The Bachelorette: Disney Sidekicks Edition Ep.4 – Pump It Up

Sorry for the delay, we were experiencing technical difficulties but we’re back! We are glad you are able to join us for another episode of The Bachelorette: Disney Sidekick Edition.  I’m your host Chris Harrison and I’m ready to take you on a journey of love.  Its been quite the ride so far.  We’ve seen tempers flair, lies spread and hearts broken, and we’re not even half way through yet!

Last week we saw Audrey starting to from strong relationships with a few of the guys.  Thanks to his solo date win, Lefou was one of them.  But he was a little less then honest about the details of that date with his fellow houseguests.  Will it come back to bite him in the ass?  We also saw real feelings emerging from an unlikely source of Grumpy.  Who knew anyone could brighten that dwarfs heart.  Sadly we had to say good bye to one of the guys.  Michael was unable to run to the finish line and was eliminated.  But he’ll have a chance to redeem himself in a few weeks when the eliminated guys battle to get back in the game.  On that note let’s check in with Michael and see how he’s adjusting to his new living quarters.

Michael was less then pleased to be moving into the attic but Arthur was even more bothered with the current turn of events.

“I wasn’t super close with Arthur before he was eliminated, granted there wasn’t much time for that.  But I didn’t think he’d be this upset with seeing me.  Way to kick a man when he’s down”

“Me being upset has nothing to do with the fact that it’s Michael who was eliminated.  I honestly couldn’t care less.  I’m pissed because now I have to share my bachelor pad with someone.”

Hopefully the guys can sort out their differences before we check in on them again.  In the meantime let’s head back downstairs and see what’s going on with the remaining contestants.

The atmosphere in the house was good as it usually is after an elimination challenge.  The boys were taking this time to get know each other better.  Audrey was less then pleased.  She thought the boys should be working on their relationship with her not their friendships in the house.

“Hey fellas you didn’t come here to make friends.  You came to knock my socks off and make me fall in love with you.  How about you all man up and focus more on the game.”

Manning up might be a challenge for some of these guys.  At that same exact moment Christopher Robin was splashing around like a toddler in the kiddie pool.

“I really wished I brought some of my bath toys.  I have the coolest pirate ship that can really shoot water.”

While Christopher Robin was enjoying the high seas Kocoum was outside taking Audrey’s advice.  Just instead of manning up he was showing off his manhood for all of Willow Creek to see or at least anyone who passed by the house.

“When you got to go you got to go.”

We headed back upstairs to check on how the boys were getting along.  It seemed like they still hadn’t warmed up to each other.  In fact it seemed like they were flat out ignoring each other.  I mean Arthur totally ignored the fact that Michael was already in the process of making lunch for them.

“I don’t know what Arthurs problem is.  I thought he’d be happy to have some company.”

“What I just wasn’t in the mood for grilled cheese so I made myself a salad.”

Oh well they’ll have to learn to live together because it’s a whole week until they will have company.  Speaking of living together Audrey was learning that living in a house full of men had it’s downside.  The downside being the house was a pigsty.  She hated cleaning up after them but if she let it get any worse they would have to quarantine the house from the rest of the block.

“That tub was disgusting!  I don’t know what was on the sides of it.  It looked like crayon but that can’t be right.  Why would there be crayon in a bathtub?”

The day continued on.  Audrey had decided to save the rest of the cleaning for later.  It was time to hang out with the boys.  She wasn’t going to sit around all day and wait for them to come to her.

“Audrey is so pretty, and sweet, and funny, and she always smells good.  Did I mention pretty?  Audrey is so pretty, and…”

“I feel really bad about exaggerating our date to the guys.  I just don’t want any of the guys here to find out I’m a virgin.  I remember when I told Gaston he laughed for a solid hour. He told me never to tell anyone here, that’I didn’t want to look like a loser on national tv.  I don’t want anyone thinking that, especially  Audrey.”

