

“I must admit I like a guy who isn’t exactly the nicest to me, it’s a bit of a turn on if I’m being honest.  But I’m not a fan of being disrespected right in front of my face.  I’m starting to regret winning this first date.”

“I was doing my best to get away from trampzilla, why would I ever want that when I have a dark twisted girl like Maleficent.  But red was harder to get rid of then a flea on the street rat.”

Jafar finally shook his new friend off and decided to head back to his date.  However his date was no longer waiting for him at there table.  He searched the cafe for Maleficent and found her upstairs at the little rooftop balcony.  He was happy to find her but she was less then thrilled to see him.

“I tried to explain to Maleficent that the only thing that conversation was downstairs was was a waste of time but she wouldn’t listen.  This was not what I signed up for.”

After thinking about it and possibly confronting the redheaded stranger and threatening bodily harm, Maleficent realized Jafar was telling her the truth.  She felt awful.  Then she felt mad for feeling awful.  It was a whole lot of emotions going on in that tiny frame.  The only thing Maleficent was sure about was that she needed to find Jafar and make things right.  Of course she wouldn’t apologize, she never apologizes.  She would flirt like hell with him, that was sure to make things better.

“I knew Maleficent would come crawling back.  She’s certainly under my spell and I’m starting to fall under hers.

“Works every time!”

Shakes and Jolts were calling for last calls which meant it was time for this date to wind down.  The two finished their coffee, got in a little more flirting and then headed home.  It had a few bumps but overall the date was a success.  Of course some of the girls couldn’t wait to get all the details once Jafar and Maleficent returned home.

“Maleficent is hard to read, of course I had to straight up ask her how the date was.  But that b@#$! wasn’t giving anything up.”

Meanwhile Claudette was continuing her love affair with the game of chess.  She loved to share her love with the other girls in the house. Today she had trapped…I mean invited Lady Tremaine to a game.

“So I realized I was playing the game all wrong.  You don’t want to get the pieces on the same color on the board….you want to get them on the opposite color!  I’m getting so good at this game.”

“I thought my children were stupid.  They look like brain surgeons compared to Claudette.  And the scary thing is she said she’s a triplet, though I’m not sure she knows what that means.”

During his date Jafar only had a measly little scone.  He was famished and headed to the kitchen for a little bite.  He ran into Cruella and was suddenly interested in taking a bite out of her instead.

“Of all the girls in the house I would say I’m most physically attracted to Cruella.  Which really shocked me.  I mean she’s not the most regal of the girls, honestly with that hair she’s a bit trashy.  But she turns me on real hard!”

Drizella was still a bit down from losing the solo date comp the other day.  She had been waiting for her mother’s disapproving words but they never came.  This ate her up even more then the fact that she lost.  She was a nervous wreck and on edge waiting for her harsh words.  Finally she confronted Lady Tremaine and finally received the criticism she had grown accustomed to.

“Was I disappointed Drizella lost that comp, you’d have to expect something to be disappointed. I learned a long time ago not to expect anything from my girls.”

“It was going to go one of two ways, utter disappointment or low expectations.  It seemed this time it was the latter.”

Since Jafar and Maleficent had their date early in the morning that meant that the group date would be the same day.  Just like the solo date each week Jafar will go on a group date with the remaining ladies.  Their’s no rules on these dates.  Jafar can manage his time equally or devote all his time to one girl.  It’s all up to how he wants to play it.

For the first group date of the season Jafar and the ladies are throwing on their party clothes and hitting up the hottest club in Oasis Springs, Shimmer.  At Shimmer the music is always pumping, the drinks are always flowing and there’s always a couple making out in a dark corner.  I wonder if that couple will be Jafar and one of his lovely ladies.

Jafar started the night talking to the girls in larger groups but quickly changed his game plan and decided one on one was the way to go.  The girls seemed quite happy with this decision.

“I don’t know if it was the 3 gin and tonics I had but I couldn’t help but notice how tight those jeans were on Jafar.  He didn’t seem to mind me staring.”

“I’ve gotten a lot more alone time with Jafar then I expected to get in week one.  And believe me I’m not complaining.”

“Sure I let Jafar grind up on me.  Why else do you think I wore a bra top to the club.”

“I know I said living with a house full of women wasn’t the dream it’s made up to be.  Well I’m starting to rethink that.”

The group got in pretty late and everyone went straight to bed.  Jafar was a little disappointed to be going to bed alone, though I’m sure if he offered he would have a few takers.  It was only the first week, Jafar wanted to show some restraint, but he didn’t know how long he’d be able to keep that up. Though he was having no trouble keeping other parts up.

The girls were slowly getting up the next morning.  Afterall they had a late night of drinking and dancing.  Not to mention no one was eager about the upcoming elimination challenge.  Anastasia was already feeling a bit low, with the upcoming elimination, but her day got a whole lot worse when she walked in on Claudette and her perfect body eating breakfast in the kitchen.

“How am I supposed to compete with that!  I couldn’t fit both of my boobs in one of her bra cups.  Why is life so unfair.”

“Oh wait you thought before when I said I made adjustments before coming here I was talking about my breasts!  No no no, I was talking about my eyelashes!  I got extensions because I barely have any.  The girls though are all mine, don’t believe me just look at my sisters.”

