Disney Legacy: Tess Blanc (Part 19)

Before we get back to the Blancs I don’t think we’ve seen a full exterior shot of the house in a while.  As the family grows so does the house.

Here’s a look at the redone backyard.  I must say this is a backyard I would love to relax in.

Thomas was at work and Tess was out running errands which meant Foster had the house all to himself.

Of course Foster used this time to work on his moves.

He dreamed of one day trying out for So You Think You Can Dance.

Tess returned home a few minutes after the dance party ended.  Thomas would be home soon so she got working on dinner.

Unfortunately she wasn’t known for her cooking skills.

And her pregnancy brain got easily distracted.

By the time Thomas got home dinner was ruined.

But Thomas didn’t love Tess for her cooking skills.  She could ruin every dinner for the rest of their lives and he would still love her with all his heart.

“Baby don’t worry about dinner I wasn’t that hungry anyway.”

She knew he was lying she could hear his stomach grumbling.  So she suggested they order a pizza or maybe two.

After scarfing down 3 pies Thomas got a call from work.  They needed him to come in early the next morning.

Thomas loved work so he was happy to come in.  Besides the earlier you got there the better chance you had getting on the giant microscope.

He brought with him a leftover slice from last night.  After viewing all that grease up close he decided to lay off the pizza for awhile.

Thomas was on his way back to his office when he noticed a new coworker.

He had to do a double take because unless his eyes were deceiving him she appeared to be not of this world.  Could it be?

All these years on this planet and he’d never seen anyone from his home planet.  He felt a pang in his heart almost like a longing for the home he had never known.  He was about to ask her if she was an alien but was interrupted when his name was called on the loudspeaker that he was needed in bio lab.

Oh well he’ll have to seek her out later and ask her, there was work to be done.

Thomas loved the bio lab especially when he got to work with the Machine of Robot Technology or what he called him, Mort.

Mort was super smart, much smarter then Thomas ever hoped to be.

But he was pretty stubborn.

And listening wasn’t one of his strong suits.

But despite his flaws Thomas loved Mort.  Besides Tess, Mort was one of his best friends.  He understood him.

Thmas still had a few more hours of work left.  He went about his normal routine.  Just scientist stuff that we wouldn’t understand.

His day was coming to a close and he was getting ready to go home and enjoy a nice quiet evening with his wife and future child.  He was heading towards the exit when he heard what he thought were screams.  He followed the noise to a hallway he’d never been down before.  That’s where he noticed a door that clearly was not meant to be opened.

As he got closer the screams or whatever the noise was stopped.  When he peeked through the sliver of a window into room all he could see was an old experimention room.  It looked like it hadn’t been use in decades.  Was he just hearing things?

Thomas was finally on his way home so let’s hop on over to Nola’s and Cruz to see how they are handling married life.  If you remember they too were also waiting for their bundle of joy to arrive.

They had found a perfect little home in Oasis Springs.  It even had an extra room that they quickly turned into the nursery.

Even though she was about to pop that didn’t mean Nola couldn’t still spin fresh beats.  In fact it seemed like the baby enjoyed listening to her moms tracks.  Maybe that kid will carry on the love of music many of the Blancs had.

Back over at the other Blancs another Blan girl was ready to pop.  Tess loved being pregnant but she was about ready to be done with it.

She often talked to Grandmother Willow about it.  Part of was hoping the tree would talk back and tell her her baby will be there soon.  But we all know trees can’t talk.

We couldn’t forget about the brother of the family.  Foster spent most of his free time with Yumi.  They hadn’t made it official yet but she was basically his girlfriend.

Yumi was everything Foster had ever wanted in a girl.  She was smart, funny and of course beautiful. He really wanted to ask her to be exclusive but he thought that might scare her away.  She was also a free spirit who said she didn’t want to be tied down.

“Did you here Kiki at school today?  I ask her is she wanted to go to Electric Parade this weekend and she was like all I need to ask my boyfriend.  Ugh it’s like she’s chained to that guy, why would anyone want that.  You know what I’m saying Foster?”

Foster kind of understood but he still wouldn’t mind being chained to Yumi.  But I guess he’d have to settle for what they are right now, whatever that was.

As long as Foster got to spend time with Yumi he was happy.  He didn’t need the label of boyfriend.

Besides he still…

got all …

the perks!

It was getting late and it was a school night so Foster walked Yumi home.

Yumi suggested they sit out on the porch for a little while.  It wasn’t that late, besides tomorrow was Friday, it was basically the weekend anyway.