After last week Audrey had wanted to take some extra time to get to know Christopher Robin more.  She definitely thought he was cute but she wasn’t sure how well matched they were.  He seemed like he was new at this whole dating thing, actually he seemed like just interacting with people was pretty new.

“Things with Christopher Robin are going slower then with some of the other guys.  But that doesn’t mean I’m writing him off.  I definitely like him and want to get to know him more.  I just wish he was more comfortable around me.  It’s not like I’m going to bite…well I do but trust me he’d definitely enjoy it.”

“It’s no surprise I’m not a people person.  I’ve already told you my only real friend is Pooh Bear.  Being here with everyone is overwhelming.  Audrey just needs to give me some time, it will get easier for me.”

Christopher Robin my still not feel comfortable with the guys and Audrey but he sure was at ease with whomever was texting him.  He’d been on his phone a lot since moving into the house.  If Pooh Bear was his only friend we were wondering who could he possibly be chatting so much with.  Last time we check stuffed bears can’t use cellphones.

“What texts….oh no I don’t know who that is.  But I’m trying this whole new thing of talking to everyone so I didn’t want to be rude and tell them they have the wrong number.”

Audrey had made the rounds with the guys but there was one guy she was saving for last, Kocoum.  She had told herself she was going to get him to talk this week if it killed her.  Out of all the man she was most physically attracted to him but looks will only take you so far in a relationship.  The two of them were alone near the grill and she saw this as the perfect time to get him to open up.  Unfortunately it didn’t go as well as she’d hoped.

“I asked him so many questions, tried some open ended flirting and all I get is a nod or a shrug of the shoulders.  Believe me a like a man who doesn’t run his mouth too much but this is starting to get ridiculous.  SAY SOMETHING!!!”

“A man does not need words to love.”

Feeling like a failure Audrey needed a little pick me up and she knew just who would be able to help her out.

“When Audrey started making out with me in the game room I saw fireworks.  I suggested we move it to the closet, you know get some privacy but she wasn’t budging.”

“I was enjoying myself way too much to move or care if anyway walked in on us.  Who knows maybe seeing me with my tongue down someone elses throat might inspire some people to speak up.”

Luckily everyone else was already in bed so no one walked in on Kronk and Audrey.  After about a half hour of swapping spit they decided to head to bed too, separate beds of course.

Night quickly turned into morning and with it came new beginnings and some regrets.  Audrey was still determined to strike up a conversation with Kocoum that consisted of more then two sentences.  She did however change her strategy a little.  She decided to get him to talk about something she knew intrigued him, her camera.  She remembered how interested he had seemed about it the other day when she took their picture.  Maybe he was into photography, they could bond over art.

“It actually worked.  Ok it had nothing to do with building a relationship or helped me figure out where we stood but at least I got him talking. Turns out he’d never seen a camera before, his tribe doesn’t have much modern technology.  Hey it’s a start.”

“I met again with that device that captures souls.  I am learning more so I can know how to defeat it.”

With her new beginning under way it was on to face that regret.  What she regretted was making out with Kronk last night.  Well she didn’t regret making out with him, that was great.  She regretted doing it out in the open where any of the other guys could have seen.  That wasn’t fair to the other guys or to Kronk.  She wanted the guys to fight for her but she didn’t want to rub other relationships in their faces.  And she didn’t want to put Kronk on the outs with the other guys.  Next time she would take Kronk up on the closet.

“I saw Audrey and Kronk having a secret conversation earlier.  It almost looked like Audrey was apologizing to Kronk.  Maybe she was letting him down gently.  Honestly I don’t see any chemistry between those two.  I doubt they even kissed on their date.”

With the solo date challenge still a few hours away Audrey decided to check on her high score on the Arcade game.  There was no way she was going to let any of these guys beat her score.

“I noticed Audrey playing alone so I decided to join her.  And guess what I beat her score!  I don’t know if she noticed though because she didn’t congratulate me before walking away.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Kocoum was still working on his plan to defeat Audrey’s phone.  He realized he would need an alley to help him.  He decided to try and recruit Grumpy.

