The Bachelorette: Disney Sidekick Edition Ep.6 – Hot And Steamy

Welcome back to the Bachelorette: Disney Sidekick Edition.  We are so happy you decided to join us, trust us when we say you are in for a treat tonight.  We are entering the final stretch of our game.  In only a few short weeks Audrey will have to make the hardest decision of her life.  She will open her heart and hopefully choose the man she will be with for the rest of her life.  Luckily she has great options left to choose from.  Will she pick Kronk, the loveable goofball who wears his heart on his sleeve, who doesn’t necessarily have much going on upstairs.  Or will she choose Lefou, the inexperienced boy with the love affair with his best friend.  Does Audrey want to make a man out of him.  If not she could always choose Grumpy, the underdog who’s lost each solo date comp but has won all of our hearts, including Audrey’s.  But those aren’t her only options.  Tonight one of the eliminated men will be reentering the game and getting their second chance at love.  Soon we will see Kocoum, Christopher Robin, Michael and Arthur battle it out to get back into Audreys life but first let’s pick up where we left off last week.

Kocoum was still upset with himself for losing.  He slowly made his way upstairs not expecting to be greeted so happily by Michael.

“I don’t know why Michael is all smiles.  Being banished from Audrey makes me never want to smile again.”

“Seeing someone else come upstairs was great.  Finally I’d have someone to talk to.  Arthur is always so moody and Christopher Robin never takes his eyes off his phone.  Though if I’m being honest I would have prefered someone who actually talked.”

Don’t worry Michael only one more day and then you’ll have many people to chat with, though it may be with your family and friends back home if you don’t win the comp.

When we join Audrey downstairs we find her talking with Lefou in the kitchen.  The two look pretty cozy and occasionally send a flirt back and forth.  It’s hard not to notice Grumpy spying on the two, even though he claims he was just looking for the mayonnaise.

“I swear to you I was just looking for some mayo so I could make a sandwich.  I didn’t even realize Lefou and Audrey were in the kitchen.  I mean I didn’t even notice all the corny one liners Lefou kept feeding Audrey.”

Grumpy went on finishing making his sandwich, while Lefou finished his conversation with Audrey and went upstairs.  Unfortunately he probably wished he’d stayed in the kitchen.  He ran into Kronk upstairs.  Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem, despite rambling on about spinach puffs Kronk was actually a delight to talk to.  However if you remember at the end of last weeks episode Kronk was in a mood, a very woe is me type of mood.  Well he had moved on from woe is me to full on I hate the world and everyone in it mood.  And he was looking for someone to lash out on.  Poor Lefou was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“I was just so fed up, knowing these other guys were kissing my Audrey and who knows maybe worse.  Of course it wasn’t Audrey’s fault she was just being seduced by all these scoundrels. I needed to let them know how I felt.”

“Kronk has went full on nuts…like it’s time to get fitted for your straight jacket nuts.  I heard there was this asylum over in Newcrest, something Woods.  Maybe you should give them a call.”

Lefou did his best to calm down Kronk.  He kept reminding him this was a game and he knew all this would happen when he signed up.  He understood it sucked seeing Audrey with the other guys but that you had to try and just focus on your relationship with her.  It seemed to work Kronk began to calm down and return to his sweet lovable self.  Hey Lefou ever thought of a career as a therapist or a negotiator.  Maybe we’ll hire you on for the upcoming seasons, lord knows we will need it with what’s coming up.

“Man is my face red, well it’s not really red it’s more of a peachy tan color.  It’s a saying, it means I’ve got egg on my face.  I don’t really have egg on my face it’s another expression.  It’s sort of like….” (this continued on for about 20 minutes so we thought we’d spare you, the jest of it Kronk was embarrassed with how he acted.)

Once Lefou talked Kronk off the ledge the conversation quickly turned into another hour long infomercial about spinach puffs.  Lefou would be busy for a while so let’s check in on Audrey and Grumpy.  Lucky for us they were together which made checking in easier.  Having not gotten the chance yet to show off his mixology skills in a challenge he took this opportunity to show off a little for Audrey.

