The Bachelorette: Disney Sidekicks Edition Ep.5 – You Call That Art

Welcome back and thanks for joining us for another episode of the Bachelorette: Disney Sidekicks Edition.   It’s the half way point in the season and boy are things getting interesting.  We’ve said good bye to three guys, two of which didn’t seem to want to be here or have any chance of winning, and our bachelorette has formed a strong connection with multiple guys in the house.  Tonight the boys will battle it out again for a solo date with Audrey.  Watch out for the competition it’s a classic.  At the end of the night we will say goodbye to one more guy.  This will set us up for next weeks competition to get back in the house  We can already tell that it will be a crazy comp.  But before that we need to get through with this week.  As we have been the last few weeks let’s first check in with newest eliminated guy and see how he’s handling things.

“I was still pretty livid from Audrey telling me I have no shot, not too mention I still smelled like a garbage truck.  My mind was focused on getting back in the game only so I can ruin any chance Audrey would have at finding love that I barely even noticed my new living space.”

Looks like Audrey should start saying her prayers and asking that Christopher Robin doesn’t win his way back in the house.  Things would certainly get ugly if that happens.  Oh I can’t wait til next week.

With the elimination challenge over life got back to normal in the house.   It was a beautiful day out, Audrey and Lefou took advantage and decided to eat their lunch outside.  Ever since the group date last week Audrey was looking forward to spending more time with Lefou.  It felt like their solo date had been ages ago.

“Ever since I told Audrey the truth things have been going great.  She doesn’t seem to care at all that I’m a virgin.  I guess Gaston was wrong…please don’t tell him I said that.”

“Of course I don’t care if Lefou is a virgin.  In fact it’s exciting knowing that I may be the only one who gets to ride that ride.  Plus I’d always know I was the best he’s ever had.”

Audrey and Lefou may have been enjoying each others company but Kocoum sure wasn’t.

“My heart hurts when it’s not near Audrey.  It belongs to her now.”

I hate to break it to you Kocoum but your’s isn’t the only heart she has.  I venture to say a few of the guys in the house would agree.  While Kocoum was pining away for Audrey Kronk was finding other things to occupy his mind .

“These first person shoot em games are amazing.  I’ve never been in World War II but I bet it was just like this.”

I’m not quite sure the vets that were actually in the war would agree.  Plus I don’t think anyone would ever give you a gun in real life.  Kronk continued storming Normandy.  Upstairs Christopher Robin was waging a war himself against the punching bag.  He didn’t know what the competition to get back in the game would be but he wanted to be prepared on all fronts.  First was to built up his muscle.

“Left right, left right.  Man my arms and core are going to be rock hard in no time.  Pooh Bear won’t recognize me when I get home.”

Things between Michael and Arthur were still not great.  They both assured us there’s no bad blood between them but by the looks of the conversation they were having at the table I would beg to differ.

“I was simply telling Michael how figure skating isn’t really a sport.  And anyone who thought it was was an idiot.”

“Arthur is dead to me.”

Audrey had been so concentrated on getting to know the guys and finding true love that she had been ignoring her first love, welding.  Basically she loved anything that involved getting her hands dirty.  She was in a good place with all the guys and there weren’t any more challenges today so she decided to spend some time in the little work area we had given her.

“Oh god how I missed the feel of wood in my hands.  There’s nothing like working with some hard wood.”

Do these contestants hear what comes out of their mouths?  We couldn’t write this stuff any better.

Audrey was busy handling her wood so that left the guys to fend for themselves.  Grumpy was cornered by Kronk out on the patio.  Kronk had been dying to talk to someone about his new spinach puff recipe.  However most of the guys ran for cover when they saw Kronk headed in their direction.  It wasn’t that the other guys didn’t like Kronk.  It’s just when he got started talking about food you had better wished you went to the bathroom before because he was going to talk your ear off for the next few hours.

“How can someone possibly have so much to say about a spinach puff?  I have an idea instead of talking about it why not make me some!”

“I’ve tried making carrot puffs and zucchini puffs but it’s just not the same.  I guess there’s no substitute for perfection.  Hey it’s kinda like me and Audrey, get it I’m calling myself perfect!”

Kronk continued to go on about spinach puffs while Grumpy tried his best to get away.  Audrey had moved on from her wood and decided to bring the heat.