“There’s a guy who’s best friend is a stuff bear, another guy who’s in love with another guy and now a guy who thinks a cellphone stole his soul.  Coming into this I would have never guess I was the most sane one in this group.  Oh yeah I forgot the guy who wears a tinfoil hat.  Is this a bachelorette challenge or an asylum one?”

“From what I could pick up from Grumpy and Kocoums conversation, Kocoum thinks Audreys box is evil.  When did he see Audrey’s box?”

Let’s change the topic from Audrey’s box to something else.  How about we check in on Audrey and Christopher Robin.  Christopher Robin realized the reason Audrey never congratulated him on his win, Audrey was still a little miffed about him beating her score.

“I sucked it up and apologized for beating her score.  But just between you and me I didn’t really mean it.”

“Please of course I knew that apology was bullshit.  Yeah I’m pissed you beat me but be a man and own it.  Don’t coddle me and tell me what you think I want to hear.  That’s not going to win you points with me.”

While one game seemed to be tearing one relationship apart another game was bringing another one closer together.  Well maybe not.

“Umm can you tell Lefou I’m into girls.  I wouldn’t want become his next crush.”

“I see some Gaston in Grumpy.  Of course Gaston is much better looking and charming.  And he’s much better at darts.  But there’s definitely some resemblance.”

Focus Lefou it’s time for this weeks solo comp.  You know so you could win a date with Audrey the person you’re here for.

As you all know each week the guys compete in different challenges for the chance to win a solo date with Audrey.  We change the comp each week so as to not give any guy an unfair advantage.  Usually it’s the guy who can outlast the rest that wins.  This week is no different.  The guys will have to show off their upper body strength in a competition we like to call Pump It Up.  Let’s hope you all have tickets to the gun show because you’re going to need it.  Looks like our guys are ready to pump like they’ve never pumped before.

“I used this little song to help get my rhythm ‘up down then repeat, up down then repeat.”

“I may not be jacked like Kocoum and Kronk but I want that date with Audrey.  I was ready to do this until my arms fell off if I had to.  Which after the first 10 minutes that’s what it felt like.”

The comp was just beginning but knowing how these things have been going these boys would most likely be at it for hours.  Audrey decided she wasn’t going to hang around up here and watch.

“I knew those guys would be at it all day so I decided to finish clean this house.  I need to talk to the producer about hiring a maid.”

Audrey was right we were heading into the second hour of the competition and all five men were still in it.  None of these guys were giving up.

“I got this!  I’m used to carrying around Pooh Bear.”

I’m not too sure carrying around your stuffed bear is the same as lifting weights but who knows.

It seemed like this comp was going to go on forever when all of the sudden almost all of the guys were done.  Grumpy, Kronk, Lefou and Christopher Robin all threw in the towel.  That meant our winner of this weeks solo date is Kocoum!

“I asked mother earth to bless me with strength for this challenge.   I must give her thanks.”

We let Audrey know there was a winner so she made her way upstairs to see what guy would be taking her out.  She was thrilled to see it was Kocoum.  She was so happy she was even willing to give him a hug but thankfully he stopped her.  He was rather rank after hours of pumping iron.

“A woman should not have a man’s stink on her until after they are married.”

“I was willing to smell a little if it meant getting to know Kocoum some more.  But I am thankful you guys let him shower before we headed out.”

There was no question, Kocoum needed to shower.  The other people at the venue should certainly thank us for allowing him to shower.  And where are Audrey and Kocoum going you ask.  They will be spending the day with movie stars, they are headed to Pengrant Multiplex.   We got them tickets to the hottest movie in town.  No not Captain America, that was sold out, yeah so was Superman Vs Batman.  Ok so we got them tickets to a replay of some old Adam Sandler movie, the one where he plays a girl too.  But hey they’ll be too busy with each other to even notice the movie.