“You mix a girl the right drink and you can get her to do anything….wait a minute that came out wrong.  I swear I didn’t mean it like that, I would never do that.  I’m going to just shut up now.”

“Grumpy sure can make a good drink.  Not only was it good but he made me an old fashioned!  He didn’t make me a girly drink like a cosmo or sea breeze, he made me a real drink.  I love that he did that.”

Audrey and Grumpy continued to drink the day away. Upstairs Kocoum was gearing up for the upcoming competition to reenter the house.  Of course he had know idea what that competition was but he was sure that both his mind and body would be ready.

“A true warrior is ready for anything.  If I’m to be worthy of Audrey I must unleash that warrior.”

Well you better train quickly Kocoum because time is running out.  The competition was getting closer and closer.

Audrey felt like a swim but she was still a little buzzed from her happy hour with Grumpy.  She thought the safest thing would be to have a swim buddy.  Lefou was more then happy to volunteer. The two splashed around like a bunch of happy seals, only stopping every so often to flirt.

“I don’t know if it was the drinks still having an effect on me or the feel of the water running over my body but all I wanted to do was latch on to Lefou every way possible if you know what I mean.  But I couldn’t let Lefou’s first time be in a pool with camera’s watching.  He deserved something special.”

“She wanted to what!!  Of course I would have been happy to lose my virginity in that pool with millions of people watching.  I mean imagine how proud Gaston would be of me.  And the fact that he’d be able to watch, he could give me pointers for the next time.”

Kocoum had worked so hard on his body (I’m pretty sure all you ladies are secretly thanking him for that) that he worked up a mighty appetite.  The guys were finally all eating the same meals.  No more every man for himself when it came to dinner.  The weekly grocery bill was thanking them.

“You know I’m starting to like having all the guys around.  It’s nice having someone to share a meal with and have some bro talk.  You know I do have this massive round table at home, I’ll have to invite some of the knights over for a poker night or something.”

“I was shocked how well we’ve been getting along this week.  It’s really ironic since this is the last time we’ll all be together like this.”

“Arthur is a decent cook, Pooh Bear of course is better.”

The night was creeping in and the air was getting a little chilly.  This meant it was time to get out of the pool.  Luckily Audrey and Lefou had a way to keep warm in the cool night air.

“I can’t believe I only have a few more weeks with Audrey, maybe even less if I lose this weeks elimination challenge.  I honestly can’t imagine these lips kissing any other lips.”

“Lefou knew just how to warm me up.  The way things were going I thought maybe he would be losing something that night.”

Kronk however was going to make sure Lefou’s night ended.  No we don’t mean Kronk was going to kill him.  He had had his meltdown and come to grips with his situation.  He realized that this was a game and the only way he’d feel right about it would be if he won.  In the meantime he was going to start playing a hell of a lot of defense.  That was going to start with him cock blocking Lefou in the middle of his make out session with Audrey.

“Yeah I still don’t like seeing Audrey making out with the other guys but I’d much rather see that then her doing something worse.  I’m going to be on these guys like white on rice making sure that doesn’t happen.”

“I was this close to getting laid for the first time…..come on Kronk help a brother out!  That movie the 40 Year Old Virgin is looking more and more like it will be the story of my life.”

Kronk had succeeded in breaking up Lefou and Audrey.  He figured he might as well continue what Lefou had started.

“So one minute I’m macking on Lefou and then literally two seconds later Kronk has his tongue down my throat.  A few months ago I would have had better odds of winning the lottery then something like this happening.”

“I”m sure hoping Audrey was the one who had mac and cheese for dinner, if not that’s gross.”

While the other guys were busy keeping Audrey occupied Grumpy was day dreaming inside or still buzzed from before, we weren’t quite sure.

“Hmmmm yeah I like Audrey…you know what else I like that cheese that comes in the can.  You know the kind, you can just spray it right in your mouth.  Yeah that stuff is awesome.  Do we have any in the house?  I’m going to go check.”

Grumpy was unable to find the cheese in a can so he had to settle on left over hot dogs.  Honestly he barely noticed, what he did notice was Audrey pulling up a chair next to him.  He may have been buzzed but even drunk he’d always notice Audrey.