“A blow torch is quintessential for any woman to have.  If any of these boys get out of line I can give them a little singe and they’ll fall right back into line.”

Grumpy had finally escaped Kronk.  He definitely needed to drink after that conversation.  He was very happy with the view from the bar.

“That girl can build a freakin spaceship!  How hot is that!  She’s literally out of this world.”

While Grumpy was in orbit upstairs the guys were trying there best to get along.  But it seemed like the blonde trio was not meant to live together in such close quarters.  Everything set the others off.  Pretty soon even the simple task of sitting down for lunch would turn into a scene from WWE.

“It’s really amazing how little I thought I knew these guys.  Downstairs both Arthur and Christopher Robin seemed like nice guys.  In fact I really thought Christopher Robin and I were going to be good friends.  But once we all got eliminated they’ve been acting like jerks.  Arthur still sulks that he no longer has his man cave and Christopher Robin acts like he has an axe to grind.  I hate to think either one of these guys would get a second chance returning to the game.”

“Michael has no idea what it feels like to be played like a fool, like how Audrey played me.  He would be acting a lot different I bet if he knew he’d wasted weeks of his life too.”

Day was turning into night.  Tomorrow there would be another competition for the next solo date and life in the house would get crazed again.  Before that all happened Kocoum decided to enjoy the calm and let his hair down, literally.  He may have never seen a movie before but his tribe certainly had music.  The boy had moves.

“One hears the music all around them, in the chirps of the birds or the rush of the river.  Sometimes the feet can’t keep still.”

“I walk outside and Kocoum was dancing.  Like actually dancing!  I was so shocked and definitely pleasantly surprised. Did you see how he moved those hips?  Man I can’t wait to be up close while those hips are moving.”

Since there was so much anger and tension upstairs we thought it best to check in a little more frequently.  The last thing we needed was a contestant leaving in an ambulance.

“I used my special ingredient…ear wax!”

Maybe we were wrong.

After he was done making his special salad Christopher Robin received another mysterious text.  We were growing more and more suspicious of Christopher Robin and his text messages.  There was no way he didn’t know who was on the other end of that phone.

“I’m telling you guys I have no idea who keeps texting me.  In fact it’s a different person each time.  It’s probably just one of those prince’s that tells you you’re a millionaire if you wire them some money.  You should just ignore it.  It’s no big deal.”

Most of the house had retired to bed.  Grumpy wanted a quick bite before lying down.  That was a big mistake!  Guess who found him and wanted to finish their previous conversation.

“Why oh why did I have to have that bowl of fruit loops before bed.   Kronk chewed my ear off for another hour about those stupid spinach puffs.  I actually dreamt I was one and Kronk was eating me.”

“I was so happy I was able to finish telling Grumpy about my world famous spinach puffs.  I could really tell he was upset we got cut short earlier.  He even had tears in his eyes.”

Finally the day was done and all our boys and girl were safely tucked away in their beds while visions of spinach puffs danced in their heads.  Fast forward to the next morning.  Kronk was up bright and early.  He was pumped that it was competition day.  He knew that he’d won already but he wanted to be the first contestant in bachelor and bachelorette history to win two solo dates in a season.  If he was going to bring his A game today he’d have to give himself a pep talk.

“I give myself pep talks regularly. Like the other day I really wanted to get the mail so before I did I came up here and really psyched myself up to do it.  I’ve never seen anyone get mail as well as I did that day!”

Kronk please don’t ever get the mail again.  We were late with the electric bill because we never got the bill in the mail.  Now we know why.

Lefou was also up early today.  He wanted to be the first person that Audrey saw today  Since her bedroom door was locked he had to settle for waiting by her door.

“I thought you said Audrey was always the first up?  I waited for her forever this morning.  I would have waited longer but I really needed to pee and I didn’t think me standing in my own urine was the best way to start off the day with Audrey.”

“You ever get that feeling like someone’s watching you?  You know like that song from the 80’s.  Well I had that feeling all morning while I was getting ready.  Weird, huh.”

The rest of the house was slowly waking up.  Kronk was finished with his pep talk and thought a nice steam would complete his psych up session.  Little did he know he’d have a little company.

“You want to know the best way to start your morning…I hot steam with an even hotter girl.”

“I was kinda stressed after thinking someone was creeping on me this morning so I thought the sauna would help with that.  I’m so happy I did, any chance to spend some alone time with Kronk is alright in my book.

