The Bachelorette: Disney Sidekick Edition Ep.8 – The Choice

This is it, it’s finale night!  Tonight we find out if Audrey has truly found love or if she’ll be traveling home alone.  It’s been one hell of a journey.  It seems like only yesterday we were meeting Audrey and the seven bachelors vying for her heart.  We’ve had a season full of drama, laughs, fights, tears and surprises.  We’ve had to say good bye to some of our favorites along the way, and we also were glad to see some go.  All throughout this journey one thing was constant Audrey was in this for all the right reasons and she allowed her story to unfold on it’s own.  She truly opened her heart to the possibility of love. It seems she may have opened it up too much because it’s clear she has very strong feelings for all three remaining bachelors.

Speaking of our remaining bachelors when the season started who would have thought these three would be the last men standing.  First there is Kocoum the strong but silent man who’s one with nature.  Audrey was instantly attracted to his looks but after spending alone time on their solo date week three she started to realize their connection wasn’t just psychical. Their relationship grew over the remaining weeks and even survived Kocoum being eliminated.  On their over night date Audrey finally got a test of what life would be like with Kocoum.  Is it the life she’s always dreamed of with her soulmate?  Next up there’s Grumpy.  From day one Audrey and Grumpy were like two old friends who were finally realizing that maybe they wanted more then just friendship.  Unfortunately Grumpy couldn’t score much alone time since he wasn’t able to win a solo date until late in the season.  But good things come to those who wait, it was clear these two had chemistry.  On their overnight Audrey saw a softer side of Grumpy when he shared his past with her.  But the question is does she see a future with him?  Finally there is Lefou.  Of the remaining men he was the least likely to still be in the competition.  His love affair with Gaston had us wondering if Audrey was really the one he wanted to be with for the rest of his life.  The two had a solo date early on and everything seemed to go well, however Lefou running his mouth nearly got him kicked out of the house.  It took him opening up to Audrey about his inexperience in the love department for their relationship to really start to grow. But after their overnight two things were certain, Lefou was no longer inexperienced and Audrey clearly had strong feelings for him.  But are they strong enough to last forever?

Audrey really has a difficult decision ahead of her.  Luckily we will be making it a little bit easier because there’s an elimination that still needs to take place.  All three guys will be competing, it’s the last elimination challenge which means no more immunity.  Audrey and the boys are ready for their fate to be decided so let’t get this comp started.

“Is it really the last elimination challenge?  I can’t believe it.  I feel like yesterday I just met these guys and now I have to say good bye to another one.  I’m trying to hold back tears, I don’t know if I can be strong today.”

Audrey wasn’t the only one dreading the outcome of this comp.  All three guys were head over heels for Audrey and couldn’t bare the thought of being eliminated.

“I’m 100% convinced Audrey is the great love of my life.  I’ve never felt this strongly about any other person….why do you look like you don’t believe me.”

“I just kept telling myself you can do this.  You’re almost there, do this for Audrey.  You’re so close to your happily ever after, don’t blow it now.”

“Never have I embraced my true warrior more then I did while running on that machine of torture.”

The guys continued to run.  Everyone knew they didn’t want to be the first person to drop in this final challenge.  But inevitably someone would and after a little while someone did.  The only problem was it was a super close call.  This was going to be a photo finish.  Nothing like some drama for the last challenge huh.

“I certainly didn’t lose to that baboon.  He stopped before me.”

“I definitely stopped after Kocoum.  I mean look at the tape it’s clear he’s the loser.”

This was too close to call so we did have to take a look at the tapes.  The only thing we knew for certain was that Grumpy was in the final two.

“I can’t believe it I’m actually in the final two.  I need to pinch myself because none of this seems real.  Audrey’s my dream girl, sometimes dreams come true.”

We finished reviewing the footage and had come to a decision.  The last guy to be eliminated from this competition, by a mere toe, is ….


“I knew that I beat out that neanderthal!  I’m final two, I’m final two!  Gaston is going to be so proud of me.  Can I call him and tell him?”

Unfortunately Kocoum was familiar with saying goodbye to Audrey.  But this time there wouldn’t be a second chance.  Last time they said goodbye it tore Audrey up.  Would she be able to handle it better this time?

“Of course I’m sad to say good bye to Kocoum.  I really do care about him.  But after our overnight date and the fight with Grumpy I realized it would never work between us.  We come from different worlds and I can’t see them ever merging.”