“Yeah I’ll admit I was a little drunk last night.  I hope I didn’t say anything stupid to Audrey.  I don’t really remember our conversation, I do remember Audrey looking amazing in that bikini though.”

“Grumpy wasn’t making a whole lot of sense.  He told me a girl as pretty as me should only have the finer things in life, like cheese that comes from a can.  I wasn’t sure what he was talking about but he sure was adorable while he was talking.”

Audrey was exhausted from the day and decided to turn in.  This left Grumpy all alone with about an hour left of a buzz.  What does a guy who’s the only one up do during that hour?  Why dancing of course!”

“So you guys learned my little secret, I dance when I’m drunk.  Boy I’m sure glad Audrey went to bed before that happened.”

Grumpy’s solo dance party slowly winded down.  His buzz was coming down too.  This meant all that was left for him to do was go to bed.

The next morning came and Lefou was up and early to enjoy it.  Truthfully he was hoping to catch Audrey before the other guys woke up.  Especially before Kronk woke up.  After Kronk had shut him down with Audrey he hadn’t been able to shake him.  It was like Kronk was his new shadow.  Lefou knew that he only had a little time before Kronk found him and any chance of him being alone with Audrey would be gone too.

“Kronk thinks I don’t know what he’s doing.  But he does realize if he’s never going to leave my side that means he’ll never get alone time with Audrey either.  Maybe you should rethink your plan buddy.”

Funny enough Kronk was coming to the same conclusion upstairs.  He didn’t really think it through last night and needed a new plan of keeping both Lefou and Grumpy away from Audrey for the rest of the game.  He was talking it out with the only person he could trust in this house himself.

“If I’m always with Lefou then that means I’m not with Audrey and that leaves her alone with Grumpy.  But if I’m always with Grumpy then Lefou is with Audrey.  I need a way where Grumpy and Lefou are always together leaving Audrey with me.  If only there was some way to ensure alone time with Audrey.”

There is Kronk it’s called a solo date.  One is coming up soon and you’ve already won two, how hard can one more win be?

Upstairs Kocoum realized that the big box on the wall played movies like the one him and Audrey had seen on his date.  This confused him, he thought to himself, Audrey and the other guys were the only people allowed in the house.  Also where did they stay when they weren’t performing. He had never seen them.

“Kocoum actually thought the people in the tv were really here.  Where did you find this guy??  I tried my best to explain to him how a tv worked.  Who knows if he understood.”

“This world is home to many strange things.  I can’t wait to rejoin my tribe and go back to a simpler life.”

The only question is if Kocoum returns to the game and wins it all, will Audrey be willing to go with him?

Kronk had spend most of the morning figuring out a way to keep Grumpy and Lefou away from Audrey.  He finally came up with what he thought was a brilliant plan.  All he needed to do was find Grumpy and Lefou and put his plan into action.

“The woman I used to work with was a bit of an illusionist.  She had taught me a thing or two about hypnosis.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this from the beginning!”

“Oh my god Kronk trying to hypnotize was hilarious.  It took everything I had in me not to laugh in his face. Of course it didn’t work.”

Kronk wasn’t going to give up.  He knew that you can’t hypnotize someone on an empty stomach.  The growling of your stomach distracts your subject from fully relaxing and going in a deep sleep.  He went into the kitchen looking for a snack, determined to give it another try once his belly was full.  But instead of just finding something to eat he found Audrey all by herself.

“I was going about this all wrong!  I should stop focusing on keeping the guys away from Audrey and concentrate on my time with Audrey.  From now on the only person I’m thinking about in this game is her.  My charm and personality got me this far, it could take me all the way to the end.”

“Kronk just makes my heart happy.  Anytime I’m around him I can’t help but smile.  How could you not look forward to the possibility of a lifetime of smiles.”

Unfortunately we have to interrupt Kronk and Audrey’s alone time to let Audrey know it was time to get the guys in the attic.  We were about to find out who was coming back.