Things started to heat up, more then usual for a sauna.  Kronk and Audrey couldn’t seem to keep there eyes off each other.  It appeared that other parts of them would soon follow when Kronk leaned in for a kiss.  But right before he closed the deal he stopped and whispered something to Audrey and then left.

“I was all ready for a major makeout session with Kronk but then no smooch.  He told me he’d finish the job on our solo date this week.  I love a man who’s confident.”

“Just think how much she’s going to crave that kiss by me making her wait.  She’ll probably pounce on me the second we get to our date location.  Now all I have to do is win that solo date.”

Only time will tell Kronk but there’s still a little time before the competition.  Kronk had left leaving Audrey dreaming of that kiss.  She was so engrossed in her daydream that she didn’t even notice Lefou enter the sauna.

“I had just seen Kronk coming up the stairs with the stupidest grin on his face.  I knew he must have been with Audrey.  So I thought I might as well get in some alone time with her too.”

Kronk wasn’t the only one with the moves today.  Lefou brought his A game too.  He went with the classic yawn and stretch move.

“Wow Audrey was falling for all my moves.  I never realized I was such a Casanova.”

“Yes I was already in the right mood when Lefou came in, normally I don’t go for those stale moves.  But I have to remember Lefou is still new to this so I’ll cut him some slack.”

Audrey decided that was enough sauna for the day.  Besides she was worried what would have happened if another guy came in.  She was pretty rived up from Kronk and Lefou’s advances.  If someone else had tried hitting on her she probably would have jumped their bones right there.  So when she ran into Grumpy on her way to her room and he suggested they hang out by the pool she knew she was in trouble.

“I’ll admit I was already, for a lack of better words, horny and then Grumpy wanted to go hang by the pool.  I mean he was half naked!  I really don’t want to be that girl, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had visitors if you know what I mean.”

“Is everything ok with Audrey she seemed I don’t know conflicted.  She kept muttering something about her grandmother in her housecoat under her breath.”

Grumpy wanted to get Audrey’s mind off whatever she was dealing with and suggested they go for a dip.

“I was finally able to cool down and curb my sex drive long enough to really enjoy my time with Grumpy.  Of all the guys he’s the least like what I thought he’d be. I still wonder how he’s stay single so long.”

“How have I stayed single so long, it’s called having six guy roommates.  You bring a girl home and you have someone either flirting with her, complaining to her or hitting her up for cash.”

It was time for Audrey and Grumpy to get out of the pool because the solo date competition was about to begin.  Just in case you are joining us for the first time let me explain what’s going to happen.  Each week the guys compete in a different challenge for the chance for some much needed alone time with Audrey.  The winner and Audrey will be swept away to a prearranged date in one of Willow Creeks prime date spots.  For this week we’ve brought back a bachelor/bachelorette classic, a painting challenge!  The boy who can paint the fastest will win in a challenge we like to call “You Call That Art”.  Now the winner just needs to be fast, we will not be judging the guys on talent.  It’s all about speed for this one, we were hoping to force the guys to not spend hours on a comp for once.  Looks like the fellas are ready, you all know what to say…ready, set, paint!

“I just wish one of these challenges was more in my wheel house.  I’m not a strong man and lord knows I don’t have an artistic bone in my body.  Now if you had a bar off I would rock that!”

We want to get you away from the bar not spending even more time mixing yourself a drink.

Audrey knew this competition would be over much quicker then the previous ones but there wasn’t any space on the balcony for her to wait to see who won.  She decided to stay close.  All of her past dates have been great and she was really excited to see who would be taking her out next.

“Honestly I’d be happy going out with any of the remaining guys.  I guess I’m rooting a little more for Grumpy just because we haven’t had a date yet but there’s seriously no bad outcome here.”

When we said this comp would be quick we had no idea how true that would be.  Audrey had barely sat down when we alerted her that the competition was over and we had a winner.  It looked like that pep talk worked this morning, true to his word Kronk was the first person in the history of the game to win a second solo date.  Grumpy was turning into this seasons Ariel not winning a solo date.  There’s always next week, if you make it to next week.

“I drew a llama because one of my best friend is a llama.  Well he used to be a llama now he’s just a king.  I liked him better as a llama.”

“I don’t know what else I can do.  I swear I’m putting everything into these comps and I have nothing to show for it.  Come on challenge gods give a man a break.”