“I will go back to my tribe with new knowledge of this world and a broken heart.”

Farewell Kocoum.  You were a true warrior and we hope you find a girl who will embrace nature with you.

We decided to give Audrey, Grumpy, and Lefou the rest of the day off.  This meant we turned off our cameras and let them enjoy a little normalcy for a few hours.  Finally finale day was here.  In a few hours Audrey could have love and one of these guys would have a broken heart.  Grumpy was the first up.  As he sat alone eating his breakfast of franks and beans (perhaps knowing what today was he would have chosen something different) the reality of what today meant started to sink in.

“I’m trying to stay calm and think positive but we all know I’m not the positive thinker here.  Audrey might not pick me!  I’ve given up a lot to be here and revealed things I don’t even tell my buddies at home on national television.  I literally put my heart on the line here.  I don’t know if I can recover if Audrey doesn’t take it.”

Meanwhile Lefou was able to sleep in a little longer. Maybe he was dreaming of Audrey picking him.  He did have a goofy grin on when we peeked in.  Then again he could just be dreaming of Gaston as usual.

As we had done last season we sequestered Audrey in her room.  She wouldn’t be seeing Grumpy or Lefou until it was time to make her decision.  Audrey didn’t mind though.  She said she loved the idea of some alone time.  Surprisingly she seemed rather calm for someone who was about to choose the man she hopes to spend the rest of her life with.  Could she have already decided?  Well the only thing we know for sure is that her and Grumpy shared the same taste in odd breakfast foods.

“Am I worried about today of course not…what’s that, why did I have frank and beans for breakfast.  I didn’t have Frank and beans I had cer…oh my gosh I had frank and beans.  I didn’t even notice that!  Ok maybe I’m a little worried.”

Grumpy knew that he couldn’t see Audrey until later but that didn’t mean he couldn’t sneak a peek.  Although Audrey was fun to look at Grumpy was getting a little tired of looking but no touching.  He tired to figure out what he could do to pass the hours while he waited for his fate.

“I was getting so restless waiting around I needed to do something to make time go quicker.  I was just as surprised as you that I choose to work out.  I would have totally thought I would have played some video games.”

The day continued on and just like Grumpy, Audrey was trying to fill her day.  She took a bath, read a book, and then took a nap.  She looked to she how much time she had killed, thinking surely it was a lot.  She was shocked to see it had only been 20 minutes.

“I think the clock is broken in my room.  I swear that second hand looks like it’s going backwards.”

Lefou was finally up.  He was in a great mood.  It must have been a really good dream.  He headed to the kitchen for breakfast even though it was closer to lunch.  And no surprise he also had franks and beans.  I guess we should have left them a little more food to pick from.

“I can’t believe how refreshed and good I feel.  I just know that Audrey is going to pick me.  I mean come on who would pick Grumpy over me.”

Still counting down the minutes Audrey went outside to get some fresh air.  She hadn’t been feeling well the last half hour.  Her stomach had been in knots this whole competition maybe it was finally all catching up to her.  But our guess is that it was her breakfast sneaking back up on her.

“This morning I woke up calm and excited for later, but as it gets closer all that is turning into nervous anxiety.  I know who I pick.  I’ve kind of always known but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy telling the other guy.  I really thing that’s why I’ve been feeling so sick today,  it’s eating me up knowing I’m going to devastate someone.”

Audrey needed to get her mind off of her stomach pains so she decided to finish working on her rocket.  She had found someone who had space for the rocket in their yard, our boom mic guy Jeff.  Apparently he always dreamed of being an astronaut but had to settle for working for a reality dating tv show.  That is life.

“I was so happy that Jeff said he’d take my baby.  I’m going to miss her, but he promised I could be there for the first launch.”

We told Audrey that we were just finishing up the room and that it would soon be time to go upstairs and tell the man she loves how she feels.  This was the most important day of her life of course she wanted to look good.  She spend the rest of her time as a single lady picking out the perfect outfit for the moment.

“I liked the blue one that looked like it had stars going down the front but I felt like I looked like my mother.  I definitely didn’t want to look matronly telling my dream guy that I love him.”

“Ok, ok I knew the wedding dress was a mistake right after I tried it on.  Besides it’s bad luck to she the bride in her dress before the wedding.  That is hoping he will propose to me and we will have a wedding some day.”

