Disney Legacy: Tess Blanc Part 20

Tess and Thomas made it to the hospital with time to spare before the baby was born.

“Ok little one it’s almost time to come out.  Be good to your mama, she’s a strong one but that doesn’t mean you have to make this hard.  We’ll be seeing you soon!”

Tess signed in at the front desk.  She couldn’t believe this day was finally here.  In a short time she’d be holding her sweet baby in her arms.

Part of her couldn’t help but feel sad that both her mother and father weren’t here to experience this with her.  But she knew that they were with her in her heart.

The contractions were getting closer apart and it was time to deliver this baby.  Thomas having never experienced a sim birth was a ball of nerves.

“Are you sure it should be making that noise?  Is that gel supposed to bubble like that?  I know that Tess’ heart should be in her chest, where did you go to medical school!!”

Despite all of Thomas’ worries the baby was finally delievered.  However the doctor had the nurse take the baby away.  He was concerned because while the baby appeared healthy it was also a peculiar shade of blue.  He told the parents not to worry, they would do everything they could to find out what was going on.

After running multiple tests the doctor found nothing wrong with the baby.  He finally diagnosis it with a rare skin condition know as bluberryatosis.  He told them that it should fade over time.  Tess and Thomas both knew the baby didn’t have buberryatosis and that it wouldn’t fade away over time.

Foster didn’t care what color he was he loved his little nephew.  That’s right Tess and Thomas had a boy!  They decided to name him Sebastian.

“He’s perfect sis.  But I don’t understand why he’s blue.  I mean I know Thomas is not from this world but he looks just like any other sim I’ve ever met.”

“Foster the truth is that’s just Thomas’ sim disguise. He looks like that so that he fits in on this planet.  Sweetheart I think it’s time that Foster saw the real you.”

Right in front of Fosters eyes Thomas transformed into his true self.  Now the whole blue baby made a lot more sense.

Foster told Tess and Thomas that he’d keep an eye on Sebastian so they could get some rest.  They had had a long day and he figured they were pretty beat.  Yes they did have a long day but neither of them were tired.

In fact they both had an amazing amount of energy.

I guess having a baby really puts some people in the mood for love.

After they were done resting Tess relieved Foster of his babysitting duties.  Foster said he didn’t mind watching him longer but Tess couldn’t bare being away from her baby boy another minute.  Even if he was just downstairs.

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you being different is a bad thing because to me you’re pretty amazing.  You’ll always have someone who will love you no matter what.”

It was the next day and Tess was trying to get some chores done while little Sebastian slept.  While she was gardening she suddenly felt extremely nauseous.  The only other time she’s felt like this was when she was pregnant with Sebastian.  Could it be so soon?

“Thomas what you think about Sebastian having a brother or sister?  I hope you’re ok with it because soon he’ll be getting one, I’m having another baby!”

“Well another kid would be nice after some tim…..wait what!”

While Thomas was still in shock over the news Tess decided to go visit Nola and let him alone with his thoughts.  She wasn’t worried, she knew once he thought about he’d be thrilled.

Nola was still pregnant.  She had hoped she would have gone into labor before Tess since she had gotten pregnant first but her baby was really comfy in there.  She was worried they would never come out.

When Tess told her she was pregnant again Nola hoped her baby would come out before the new baby.

“Have you tried spicy food or reading over bumps?  I heard that supposed to help start labor.  Oh I also heard woohoo can induce labor!”

“Woohoo are you kidding me, I can barely bend over to tie my shoes how would I managed woohooing.”

With a newborn baby in the house the cleaning took a back seat.  Luckily Foster really pitched in to help.

Tiana and Naveen should be extremely proud of they way their son was growing up.

When he was done with the cleaning he went to hang out with his nephew for a bit.  He loved kids and hoped to have a lot when he got older.

Did we mention he loved his nephew so much that he would go hang out with him even when Tess and Thomas were sleeping.  Maybe they should look into building a nursery.

“Foster we love all the help but I have an early meeting in the morning.  You can hang out with Sebastian tomorrow.”

Thomas was fine for his meeting the next morning.  After the meeting he went to work with MORT.   They had a little fight the other day, he was hoping to make up.  Luckily MORT was in a good mood.

They were in the middle of quantum diamond mechanical linguistics when he noticed that coworker was working at the station next to him.  This was his chance to find out where she was from.

“Hi I’m Thomas, we haven’t had the chance of meeting yet.  I know this my sound odd but I was wondering if you know where the best place to watch the suns set on Morock is?”

Thomas knew if she said on the hills of Brigad then she was indeed a Sixam but if she said she didn’t then she was probably just a sim with some skin condition.

“Everyone knows the best place to watch the suns set is on the hills of Brigad.  And I must say it’s really out of this world if you know what I mean.”

Unfortunately his new friend was called into the lab so they couldn’t discuss Sixam.  Thomas decided it was time for lunch anyway.

While eating his lunch he couldn’t help but keep a smile off his face.  He’d finally meet another person like him.  He had so many questions for her, he couldn’t wait to discuss everything Sixam with her.

Luckily he didn’t have to wait long.  He did ask her many questions but after awhile he realized there was one he had forgotten, her name.

She said her Sim name was Chloe but her Sixam name was Ruttik.  She left Sixam when she was 7 because of fighting that was occurring in her city.  One day she was hoping to return to Sixam.