The rest of the guys went to clean off their brushes while Audrey and Kronk left for their date.  For this weeks date we decided it was time for our couples to get nice and sweaty.  No we didn’t send them to a cheap Motel 6.  This week Audrey and Kronk will be working it out at Speedsters Gym.  Audrey and Kronk will have access to the best equipment, the finest teachers and the cleanest locker rooms this side of Willow Creek.  Will they realize they are each others perfect spotting partner or will they decide they workout better alone?  Seeing that they couldn’t make it through the door without locking lips I say things are looking in their favor.

“I finally had gotten Kronks earlier fore play out of my mind and then he just up and makes out with me before we even started the date.  Now I’m all hot and bothered again.  I don’t know if  I have enough will power for this.”

“My plan worked perfectly.  Audrey was nearly devouring me while we were kissing.  It was definitely worth the wait.  Let that be a listen to you guys out there, fore play is key.”

When they actually made it inside they decided to start there workout with a little run on the treadmill.  We all know Kronk is pro on that machine but this was the first time we say Audrey running.  She held up her own.  If her life in the game was at stake each week we thing she would have done just fine.  Not only was Kronk enjoying watching all of Audrey bounce up and down he was getting in some practice for the elimination challenge.

“I know I’m not competing this week but I will be next week and I like to be prepared.”

“Man I really respect these guys a whole lot more.  Having to do this every week must be brutal.  It’s nice to know that they all really want this as much as I do.”

The pair were getting tired of running and headed on downstairs to the yoga studio.  A class was staring, they found two spots in the front and were ready to get their yoga on.

“For her age that yoga instructor sure can bend.  I’m guessing mister yoga instructor likes that about her.”

Audrey and Kronk were getting quite a workout unfortunately for the entire class Kronk was starting to show just how hard he’d been working.  He stunk and the room was small and windowless.  For the sake of the others Kronk didn’t finish the class.  Instead he headed for the showers.  (Anyone notice a familiar face in the back row).

“I’m hoping Audrey wasn’t too turned off by my stink.  It’s not exactly the direction I was hoping this date would be going.”

“It was kind of hard to not notice Kronk’s odor.  It lingered in there for a bit after he left.  Did that ruin our date??  Of course not, it would take a lot more then that to change my mind about Kronk.”

Class was over and Audrey hit the showers herself.  Even though she started her shower later then Kronk she was still the first to finish.  Kronk wanted to make sure he was as clean as possible when he resumed their date.  Audrey didn’t mind waiting.  Especially when she saw the finished product.

“Kronk is hot, it’s just a fact he’s HOT!  I mean you could wash shirts with those abs and those arms, when they are wrapped around you, you can feel their strength.  I wanted him so bad, I didn’t think I could hold out much longer.”

After they were all cleaned up they headed to the sauna to help soothe their aching muscles.  However they wouldn’t be staying clean for long.  Audrey had reached her breaking point.  She couldn’t hold out any longer and gave into her desire.

“I had no idea when I refused to kiss Audrey this morning that it would lead to….that!”

“When I saw him in that towel all I wanted to do was rip it off so I did.   I’m really not this type of girl. The girl who, well you know, so quickly.  Kronk just brings out all the naughty in me.”

The deed was done and both parties were a bit wobbly.  Of course they both had huge grins on their faces too.  Neither expected it to happen so fast, the having woohoo so soon not the actually woohoo, but they weren’t sorry it happened.  They did both agree not to tell the other guys.  Something like this would only hurt them and Audrey was afraid it may force some guys to rethink their feelings for her.

“I’m not ashamed of what I did.  I’m not usually the type to act so soon but that doesn’t mean I’m a prude.  I’m a sexual being and some people may not like that.  If a were a dude, say like Gaston people wouldn’t care and even congratulate him on his accomplishment.  But as a female I’m seen as some sort of slut, easy even.  Own it girls and be proud of the pussy.”

Wow ok we were not expecting that….ok maybe we were, it is Audrey afterall.  I always say you need a free sample to see if you want to buy the goods.

Kronk and Audrey returned from their date glowing.  Luckily their was no one awake to notice.  In fact the pair were pretty spent as well and headed off to bed in their own bedrooms.  Another night passed and the sun began to rise.  Audrey woke up early hungrier then a horse.  She realized she hadn’t eaten anything since before her date with Kronk yesterday.  She was craving something a little spicy so she whipped up some salsa.  Who cared that it was morning.