“Yeah no, definitely no!”

Wow that last dress was so bad it made Audrey sick, though once again still probably the beans.

Finally Audrey found the dress!  It was perfect.  It fit her like a glove, hugging her curves and making her boobs look huge.  Grumpy and Lefou would have to be blind to say no to her in that dress.  Audrey was ready, in a few short moments her life would change forever.  Hopefully for the better.

“I don’t mean to brag but I looked hot.  If I was a dude I would definitely take me home.  So I had the perfect dress all I’m missing is the perfect guy.  I guess it’s time to tell him.”

Not quite yet.  Before we get to that let’s check in on the guys as they get ready to meet there destiny.  Audrey wasn’t the only one looking hot.

“I was about to tell Audrey that I loved her.  I had to look good.  Gaston gave me this suit in the hopes I’d make it to this point.  Ok he lent it to me….ok I stole it from his closet when he wasn’t looking.”

“I’ve been a wreck all day.  I could barely button up my shirt, my hands were shaking so much.  I love this girl more then anything.  I’m just praying she feels the same.”

Well it’s time to find out.  Audrey made her way upstairs.  She was floored when she saw what we had done to what used to be the elimination room.  We flooded the room with candles and flowers.  I must say our decorating team really outdid themselves this season.

“The room was gorgeous.  I couldn’t have dreamed of anything more perfect.”

Speaking of dreams.  Remember at the beginning of the season Audrey had a dream about this very night.  In that dream she was standing right where she is now waiting for the man of her dreams to walk through those doors.  And do you remember who she saw walk through those door….Lefou.  It looks like this dream may be coming true.

“My heart stopped when I saw Audrey standing there.  I knew right then she had chosen me.”

Lefou entered the room and was greeted by one of Audrey’s warm smiles.  He could feel nothing but love for this beautiful creature in front of him.  Audrey also seemed happy to see Lefou.  Her smile never faded as he got closer and closer to her.

“When I saw Lefou I knew I had made the right choice.  My heart was speaking to me loud and clear.”

“It took everything in me not to get down on one knee the second I saw Audrey.  I couldn’t wait to ask her to be my wife, to be mine forever.”

Audrey began telling Lefou how much he had surprised her this season.  She admitted that Lefou was not someone she imagined she would be standing with on the final night.  But she was happy he was.

“Lefou is an amazing man.  He tries to put up a cool sleek front but he’s just a sweet kind hearted man.  Any girl would be lucky to call him hers.”

The only think was that girl wasn’t her.  Audrey cared for Lefou deeply but he was not the man she loved.  The moment Audrey had dreaded from the first day was here.  She had to look Lefou, a man who clearly loved her, in the eye and break his heart.  She just hoped she’d be able to get through this without breaking down herself.

“Lefou deserves someone who loves him with all their heart.  But that’s just not me.  I’ll always care about him and he’ll hold a special place in my heart, but the rest of my heart belongs to someone else.”

Lefou was shocked with what Audrey was telling him.  He had been so sure that she felt as he did.  He would have staked his life on it.  I mean she was his first, he was hoping she would be his last too.  How would a guy like him ever find another girl like Audrey.

“All I could keep thinking was this can’t be happening.  I guy like me doesn’t get a shot like this again…ever!  I’m not like Gaston, I don’t have girls throwing themselves at me.  This was my one chance at love.  And I blew it.”

“I tried to tell Leofu that it wasn’t him.  He hadn’t done anything wrong.  He has to know how great he is, I’m afraid I ruined that.  I wish I could have loved him how he deserved.”

“I knew with the way Leofu walked out that I would never see him again.  It broke my heart knowing that.  I may not have loved him but I did care about him and I hoped we could have been friends.”

The hard part was over.  Audrey had done what she dreaded the most.  All that was left was to tell Grumpy that she loved him and wanted to spend every moment with him until forever.  She hoped he would give her the answer she wanted.

“I can finally say it….I love Grumpy.”

When Grumpy walked in the room Audrey lite up like a Christmas tree.  The smile she had on her face when Lefou entered before was nothing in comparison to the one she had for Grumpy.

“Seeing Grumpy walk in only confirmed that I had made the right choice.  This was the man I was meant to be with.”

Grumpy not knowing what Audrey was about to tell him took the opportunity to get what he hoped wouldn’t be his last kiss.

