Disney Legacy: Tess Blanc (Part 21)

Foster felt like his life had become too routine lately.  He needed a change.

What better way to change then a makeover.  He was so done with the punk rebel look.  He decided to go with the sophisticated college professor look.

A part of him thought that maybe this change would make Yumi change her mind about the break up.

Almost like clockwork Yumi was at the door.  It was time to test Foster’s theory.

It was clear that Yumi liked the makeover.

“Foster I know I hurt you and I don’t deserve a second chance but I was being a so stupid breaking up with you.  I’ve never done the whole relationship thing before and I got scared.  The truth is the thought of not having you in my life scares me so much more.  Is there any chance you’d take me back.  I understand if you say no, ever girl in school is going to be after you now with that new look.”

What would Foster do?  He knew he loved Yumi but she had hurt him and what if she got scared again.  Foster didn’t think his heart could handle it.  Besides she was probably right, he’d have his choice of girl now.

But Foster knew he’d choose Yumi everytime!

A few towns over Thomas was also making progress with his new relationship with Ruttik.  He thought it would be a good idea for them to meet somewhere away from work.  He suggested they meet at the Rattle Snake to discuss all things Sixam.

Unfortunately she misunderstood his intentions and thought that this was a date.  She admitted having a crush on him since the day he started work.  Once she learned he was like her she knew it must be meant to be.

“I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression Ruttik but I’m married, happily married.  I’m guessing this means you’re not going to take me to Sixam next time you go huh.”

It was the next morning and Foster was excited to show off his new look.  So far only Yumi had seen him, thought I doubt anyones reaction would be better then hers.

“I’ll admit I’m a little mad you didn’t ask me to do your makeover Uncle Foster.  But I have to admit you did a pretty good job.  I of course would have done better but we can’t all have impeccable style.”

It seems Foster would have to wait to show Tess his new look.  She was otherwise occupied.  What was she doing?  Having her baby!

After what had happened the first time at the hospital Tess didn’t want to take her chances.  She decided a home birth would be safer, in case the baby was blue again.

And it was a good decision because once again the baby was as blue as the ocean.  Only this time it was a girl!

It looks like our future heiress is born.  Everyone please say hello to Ariel Blanc.

The boys had left for school already and Thomas was at work s the only one to share the news with was Grandmother Willow.

“Grandmother Willow she’s beautiful.  She takes after Thomas just like Sebastian did with the blue skin.  I only wish my parents could be here to see my babies.  It take comfort knowing they will always have you.”

The boys returned home from school and both were eager to meet the new edition to the household.

“Little sister you are fabulous!  We’re going to be the best of friends, we can braid each others hair and talk about boys.  It’s going to be so fetch!”

“Hello my sweet Ariel, I’m your Uncle Foster.  I’m the guy who’s going to scare all the boys away and make sure you never leave the house half naked.”

While the boys were getting to know Ariel, Tess was busy in the kitchen making something special.  It was Foster’s birthday.  She was not the best baker but it was the thought that counts right.

The celebration was small, just Foster, Tess and Sebastian.  Foster had invited Yumi of course but she said she was too busy to come by.

Foster wasn’t happy she had blown off his birthday.  She’d been a bit shady since they had gotten back together, always canceling plans and never being home when he called.  Foster started to worry if she was about to run again.

Tess may have not been a great baker but that cake did look delicious.  Sebastian certainly thought so.

He was so mesmerized by the cake that without realizing it he had taken a piece and started shoveling it in his mouth.

“What have I done!!  That is going to go straight to my thighs and it’s almost bathing suit season.  That’s only salad for me for the rest of the month.

Sebastian was so disgraced with himself after eating those few spoonfuls of cake that he needed to lift his spirits.  Nothing lifted his spirits more then knowing he was the best dressed sim in the room.  Luckily Foster was just in the other room.

Sebastian was feeling so much better.  Luckily he was able to do his second best thing to lift his spirits, eavesdropping on other peoples conversations.  He overheard Foster talking to Yumi, it sounded like she needed to talk to him about something serious.  Looks like it won’t be a very Happy Birthday for Foster.

Thomas finally arrived home for work.  He had been waiting all day to meet his daughter.

He thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world, aside from her mother.  He promised her that he would never let go and do anything to protect her from the world or should he say worlds.

Foster met up with Yumi at an address he’d never been to before.  What was this place?  Was this her new boyfriends house, was she seriously going to break up with Foster here?!

It started very similar to the last time.  She told Foster how amazing he was and how everything was going so fast.  Foster shouldered down bracing himself for the bad news.

“Like I said things are going so fast it only makes sense for us to move in together!  I saw a listing on Gregslist for a room for rent and called the owner.  It’s ours if we want it!  So this is my birthday gift to you.  I hope you like it.”

Foster loved it.  Most of all he loved Yumi and realized she was done running.  They were going to make this place a home, together.

Yumi had mentioned this was just a room for rent.  They would be sharing the house with another tenant.  Apparently he was some local dj and he was downstairs waiting to meet them.

He was not just any dj, he was the hottest underground dj in all of Willow Creek.  He went by the name the Mad Hatter.  Foster remembered seeing posters of him hanging in Nola’s room.