“Walking up those stairs to the eliminated guys I could hear every heart beat.  I was nervous about someone coming back, honestly I liked how things were with only three guys left.  Having it go back to four would only complicate things.  Plus there was really only one guy I would want back in this game.  What if he didn’t win?”

I’m pretty sure we can all guess who that guy is and I’m pretty sure we all know it’s not Arthur.  Yet Arthur was the first one to greet Audrey.  For a guy who made it pretty clear there were no sparks when he first came up here he certainly looked like he wanted to get back in this game.

“I know when I first came up here I didn’t care whether I made it back downstairs.  I only was really here to find a wife to get everyone off my back at home, it didn’t matter if I loved her or not.  Well I’ve had a lot of time to think and I never really gave this the chance it deserved.  If I won and got to get back in I’d really give it a try.”

We were shocked to hear Arthur had had such a change in heart.  Maybe him reentering the game wouldn’t be the disaster we thought it would be.

Audrey sat the boys down and explained that there was going to be a competition and the winner would rejoin Grumpy, Kronk and Lefou.  The other guys would go home, after this moment the upstairs would be locked for good for everyone.  She also explained that immediately following the comp would be a comp for the last solo date of the season.  She wished all the guys luck and told them to follow her downstairs.

“Audrey didn’t look at me once while explaining what was happening.  I can’t wait to win and ruin any chance she had at love.”

“Seeing Audrey again after so long was great.  I had forgotten how pretty she was.  I hope I win and get the chance to show how much I’ve grown up.”

“My mind and body are ready to win.  I’m ready to become the warrior.”

Once they were downstairs Audrey explained to the other guys about how the comp for the solo date would be directly following the other comp.  Kronk, Lefou and Grumpy would face off with the winner for the chance to win the final solo date.  All the guys looked ready so let’s get started.

“This is my last chance to win a solo date with Audrey.  Please let it be something I’m good at.”

We were just about to fill the contestants in on what the challenge would be when there was a knock on the door.  Who could this possibly be?

“When I heard the knock on the door and turned around and saw this girl standing there I thought is this some crazed fan, I thought this house was kept secret from the public.  But when I went to tell her to leave I couldn’t believe who was standing in front of me!”

You guys won’t believe it either!  The girl standing on the porch was…


“Pooh Bear is a real person!  I thought all this time it was just some stuffed teddy bear.  I mean didn’t you think that too?”

We did Audrey, we are just as shocked as you.  Her name wasn’t really Pooh Bear, it was Winnie.  Pooh Bear was just a nickname Christopher Robin had given her.  Winnie explained that she and Christopher Robin were dating, he was her boyfriend.  Christopher Robin was Winnie’s whole world and she was his.  She told Audrey how she was worried that what they had wasn’t real since they’d only ever been with each other.  Neither of them had other experience in fact neither of them had any other friends but each other.  She was scared they would realize this too late and pushed Christopher Robin away.  She told him he needed to date other girls.  That would be the only way to know if they were really meant to be together.  She thought Christopher Robin might try speed dating or online dating she never thought he’d sign up for a reality show looking for love.  When Winnie found out she knew she had made a mistake.  Her and Christopher Robin were meant to be, she was made for him.  That’s when she started texting him and calling him.  He had told her he knew all along that Winnie was the one, she was his Pooh Bear.  He said that he had been humiliated and needed to make that right before he could leave.  Winnie apologized to Audrey, she had never meant for it to happen like this.  But she wanted to know if she could have her boyfriend back?

“Honey you can gladly have your boyfriend back but I need to rip him a new one first!”

And that’s exactly what she did.  She screamed many things we can’t repeat but the overall idea was that he disgusted her and if he thought she wouldn’t have found out about Pooh Bear he’s a bigger idiot then she thought he was.  Needless to say she demanded he leave and never speak to her again if he knew what was good for him.

“He had a girlfriend, a freaking girlfriend!  Don’t you guys check for these things?? “

“Yeah Pooh Bear was a girl all along, what did you think she was?”

Audrey watched as Christopher Robin walked away knowing she would never see him again.  For that she was happy.  But she couldn’t hide the hurt in heart as he walked away.