“I sometimes forget how spicy I make salsa.  It was definitely a wake up call.”

She finished off her salsa and while she was still feeling spicy she decided to pay Kronk a visit.  She thought that maybe the two of them could sneak away for a little fun before the rest of the guys woke up.

However before she could surprise Kronk she ran into Grumpy.  Kronk was quickly pushed from Audrey’s mind when she laid eyes on Grumpy and his cute little butt.

“Every corner in this house and there’s another cute boy waiting for me.  Every girl needs to experience this.  It’s a great confidence boost.”

Grumpy had been looking for Audrey. He had woke up early to surprise Audrey with something.  But he told her they needed to go upstairs for it.  What could he be up to?

“You act surprised to see me up at this hour.  I’m not the sleepy one remember.”

It turns out Grumpy’s surprise was a massage to be more specific a hand massage.  Audrey never knew he had so many hidden talents.  Maybe you should wait until after he’s done before you qualify it as a talent.

“When Grumpy said he was giving me a hand massage I was super excited.  Then he started and I wished he would stop.  My hands are still sore from all the pulling and crushing he did to my poor hands.  I guess it’s the thought that counts.  I just wish his thought was a little less painful.”

“Yeah I give the guys back home hand massages all the time….hey hey it’s not like that.  Working those damn espresso machines really cramps up your hands.  The guys all love them.”

Maybe we should give his roommates a call and make sure they are all ok.  Or check the local hospital to see if six guys came in recently with broken hands.

After Grumpy had finished his surprising hand massage he offered to do Audrey’s feet next.  Audrey politely declined and suggested it was his turn to receive a rub down.  She lathered up on oil and told him to lay down.

“Thankfully I dodged that foot massage and added bonus I got to touch every last inch of Grumpy, well almost every last inch.  I’ll have to wait to touch that part.”

“All I’ll say is thank god I was lying face down.  My flag was at full mast.”

Grumpy thanked Audrey for the massage and told her he needed some privacy getting up.  He didn’t want his towel accidentally slipping, she had gotten one free show the first week.  He really just wanted to hide that fact that having Audrey’s hands all over his bare body had excited him in more then one way.  After a few minutes Grumpy was good to go and downstairs he went for some air.  He ran into Kronk while stepping out.

“Grumpy looked like the cat that swallowed the canary or like a squirrel who has just hidden his nuts for the winter.  I wonder what got him all excited this morning.”

The group date was approaching so the guys and Audrey were getting ready.  While they are all busy let’s poke upstairs for a minute and see if the guys have killed each other yet.

Looks like at least Michael and Christopher Robin are alive and well (don’t worry so is Arthur).  Michael passed the time watching funny dog videos on simtube.  Of course Christopher Robins mysterious stranger kept him busy.

“There was this one video where…..haha…this dog…..hahaha…was eating at the table…hahaha…like people, hahah!  Isn’t that hilarious?”

“Geeze won’t you guys give up on this whole stranger thing.  It’s like you’re obsessed is it that dull downstairs that you need to make this into a storyline?”

Watch yourself Christopher Robin bad things happen to little teddy bears when people provoke the producers.

Lefou and Kocoum were still trying to decided what to wear for the group date so the rest of the house grabbed a quick lunch.  Who knew if this group date would have any food.  While eating Grumpy again thanked Audrey for his massage earlier.  This caught Kronk by surprise.

“I nearly spit out my hamburger when Grumpy mentioned the massage in front of Kronk.  I just prayed that Kronk wouldn’t bring up what we did in the sauna during our date.  I’m sure Grumpy would be less impressed by my massage then.”

“When he says massage does he mean the one with all the touching or the one that you find in the bottles that float in from sea?”

In a bottle?  Do you mean a message?  Do you think a message and a massage are the same Kronk?  I don’t even know what to do with that.

The group date couldn’t have come at a better time.  Kronk was making our heads hurt.  For today’s group date Audrey and the guys were going to add a little culture into their lives.  They were visiting Willow Creeks Gallery of the Arts.  They would be immersed in a day of beautiful things and overpriced reprints.

“Art is a single blade of grass or a kernel of fresh corn not this man made garbage under glass.”

“Gaston doesn’t like this kind of art.  He’s more into portraits, especially portraits of himself.  I don’t know some of this stuff is kind of nice.”