“I don’t even know what my Sixam name is.  I’ve been here since I was a baby.  I would love to visit with you, if you ever return.”

When he got home he couldn’t wait tell Tess about Ruttik.  He told her their entire conversation, including how he had offered to visit with her is she ever returned.  Tess didn’t say anything to her husband but she was worried that Ruttik might be getting the wrong impression of Thomas.  She may have been an alien but she was still a woman, and she knew how easily it was to fall for him.

Tess didn’t say anything to her husband but she was worried that Ruttik might be getting the wrong impression of Thomas.  She may have been an alien but she was still a woman, and she knew how easily it was to fall for him.  She discussed her feeling with Grandmother Willow, hoping she would guide her.

Foster had been so busy with Sebastian and the extra chores around the house that he felt he had been ignoring Yuki.  He called her over so they could spend a little time together.

However he would regret it.  It seems that time apart had given Yumi a chance to think things over.  She realized that she didn’t want to be tied down after all.

“I’m sorry Foster I thought I could so the whole girlfriend thing but the truth is I can’t.  I feel like this relationship is suffocating me, I’m losing myself and that’s not cool.  I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”

Foster was heart broken.  Yuki was his first love, those are always the hardest to get over.

Almost like he was channeling his father Foster was drawn to his guitar and starting writing an epic break up song.

“You broke my heart, no band aid could repair this tear.  I’ll love you while I’m still breathing this air.”

He said epic not us.

Time was passing by and that meant it was time for Sebastian to grow into a child.  Just like Tess and Thomas thought his blue skin didn’t go away with time.

Tess had always told him that he was amazing the way he was.  That being blue was nothing to be ashamed of and if he wanted to live that way she and Thomas would completely support him.

“I know being blue is nothing to be ashamed of but blue’s not really my color.  I’m more an autumn.  And this hair is doing nothing for my killer cheekbones.  Is it ok if I give myself a little makeover?”

Que 80’s style makeover montage (Sebastian asked us to say that).

I must say the boy does know his way around a closet.  I might just be asking for styling tips from him in the future.

Sebastian wasn’t the only one who got a makeover.  Tess decided Naveens old music room which was then Fosters bedroom would be turned into Sebastians room.  Of course Sebastian insisted he decorate himself.

Uncle Foster noticing his love of fashion got Sebastian a maniquin he could style to his hearts delight for his birthday.  He named him David.

“David you look divine.  You are the second best dressed person in this room, ok in the whole house.  I really need to talk to mom about her look.  The whole Indian princess look is so 1990’s.”

Even though Sebastian wasn’t a baby anymore him and Foster still spent a lot of time together.  Besides not having a girlfriend anymore meant Foster was home a lot more.

“Uncle Foster I was thinking maybe we should start eating egg whites instead of scrambled eggs.  We don’t want to become fatties now do we.  Oh and no more white bread, only wheat from now on.”

Sebastian was definitely like no other Blanc that had ever lived in this house.  He was fabulous and he wanted the world to know it.

He did however inherit one very important Blanc trait.  He loved to dance!

And the boy had moves.

“Mom can I pleaseeeeee give you a makeover.  I promise you’ll love it.”

“Ummm not now why don’t we go over to see Aunt Nola and Uncle Cruz.  You’re cousin Camilla is aging up today.”

That’s right Nola finally had her baby, a sweet girl they name Camilla.  It seemed like it took forever for her to get her and just like that she was already becoming a child.

That didn’t mean Tess couldn’t get one last baby snuggle before she aged up.

Of course Sebastian was more interested in how they were going to redecorate Camilla’s room.  He had lots of suggestions if they were interested.

“I’m thinking electric blue with some pink accents would be great in here.  But that’s just my opinion.”

“Do what you want, if you want it to be amazing do it my way.  But really do what you want though.”

Before there was to be any redecorating Camilla needed to become a child.  Thankfully it was time.  She had her mothers dark hair and her fathers light skin.  She really was a pretty girl.

She may have been a pretty girl but you would have never known that by the outfit she was wearing.  I’m guessing Sebastian would have an opinion on it.

And he did.  He was just about to say something when Tess suggested that the adults leave the kiddos to play.  Truth was she wasn’t sure Nola and Cruz would want to be around to hear what Sebastian had to say about their precious girl.

“Cuz some people can pull of a hat like that, unfortunately you aren’t one of them.  But don’t worry I can help you.  Just close your eyes and let me work my magic.”

Just like that Sebastian worked his magic all over the place.  He figured if his cousin was going to be a stylista she should also live like one.  He was so right about the electric by and pink.

“Wow Sebastian this looks amazing.  Thank you.”

“So mom where are we on that makeover?  You did see what I did back there right.”

Will Tess let Sebastian give her a makeover?  And will the new baby make their arrival soon.  Find out next time!

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      1. Oh sorry I knew that … I am in my phone with grands hopping all around … I miss typed … But did we know this before … If so I must have missed that some how cause this surprised me


      2. Aww way do phones always mess us up 😉 Yes right after Thomas came back there was a special post title the truth about Thomas part 2. In that he tells Tess his secret, then later on when he moves in with the Blancs they tell the rest of the family

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      3. Lol I wish I could blame that one on the phone. It was my headspace. I need to go back and reread that because somehow I missed or forgot he was an alien


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