Here’s a picture of Claudette and her sisters Paulette and Laurette.  Maybe we picked the wrong sisters for the show!

Most of the rest of the house was up and enjoying a nice breakfast.  Once again Claudette walked in, this time wearing even less clothes, and made the other girls day a little less enjoyable.  Of course Jafar didn’t mind, that was his favorite outfit of hers.

“Jafar wants more substance in a girl.  Unfortunately the only substance Claudette his is all in her boobs.”

“If Jafar is looking for a pair of DD’s in a partner then Claudette is the perfect choose.  These AA’s will find someone to appreciate them.”

“I don’t discriminate, I’m a guy, I love breasts of all size!”

Enough talk about cup size it’s time for the elimination challenge.

Each week we must say goodbye to one lady.  Unfortunately that means one woman’s quest for love will be shattered, well at least until the challenge to reenter the game but that’s talk for another day.  As you know from previous seasons the contestants compete in the same elimination challenge each week.  The person who performs the poorest is the one who will be sent packing.  We already told you last episode we have a new competition this season at the request of our bachelor.  Each week the girls will need to use there researching skills to discover a new element.  The lady who takes the longest to find their element will have only a few minutes to say goodbye to the potential love of their life. The only one safe this week from harms way is Maleficent.  We’ve explained the rules to you and to the girls it’s time to get these machines up and running.  Will your favorite be safe, let’s find out.

“I really don’t care who goes home today.  Pretty much all the girls are evenly matched.  I guess if I had to pick one person I wouldn’t want to leave it would be Cruella.  But I wouldn’t lose any sleep if it was her.”

Even though she had immunity Maleficent still wanted to get in the girls head.  She wanted everyone to know who wasn’t going anywhere this week.  And she wanted Jafar to know what was waiting for him when this boring challenge was over.

“Whoever goes home doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I’m safe and all the girls know it.  Plus it can’t hurt to show them all the connection Jafar and I have, maybe rub it in a little.”

After Maleficent finally returned back inside other girls started to follow.  It seems we have quite a few little smarty pants in our mitts.  They knocked this challenge out of the park.  The most surprising being Claudette.

“I get the whole dumb blonde all the time.  But what people don’t know is I have a masters degree in quantum physics.  I just blew your mind didn’t I!”

We were down to three girls who were still fighting to stay in this game, Cruella, Lady Tremaine, and Drizella.

“All I wanted was to beat my mother.  I just kept praying that I would beat her.”

Drizella’s prayers were answered because a few minutes later she found her element and was safe until next week.  The same couldn’t be said for her mother, Lady Tremaine and Cruella.  But that was about to change because our final lady found her element and we had our first eliminated contestant.  The girl leaving the competition this week is….


“What that can’t be right!  You need to check that, I don’t lose!!  I can’t be the first one out.  Who do I talk to about this??”

We’re sorry Cruella but you were the last girl and therefore it’s time for you to say goodbye to Jafar.  But goodbyes didn’t go as smoothly as one would have thought.  Even though Jafar was insanely attracted to Cruella he was true to his word and didn’t care that much that she was eliminated.  This of course enraged Cruella.

“Yes Cruella could get it up but I’m sure the other ladies in the house would be willing to help me out with that.  So I’m really not too upset to see Cruella leave.”

“How dare that man not be torn up about me leaving.  It boils my blood.  He’s going to rue the day he crossed Cruella De Vil!”

Well Cruella you will have plenty time to plot your revenge downstairs in the basement.  I wonder if Jafar will ever show emotion at the elimination challenge or if this is what we can expect each week.  One things for sure this season is going to be a whole lot different then what we’re used to….and we love it!

Make sure you tune in next week for another jam packed episode of The Bachelor: Disney Villains Edition!

9 thoughts on “The Bachelor: Disney Villains Edition Ep.2 – Clear Your Mind

  1. I think Drizella and Claudette will be great friends. They seem the nicest… And, nooo… I would have likes to see Lady Terrible-Parent leave. YOu know that kids behave according to their upbringing? You’re the reason your girls fail and your the reason they’re such brats. (Well, Anastasia is.)
    Love the update!

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  2. I’m secretly sad Ursula didn’t give Jafar the pounding he deserved for insulting her weight. Big ladies are beautiful, and not represented nearly enough on reality competitions (especially the dating/modeling sorts… except RuPaul’s Drag Race, where a big, beautiful Drag Queen taught me to love my own body image. It even inspired me to write a short Sim story about it, hahaha). *inserts a Latrice Royale gif here in support of Ursula* YOU GO GURL! (Also, I bet hers are bigger than Claudettes. ^_~ )

    I’m also sad Cruella lost over Lady Tremaine… I’m curious to see how the household dynamics would change when Anastasia and Drizella don’t have their mother hovering over everything they do and influencing all their decisions from the sidelines. Here’s to hoping there is MOST DEVIOUS plotting in the basement this season… *twiddles fingers mischievously*

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  3. This was awesome! I love that Claudette was talking about her eyelashes and has a degree in quantum physics – now that’s my kind of lass! She and Drizella are the ones I like most, but that just means that I might not want them to end up with Jafar unless he becomes less… well, evil XD

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