Since the group dates were getting smaller it was easier for Audrey to spend alone time with each guy.  She was learning that despite having strong feelings for each guy each relationship was totally different.

“Things with Grumpy are so easy.  It’s like I’ve known him forever.  I feel so comfortable around him.  I can even tell him may stupid little jokes without worrying that he’ll thing I’m weird.”

“My feelings for Kocoum are so raw and ferrel.  I just want to run around naked and howl at the moon with him.  It’s a very me Tarzan, you Jane kind of relationship.”

“With Lefou it’s like I’m experiencing everything for the first time.  He comes off like he knows so much but secretly he’s a little boy learning his way in the world.  I love that innocence he has.”

And of course there was Kronk we all knew how that relationship was going.  Audrey really had true feelings for all of these guys and the thought that she would only be with one of them at the end made her sick to her stomach.  What if she made the wrong choice?  What if she picks wrong and she watches her true love walk away?  Or worse what if he doesn’t feel the same way about her?  All of these questions were making her head spin.  She wished there was someone or something to give her the answer….a wish that was just it.  She took out a coin and tossed it in while wishing for some sort of sign.

And just like magic it appeared Audrey’s wish had been granted when Lefou suddenly showed up.

“It has to be fate right.  I wished for a sign and bam there’s Lefou.  How can I not think this was an answer to my wish?”

Not wanting to upset fate or whatever this was Audrey replied the only way she thought right.

“That kiss on the roof during our group date was perfection.  I was surrounded by breathtaking views with the most beautiful girl in my arms.  If I could live in one moment forever it would’ve been right then.”

“I’ve had so many highs this week, getting closer to Kronk (in so many ways), learning a new side to Grumpy and now the perfect kiss with Lefou.  I never want this week to end.  But I know that’s not possible, in fact it’s going to get a whole lot lower tomorrow.  How can I possibly say goodbye to one of these guys tomorrow?”

The group date was now over and the everyone headed home.  As was becoming the norm most of the house headed to bed.  Lefou however was still on a high after the group date, there was no way he was going to sleep anytime soon. He decided a nice dip would help tire him out.  It was a good idea and probably would have worked had Audrey not decided to join him.

“We may or may not have continued that kiss in the pool.”

Audrey and Lefou finally were done practicing their mouth to mouth technique.  The house was all off in dreamland now.  Just like that it was morning, morning of an elimination day. Audrey decided to sleep in after her late night swim.  The boys were a little concerned when most of them were up but there was no sign of Audrey or Lefou.

“I had thought we all went to bed last night when we got back from the museum.  But why would both Audrey and Lefou still be sleeping if they had gone right to bed.  Luckily it’s Lefou so I know things didn’t go to far.”

“I miss Audrey, my day is brighter when it starts with her smile.”

Audrey and Lefou emerged a little while later and it seemed the night was carrying over into today.

“I had a dream about Lefou last night.  It was the final day here and I was standing in this room full of gorgeous flowers and candles, in a stunning dress.  Then in walked Lefou and I just knew I had made the right choice.”

“There’s no way I can lose today.  I’m not coming this close at love only to be sent packing a few weeks before.”

The day moved along.  The elimination competition would be in a few hours.  Someones dreams of love shattered.  But until then the boys tried to go about like it was a normal day.  Kocoum having never tried darts before figured today was as good a day as any.

“Darts is like shooting a bow and arrow only no bow.”

Audrey spotted Kocoum alone and thought this would be a good time to spend some time with him before the challenge.

“Kocoum with no shirt on is like a beacon to me.  It’s just calls to me and pulls me towards him.  There’s no way to fight it, and why would I want to.”

Audrey and Kocoum didn’t spend much time together this week.  Besides there few moments alone on the group date this was the only other time it had been just the two of them.  Kocoum knew that his fate lay in the hands of the running machines but that didn’t mean he couldn’t show Audrey how much he cared for her.

“I thought I was the one who was supposed to be handing out the roses here.  Kocoum definitely gets bonus points for that one.”

“If you asked me what was more beautiful a rose or Audrey, I’d always answer Audrey.”

Audrey and Kocoum were in the middle of sharing a deeply romantic moment when Kronk entered the room.  The two didn’t even notice him until he was breathing down their shoulder.

