The Bachelor: Disney Villains Edition Ep.1 – It’s Good To Be Bad

After two successful seasons of finding love we decided to try for number three.  Lightining can strike three times right?  As always I’m you host Chris Harrison and welcome to season 3, The Bachelor: Disney Villains Edition.  And what a season it is!  The format is still the same as the previous seasons, 7 beautiful bachelorettes will be competing for the love of our bachelor.  They will compete weekly for a chance for some solo time with the bachelor.  Each week there will also be an elimination challenge which will send someone packing and force them to say goodbye to love.  But it’s more like see you later as they won’t be going far.  The eliminated ladies will once again be sequestered in the basement (yup we sent them back to the dungeons) waiting for their chance to reenter the game and get a second try at love.  But this season is like no other.  We ditched nice this time and searched for the most devious, self centered, down right nasty contestants we could find in the simverse .  Were talking about those people who would be willing to do anything to win this competition and we do mean anything.  But before we meet them let’s first take a look at where they will be spending the next few weeks.

Once again we have moved production to a brand new town.  This season things will be getting hot and steamy in the dessert, to be more specific Oasis Springs.  Oasis Springs may be dry and covered in sand but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking breath taking views and ideal date locations.  The bachelor has an assortment of spots to woe his 7 delightfully devilish ladies.   But he better be careful it gets mighty hot in the dessert sun. He doesn’t want to get burned.

Now on to the house!  We scoured Oasis Springs for the perfect house.  We needed a place that would inspire love and of course a house big enough to fit all of our houseguests.  We were giving up hope when we came across this beautiful Mediterranean style home.  It’s a 3 floor house, with a basement, set a top a cliff with gorgeous panoramic views.  These girls better be careful to keep their attitudes in check, I wouldn’t put it past our bachelor to toss someone off that cliff if he’s in the mode.  I mean there was this riff raft once, but that’s a story for another day.

If the outside is any inclination about the inside these contestants are in for a real treat.

As is standard the houseguests have a luxurious backyard guaranteed to inspire romance. Something tells us our bachelor is a bathing suit optional type of guy.  Thankfully he has a a nice heated pool, that way if he decides on no suit he doesn’t have to worry about shrinkage.  The pool may not be as big as previous seasons but that doesn’t mean our bacherolettes can’t get nice and wet in there.  After working up an appetite the contestants can dine out in their top of the line grill station.  Though one of the girls asked that we didn’t serve up any fish tacos.

Like last season we’ve placed all the solo date competitions through out the house.  Something tells us those meditation benches aren’t just for clearing your mind.  Perhaps they will be used for something much more important, like a solo date?

If the girls aren’t too secure in there skills they can always wish for some help by using the wishing well.  Making it’s debut the wishing well was donated by a previous bachelorette, Snow White.  She had spent many an hour wasting a whole lot of coins wishing for her prince to come.  After her failure with Gaston she decided to ditch luck and take her fate in her own hands. Hopefully our girls this season have better luck.  And if wishing for the bachelors attention doesn’t work, they can always try wearing an itsy bitsy bikini in the hot tub to catch his eye.

Let’s move inside and take a look at where our girls and bachelor will be spending most of their time.  This season our girls are slightly older and therefore we decided to go with decor that they would feel more at home with.  Bright colors and modern edges were not the right fit for this crowd.  A more regal with a touch of class was what this cast needed.  As you’ll see this season we included a few items we haven’t before.  If the girls or our bachelor are craving some intellectual stimulation they can start up a game of chess.  Or perhaps they want to tickle the ivories on the stunning white baby grand in the living room.

To the right of the living room there is the hallway that connects to the kitchen and bathroom.  It also leads out to the backyard.  We wanted the girls to feel at home so we furnished the house with some pieces from their person collections.  Those scrolls for instance are a contract between one of the bacelorettes and a client of hers.  We tried to make out the signature on the bottom but it wasn’t clear, definitely looked like the name started with an A.

With 8 people living under one roof we needed to have a state of the art kitchen that would appeal to everyone’s culinary tastes.  Also it had to be large enough so that everyone could prepare their meals together.  If it’s anything like last season the contestants will be more about cooking for themselves then for the whole household.  The pantry is stocked with loads of goodies for the houseguests.  Perhaps the bachelor will sneak away for a midnight snack with one or two of the girls this season.