“When I saw what were doing for our date I wondered if Kocoum had ever been to a movie theater it doesn’t seem like they’d have many where he’s from.  I was shocked to learn he’s never even seen a movie!  I was happy I was going to be popping his movie cherry.”

They headed inside.  Kocoum was overwhelmed by the size of the place not to mention the overpowering popcorn smell.  Who knows how he’ll react to the big screen.  Audrey needed to use the little girls room.  She suggested Kocoum get the snacks and save them seats.  She would meet him in the theater.

“I asked for a soda, the woman asked me if I wanted small, medium or large.  I said no I wanted a soda.  Again she asked small, medium or large. I asked for a water instead, they seemed to be out of soda.”

After the confusion at the concession stand Kocoum proceeded to look for seats.  Luckily that task was a lot easier.  He found two seats near the front and waited for Audrey to return from the bathroom.  He waited through the commercials, no Audrey.  He waited through the previews, still no Audrey. Finally when the movie was just beginning Audrey stormed in.  Apparently the line in the ladies room was pretty long.

“Ugh I’m so mad I missed the previews.  They are my favorite part.  I don’t get what the hold up is in the ladies room.  It’s all the time.  Peeing should not take more then 30 seconds, you squat, wipe and then your done.  You want to be even quicker skip the squatting.”

Audrey was all ready to go on a tyraid to Kocoum but then she remembered this was his first movie experience and she didn’t want to ruin this for him.  Plus she wanted this date to be a success.  She took a deep breathe, calmed down and enjoyed the show.

“This date was important to me.  I didn’t want to ruin it with potty talk.”

Remember all those people we thought we’d be offending with Kocoum’s odor?  They were no where to be seen.  Audrey and Kocoum had the theater all to themselves.   Which worked out for the best since Kocoum had never seen a movie he didn’t quite understand that the people on the screen weren’t actually there.

“I kept yelling for the fat man not to go in the pyramid, they are always cursed.  He refused to listen to me.”

“Thank goodness we were the only ones in that theater I don’t think anyone would have appreciated him screaming at the screen.  I found it adorable though.”

Kocoum was starting to wonder why no one was listening to him.  Everytime he told someone to not do something they never listened.  He thought that maybe if he was closer to the front they could hear him better.   He asked Audrey if she’d mind if they moved closer.

“Moving closer worked.  I told that ugly looking woman who looked like a man not to marry that ugly man because he was her brother.  She listened to me!”


The movie was finally over.  Audrey rushed them out of the theater, she didn’t want to try and explain what credits were to Kocoum.  While in the lobby they found a cute replica of the new droid from the new Star Wars movie.  Kocoum did not like the idea at all.  That robot looked dangerous and he didn’t want Audrey to come to any harm.  Audrey explained he was a friendly droid and there was nothing to worry about.

“No robot is friendly. I kept Audrey close to me to ensure her safety.”

Audrey was having a great time with Kocoum.  He was unlike any guy she’d ever dated or known for that matter.  She definitely liked so many things about him there was only one more thing to find out if she liked…the way he kissed.

“I was going to wait for him to kiss me first but I decided to take the bull by the horns and go for it.  Man I’m a glad I did!  The kiss was everything a first kiss should be, perfect.”

“Audrey makes my heart happy, her kiss makes other parts of me happy too.”

With their movie over the next thing to do would be to go home.  But neither of them were ready to leave yet.  They both knew exactly what they wanted to do, it was just a matter of finding a place to to it.

They wanted to make out, what did you think we were talking about.  You guys have such dirty minds.

“This date was everything I had hoped it would be.  I know there’s a lot of time left in the game and the other guys are awesome, but if I had pick today I’d choose Kocoum 100 percent.”

It was getting late and the multiplex was closing so Audrey and Kocoum had no other choice then to go home.  They thought that maybe if the other guys were asleep already they would continue their date.  Unfortunately those plans were quickly forgotten when they meet Grumpy outside.  He tried to play it off that he was doing a little late night landscaping but they weren’t buying it and neither were we.