When the Mad Hatter was done spinning he sat down and gave Foster a little roommate interview.  Basically it consisted of one question, turn tables or cd player.  Foster got it right and had himself a new roommate.

Correction he had two roommates.  Yumi suggested they take a look at their room, maybe test out the new bed.

And that’s exactly what they did.

It was now just Tess and her little family in the big Blanc house.  The kids were already in bed, so Thomas and Tess decided to enjoy a little alone time.  They were finally able to watch the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie that everyone had been raving about.

Tess missed most of it.  She was too busy watching her sexy husband.

After the movie the couple heard some noise from upstairs.  Thomas said he would check on the baby.

Only the baby wasn’t a baby anymore.  Ariel was aging up.  She better change that oufit before Sebastian sees.

Like Sebastian Ariel choose to disguise her blue skin to better fit in.

Unlike Sebastian she inherited Tess’ black hair, not Thomas’ red locks.

Almost by instinct Ariel made a be line for the pool.  She had always loved getting baths when she was a baby.  It was almost like she was born to be in the water.

With Ariel now a kid she needed a proper bedroom.  Foster’s old bedroom would be the perfect room for her.

Of course we gave it a little makeover, making it more appropriate for a girl her age.

Not only did Ariel get her room, Tess and Thomas decided to get her a pet.  Thomas had saved a little guppy from the lab at work.  Ariel named him Flounder.

Tess had decided she was done having kids.  She never wanted a big family and she felt her family now was the perfect size.  Since she was done with kids that meant it was time to get her body back into shape.

We think her body is on a pretty nice shape already.

Sebastian was thrilled that Ariel was now a kid.  It was time to put operation best friend into action.

“Ariel…Ariel….ARIEL!!!  Oh good you’re up.  Since you’re up let’s go to the park.  It’s so cliche it’s perfect.”

And to the park they went.  However when they got there they couldn’t agree what to do.  Ariel of course wanting to go swimming.  Sebastian thought the only reason for a pool was to lay out near it to get a tan.  Not being able to compromise they went their separate ways.

Ariel went for a swim.

And Sebastian sulked on the pirate ship.  Operation best friend was not going to plan.

However while on the pirate ship Sebastian noticed a boy, a cute boy, watching him.

Maybe today wouldn’t be a total bust.

While the kids were at the park we ran into some kids we haven’t seen in a while.  This is Buzz and Evangeline’s son.

And these ray of sunshine is Joelle and RJ’s daughter.

While the kids were at the park Tess and Thomas were enjoying some more alone time together.  I’m guessing there are other more enjoyable things they could be doing together in a kid free house.

It was day two of operation best friend.  Sebastian decided he skip ahead to the talking about boys part.

“So his name is Evan and he’s adorable.  But I don’t know if it could ever work with us.  He was wearing crocs…Crocs!”

Ariel had had enough boy talk.  Actually she needed to talk to her mother about something.  When she choose her disguise she had chosen black hair to be like her mother but now she was doubting her decision.   She wanted red hair like her dad and Sebastian.  She was hoping Tess would let her dye it.

“Sweetheart you’re hair is beautiful, it’s an honor to have hair as black as the raven.  Your Great Great Grandmother had this hair.  Besides once you choose your disguise you can’t alter it again until you’ve aged up.”.

Tess wanted to make Ariel see how well black hair suited her.

“See you’re stunning.  Black hair brings out those gorgeous blue eyes of yours.  You’re going to drive boys crazy with those eyes.”

Later after her daily run Tess told Thomas all about her conversation with Ariel as he rubbed her aching muscles.  He said she had been working so hard working out that she deserved a proper massage.

Turns out Thomas already scheduled it for her.  Tess concluded this was the best gift Thomas had ever given her.

“I call this move chopping the salad…chop chop chop up your back.”

Despite that weird chop the salad move Tess’ massage was heavenly.  And the fizzy drinks they gave you after tasted like liquid gold.

Before heading home Tess treated her self to one more spa service, the steam room.  Tess imagined her ancestors before here probably enjoy a few sweat lodges too.

“Thank you so much baby.  I didn’t realize how much I needed a day like that. And now that I’m all relaxed maybe I can help you relax a bit, upstairs.”

Tess told the kids it was too nice out not to be outside and made them go play by the pool.  Meanwhile she and Thomas went to relax upstairs.

“I’m going to get mommy and daddy.  The pool is to perfect for them to miss.”

“Unless you want years of therapy I wouldn’t suggest you doing that.”

Sitting by the pool reminded Sebastian it was time to change David in his summer wear.

“David you look devine…no no, no need to thank me it was my pleasure.  God you’re abs are breathtaking I hope mine are half as nice when I’m your age.”

Let’s hope all that relaxing doesn’t produce another baby.  And the kids make some new friends next time!

6 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: Tess Blanc (Part 21)

  1. All these Disney characters made me fan girl a bit – Sebastian, Floounder ( I know he is a literal fish but I was still ecstatic!) – A really cool update and I love how much flair Sebastian has such a cool kid 😉

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