I’m sure you noticed that there isn’t enough seating in the kitchen for everyone.  Not to worry right next to the kitchen is a lovely dining room big enough to fit everyone comfortably.  With so many hot heads in one house I’m sure we’ll see many dishes flying across this table.  Hopefully there won’t be any poison apples.

That takes care of the main floor so let’s walk on up to the second floor which houses the girls bedrooms as well as an open area for the them to let loose in.  As you can see we’ve kept with the regal look upstairs.  We’ve given the girls a fully stocked bar which we hope we won’t regret later.  Maybe we shouldn’t have put the darts so close to the bar.  One of the girls has a thing for pointy objects.  After the drinks are mixed and the darts are put away the girls can sit back and chat about all their evil conquests in a the nice sitting area we’ve arranged.

What’s behind these doors you ask?  Well the second floor also houses our elimination room.  Once again each week the girls will compete in an elimination challenge that will send someone packing.  Not wanting to repeat previous seasons we have a whole new comp for these ladies.  It was actually a comp requested by the bachelor.  Each week the girls will have to show of there researching skills as they try to uncover new elements.  The lady who is the last to discover an element will be out of the competition.  We have to admit the comp is a bit unorthodox.  When we asked the bachelor why he would request a comp like this, he just told us he has his reasons.  Needless to say our bachelor is quite mysterious this season.

Only time will tell who will be the first to fail at this comp.

Moving on we visit the ladies sleeping chambers.  The girls are broken up into two rooms.  Not wanting to upset anyone the rooms are nearly identical.  Given these contestants temperaments we thought it best to not make 7 girls share one bathroom.  Each room has it’s own bathroom with shower and tub, the perfect place to wash away your troubles or think up your next dastardly plan.

As you can see room two is the same layout the only difference is a different color palette.  Hopefully this won’t upset anyone.

Where will our bachelor be staying you ask?  Well if we go up one floor to the third level we will see his private chambers.  As in previous seasons our bachelor has his own private sanctuary to escape from the competition and the ladies.  He will be able to collect his thoughts and do whatever else his evil little heart desires up here.  I wonder if he will keep it locked or grant access to a few lucky girls.

For our final stop on the tour we need to head back downstairs to the basement or what we like to call the dungeon.  Down here is where you will find most of the solo date challenges.  As like other seasons we allowed the girls access to all the comp activities.  It’s up to them if they wish to sharpen their skills to get an edge up on the competition.

Some of the rooms you will find down here is the art studio, the gym, a sauna, and a yoga studio.  Most of these girls only dreamed of such luxuries.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t all go to their heads.

We even provided them with a little reading nook.  However looks can be deceiving because that’s not just a quiet place to escape reality.  It’s also the entrance to the eliminated quarters.  Just move the books in the right order and fail to discover a new element and you are granted access to this suite.

Don’t feel too bad for the eliminated girls.  This suite is lap of luxury.  With top of the line furniture, a giant big screen, and a 5 star kitchen the girls won’t be suffering too much down here.

If the girls could see the room the could be staying in down here a few might be throwing the comp.  To say the rooms are an upgrade from upstairs would be a huge understatement.  The ladies get to choose from three designs, sure to find the decor that matches their personality perfect.  Not only do you not need to share but you also get double the bed.  Only problem is there’s no chance the bachelor will be joining you down here.

And that concludes our tour of season 3’s house.  Do you think you could find love here?  The real question is will our bachelor.

You’ve seen the house but what about the people who will be living in it.  We can finally reveal our season 3 cast.  Say hello to the ladies!

 Let’s say get to know the ladies of season 3 a little better.


Tired of her poor social status and sick of relying on her daughters, Lady Tremaine decided to take matters into her own hands.  She is a lady who likes nice things and feels see deserves to be treated like a queen.  Her only requirement of the bachelor is that he be rich.  She’s not above marrying for money, in fact that’s what’s she hopes for.  Who needs love when you have a castle with servants catering to your every whim.


Anastsia has always been told she needed to be smarter and prettier then all the ladies in the land, but unfortunately those weren’t the cards she was dealt.  She grew up being told she needed a man to take care of her.  And that’s exactly what she is doing here.  She wants to find a man who will do all the work so that she can embrace her inner lazy.  She wants to find love but doesn’t want to do any of the work to find it.