“Of course I was waiting up for Audrey.  I hate the idea of her going on these dates.  I don’t know what’s happening to me man.  I’m not normally this guy.”

I think I and the audience know what’s happening, you’re falling in love Grumpy.

Only eating popcorn and goobers left Audrey and Kocoum pretty hungry.  Maybe they would be able to continue this date.  However Grumpy wasn’t the only guy up.  Kronk wandered in just as Audrey and Kocoum sat down to enjoy their meal.  They tried to keep the flirting on the downlow.

“Of all the people to walk in it had to be Kronk.  Just the other night I was making out with him in the other room and now I’m trying to hide the fact I’m completely smitten with Kocoum.  I hope he doesn’t think I’m a hypocrite….you know what I highly doubt Kronk even knows what a hypocrite is.”

Yeah Audrey you didn’t have much to worry about.  Kronk may be sweet but his vocabulary is a bit limited.  However that didn’t mean he didn’t want to get all the details on their date.  But he couldn’t flat out ask without looking like a jealous boyfriend.  He danced around it with Kocoum.

“Kronk is as confusing as trying to order a soda at the movies.”

It had been a long night and it was finally time for the entire house to get some rest.  Audrey knew she was going to have pleasant dreams tonight.  Keeping with movie theme  she was hoping to dream in grey, fifty shades to be exact.

“Imagine we had seen Fifty Shades of Grey tonight?  I can only imagine what Kocoum would have been screaming at the screen.”

Night had turned to day and a rare sight was taking place.  Audrey was not the first one up, Grumpy and Christopher Robin had beaten her to it.  Grumpy had woken up in a mood, he felt defeated.  He hoped talking to another guy in the house would help but the only one available was Christopher Robin.  All he ever wanted to talk about was his precious Pooh Bear.

“I know there’s still a lot of time left but I feel like Audrey’s relationships with the other guys are progressing forward so much faster.  I feel like our relationship is at a stand still.  I’m not sure what will kick start it back in gear.”

“Oh man Grumpy was just so grumpy this morning.  He was really harshing my mood.”

Getting no help from Christopher Robin, Grumpy decided to ask another friend for help.  His old friend Johnny Walker.

“Hey it’s got to be 5 o’clock somewhere.”

The rest of the house finally awoke.  Today was the group date and the houseguests were discussing where they thought they’d be going.

“I sure hope we go to a spa.  I could use a massage.  All this dating really takes its toll on your body.”

“Who cares where we go it’s not like Audrey’s going to want to spend any time with me.  She likes all these guys better then me.  What no I’m not drunk…you’re drunk!”

Since Kocoum had won the solo date he would not be going on the group date.  He decided to spend the day pampering himself and re-energizing his body.  The first stop on Kocoum’s day of me was a soothing steam.  Someone was about to join him on his me day, though I don’t think he’ll mind one bit.

“No I had no idea Kocoum was in the sauna.  I told you I wanted a spa date.  I decided to take a steam in case our group date was somewhere else.  Kocoum was just a wonderful surprise!”

“If I win I will take Audrey to my sweat lodge back home.”

Audrey wasn’t the only company Kocoum would be getting. I wonder if that invitation to his sweat lodge will extend to Lefou too.

“I saw Kocoum head down first then Audrey followed a few minutes later.  No way I was letting him get more alone time with Audrey this week.  Though I do wish I didn’t get to see so much of Kocoum if you know what I mean.  I guess they don’t have many towels in his tribe because he certainly was having trouble keeping himself covered.”

“My body is a temple I have no shame in it.”

“WHAT!!!!  Kocoum was showing off the goods and I missed it.  How is that possible??  It was totally wasted on Lefou.”

Upstairs Grumpy, Kronk and Christopher Robin were wondering where the rest of the house had wondered off to.

“They probably already left for the group date no surprise Audrey wanted to leave me behind.  She hates me I know it.  Why am I even still here?”

“Did they leave for the group date with out me?  Are they allowed to do that?”