Foster was happy to take advantage of some more of those perks.

“Foster can I ask you something will you be my boyfriend?  I know I said I never wanted to be tied down but that was before I met you.  I want to be tied to you forever!”

After saying yes and some more making out Foster headed home.  He knew Tess would be mad that he had broke curfew but it was worth it.  This was by far the best night of his life.

The next morning:

“Did you hear what time Foster came in last night?  This baby is sucking the life out of me so I was in bed by 7.”

“He was home well before his curfew if that’s what you’re asking.”

What a great brother in law Foster had!  He understood the ways of love.

Thomas decided to take the day off and enjoy this beautiful day in the pool.


Of course that also meant getting to spend the day with Tess.

“The baby is kicking do you want to feel?”

“Wow he or she is probably going to be the future star for the Willow Creek Llamas.”

It was time to dry off and get dressed in their party clothes because Tess and Thomas we’re invited to Evangeline and Buzz’s.  It was Buzz’s birthday.

Tess hadn’t seen Buzz since she told him about Thomas’ secret.  Buzz wasn’t thrilled when he heard they had gotten married and even worse that Tess was pregnant.  Buzz always thought of Tess like a daughter and he was worried about her safety.  As he had told her the Sixam’s don’t like their kind getting involved with other races.  If they had ever found out about Tess and Thomas and the baby who knows what they would do.

“I know you’re worried about me but can’t you see I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.  I don’t care what the Sixam’s will do to me, I love Thomas and he’s worth the risk.  I just wish you’d give him a chance.  You act like this was all his fault.  You know how love works, it’s a two way street.”

Buzz loved Tess and if she loved Thomas then he loved Thomas.  He would always worry about her no matter who she was with.

Tess was thrilled Buzz was finally able to accept Thomas.  She ran inside to tell Thomas that Buzz wanted to talk to him outside.

Thomas was super nervous.  He had never had to do the whole father son in law thing since Naveen had passed before he and Tess got together.  He knew that Buzz was like a father to Tess.  It didn’t help that he was also certifiable.

He tried to be all smiles and cheery when he walked up to Buzz.  But inside he was terrified of what this man was going to say to him.

“Thomas I know the truth about you, I have for a long time.  I also know a lot about your people and that they are not a forgiving bunch.  If they found about Tess and the baby you know they will not be happy and you also know what they do when they aren’t happy.  But the most important thing I know is you love Tess and you would do everything in your power to protect her and your child.  That makes you ok in my book.”

Thomas had not expected that.  He pretty much thought Buzz was going to somehow deport him back to Sixam.  He was touched that he finally got his approval.

In fact he was still in a state of shock when he agreed to cloudgaze with Buzz.

Buzz and Thomas had been a out there for awhile and Tess was getting nervous.  She decided to check in on them to make sure they were both still in one piece.  Imagine her surprise when she found then lying on the ground discussing the landscape of Sixam.

“Guys I hate to break this up but Aunt Evangeline is all ready with the birthday cake.”

Before cake let’s introduce you to Buzz and Evangeline’s son Woody.  He’s that little guy in the hat hugging Tess.

It was time fr Buzz to blow out the candles and begin the last stage of his life.  He made a wish and blew out the candles.  I wonder if his wish involved a certain someone taking him to Sixam.

The party was winding down and just in time.  It doesn’t look like Thomas is doing to well.

Thomas felt dizzy and his stomach was hurting him.  He had never felt like this before.  Sorry to say it looks like you might be getting the flu Thomas.

Thomas went straight to bed when they got home.  Tess tried to go to sleep too but she wasn’t feeling well either.  Only her’s wasn’t the flu, she was going into labor!

“Honey we need to go to the hospital.”

“That’s ok sweetie I’m feeling a lot better now.”

“No not for you for me, the baby’s coming!”

“NOW, but we’re not ready??”

Ready r not Thomas that baby is coming and we’ll find out next time whether the Blanc tradition of having girls holds up.

3 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: Tess Blanc (Part 19)

  1. Tess is adorable her nooboo belly was the cutest – I dont know Thomas but I am thinking Buzz is Buzz lightyear? I will catch up with your story soon 🙂 and it will all come together 🙂


    1. She looks awesome pregnant! Love that she still rocked the crop top throughout 🙂
      Yes that is Buzz Lightyear! Thomas is from the movie Pocahontas he is one of the guys on the ship with John Smith. He has a big part in something but I don’t want to give anything away for those who didn’t see it. Oh and Christian Bale does his voice!

      Liked by 1 person

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