Growing up with a nickname like ugly step sister really does a number on ones self esteem.  Drizella doesn’t think very highly of herself and can’t see anyone ever being interested in her.  Her mother pushed her into this competition just like she has her entire life.  She knows she has no shot of winning this comp, so she plans on sticking around for the free food.


Cruella goes after what she wants and doesn’t take no for an answer.  She has a reputation as a bit of a bitch and she loves it.  Her main goal, besides winning the heart of the bachelor, is to be top dog in this house.  She plans on making all the other girls roll over and play dead.


Maleficent doesn’t take to kindly to being shunned.  If the bachelor isn’t giving her his full attention at all times he may live to regret it.  She’s not afraid to let out the beast inside if anyone gets in her way.  The girls may want to sleep with one eye open around her.


Ursula just wants to be part of this world….wait a minute that’s not right, it’s more like she wants to rule this world.  She looking for a man who will rule along side her.  Someone who will see her as an equal, instead of a witch like her last boyfriend saw her.  Don’t worry that ex is completely out of the picture, he didn’t live up to his end of the deal and Ursula saw to it that he paid the price.


Claudette admits to being a little boy crazy.  In the past she’s done some crazy things for love.  But unfortunately her feelings are never returned.  She just looking for a good man who will love her.  He needs to be tall, preferably dark hair and a chiseled chin.  He definitely needs to be covered in hair and likes to stomp around in his boots.  Hmmm it’s seems like you missed the season with that bachelor.

It’s safe to say these girls will make this season interesting.  Let’s just hope they all make it out in one piece.  Our bachelor has his hands full with this group.  We’ve already revealed our bachelor, but in case you missed it let’s meet him again.

I’d like to introduce you to season 3’s bachelor, Jafar.

There is one thing that matters most to Jafar.  That is having all the power.  He’s done following the rules of someone else.  It’s time he made the rules.  The idea of love always seemed a bit frivolous to Jafar.  It makes you act like a fool and forces you to give up too much. He’s seen it first hand with that stupid street rat and the princess.  He vowed to never let love ruin him like it had them.  But after awhile of infinite cosmic power he started to get lonely.  He’s not sure if love is exactly what he’s looking for here, he’d describe it more as finding someone to keep his bed warm at night.  Will any of these girls be able to thaw this frozen heart and open it up for love?

We’ve toured the house, met the contestants and learned our bachelors true intentions.  I’d say it’s time to get this party started!  Will our bachelor find what he’s looking for in this house?  Will the ladies be able to survive each other while living in close quarters?  And will the hot tub actually get turned on this season (last season it just collected dust)?  Only time will tell.  Join us next week when the fun starts!

17 thoughts on “The Bachelor: Disney Villains Edition Ep.1 – It’s Good To Be Bad

  1. A lot of people wouldn’t be aware that Claudette is one of the names of the “Bimbettes” or “Silly Girls” from Beauty&the Beast (depending on if you\re talking about the movie or the musical) who basically were Gaston’s cheerleaders.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love it! I must say you’re really good at building, the house is beautiful.

    And the contestant, I didn’t expect Cinderella’s entire family to be there, what a surprise! So far Drizella is my favourite ( someone who like free food just can’t be all bad 😀 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I must say I’m surprised by so much Drizella love. It’s very interesting.
      Thank you for the building comment. I can’t take all the credit, once again I gutted out a pre-existing house from Oasis Springs. But the inside is all me 🙂 Next season I’m building from scratch!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your building skills are so impressive, you CAS skill stop notch and your story writting is stellar!! I cant wait for more of this season!!! My fave line of this segment: that way if he decides on no suit he doesn’t have to worry about shrinkage.!!! LOLOL

    PS I have to look up claudette as I have no idea which movie she is from – wait is she from beauty and the beast?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know how in the movie those girls who are hanging out around the water Pump fanning over Gaston? They’re the ones who sing the “oh, he’s so cute/I’m hardly breathing” line and call Belle “crazy’ for not being in love with Gaston like they’re? Claudette is one of them (normally the one in the red dress)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I have always been a huge Ursula fan (and still am) so I think she gets my number one spot, but I also quite like Malecifent (I mean, she turns into a dragon! I wish I had that ability…) and Drizella. Love how this season has so much diversity in age, body shape, etc.! Am so excited for this season!

    Liked by 1 person

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