No they did not leave you behind Kronk.  And no one would forget you Grumpy, looks like you moved pass angry drunk and are now a self loathing drunk.  Who knows what you’ll be like on this date.  Speaking of dates it was time for the group date.

For this weeks group date our bachelorette and her guys won’t be going to a spa, sorry Audrey.  Instead of calm and relaxing they will be getting jittery and wired, they are going to Hot Java Cafe.  No matter how they like their coffee our contestants are bound to love this charming cafe.  Maybe they will even fall in love here too.

Everyone was feeling the heat when they arrived and hurried to get inside and order some iced lattes.  Audrey noticed however that Grumpy stayed behind.  He had seemed pretty down today and she was worried it was something she had done.  She needed to talk to him to see how she could cheer him up.

“I hated seeing Grumpy so, well grumpy.  I feel like I haven’t gotten much time with him this week and I hope he doesn’t think I’m not interested.  I really like Grumpy and I don’t want to see him leave.  We just haven’t gotten as much of a chance to develop our relationship like I have with some of the other guys.  He needs to know that doesn’t mean I don’t want to.”

“It meant a lot having Audrey checking in on me.  Maybe she is interested in me.  I’am loveable…man what is this girl doing to me.”

Looks like it’s time for the over emotional drunk.

While Audrey and Grumpy were having their moment the other guys went in to get there drinks.  See that woman at the front of the line chugging down a green tea, you’ll be seeing her soon, say in season 3!  Any guesses who she might be?

Let’s get back to the season at hand.  Audrey had been hearing from the other guys that Lefou exaggerated parts of their date.  More like he exaggerated all of it.  Audrey was not happy to hear this if it were true she may be forced to rethink her entire relationship with Lefou.  In fact this could be what ended it all together.

“I had to tell Audrey the truth about everything, even the whole being a virgin part.  I knew it would be risky.  Audrey might want nothing to do with me after I tell her, but she deserves the truth.  I don’t want her to think I was just bragging to the guys.”

“Yeah I was shocked to learn Lefou was a virgin.  I honestly didn’t think any guys stayed a virgin that long.  But I was happy he was being honest with me.  It took a lot of guts to admit something like that.  Granted if he every decides to brag about his pretend conquests again he’ll be out on his ass so fast.”

After straightening everything out with Lefou Audrey decided to spend the rest of the date chatting with the other guys.  She hadn’t left things great with Christopher Robin so she started with him.

“My relationship with Christopher Robin is like a roller coaster ride, one day we’re up the next day down.  I need to decide whether I want to go for another ride or get off.”

“I’ve never had coffee before…it’s great, like really great.  I feel like I could run a marathon….I should run a marathon.  I’m going to go run a marathon….how long is a marathon?”

The date was nearing an end and Audrey was starving.  She had heard that this place served the best chocolate chip scones.  Just as she sat down to enjoy her meal Grumpy, who seemed to be in the final stage a hangover, asked if he could join her.

“I feel so stupid for ever doubting my relationship with Audrey.  It might be taking longer then the others but they say the best things come to those who wait.”

“I’m really looking forward to seeing where this is going with Grumpy.  I hope I won’t have to say good bye to him this week.”

It was getting dark and everyone was getting tired despite all the coffee they drank.  Most of the house went to the bed but Kronk and Christopher Robin decided to get in a game of darts before bed.

“Darts are a lot like life, you’re always trying to aim for the center but you never get it.  Ok that really doesn’t make sense.  Darts are nothing like life.”

Kronk headed to bed.  Christopher Robin was about to head up too when he got another mysterious text.

“Yup just another text from no one.  It’s really nothing.  You probably shouldn’t even show those scenes on tv.”

It’s been a while since we checked on the boys upstairs so let’s go see how they are doing.

“Things are fine between Michael and I.  I never had any beef with him I just was upset he invaded my space.  But whatever I’m over it.  We don’t really hang out that much I do my thing and he does his.”

“Yes I like figure skating is there something weird about that?”