“It just hit me after seeing Audrey with Kocoum that as strong as my feelings are for her these other guys were feeling the same thing.  What’s was worse was so was Audrey.  We shared something special on our date but by how she was looking at Kocoum it’s clear they share strong feelings too.  Who’s to say it’s not the same with Grumpy and Lefou.”

It seems the reality of the game was finally hitting Kronk.  He was so distraught that he didn’t even realized he had joined the other guys when it was time for the elimination challenge.  Since he had won the solo date he had immunity and didn’t need to compete.  We tried to tell him this but he refused to listen and insisted on competing anyway.

With that it was time for the elimination challenge.  As you know each week the guys will compete to stay in the game.  Each week all they need to is keep on running because the first guy who stops will join the eliminated contestants upstairs.  Even though we are allowing Kronk to participate he can not lose.  So if he is the first one to stop running he will not be eliminated, the next guy to stop running will be eliminated.  Now that we have all the rules in place we can begin.

“I didn’t realize Kronk seeing me talking to Kocoum  would send him into a spiral like this.  He has to know we have something special, I mean I made it pretty clear on our date.  This is part of the whole process.”

The guys continued running.  Some of them didn’t like the fact that Kronk was running, worst off they didn’t like that he wouldn’t be eliminated if he dropped first.

“I’m sorry but if you decide to still compete even though you have immunity you should run the risk of going home.  It’s not fair and a slap in the face tothe rest of us.”

The boys ran for a little longer when finally someone had had enough.  They just didn’t have anymore steam left and though it would haunt them forever had to give up on Audrey.

“I was not strong today.  I do not deserve love.”

That’s right fan favorite Kocoum is eliminated from the competition.  And despite the competition being over Kronk refused to stop.  It wasn’t until the crew had to come in and pull him down did he stop.

“You think I’m happy Kocoum is eliminated, who cares….you know who cares Audrey.  Watch her save him. She does have strong feelings for him.  She has strong feelings for everyone.  Our time in the sauna probably meant nothing it was just a bit of fun for her.”

While Kronk spiraled farther and farther down the rabbit hole Audrey had to say goodbye to Kocoum.  But was Kronk right would she try and save him?

“I thought about saving Kocoum I really wanted to but I choose not to.  When I decided to do this I swore to myself I would trust the process, the journey.  I didn’t want to interfere or make new rules.  It wouldn’t be fair to me or the guys.  I had to believe Kocoum being eliminated was what was meant to be.  That doesn’t mean my heart isn’t broken.”

And with that Audrey embraced Kocoum for what she hoped wouldn’t be the last time.  There was still a chance he’d come back to her when the eliminated competed to get back in the competition.  There was nothing she wanted more then that.

“I will be strong when the day comes to rejoin Audrey.”

I know there will be a few of you out there who are sad to see Kocoum leave and not understand Audrey’s decision.  Remember this isn’t just a game for Audrey this is the beginning of the rest of her life.  She needs to do what she feels is best for her.  Besides this may not be the last we see of Audrey and Kocoum.  Join us next week when the eliminated guys compete to reenter the house and continue on their quest for love.  And there’s a big surprise that even we didn’t see coming.  You won’t want t miss it.

11 thoughts on “The Bachelorette: Disney Sidekicks Edition Ep.5 – You Call That Art

  1. Noooooooooooooooooooo ::must interfere:: LOL – I am so scared he won’tr return he was one of my favs I still of Grumpy and Kronk OMG Stay alive guys don’t lose focus!!! Great Update!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Never fear you have a long time supporter in me!! I absolutely love your stories ❤ the summer is my busy time with work so it takes me a little longer to get to my favorite stories ❤ ❤ ❤ omg, I am so so bummed though boo…::wonders if I can send my evictees to your attic lmao!::

        Liked by 1 person

  2. What can I say – it’s hard to see the favourite go. (But we’ll still get to see him upstairs, so there’s that, right? 😀 )

    And I’m sad to see Kronk losing his spirit. Hang in there, Kronk, you can do this! 🙂


  3. Noooooo Kokoum 😦 I must admit, the more Lefou stops trying to be Gaston, the more likable he is. And Kronk is just a sweetheart. As is Grumpy. I don’t know who I want to win :O All I know is that Christopher Robin needs to not win =p Honestly, I hope having Kocoum up there will help Michael feel a bit less attacked.

    Liked by 1 person

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