“What would have happened if I really fell for him, if I missed out on my true love because of him.  He could have cost me so much and in the end he already had what I’ve been desperately searching for.  How could someone do that?  Risk love like that.  What if he’s not the only one hiding things from me?”

The guys may not have been out on the porch but they were able to hear everything that just went down.  Audrey does have a loud voice when she’s mad.  Kronk knew that even though Audrey didn’t have feelings for Christopher Robin she was hurting.  He knew that being lied to like that can hurt just as bad as a punch to the gut would.  He wanted to do whatever he could to make Audrey feel better, to make sure she knew he was there for her.

“Thinking that anyone would hurt an amazing girl like Audrey like that is mind blowing.  Christopher Robin better pray he never runs into me again.”

“It was really sweet that Kronk came to check on me.  It made me realize the rest of the guys were here for the right reasons and I had nothing to worry about.”

Well that was unexpected and I bit of a relief, I was really starting to worry about his obsession with a stuffed bear.

The drama was over and it was finally time to get these competitions under way.  With the exit of Christopher Robin that meant there would only be three guys competing to reenter the game.  And just how exactly will they be doing that, well in a competition we like to call “Hot and Steamy”.  The boys will need to be able to handle the heat while they sweat it out in the sauna.  The guy who lasts the longest will be the winner and have another chance to win Audrey’s heart.  Since we have an empty spot Audrey decided to join the guys, lord knows she needed it.  The guys are ready so let’s begin.

“A warrior is not bothered by heat.”

“After everything that just happened I wasn’t even paying attention to the guys as they were talking to me in sauna.  I just shut my eyes and let the world melt away.”

All the guys looked like they were handling the heat pretty well.  This may be a long one folks.

“When I saw how broken up Audrey was from what Christopher Robin did I knew it wasn’t right for me to win this.  I wasn’t who she wanted to win.  I also knew it wasn’t Michael.  In that moment I knew what I had to do.”

“When Arthur looked over to me I knew he was bowing out.  And I knew I needed to do the same. Audrey needed something good to happen today and that something was Kocoum.”

And with that both Michael and Arthur did the noble thing and handed over the win to Kocoum.  Both of them knew he was who Audrey wanted to win.  When they were upstairs she hadn’t been able to take her eyes off of him.

“I have become the warrior Audrey deserves.  My heart soars.”

“With how crappy this day has been it just got a whole lot better.”

As Audrey mentioned the solo date competition was up next.  In fact it would be the same competition only this time the winner would win alone time with Audrey.  Let’s get you changed into your towels boys, it’s about to get hot in here.

“I’ve won two solo dates and I want that third one more then anything.”

The guys were all settled in and looking like they could last all night.  All of them that is except Grumpy.  By the looks of it it seems like his losing streak will continue.

“I knew there was no way I was going to out last these guys.  I was dying within the first five minutes.  Luckily I had a secret weapon that I was hoping would make this comp a whole lot shorter.”

Grumpy sat back a little, relaxed and let out his secret weapon.

::::::fart noise::::::

“Oh my god it smelled worse then Kuzco’s stall when he was a goat.”

“I don’t know what hell smells like but I’m guessing it’s pretty close to what that sauna smelled like.”

And just like that the stench was too much for the guys.  First Kronk left, then Lefou and finally Kocoum.

“I’ve smelt the inside of a bears belly.  I would take that over Grumpy’s stench anyday.”

It seems Grumpy’s secret weapon worked he has just won his first solo date with Audrey!  May we suggest taking a shower before your date though.

The men got cleaned up and we called in the hazmat team to take care of the sauna.  Before Audrey and Grumpy left on their date the house guests had a little barbecue to celebrate being the final four.

“I can’t believe my luck.  I care deeply about each of these final guys and can see a future with all of them.  It’s like getting to choose candy from Willy Wonka’s factory, there’s no bad choice.”

Lunch was finished and it was time for the final solo date of the season.  We decided to treat Grumpy and Audrey to a night of dancing and of course drinks at Willow Creeks number one late night hot spot, Mer.  Mer serves only the finest alcohol while the dj’s spin the freshest tracks.  It’s impossible to not let loose and have the time of you life here.  Let’s see if Audrey and Grumpy can do the impossible.