“I knew I should have let Audrey talk first but when I saw her I just needed to kiss her.  I made sure to remember every detail of that kiss.  I knew in the back of my mind it could be our last.”

But Grumpy had nothing to worry about, Audrey wanted nothing more then a lifetime of kisses with this man.  She decided there was no better time then the present to start.

“Something told me Grumpy was going to like what I had to tell him.  Either that or he likes to make out when he’s about to break someones heart.”

The couple finally detached from each other.  It was time for Audrey to tell Grumpy that she chose him.  She picked up the rose that had been sitting on the table since she had entered the room.  The rose that she passed on giving to Lefou.  The rose that would tell Grumpy that she was in love with him.  She looked at Grumpy and told him she loved him, that part of her had loved him from the minute she met him.  Then she asked the question she had been waiting to ask since day one, will you accept this final rose?

“There was a brief pause before Grumpy answered.  In that moment my heart stopped and I feared for the worst.”

Audrey had nothing to fear, of course Grumpy accepted the rose.  He also told her he loved her too.  And of course there was more kissing.

“I know this is going to sound incredibly corny but that night was like a fairy tale.  Audrey is my happily ever after.   I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

“He said yes!  Thank go he said yes.”

Grumpy was just about to say something when that stomach pain hit Audrey again.  She told Grumpy she was sorry but she needed to get to the bathroom right away.  She asked him to not move, she would be right back.

“Nothing makes a guy feel loved more then a girl throwing up right after you told her how you feel.  I’m just kidding I know me telling Audrey didn’t make her sick.  I just hope she’s ok.  Maybe I should go check on her.”

There was no need Audrey quickly came back in the room, though she looked a bit flushed. In fact she looked a little shell shocked.

Grumpy asked if she was ok but just as she was about to answer he interrupted her with yet another question.

“I knew I was going to propose to Audrey tonight, even if she didn’t pick me.  Let’s just say it would have been my last ditch effort.  But I meant it.  I want nothing more then to make this woman my wife and to spend the rest of my life with her.”

“Marriage, he wants to marry me.  It’s everything I ever wanted.  It’s just I thought I wouldn’t be…I mean I thought it would happen much later.  Oh why didn’t he let me just answer his first question.”

Wait a minute are you trying to say what I think you’re trying to say?

That stomach ache wasn’t from the frank and beans after all.  That stomach ache was morning sickness….Audrey was pregnant!

“Pregnant!  I’m going to be a father!”

“I took the test when I was downstairs, three minutes later I saw a positive sign.  Everything was perfect.  I finally found the man of my dreams and he wanted me too.  And I had a feeling Grumpy was going to propose which I would have said yes without hesitation.  But now everything’s different.  I couldn’t say yes, not without him knowing the truth.  He loves me but a baby was never part of the deal, at least not yet.  You want to know what’s the worst part of all this, I don’t even know who the father is!”

Ok show of hands who was expecting that!  Looks like we will have a lot to talk about next week during the Men Tell All special.  Will Audrey give Grumpy an answer to his proposal?  Is the proposal even still on the table?  And the most important question to be answered who’s the father?  Join us next week when we will answer all of these questions and check in on the other guys.

11 thoughts on “The Bachelorette: Disney Sidekick Edition Ep.8 – The Choice

  1. Thank you for another great season! As soon as Kronk dropped out I was pretty much Team Grumpy from that point onward. ^_^ Can’t wait for the rewind episode!

    I did see the Pooh Bear twist coming, did not see the pregnancy coming, however it does make sense… that many guys so close together… oh the drama! I do wonder who the father is!

    The twist I thought was going to come that didn’t? I was sure it was going to be revealed at some point that Lefou’s hero worship of Gaston really was “something more,” hahaha, and it took being with a lady to work through that questionable phase. But he seems pretty gutted so I guess I really missed the mark on that one!

    Can’t wait for S3, but you already know how I feel about Disney villains. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The way you write this is perfect, I just feel like a total fan girl, rooting for my favourite, fingers crossed and everything. Like I’m watching the actual show.

    And I’m so happy she chose Grumpy. I think they are a great match ❤ I hope he's the father, just to make things easier for them. Although I believe theywould be happy together even if he wasn't.

    Once again, you did a marvelous job, I can't wait for the next season!

    Liked by 1 person

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