The morning came and once again Audrey was the first one up.  She knew what today was and she didn’t think she could handle it.  Most of the guys here held a special place in her heart, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to say good bye to them.

“I know Kocoum is safe this week but what about the other guys. I’m starting to have real feelings for some of these guys and I’m not ready to stop exploring those relationships.  Maybe I can pull a Gaston and save someone.”

Everyone was up and about downstairs.  Kocoum knew today was going to be stressful for the other guys so he wanted to be nice and treat them to a nice lunch before the elimination challenge. It was a nice thought but serving hamburgers to a bunch of guys who were supposed to run on a treadmill for their life in this game didn’t sound like they mixed.  Could Kocoum be planning some sabotage here?

“May there belly’s be full and there feet run swift.”

Audrey joined the guys for lunch.  This may be the last lunch she would be having with one of them.  She tried to stay upbeat and cheerful but inside she wanted to hold on for dear life to the guys and never let go.

“What if this week no one went home?  It could be good for ratings.  Just a thought.”

“I couldn’t help but notice Audrey was a little off this morning.  I guess the lure of having multiple men fighting for her is starting to wear off.”

Whether she was ready for it not the moment Audrey had been dreading all week was here.  In case you are new each week the guys compete to stay in the game.  All they need to do is not be the first one to stop running.  The first one to stop running will join the other guys in the attic.  But just because you’re eliminated doesn’t mean you’re out of luck in love.  The eliminated guys will fight to get back in the game in a few weeks.  But for now let’s find out who will be in that race.  The guys are ready, go ahead and run boys.

“Yeah I’m secretly rooting for one person in particular to stop running.  I won’t say who though.”

“I’m not ready for the secret makeout sessions to stop.  I will run until the cows come home if I have to.”

As usual the boys gave it their all.  Christopher Robin was so determined to stay in this game that he pushed himself to the point of no return.  He may not go home this week but lets hope he will go to the shower.

“I may be dirty and smell like a garbage truck but I won’t stop running.”

Looks like you spoke too soon Christopher Robin.  It seemed his own stench was too much to take.  He stopped running which meant he was out of the competition.  His quest to become more socially accepted was at an end.

“I tried.  I want you all know I tried.  This was incredibly difficult for me, but I learned that people aren’t scary.  I’m not sure I could ever really love Audrey.  Maybe I only have enough love for my Pooh Bear.”

I give up.  I tried to understand the obsession with a stuffed bear I really did.  But now he’s in love with it.  This is beyond creepy.  Audrey it looked like you dodged a bullet here.  Say a quick good bye and good riddance to this one.

Turns out that one guy Audrey was pulling for to lose was the exact one that did.  She wanted to be honest with Christopher Robin.  She wanted to let him know that maybe he shouldn’t try so hard to get back into the game.  They were never going to work.

“I feel awful about telling Christopher Robin how I really feel but I want to be honest with all the guys.  I want the guy who comes back to be someone I can see a future with, that will never be Christopher Robin.”

“Maybe I was wrong, people suck.  I think I had it all right to begin with all I need is me and my Pooh Bear.  But I’m not a quitter and even if it’s just to spite her I’m going to try like hell to get back in this game.”

Things are starting to get really interesting in this house.  Our bachelorette is much more choosy then Gaston.  But then again she’s not picking out which shoe to wear to go out, she’s choosen the man she’ll love for the rest of her life.  We can’t really fault her for being picky.  Once again we are sorry for the delay of this episode.  Don’t worry we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming this week which means there’s only a few days until the next episode instead of having to wait a whole week!

9 thoughts on “The Bachelorette: Disney Sidekicks Edition Ep.4 – Pump It Up

  1. Grumpy, please try not to drink your troubles away – you’re totally lovable. Kocoum may even be overtaking Kronk in my heart, but I think those two willbe my faves throughout. Christopher Robin… scares me =p

    I really feel sorry for Michael, being cooped up with Prince Mancave and the slightly sinister one that talks to bears.

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