“Aurdey was smoking in that grey dress.  Oh and the fishnet stockings, damn!”

“I loved seeing Grumpy all dressed up.  I mean that boy cleans up good, not to mean he doesn’t always look good.”

After a little flirting on the sidewalk the couple moved inside.  They found a quiet spot tucked away where they could continue their flirting.  The date was going really well.  Sparks were flying left and right and we don’t mean from that oil lamp.

“I could listen to Audrey talk for hours.  She makes everything sound sexy.  She could talk about the eroding ice caps and I’d still get turned on.”

“I feel more myself with Grumpy then with any of the guys.  He has this way of making me so comfortable.  I could tell him anything and I know that he’s really listening to me you know.”

 The music was pumping and even though Grumpy wasn’t buzzed, yet, he needed to get on that dance floor.  He grabbed Audrey and proceeded to rock her world on the dance floor.

“You’re probably wondering why I was dancing behind Grumpy and not next to him.  Well you couldn’t beat that view from the back.”

“I knew Audrey was checking out my ass.  It’s only right, it is what won me this date.”

Even though Audrey was loving her view she knew in order to do what she had wanted to do for a while now she needed to be in front of Grumpy.

“I may have had to wait five weeks for that kiss but it was worth every minute.”

“Ever since I walked in on Grumpy on day one I knew I wanted to see and feel ever inch of him.  Definitely liking how those lips feel on mine.”

The making out on the dance floor continued for a bit.  When they both came up for air they realized they were both pretty thirsty.  They headed upstairs for some drinks.  Once they quenched their thirst it was right back to kissing.

“There was no way I was getting drunk on this date.  I wanted to remember every little detail about it.  Hey I might be telling our grandkids about it one day.”

“Who needs alcohol when you can get drunk on love.”

They separated again, this time for a bathroom break.  On her way back to find Grumpy, Audrey ran into an old friend.  You guys might recognize her too!

“It was so great seeing Jasmine.  We met ages ago when I was on an expedition in Agrabah.  She was guide for me in this cave that looked like a giant tigers head.  I remember having to share a tent with her, it was the smallest tent I’d ever been in.  We were practically on top of each other and…you know what maybe I shouldn’t tell this story.”

I guess Rapunzel wasn’t Jasmine’s first experience with the ladies.

While Audrey was reliving old times with Jasmine, Grumpy had returned from the bathroom and was ready to show of some more moves.

“They should call me Dancey instead of Grumpy, you ever see such sweet moves?”

Not wanting to be outdone Audrey decided to show off some of her moves.

“I’m latino of course I can dance.  And I make it look good!”

“Audrey is hands down the better dancer.  Those curves really accentuate her moves.”

The dj played the last song of the night and it was time to go home.  Audrey and Grumpy went on their way but neither of them were ready to call it a night just yet.  They wanted to keep moving but didn’t want to turn on the radio and risk waking up the rest of the house.  Audrey had another activity in mind that required a lot of movement.   She was just hoping she could stay quiet.

“Let me just say I can say with confidence now that I definitely like the feel of Grumpy’s other parts.”

“I picked the right solo date to win let me tell you.”

Audrey and Grumpy were ready to call it a night, truth be told neither of them had much energy left after that date.  They headed to their separate beds and called it a night.

It was the next morning which usually meant it was the group date day.  But Audrey came to us last night and said a group date wasn’t necessary.  She knew how she felt about each guy and was confident in each relationship. That meant that today was elimination day.  Kronk woke up with a knot in his stomach.  He knew with only three guys competing today (Grumpy has immunity) there was a chance he wouldn’t be here tomorrow.  That idea scared him to death.  He was so preoccupied he didn’t seem to notice the kitchen was a disaster.

“Who has time to clean when my life could be over in a few hours.  Ok I will still be alive but I might as well be dead if I can’t be with Audrey.”

Lefou and Kocoum were being a little less melodramatic about the upcoming day.  They both had strong feelings for Audrey and they both vowed to do their best to stay here.  There’s was nothing more they could do.

“I’ve learned from the past weeks it’s best to not stress about the elimination challenge.  When you get inside your head you’re bound to make a mistake.  At this point one mistake could be your life in this game.”

“I will not repeat my performance last week.”

Lefou had heard the car drop off Audrey and Grumpy last night only Grumpy didn’t come to bed until well after they got home.  Wild thoughts began to fill his head.  He needed to see if he could get anything out of Grumpy about last night.

“Grumpy told me they had a good time.  They went to some club and danced and had some drinks. That was it.  And I’m sure that’s what happened at the club, I’m more interested in what happened when they got home.”

“Um yeah I wasn’t about to tell Lefou about me and Audrey hooking up in the closest.  I’m a gentlemen we don’t kiss and tell.  Besides I didn’t feel like explaining everything to him, you know like where everything goes and such.”

While Lefou was dodging the birds and bees talk outside with Grumpy, Audrey was busy showing them to Kronk.

“What can I say when a girl has this much tasty meat in front of her she wants to nibble on all of it.”

“The little quickie in the closest was just the motivation I needed to kick ass today on that treadmill.

Luckily Kocoum and Grumpy were too focused on their franks and beans to looked up and see Kronk and Audrey exiting the closet.

“Lucky for those boys I’m not competing today or my secret weapon would have surely been in play after that lunch.”

It was almost time for the elimination challenge when Audrey realized she hadn’t spent anytime with Kocoum since his return to the game.  She asked him to join her in the sauna.  She was hoping a nice steam would help relax his muscles for the competition.  Sneaking in a few cuddles was an added bonus.

“I know it’s was only a week but I missed having Kocoum’s big strong arms around me so much.  Maybe the fact I missed him so much is a sign he’s the one.   I certainly wouldn’t complain having those arms around me for the rest of my life.”

The time was finally here, the elimination  challenge was about to begin.  As you know the guys compete each week to stay in the house. The competition is the same each week.  The guy who stops running on his treadmill will be eliminated and sent home.  And by home we mean really home.  There’s is no longer any attic for our eliminated guy, no more second chances.  Since Grumpy won the solo date he is safe from this week competition.  Our guys are ready to run for love.  Let the competition begin.

“I almost couldn’t stay and watch.  I can’t bear to say good bye to any of these guys.  Whoever leaves today will be taking a piece of my heart with them.”

“I know that Audrey and I are destiny.  I’m not losing today.”

The boys continued on for a few more minutes.  Then the sound of a machine stopping was heard and in disbelief we saw Kronk stop running.  Which means the guy going home tonight is…


“I wanted this so bad I thought I had more in me but my legs gave out and after saying goodbye to Audrey so will my heart.”

Audrey watched as a man she knew she could love beat himself up for not being able to keep running.

“I don’t believe this.  How am I going to wake up each morning knowing Kronk won’t be waiting for me to tell me about those damn spinach puffs.  This can’t be real.”

Both Kronk and Audrey knew this was real and they both knew the feelings they had for each other were real.  Kronk didn’t want his last memory of Audrey to be a sad one so he asked for one last kiss.

Of course she obliged.

“I truly believe I was falling in love with Kronk.  Who knows what would have happened if we had more time.  I do know that I’ll remember that kiss for the rest of my life.”

Kronk it was a pleasure and I know you will be deeply missed by us all.

There’s only two more episodes left until we find out who Audrey chooses!  Up next week are the overnight dates and a special guest stops by to give Audrey a little advice.  I hope you all tune in next week, until then have a great night!

13 thoughts on “The Bachelorette: Disney Sidekick Edition Ep.6 – Hot And Steamy

  1. The ass jokes had me rolling!! OMG!! So cool to see Jasmine and was that a ghost I saw in one of the screenshot in the dance club? Anyhoo, Happy Kokum is back and that Grumpy had immunity this weeks these are my top two choices so I am extremely happy ❤ Super writing as usual – and MAN can we say Audrey has the stamina of a horse!!???

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